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"Alright, it'll be a few minutes though. Gotta get the oven turned on and everything." He told her before going to his kitchen and turning on said oven. Logan opened his freezer and pulled out a boxed pizza, laying it on a nearby counter before returning to where Ottawa was at.
  Logan Frazier / AskTheStaff / 2d 11h 45m 10s
Ottawa nodded and smiled. "That sounds pretty good!"
  Ottawa / RamaAmor / 2d 11h 47m 12s
The Inkling closed his eyes for a moment, thinking. "How about...good ol' classic pizza?" He asked.
  Logan Frazier / AskTheStaff / 2d 12h 16m 40s
Ottawa shrugged. "I don't really care." She let out a small yawn.
  Ottawa / RamaAmor / 2d 12h 27m 48s
The male nodded. "Well, what would you be in the mood for?" He asked.
  Logan Frazier / AskTheStaff / 12d 13h 19m 53s
"So, got any food?" Ottawa chuckled a bit and looked over at Logan.
  Ottawa / RamaAmor / 12d 13h 21m 32s
"Thank you too." The Inkling replied, laying his own controller down for a bit as well.
  Logan Frazier / AskTheStaff / 12d 13h 50m 9s
"Thanks, you did well." Ottawa smiled and put her controller down to stretch a bit.
  Ottawa / RamaAmor / 12d 13h 52m 25s
Once the miniboss had been defeated, they came to the end of the level and a little jingle played to signify that they had won. "Good job." Logan chuckled, smiling.
  Logan Frazier / AskTheStaff / 12d 14h 33m 16s
Despite not knowing most of what was happening, she was enjoying herself quite a bit and played her best.
  Ottawa / RamaAmor / 12d 14h 38m 28s
Logan went silent as well, defeating each group of enemies with Ottawa until they eventually came upon a portal that lead them to the level's miniboss.
  Logan Frazier / AskTheStaff / 30d 11h 43m 27s
Ottawa was silent as she played, an excited look on her face.
  Ottawa / RamaAmor / 30d 11h 45m 58s
The male hadn't expected Ottawa to enjoy the game so much already, but it was at least nice to know she was happy. "Uh, thanks." He chuckled a bit, before they started to go through the level, which was almost like a tutorial in how it taught them about their abilities with groups of enemies to try them out on.
  Logan Frazier / AskTheStaff / 30d 11h 52m 14s
Ottawa looked extremely excited as she began to try out all of Meta Knight's controls. "This is really cool!"
  Ottawa / RamaAmor / 30d 11h 54m 26s
"This game is quite cutesy, as you can tell." Logan smiled a bit, starting up the game as a cutscene or two played out and then they were sent to the first level. He didn't really have a choice of who to be, since player 1 always had to be Kirby. However, the Inkling didn't mind it.
  Logan Frazier / AskTheStaff / 30d 11h 56m 50s

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