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Gryphons and Dragons. Two rivals since the beginning of time. Forgotten by the human race, gryphons were once worshipped as the beautiful protectors of mankind, while Dragons were hated, said to be children of hell and that they only hunger for destruction. Though humans say these were myths, I can tell you that these creatures are real-and are among us today. The hatred between gryphons and dragons has not died down, but maybe two special beings, a gryphon named ______ and a dragon named Roselyn, can change this. Will they live happily ever after, or stray from each other and let the hatred continue?

Rules: 18+ is timeskipped or offsite, es rules, mature topics allowed, no outside drama, this can be mxf or fxf, send the skelly via pm first or I will not let you into the thread.


strengths: (two+)
weaknesses: (two+)

Name: Roselyn
Gender: Female
personality: Jumpy, forgetful, eccentric, selfless
Strengths: Poisonous blood and flesh, flying, selflessness
weaknesses: Forgetful, reckless, loud, talkative

Name: Azuran
Gender: Male
personality: Headstrong and selfless, but extremely caring
strengths: (two+) He is a master lock picker and fantastic at magic of any type
weaknesses: (two+) His main weakness is his pride. He is extremely prideful and you can almost always beat hime just by flattering him beforehand. His wings are also pretty messed up due to a battle, and they never healed right, so he's at an extreme disadvantage in the air


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Roleplay Responses

"That would work...Especially for me." Azuran said thoughtfully, taking his coat of and draping it over his fiance
"I'd say we get started on our family, what do you think?~" She smiled sweetly, shivering slightly as it snowed.
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 9h 13m 59s
He smiled and took her hand holding her close. "I'd like that" he said, kissing the top of her head as it started to snow.
She smiled, "We'll tell them all after we have lived together long enough...maybe even have a family..."
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 9h 27m 45s
"If we mixed the two... It might be possible that we get them to stop fighting long enough for them to realize that we can live in peace." Azuran said, not mentioning the other idea he had: if they had a child, a hybrid of gryphon and dragon, they could end the war altogether, but he didn't know if she would consent to that, and he didn't want to say anything that would make them both uncomfortable.
Roselyn sighed. "That sounds great, but I don't want to hide forever either...What if we mixed the two?"
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 2d 5h 5m 24s
"Yeah. Your right. Just a small, quiet wedding then. One that means a lot to us then. We'll make it perfect, then we could have a nice, normal life.
Roselyn was so happy...then she heard his suggestion, "It would be suicide...complete suicide..." She tightened her grip.
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 3d 13h 23m 29s
He laughed and put the ring on her finger, wrapping his arms around his fiancee. He figured she already knew what he was thinking: It was gonna have to be a small wedding, probably her brother and some friends from the human town, unless... "Rosy, if we get married, we could end the war. We wouldn't have to hide."
Roselyn smiled, feeling like crying, "It's a perfect moment. I will marry you, Azuran." She chuckled lightly.
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 3d 13h 46m 12s
He god down on one knee. "I guess right now works doesn't it?" he said with a nervous smile. He was going to propose on the Ferris Wheel, but it getting stuck kind of killed the moment for him.
Roselyn laughed a bit, blushing as he showed her the ring, "It's amazing, my love. When are you gonna propose?~"
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 4d 16m 19s
He blushed brightly and said "I may or may not have had a ring in my back pocket since we went to buy you clothes. While you were talking to your brother I might have gone to buy a ring" He said and showed her the ring.
Roselyn nodded and smiled once they got off the ferris wheel before looking at Azuran with a smirk, "So why did you ask me about marriage?"
  Roselyn / KommonKaiju / 4d 20h 14s
"Well with the war we're stuck with, some peace would be really nice actually." Azuran said, smiling as the ferris wheel started to move again and they got off after a while.

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