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He gave her a smile and a thumbs up, and asked for the pilot to drop them off near his house, that way they could get inside and so that Vince could get out of his uniform. “It is nice for me as well because then I don’t have people constantly trying to talk to me about what I did a while back...” he said, and he unlocked the front door, but he held it open for her to walk inside, showing a nice and organized house with rather spacious rooms and a nice kitchen
  Vince Arlin (Agent 3) / DoomGuy123 / 273d 9h 10m 52s
Una nodded in understanding and acceptance. "Sounds fair enough, I'll take that offer. Being on the outskirts, maybe it'll be easier to slowly ease into the culture rather than jumping right into the center of it." She noted to herself out loud, although the male had definitely heard her. "Thank you for your kindness." Agent 8 then told him with a smile.
  Una Reverie (Agent 8) / AskTheStaff / 273d 9h 14m 16s
The agent looked at them. “If you want, maybe you can stay at my place. It’s not he largest house out there, but it’s big enough.” He suggested, pointing to a decent sized house on the outskirts of town, made of brick. “That’s my house there...the brick house around the outskirts of town..” he told her, being nice enough to offer her food and shelter
  Vince Arlin (Agent 3) / DoomGuy123 / 273d 9h 16m 35s
"Don't ask me." Una replied before chuckling gently, glancing towards Agent 3 for a moment before putting her attention towards the others with her. She began to talk to the Cap'n and the two idols for a minute while the male had been silent, but she soon put her attention back towards the view of the city. "Since I'll be in Inkopolis...where am I supposed to live?" She asked, as she looked towards Vince.
  Una Reverie (Agent 8) / AskTheStaff / 273d 9h 24m 17s
He nodded and looked at the city. “I wonder what’s happened since I’ve been gone...” he said to himself, but it was loud enough for Una to hear, and he smiled slightly at he thought of his home again. “At least I can see my home again...” he told himself quietly, thinking about how it was outside of town
  Vince Arlin (Agent 3) / DoomGuy123 / 273d 9h 28m 19s
There was silence for a moment, besides the helicopter rotors and other mechanisms, before the Octoling replied. "Fair enough." She said simply, looking out over the town as she could see many Inklings up and about. At one end, many were looking out over the ocean where the statue had been before it was destroyed, while others farther away hadn't noticed what had happened at all.
  Una Reverie (Agent 8) / AskTheStaff / 273d 9h 30m 45s
“I’m always here to help.” He replied, smiling gently, and he sighed a bit, looking out at the city, which they were getting closer to with every passing second. “We have our ups and downs...but it’s not all bad, but you might like it once you get used to it.” He told her, and sat down on the platform they were on.
  Vince Arlin (Agent 3) / DoomGuy123 / 273d 17h 30m 26s
"I would appreciate that, yes. I am...unfamiliar with your kind's culture, as I have never been in Inkopolis. So that would definitely help some...thank you." Una told Agent 3, also smiling gently. She was hoping Inkling culture would be enjoyable to experience and learn about.
  Una Reverie (Agent 8) / AskTheStaff / 273d 17h 34m 0s
He smiled a bit, looking at her, then back at the city. “Maybe I could show you around the city once we arrive there...” he told her, hoping that she would be alright with that, and he wouldn’t have much to do once they got back to Inkopolis
  Vince Arlin (Agent 3) / DoomGuy123 / 273d 17h 38m 50s
"Thanks...no problem." Agent 8 had simply stated, hearing the male's words of thanks as he spoke. "I was just...doing what I had to. What I felt like was right..." She then said, looking towards him with her head tilted a little bit. It was strange to be complimented by him after having to fight him earlier, but also kind of pleasant.
  Una Reverie (Agent 8) / AskTheStaff / 273d 17h 44m 31s
“Wow...that’s a very impressive feat to accomplish on your own...” he said, and looked at her, then at the city. “We all owe you for your bravery and your quick thinking...and I owe you my gratitude for doing all you could do to stop that strange creature.” He told her, and he smiled as he talked, feeling like he should do something for her as repayment.
  Vince Arlin (Agent 3) / DoomGuy123 / 273d 17h 54m 36s
Eventually nodding in understanding, Agent 8 sighed a little bit and heard Vince's question. "Well...I'm not sure how to explain it...uhm..." Una gently told him before going silent for a moment. She pulled out her CQ-80 device, which pulled up a screen in front of both of them. "This device was what helped me get through the underground we were stuck in earlier...but it has the ability to record videos and take pictures too. I think I gave it to the Cap'n and he recorded what had happened before giving it back." She went to a videos section and found one, opening it up. It displayed the entire fight of Una landing on the giant statue containing Captain Tartar's command area, and manually detonating hyperbombs Marina was shooting at it. "We had to cover the entire thing to prevent it from charging that laser...and then Pearl used a giant Killer Wail to destroy it..." She finished the video and closed the CQ-80's screen.
  Una Reverie (Agent 8) / AskTheStaff / 273d 17h 57m 57s
He nodded, the question finally answered. “I should be alright, but I might be out of the game for a while because of that...” he told her, and continued to speak. “Capn Cuttlefish was the one who put together a group of elite fighters known as the Splatoon...as for you, Una...I don’t know why he calls you that. I am Agent 3, but you may call me Vince...” he told her, Looking at her with a bit of a smile “And can I ask what happened while I was out?” He said, rubbing his head a little
  Vince Arlin (Agent 3) / DoomGuy123 / 273d 18h 4m 48s
Turning her head as she heard the male, Una looked towards him. "Oh...you're awake. I do hope you are alright after being knocked out twice in a row." She noted, before beginning to answer his question. "I...used to ask myself who I was, too. At least...a few days ago, anyways. I'm Una...and The Cap'n over there calls me Agent 8. Although...I don't know what that means." The Octoling explained.
  Una Reverie (Agent 8) / AskTheStaff / 273d 18h 13m 48s
He sighed, and approached the octoling, hoping she wasn’t going to just let him do all the talking. For some reason, he found himself attracted to her as a piece of metal to a magnet, but he didn’t know why. “Excuse me...but I need to know...who exactly are you...?” He asked, hoping to get some answers, as he didn’t remember her much if at all
  Vince Arlin (Agent 3) / DoomGuy123 / 273d 18h 17m 58s

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