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“Be careful out there kid...the world is a dangerous place...” he told her, and soon she was sent to He next station, which she had a time limit for each segment. “You are being timed on how quickly you can get these done...so try your best to finish it as quickly and efficiently as possible.”
  Vince Arlin (Agent 3) / DoomGuy123 / 178d 15h 32m 23s
"I hope so, I feel like I'm gonna faint every time I go into battle..." She followed him, catching the hero shot. She started to look it over, than put it on her belt, her charger strapped to her back.
  Ottawa / RamaAmor / 178d 15h 34m 21s
“...yes...I’m Agent 3...” He said, not really wanting to talk much, but he led them inside, and then he sat down. “I see you’re new to war...but you’ll get used to it eventually...” he told her, and tossed her a hero shot, which looked like a P90.
  Vince Arlin (Agent 3) / DoomGuy123 / 178d 15h 45m 33s
Ottawa smiled, a light blush on her face. "Thank you! I didn't really do much tho, I just shot a few times..." She walked with him to the train where she saw an inkling waiting. "You...you're another agent, right?"
  Ottawa / RamaAmor / 178d 15h 47m 14s
When the two were approaching the train car, they saw a male inkling waiting there for them. It was Agent 3, the same one that was said to have gone missing for a year. He was sitting there with a hero charger, waiting for them to return
  Vince Arlin (Agent 3) / DoomGuy123 / 178d 15h 49m 45s
They saw the so called Soul go back into the regeneration device and out popped the Octo Samurai. “Two more times!” He shouted, and after a few minutes longer, they had finished him off, and he gave her a thumbs up. “You did good kid, real good!” He said, smiling
  Carson / DoomGuy123 / 178d 15h 51m 7s
Ottawa nodded as she charged up her weapon and hit the tentacle straight-on, splatting it. She was breathing heavily and sweating from nerves and adrenaline. "Something tells me it's not over yet, is it..."
  Ottawa / RamaAmor / 178d 15h 52m 57s
The male octoling immediately did the same again, and the massive creature went out with a giant [i splat!], meaning t was down for a moment. And soon the regeneration device fell into the ink. “Hit the tentacle!” He shouted, and soon a tentacle emerged from he ink pool inside the device.
  Carson / DoomGuy123 / 178d 16h 5m 26s
Ottawa nodded, still frightened out of her goshdang mind. She aimed for the now-distracted...[i thing] and fired. Bullseye. Her happiness was short lived as the octo samurai turned to her. "Oh sugar honey iced tea-"
  Ottawa / RamaAmor / 178d 16h 7m 23s
“Calm down...you got the bubbler...it’s like a shield that you can turn into an ink bomb of your ink!” Shesaid and soon they were inside a bubblers, and as soon as she got close to the enemy, she set off the bubbler, splattering ink all over the sanitized octo samurai
  Carson / DoomGuy123 / 178d 16h 15m 9s
Ottawa looked at it and immediately began looking around for somewhere to hide. She was frightened, no, [i terrified] of it. "W-we're fighting that?! On my first day?! Is that normal here?!" She started charging up her weapon.
  Ottawa / RamaAmor / 178d 16h 16m 51s
“I just became an agent not too long ago...” he said, and soon the train came screeching to a halt. “Sounds like we got to fight something big and nasty...” he told her, and soon they were put in the final part of Whack-fu station, where the sanitized Octo Samurai was waiting.
  Carson / DoomGuy123 / 178d 16h 53m 51s
Ottawa nodded, "If you say so, Mr. Carson." She stayed a few feet behind him, following him silently. She would jump at the slightest noise, however, as if she were a cat in a strange, new place. "When did you become an agent?"
  Ottawa / RamaAmor / 178d 20h 34m 2s
The agent smiled at the question.”My name is Carson .” He told her, confirming who he was, and letting her know that he was a professional agent. “Just follow my lead and everything will be alright...”
  Carson / DoomGuy123 / 178d 20h 41m 35s
"Okay, got it." Ottawa seemed to get distracted by everything as they went through the different stations, completely new to everything that was happening around her. "H-hey, I know your code name is agent 8, but what's your real name?"
  Ottawa / RamaAmor / 179d 1h 32m 29s

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