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Gryphons and Dragons. Two rivals since the beginning of time. Forgotten by the human race, gryphons were once worshipped as the beautiful protectors of mankind, while Dragons were hated, said to be children of hell and that they only hunger for destruction. Though humans say these were myths, I can tell you that these creatures are real-and are among us today. The hatred between gryphons and dragons has not died down, but maybe two special beings, a gryphon named ______ and a dragon named Roselyn, can change this. Will they live happily ever after, or stray from each other and let the hatred continue?

Rules: 18+ is timeskipped or offsite, es rules, mature topics allowed, no outside drama, this can be mxf or fxf, send the skelly via pm first or I will not let you into the thread.


strengths: (two+)
weaknesses: (two+)

Name: Roselyn
Gender: Female
personality: Jumpy, forgetful, eccentric, selfless
Strengths: Poisonous blood and flesh, flying, selflessness
weaknesses: Forgetful, reckless, loud, talkative

Name: Azuran
Gender: Male
personality: Headstrong and selfless, but extremely caring
strengths: (two+) He is a master lock picker and fantastic at magic of any type
weaknesses: (two+) His main weakness is his pride. He is extremely prideful and you can almost always beat hime just by flattering him beforehand. His wings are also pretty messed up due to a battle, and they never healed right, so he's at an extreme disadvantage in the air


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"You're too kind, but I'd rather be on a bed than a car~" Roselyn laughed a bit more.

Mikael chuckled and helped the dragon. Damn, that wolf's abs could cut diamonds.
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 135d 23h 44m 4s
"We'll see..." lucas said with a laugh, running his hands up the males chest, attempting to pull his shirt off

"I don't think i can wait... you're so sexy in that dress~" Azuran replied
Roselyn giggled and kissed back, wrapping her arms around his neck, "Shouldn't we get home, first?~"

Mikael chuckled as he entered, looking around a bit before hugging Lucas from behind, "I like it here~ Mind if I stay here with you?~"
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 135d 23h 52m 15s
"I'm sure he is." Azuran chuckled, kissing his wife to the point where he was essentially laying on her in the back of the car. She was still wearing her wedding dress and she looked absolutely perfect.

Lucas rolled his eyes and unlocked the door, just barely keeping himself together as the wolf entered his home and he locked the door again.
Roselynn chuckled, "Don't worry, I'm sure my dad will happily take place as king until we're ready to lead. He loves sitting in his throne and making choices for the good of everyone."

Mikael chuckled, blushing a bit. His personality was like that of a pup, despite having the appearance of a wolf scarred all over from many a battle. "Let's head inside, I still want to see your bedroom~"
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 137d 20h 43m 48s
He nodded. "That's why my mom went through with this." he sighed. He wanted to be angry, but couldn't muster up any anger, just disappointment. "Lied to by own mother, how ironic is that?" he said. "I didn't just go into hiding to take care of you. I also went into hiding to escape an arranged marriage. That's why I was so reluctant to call my mother: I never wanted, and still don't want to be king."

"Mmm, and there's [b far] worse people to spend time with handsome~" Lucas said, smiling
Mikeal put his arm around the dragon, giving a toothy smile, "At least now you won't be so alone~"

Roselyn looked confused, "What's wrong? My parents are still alive, so I won't be queen soon, unless..." She suddenly realized that she hadn't seen the gryphon king, "Oh no...You're gonna become king, aren't you?"
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 139d 18h 42m 19s
"It was really difficult at first..." he admitted. "When Azuran showed up, the runes that hide what we are were in effect, so I had no clue he was a griffon, he had no clue I was a dragon... until he told me what he was. I kept my cool, and I might have ended up secretly plotted to kill him, until he showed up with Roselyn. After I realized how much he cared about her, I had a different plan: Help Azuran, keep my death as that: my death. Until they got married, and you know the rest."

Azuran's eyes suddenly lit up. "Ok. How about this: For our honeymoon, you show me around the dragon kingdom, since now I know that Lucas is the dragon prince, which essentially makes you a princ- son of a bitch..." he realized and sighed. Now he knew why his mother let them get married. His father was dead, and he was the oldest of his siblings, so when he got married, he would end up becoming king. The one thing he never wanted ended up happening.
Mikael let out a short huff, his tail stopping as he watched the trees go by. Soon enough, they arrived at Lucas' house. Mikael stepped out and helped Lucas out, "So, what was it like living away from everyone?"
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 142d 21h 10m 10s
"You keep teasing, your not gonna see it." Lucas said, completely changing tactic. This was something that he had done since he was a child: he would act one way one moment, and then completely change in the next.
Mikael helped Lucas into the driver's seat, then sat in the passenger's sheet. "Well, time to see what your bedroom looks like~" he teased.
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 149d 3h 23m 51s
At that point, Lucas just melted into Mikael's arms. Here he was, a normally fierce dragon, reduced to feeling like a little pup as soon as he felt his crushes touch
"You can drive, then~" Mikael kissed Lucas' forehead and got up, wrapping his arm around Lucas' waist as they walked back to the car. His tail was going at 95 mph.
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 151d 4h 13m 24s
"Well then we should probably get to my place then shouldn't we~?" Lucas said, looking up at the wolf, nothing but pure love in his eyes
Mikael grabbed Lucas' hand and pulled the male closer, wrapping his arm around the dragon, "I can do much more than kiss you, y'know~"
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 151d 4h 18m 57s

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