The Secret Chronicals: Tale of the Oracle

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[center [h3 [+gold Arc 1 The Discovery of the Oracle]]]

[center [h3 Prologue...]]

At the begin of known civilization, there were 4 group of supernatural beings. One gifted by the heavenly lord 7 virtues, one cursed the 7 sins of Lucifer, one granted immortality with its disadvantage, and finally one was granted immortality through slavery. These groups would have a few small battles, and scuffles against each other. They usually focused on each other, till one day. The group known as the Vampire clans, attacked an empire known as Rome. This event caused the 4 groups to truly enter a war among each other. For thousands of years the groups fought, recruited and destroyed human cities.

Now it is 2020, the war still raging with no look of ending. The Vampire clans control massive skyscraper cities across the world. The Lycan tribes control the rural zones, always on the move. Originally known as the knights of virtues, The Agents of virtue work in the Vatican and control heavy Christian towns and villages. Finally the Sin organization, the largest of the 4 is scattered across the world. They all have advance weapon and tech they use, while still harnessing their magical properties.

[center [h3 The Artifact]]

A rumor of an Artifact has entered the highest members of the 4 groups. A device or being that can grant unlimited godly power to the one that controls it. This, unlike the spear of destiny, could be what ends this war. Once and for all, but which faction will retrieve this artifact?

[center [h3 Note from the Creator]]

Howdy everyone that is interested in this roleplay. The idea revolves around 4 groups of beings as seen above. What my goal is for a long running series that will change when an arc is completed.

The current arc is like a starter/pilot for the series and will have us learn the 4 groups and their goals. Speaking of goals...

The Vampire Clans wish to gain 2 things from the artifact which is the ability to walk in the light freely and to basically control the world.

The Lycan tribe wish to hide the artifact from the 4 and use it only when they desperately need it.

The Agents of virtue want to destroy.

The Members of Sin want to possess it and bring upon hell on earth.

Very simple and set goals for this arc. So hopefully we all can have fun!

[center [h3 Factions and Classes]]
[center Note that the classes are needed for the skelly.]

Vampire Clans;

[center [pic]]
[center Initiate, New Vampires looking to prove themselves in the field and further specialize in a more specific role.
[center [pic]]
[center Bloodthirster, Scout berserker used to fluch out targets and cause chaos.]
[center [pic]]
[center Hemophage, Powerful blood magic users capable of casting blood magic and cursing the opposition.]
[center [pic]]
[center Pariah, Armored Behemoths deployed in the front lines to absorb massive damage and deal it back.]
[center [pic]]
[center Bloodletter, Nimble and fast flankers used to expose weak spots and chase down weak targets.]
[center [pic]]
[center Reaper, Stealth assassins deployed as shock troops to take the enemy by surprise.]
[center [pic]]
[center Count, elder vampires specializing in support shadow magic and excelling in combat leadership.]

Lycan tribes;

[center [pic]]
[center Huntsman, new lycans that are eager, reliable and competent. Further specializes to fit specific roles over time.]
[center [pic]]
[center Seeker, counter sniper, tracker and scout.]
[center [pic]]
[center Goliath, Heavy weapons, incredibly strong but slow, excellent for suppression.]
[center [pic]]
[center Feral, Wild berserkers that are unable to revert to human form while they fight in a drug induced Haze. [sub retainer can revert them back.]]
[center [pic]]
[center Arcane, a rare type of lycan able to use magic and control the elements. Rare, powerful and highly sought after in the tribes, but is a main target for enemies of the lycans.]
[center [pic]]
[center Veterinarian, specialized medics that are knowledgeable in lycan physiology.]
[center [pic]]
[center Retainer, specialized class that administers transformation serum to active lycan to maintain control of them.]
[center [pic]]
[center Alpha, leader of the pack. Strong, capable and fully in control.]

Agents of Virtue;

[center [pic]]
[center Kindness, a powerful but frail magic user. Needs squad support to be effective.]
[center [pic]]
[center Charity, support healer capable of supporting the entire squad.]
[center [pic]]
[center Chastity, C.Q.C.[sub Close Quarter Combat] specialist. Engages at close to mid range. Highly versatile.]
[center [pic]]
[center Humility, stealth infiltrator. Can sneak behind enemy lines and flank.]
[center [pic]]
[center Patience, trapper/zoner/disruptor. Uses traps, grenades, and serves as the squad DMR to control the field.]
[center [pic]]
[center Diligence, heavy support tank. Brings heavy firepower and armor to the field.]
[center [pic]]
[center Temperance, level headed strategists/leaders. Able to fill multiple roles.]

Sin organization[sub There is no leader class in this group, but they work extremely well together... very odd...];

[center [pic]]
[center Sloth, mobile cover]
[center [pic]]
[center Envy, long range sniper]
[center [pic]]
[center Gluttony, CQC specialist]
[center [pic]]
[center Wrath, Explosives expert.]
[center [pic]]
[center Lust, Stealth infiltrator]
[center [pic]]
[center Pride, melee berzerker.]
[center [pic]]
[center Greed, disruptor]
[center [pic]]
[center Supplicant, [spoiler Fucking New Guy.]]

[center [h3 Skelly]]


[h3 Accepted Skellies.]

Username: X-000
Name: Andrew Kyle Aldrich
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Faction: Agents of Virtue
Class: Temperance
Weapons: M16A4
Likes: Sweet Iced Tea, Country Fried Steak, Video Games and Girls.
Dislikes: Sin, demons, [b HERESY!!!]
Bio: Kyle was born into a military family, raised around the military. Though while living in Fort Hood, Texas, a father from the local church discover that a spirit of Virtue hovered over his soul. That day changed the young boy for he was taken from his family and sent to the Vatican. For a 12 year old that was horrifying, but now he is one of the greatest members of the Order of Temperance. He served in several combat zones and war zones, leading his Zulu squad to victory and to return home.

Username: NorthernWolves
Name: Anya Vasili
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Faction: Lycans
Class: Seeker
Weapons: Dragunov (SVDSN) sniper rifle, Glock-18
Likes: Medium rare cooked meat, Vodka, quiet, borscht, tattoos, amateur drawing
Dislikes: Loud noises, anyone who acts like a know-it-all, well-done to over cooked meat, Sin, Agents of Virtue
Hates: Vampires
Bio: She was not always a vampire, she used to be only a human. But the equation, "young age + panic + territory fight + vampires + Lycans = almost dying + being bitten by a Lycan + parents dying" changed all that. She was not mad at the Lycans, the Lycans had actually had come to save their village after the vampires had decided to attack it.
Ever since, she has been racking up a slow and steady killcount of vampires and others, but mostly vampires.

Username: WeepingWillowForest
Name: Kristof C
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Faction: Vampire
Class: Initiate
Weapons: G3A3
Likes: Gardening, Alcohol, Photography,
Dislikes: Disruptions, Sin, Most other Vampires
Bio: While he is now part of the Vampire race this was not always the case with Kristof, he was a human. As he grew up there was always some sort of in fighting of within the eastern Europe where the vampires carried some of the old Rome empire cities within their clasp. Upon one day amidst his early teenage years a clan war broke out for an unknown reason to him but there was corpses of humans and vampires alike piling up in the streets. One pulled Kristof into an alley before biting and feeding off of him before leaving him as near death as possible and to be only one of the many casualties of the tension that was held between the clans, but that was not what his fate truly was.

Username: cursed_smile

Name: Lucia Dayne

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Faction: Vampire

Class: Bloodthirster

Weapons: wide array of knives and daggers

Likes: long solo missions, blood type AB+, nights of the New Moon, training initiates that are quiet and can keep up

Dislikes: Close quarters, crowds, idiotic, loud-mouth initiates, long range weapons

Bio: Lucia was born a vampire, raised to enjoy the screams of pain and torture that occured both on the battlefield and in the shadows of human alleyways. She lost a large piece of her sanity after joining her parents in a raid that resulted in the death of nearly 100 vampires, including her parents. Because she is unstable and unable to control her bloodlust, Lucia is only sent on recon or solo missions that involve mapping out an enemy's location or killing a particular target. Recently, she has been picking up recruits who wish to prove themselves, but most of these fledgling vampires mysteriously "disappear" while in her care.

[b Username: Dragoncita]
Name: Kamos
Age: Appears to be in his early to mid 20's
Actual age - Somewhere in his 200's
Gender: Male
Faction: Sin Organization
Class: Lust, Stealth Infiltrator
Weapons: Prefers going all natural; claws, horns, abilities, etc.
Though human, keeps several knives as well as a katana
Likes: Silence, cold, darkness/shadows, working with Devola
Dislikes: Agents of Virtue, bright lights, extremely loud noises, being forced to work with someone other than Devola
Bio: Considered still young for demon kind, Kamos has proven himself worthy despite his age. He excelled in stealth, having an uncanny ability to turn himself into a shadow, and latch onto another's shadow. He's one of the main reasons the Sin Organization knows certain secrets about the other factions.
However, one of the times nearly ended his life. Kamos found himself 'hitching a ride' upon the shadow of a Agent of Virtue. Of course the Holy Agents have a keener sense when it comes to evil creatures, and being even younger then, Kamos was unaware that he had been sensed.
As a result, Kamos nearly lost his life as the Agents sprung a trap, leaving the demon nearly powerless. Failing, he was ready to accept his defeat, when his savior appeared; Devola.
Since then, he has always seen the female hellbeast as an older sister, and enjoys working with her. When forced to work with anyone else, Kamos tends to get irritable and snappy.

[b Username: Dragoncita]
Name: Devola
Age: Appears to be in her late 20's to early 30's
Actual Age - Somewhere in her 1,300's
Gender: Female
Faction: Sin Organization
Class: Pride, Melee Berserker
Weapons: In human form, uses a pair of what appears to be bladed gauntlets which were forged in hell
In Hellbeast form; claws, fangs, abilities, etc.
Likes: Working with Kamos, causing death and destruction, 'playing' with her victims before finally killing them
Dislikes: Agents of Virtue, ranged enemies, her victims dying too quickly, being forced to work with someone other than Kamos
Bio: A vicious hellbeast, Devola was once contained, until of course her bonds weakened and she broke free. The creature wreaked havoc upon the ones who once held her, destroying and killing them all until disappearing into the night.
She soon came upon the Sin Organization. Seeing her power in combat and her abilities, the group quickly went to work to get her to join them. It took convincing, but eventually Devola did indeed join the ranks of the Sin Organization.
The hellbeast usually preferred working alone, but along came the young demon Kamos. Devola had a fondness for the young demon, seeing him as a little brother.
So, when she found out he had been tasked with a dangerous mission, she secretly followed to make sure Kamos would be alright. As soon as the Agents jumped on him, Devola flew into a rage. The monster slaughtered every last agent until there was nothing left but pieces.
Then she herself carried Kamos back to safety and to tend to his wounds etc.
Since then, she very rarely leaves Kamos' side, always keeping him in her sights.


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Roleplay Responses

Well, this was somewhat awkward, especially the silence that followed. She had been polite, offering them all a nice place to sit down and drink. But none of them had answered! At least one of the agents could have said "no" and ended this awkwardness.

But until whatever it was happened, these agents of Virtue were evidently waiting for something, all she could do was sit with a handful of empty shot glasses on the ground and a bottle of vodka in hand in front of a bunch of agents pointing cocked guns at her. To her it felt as if they were waiting for her to do even the smallest wrong thing to give them just enough excuse to open fire at her.

Anya released a sigh. It was getting somewhat unbearable to sit in front of these seven with guns pointed at her, and her wrist was beginning to complain about holding the bottle by the neck for this long. Slowly and gently she laid the bottle to rest on the ground, feeling how the guns tracker her every movement.

But what were these agents of Virtue waiting for? Were they waiting for someone to come and capture her and take her away for interrogation? If that was the case, then why didn't they do it to her here and right now? But maybe they had another mission, a mission where they didn't have time to interrogate her.

But that led back to the question of what these agents of Virtue were doing here. What missions were they on?

The sound of many pairs of feet, similar to a stampede of a few horses, quickly grew louder. Another seven agents of Virtue ran around the corner, and another seven guns were pointed in her direction. Correction, another six guns were pointed and ready to shoot at her, the seventh agent deciding to walk up to one of the agents from the first group of seven instead of pointing a gun at her.

She had no idea what sort of conversation was going on between the two. Anya sat calmly, awaiting whatever fate had in store for her.

The only discernible movement she saw was the agent from the first group shaking his head. Ok, maybe that agent didn't approve of drinking. After all, it was a sin, at least to them, to drink any alcohol in any amounts.

And then something unusual happened. The agent from the second group had kneeled in front of her, showing her how he flipped the safety to "on" on his rifle before sitting in front of her.

Anya stared at the helmet of the agent, only seeing a ghostly blue and what looked like her reflection. So, what was this agent trying to do?

She did not expect for the agent to take off his helmet, revealing a white face with grey eyes, and a hair color similar to her own. So, he wanted to join her for a "night of drinking"? Well, she'd oblige him.

As the other 13 agents of Virtue walked of, Anya lifted the bottle back up and opened it with precision while looking at the agent of Virtue in front of her. Without even looking down, she expertly poured vodka into the four shot glasses. The vodka in the shot glasses wasn't for her, Anya preferred to drink straight out of the bottle.

Wait, her sniper rifle. Anya put the bottle back down once more and reached for her sniper rifle. She looked it over, checking for any signs of damage. It did not look like anything externally had been damaged, she hoped none of the internal systems had been damaged either.

She did not put her sniper rifle on safety, instead laying it to the side of her before taking the bottle back into her hand.

She cracked a smirk, before taking a small sip directly from the bottle. [+purple "I thought it was a sin to drink alcohol."] Anya then chuckled lightly before shrugging her shoulders, [+purple "Anyways, at least you have more manners than the rest. Just to let you know"], pointing the bottle at him, [+purple "I'll have to report this to my alpha at some point."] Anya took a swig from the bottle this time, popping her lips in satisfaction. [+purple "Anyways, what are y'all doing in this city that requires at least two groups of seven agents of Virtue?"] She stared into his eyes, ready to literally sniff out any lies.
  Anya V. / NorthernWolves / 11d 8h 42m 40s
[h3 [center Kamos & Devola]]
Well, they had done their duty, but something was amiss. Kamos could sense something, but he just couldn't really put it into words. Now then, the Sin Organization didn't truly have a leader, well, depending on what demonic lord you pledged allegiance to down in the hells. However, that was something else entirely. In the surface world, there was no real discrimination among demons, as all had the same goal; to open the gates of hell and release their demonic lords to wreak havoc on the world.
As for Kamos and Devola, they both served a certain demonic beast. Kamos could hear its words, speaking softly. Something was going on, which had the thing's complete attention. In response, Kamos and Devola were being sent out to investigate.
[hr ]
[#800080 [i ~I hate this form~]] her voice growled in his mind.
A tall, pale man stood quietly. His black hair swayed ever so slightly in the gentle breeze. In front of him, sat a large, black and red dog. Well, it more so resembled a wolf. However, a spiked collar was around its neck as well as a leash attached to said collar.
His green eyes looked downwards towards the animal, allowing his own thoughts to reach out to her [#5f9ea0 ~I know, but you know this is the only way we have a chance of you 'blending in' with the human world~].
The large wolf seemingly gave a huff, glaring in a different direction [#800080 [i ~Yea, yea, just an average 'dog'. Hmph, so stupid~]].
The man sighed, slowly closing his eyes. He remained that way for several moments, then opened his green eyes again. His gaze wandered around as he sat on a bench.
[#5f9ea0 ~So, any scents or things you can sense~].
The animal seemingly paused, lifting her head in the air. Her nose twitched, jaws slightly agape allowing for better scent collection. Her ears swerved back and forth a few times, listening intently.
[#800080 [i ~Hm, think them agents are in this city...maybe, can't be too sure. Course, Lycans and vampires, but that's a given anywhere that they'll show up~]].
She stopped, ears swiveling forward. Her gaze shifted towards the ground. The man shifted his body a bit, then glanced towards the animal. He raised an eyebrow.
[#5f9ea0 ~Something wrong~] he questioned.
The wolf was completely silent for several moments, then finally responded [#800080 [i ~Think some of those rats...excuse me, 'vampires', are scurrying underground in the sewers and tunnels beneath somewhere nearby~]].
A slight smirk seemingly came to the man. The black pupils in his eyes seemed to narrow, but then returned to a more normal round appearance. He reached a hand out, scratching her between the ears.
[#5f9ea0 ~More than likely. Heh, and they call demons vile filth. Least we don't crawl around in the sewers and tunnels~].
The pair remained to sit quietly. Though they were alert, listening to everything around them. They were their for a reason, but even the reason wasn't quite clear. Guess they'd have to just wait and see. Perhaps whatever it was that they were investigating, would make it self known in due time.
Until then, they would bide their time.
  :-:SinOrg.:-: / Dragoncita / 14d 20h 33m 41s
The city that never sleeps, glowing brightly in the night, but a perfect place for the Vamps, Lycans and Sin to reside... Very little followers of gods will are there, but enough to allow 3 agent teams to enter with out causing any concern to the citizens. The three teams were riding in 3 NYPD Helicopters, heading towards Hell kitchen as smoke rises from there. Currently there is a massive riot occurring due to a so called police discrimination shooting. In reality it is a cover by the commissioner, a member of the belief and knows about the war. When the word of both, Vampire and Lycan spotting in Hell kitchen. He informed the Vatican and started the cover operation to let the agents in. In the lead helicopter sat team Zulu as they were checking their weapons and gear. All except Kyle, He sat looking out the window while listening to the recent report. The Ice land facility was assaulted and the team of Templar stationed there have been killed. Clear evidence of Sin, the pope has granted teams Golf and Tango to be sent to Ice Land and begin the hunt.

Kyle was broken out of his trance as the pilot directly behind him pats his left arm. His crusader helmet turns to look over his left shoulder. [+green "Helicopter 2 and 3 have already landed we are approaching landing site alpha!"] He nods and waves him off then looks at his team. He raises his right hand and shows them 3 fingers, singling them that in 3 we go tactical. Our mission is simple, find the elder that is causing the blood shed in Hell Kitchen and neutralize them. If there are lycans, engage if engaged upon. Simple, maybe but this isn't a simulation and shit always hits the fan.

The helicopter arrives at an intersection as the landing skids touch the asphalt and the doors slide open. Quickly the agents disembark and surround the helicopter with their weapons drawn. Scanning the area and looking for any threats. The streets were clearly empty, with the buildings. The helicopter quickly disembarks as Kyle slowly stands and singles his team to gather up. "We have 3 hours to find the hive, and eliminate th..." Kyle was cut off as a voice broke into their coms. [+cyan "This is Beta Lead to Zulu Lead, we have a fur ball and its offering up a drink... We need some help...."] Kyle listens to the transmission as he looks at his team. He places is right hand over a circular device on his vest, he squeezes the device and proceeds to speak. "This is Zulu lead, we are inbound to your location. Once arrived, take the rest of Zulu to Point Charlie and wait for Me and Hotel. How copy?" As he was talking to the leader of Beta, Humility was typing on her tablet to locate the team. She shows the tablet to Kyle as Beta Lead transmitted a copy. He nods to Humility to let her lead the way.

It took 15 minute run, but they arrive. Quickly rushing up to the team as they surrounded the lone girl who was holding up the bottle of vodka. Zulu Proceeds to raise their own rifles towards the girl as Kyle walks up to the fellow temperance, placing his left hand on his right shoulder activating helmet to helmet coms. "So, the problem that your having is a peaceful drink with a lovely lady?" Kyle remarks towards his brother of the order as he shakes his head. [+cyan "You know where I was raised, this is not a welcomed gesture. Usually it means business with a criminal element."] Beta lead spoke softly as they look towards her. "Well, I am no pussy from Chicago, I am a Texan and drinking with a Lady is a dream come true for me. Now excuse me and her as we get our drink in." He finishes that remark before patting his shoulder and walking past him and his team. Slowly approaching the girl and dropping to a knee, he clearly shows her that he switched his rifle safety on before taking a seat in front of her. His ghostly blue lights of his helmet looked at her, before he unplugged reached up to his helmet and slowly unhooks it, then slowly slips it off. Revealing his [ face] to her, though he had a smirk across his face. "Howdy, I would like to join you on this night of drinking." He remarks as he sets the helmet down. Signalling the teams to head off, which they pat each other before running off.
  Temperance / X-000 / 20d 12h 39m 44s
"Just go take care of the fallen vampires ghouls, Initiate, they seem to be encroaching closer into the main city center. Kill anything else you find among them as well." Kristof sighed and accepted the orders as he always would despite it being the lower class work, not progressing his attempts of moving up with haste. "Of course Elder, your orders are absolute and are ideal for the clan." He replied to the elder as he stood with a false pride of acceptance with the mission, though as the the young turned vampire has been pushing hard to move up to find out about what happened years ago. Kristof returned to his quarters to retrieve his rifle and equipment that'd be needed for his mission.

Kristof made his way from his quarters towards the lower levels of the building that was made the clans headquarters, what used to be an old office building. There were still offices that were used as such for the clan for monetary value such as producing funding for missions and the small skirmishes with the other clans. Thought that's not as important as keeping the city clear of ghouls who's vampire masters have been killed as per the internal race struggles. To the rest of the vampires within the clan this would be delegating this sort of task and other tasks that would put the newer members in danger for a laugh. Due to the fact that most initiates were just meat shields for them it was pretty much a surprise when any one of them returned with their superiors.

Kristof had made his way down to the subterranean levels while he was sunken within thought, thoughts of how could he barely survive turning into a ghoul to only come back to become a vampire. Doubting it was intentional he moved towards the door to the underground tunnel system, what was sewers and metro tunnels interconnected into one daylight safe travel routes. As he entered and walked about towards the where the Elder had told him to go there was a smell all too familiar to the vampire that could not be forgotten. The smell of decaying flesh that had been long left unattended or unkept, the smell of what would have been a fight from not long ago. Skirmishes weren't uncommon due to the tension building but the smell, that was cause for caution. Kristof took his rifle from being slung over his shoulder into a readied position, he pulled a suppression device from one of his bags pockets and fitted it to his rifle as to keep as much attention as possible away from himself. "This is going to be a long one this time isn't it?" He said to himself as he looked ahead through out the tunnels, following his nose to where the origin of the smell was coming from.

As he executed his mission time started to pass slowly to him but he was doing things to the letter, using his weapon conservatively upon the creatures that he was finding within the tunnel systems. The sound of full power rounds was muffled to hearing safe but it still echoed through deeply into the city. As hours passed Kristof became aggravated with how many creatures were just wandering around, asking himself the question of 'What did they do to deserve this?'. His aggravation turned into anger as he spotted another vampire within the tunnels which he was quick to sweep his weapons sights over without hesitation. They were looking around as if to investigate what was going on with the gun shots within the tunnel, without as he stood in place rifle shouldered and finger on the trigger he waited for the other being to either acknowledge his presence, walk away or call out to others whom might be near by. "It would be perfectly acceptable to engage them" He thought in his head as the entire vampiric race had extreme tensions within their ranks, killing one or a few of the other clans members wouldn't have much affect on anything but releasing some frustrations.

He removed his finger from the trigger and moved into a much darker spot within the tunnel after standing in place for at least seven minutes, the being had moved closer but not enough to make out his outline and appearance. For so he had hoped, he tuned out the sounds of his own breathing to try and use his heightened senses to just realize that there was a group moving in closer to his position. Kristof closed his eyes and thought about what the Elder had told him, "Kill anything thing else you find..." that was as much justification as he needed to engage the others that were in closing distance.

[Size10 "I could've sworn they came this way."
"Oh yeah? Well if it's some lost mortal we can have our way then turn it just like the others. Ha ha ha!"
"That's true besides it's not like there isn't a plethora of them to feast upon and take, they will renew themselves just as they always have."]

There was laughter amongst the group as they chattered, amusing themselves with their twisted thoughts though they weren't that uncommon with higher ranking vampire clansmen. With a sigh that was under breathed Kristof caved to his anger and moved around the corner to only start stepping backwards with his rifle raised. "Orders are orders." He said as he began to engage the others that were absorbed within their conversation, catching them off guard for the most part. With a sense of time lost the engagement went on for what felt like an hour and a half to Kristof. Time had flown past now so it had been 12 hours since he had accepted the mission from the Elder, he was expendable but wasn't going anywhere, his mind told him as much as things had become quiet. He was hit with magic attacks but was still standing, his mission was complete as so he began his trek back to his Elder to report the 'good' news.
  Kristof / WeepingWillowForest / 26d 13h 59m 32s
A lone wolf, both in the figurative meaning of that phrase as well as the literal meaning could be applied to her. Well, at least at for the current time.

In one of the many more higher buildings located throughout the city, someone had made themselves a sort of nest. From the ground, it would be hard to spot this 'nest' as great care had been taken to make sure that it was a pain in the ass to spot. It wasn't built to be permanent, it was built to be easily constructed and deconstructed.

Such a nest was really only useful for a sniper, which this lone wolf was.

Now, she did not always work alone. Being part of a pack meant that there were times where she would work with the other members of her pack. But for such a duty as sniper overwatch, she did not need another member of her pack with her. The only reason she'd have another member of the pack with her was if she were helping to train another Seeker class, which she had done a few times.

Standing up, she stretched her whole body from head to toes. It wasn't comfortable to either sit or lie down for long periods of time, it did not feel natural. It felt as if your whole body began to compress upon itself, steadily heading to the center of the body. The stretch helped undo that very creepy feeling.

She yawned, but it sounded someone akin to a more of a wolf quietly howling. Well, she was part wolf. That was what came with being a Lycan, a werewolf. Being a werewolf also meant living in a pack, as mentioned earlier, which meant putting up with the alpha of the pack. She had been lucky enough to get into a pack with a decent alpha who only gave a fuck when someone truly fucked up.

Sighing, she lay back down and peered through her scope of the Dragunov. She had not picked up anything, but that did not mean she could start slacking off. Any information could be used, and slacking meant raising the chance of missing a detail.

As she sweeped from left-to-right, she saw something in the scope. She sweeped back to the left. There, figures moving through the city!!

She enhanced the zoom magnifier on the scope. Looky what we had here, agents of the Virtue. There were precisely seven of them, moving with precise precision.

Well well well, this was interesting. What were these agents of Virtue up to in the city?

She did not exactly dislike the agents of Virtue. She only held them in the slightest of distastes due to their aim of destroying the artifact. Other than that, she saw no reason to dislike them at all, for they dealt with the agents of Sin and the vampires extremely well.

But still, what were they up to?

She began to pack up, preparing to move out and tail the group of seven to try and figure out what they were doing in there.

After putting away everything into the pack and putting the pack on her back, she hauled up the sniper rifle and quietly walked down towards the street level.

Well, this was somewhat bad. She had completely lost contact with the agents of Virtue. She could transform and try and sniff em out, but she did not want to reveal the presence of a Lycan in the city.

Approaching a corner, she looked around. She saw no movement, nor heard no movement. Looking across the street, she noticed a good place to hide in for a short while.

Standing up from her crouch, she began to quietly sprint towards the hiding spot.

But just as she was about to run past the corner, someone who was heavier than her ran into her side. This caused her to fly sideways sort of, and to fall on her side.

She whimpered, like a wolf, as she hit the pavement on her side. She could feel a bit of pain, but it did not seem that bad.

But what really put her on edge were the sounds of guns cocking and being pointed at her. The pistol on her hip was out in the open, so any movement to to her hip and she would be shot up. The sniper rifle had slid away a few centimeters, but that would also being filled with lead.

So, what could she do?

She slowly sat on her ass, rubbing her side. Letting out a groan, she slowly took of her pack. Making sure that it was visible to the agents of Virtue in front of her, she slowly opened it.

What she took out was a bottle. The bottle was an unoppened bottle of surviving vintage vodka; she had found a stash of those bottles and preserved this collection. After setting the bottle on the ground, she took out a few shot glasses, and invited the agents of Virtue to help themselves.
  Anya V. / NorthernWolves / 28d 9h 13m 37s
[h3 [center Kamos & Devola]]
There was barely a sound as a shadow swooped low overhead. None even paid it any mind, more than likely thinking it as nothing more than a bird or such. A very grave mistake on part of the outpost.
It was but a minor outpost for the Agents of Virtue. However, an outpost was still an outpost, which meant there were supplies and the whatnot in place. What simple, yet effective way to lower troops morals? Why, destroying their things of course!
Either way, the shadow soon descended, coming to cling to the side of a tall building. Powerful claws dug inwards, finding grip on an almost flat surface somehow. The creature's black wings folded close and neatly against its back. A long tail trailed behind it as the thing proceeded to crawl along the wall of the building.
Cold green eyes peered inside, taking note of the different equipment and an assortment of other things. Its gaze shifted, seeing a guard stationed at the door leading out, a few other individuals sitting at a table, doing whatever it is humans do, the thing could honestly care less.
It's form seemingly dispersed, becoming nothing more than a shadow. The darkness easily slipped in through the cracks of the window, slithering along the edges of the wall along the floor. Thankfully, it was night, letting the darkness consume most of the room except for the few lights. However, those would mean little. Now, if the lights were brighter and more extreme, then that could indeed prove troublesome.
Either way, the shadow continued along, soon coming to seemingly merge with the guard's own shadow. Several moments passed, then with some hidden movement, the guard suddenly fell over, dead. Heads quickly turned as they heard the thump. A lesser agent stood up, moving swiftly to their fallen comrade. Though, it would've been better if they had staid in a group...
The second and third agents were left alone. Yet, when the other turned after inspecting the guard, he would see both the agents on the floor, throats slit. And unfortunately, the final one soon also met the same death.
The shadow took full form, being unnaturally tall. Its green eyes glared downwards at the bodies for several moments, then moved over towards the few computers. The demonic creature soon leaned down, white claws moving swiftly across the keyboard with precise precision. It suddenly paused as it heard a beep, followed by a sudden system appearing on the screen. The thing's green eyes shifted downwards, a single claw setting on a key, then pressing downwards. The screen went black, the entire power shutting down.
[#5f9ea0 ~Your time to shine Devola. All security systems are down, including traps and the such. Have fun~].
Seemingly on queue, a guttural howl echoed through the darkness. The sound of men screaming as well as monstrous growls and snarls. All the while, the tall creature stood silently in the darkness of the small control room, its long, whip-like tail lashing one way, then the other.
After some time, the screams and roars quieted down. It stretched its claws outwards, easily unlatching the window, opening it fully. Powerful claws gripped the edge, black wings unfurling from its back. Just as before, there was barely a sound as its wings flapped, lifting it upwards. Though the creature slowly glided downwards towards the ground.
Broken bodies littered the ground. Blood painted the walls and earth. In the midst of the carnage, stood a tall female. Her head turned, horns curling from head. Blood spattered her form, dripping from the bladed gauntlets on either arm.
[#800080 [i "As always, nicely done Kamos."]]
The creature soon landed nearby the female. Green eyes glanced towards her. Once again, his thoughts reached outwards into her mind [#5f9ea0 ~See you must've grown bored and took them on in your human form~].
A smirk graced the woman's lips, [#800080 [i "Gives me a bit more of a challenge. You know I hate when my prey dies before I get a chance to properly play with them."]]
Kamos, as was his name, only nodded. It was a bit difficult to show expression, when you didn't really have the features for it in your true form. Either way, the demon's eyes shifted towards the east, light starting to dance in the horizon.
[#5f9ea0 ~We should return, before more Agents appear, or Lycans, vampires, and whatever else there is~].
Devola simply nodded. The woman turned, starting to walk. However, she paused, glancing back to Kamos, [#800080 [i "Right, just be careful."]]
The creature seemingly made a noise as his black wings once again unfolded from his back. Green eyes glanced towards the female [#5f9ea0 ~I try to be. I nearly lost my life once, and that was enough for me~].
Then without another word, the pair started to move. One flying into the sky, the other walking into the darkness.
  :-:SinOrg.:-: / Dragoncita / 28d 20h 28m 36s
“It is another single target mission, if you care to partake?”

Lucia leveled sharp eyes at her elder. Unwittingly, the male took a half-step back, unsure about his ability to take the berserker if she decided to lash out in anger or with violence. A slow, dark smirk spread across Lucia’s deep red lips as she nodded.

“I adore your solo missions, elder,” she said, straightening up to her full height. Although both a female and particularly petite, she stood nearly a head taller than her elder. Had she willed it, he would have easily met his timeless end at her hand. She adored the thought, as vampire blood was the second purest only to one type of human blood – she was sure that, one day, she was going to drain this man and command his power as her own.

“These are the details,” he murmured, attempting to keep his voice low and non-threatening, hoping that he would not provoke her. Lucia gladly took the inscriptions from his hands, spreading them out. The details were vague save the map, which was clearly marked in the archaic language of the vampires. Lucia memorized what little information she was given before she handed the papers back to her elder.

“I accept. Expect mission completion in three days’ time.” The male vampire nodded slowly, accepting the papers with an unsure hand. Before he had a chance to inquire about her memory, or lack thereof, Lucia took off in a sprint, her speed unmatched by most vampires who fought in the ranks alongside her. The elder was finally able to relax at Lucia’s quick departure, the tense muscles of his shoulders and neck melting into the easy calm of the species.

It took nearly an entire night of running before Lucia stopped at the mission site, her dark red eyes clear and focused on the battleground. The mission consisted of a single target, a human that had a strong influence over those who fought under him. He was easy to find, as his uniform stood out, covered in ribbons and metals not present on the uniforms of those who circled him. The small group that covered his blind sides held thick, heavy guns, the likes of which Lucia despised. What good was a weapon that kept the bloodshed at a distance?

Lucia watched the group for an entire 12 hours, taking note of shift changes and overnight guard as she was able. After she hid in the dark depths of the woods on the second day, she paraded down into the ranks with the utmost confidence during the darkest hour, when most who were running guard had either fallen asleep at their post or were fighting sleep with every human muscle in their weak, pathetic bodies. As much as the human brain believed differently, humans were weak creatures whose bodies demanded sleep after just 12 hours, sometimes even less depending on environmental conditions and diet.

It was a slaughter. By the time the humans were aware of her position within their ranks, nearly half of the human soldiers were dead, either drained with precision or killed with reckless demand for murder. The humans expelled their weapons, firing clip after clip of their pitiful bullets in her direction, which she dodged with little physical exertion.

The human bodies were scattered, separated limbs flying into the air, splattering the living with blood that was still warm. Screams of agony and fear intermingled with the sound of discharging weapons, all to no avail. Lucia made quick work of the ranks, purposely avoiding the single target as she moved. It was nearing dusk when her single target was the only one left standing, his empty weapon clicking as he attempted to shoot Lucia as she walked slowly toward him.

“What the fuck…are you?” The final soldier fell to his knees, his entire body covered with the blood of his fallen comrades.

Lucia only laughed, the sound high pitched and deeply haunting. She was upon him before he could protest, digging her long, sharp claws into the thick artery on the side of his neck. Blood spurted from the wound, covering Lucia with a warmth she missed in its absence. She drank greedily, her face flushing.

By the time the sun rose, Lucia was back at mission command, deep within the dark maze of rooms and command offices. The elder that had handed her the mission was sitting in his personal room, his calm disrupted be her abrupt appearance.

“Mission successful,” she said softly in a very professional tone, standing at the entrance of his room. The elder jolted to his feet to offer a reply, but Lucia had already retired to her own quarters, clear on the other side of the maze.
  Lucia / Cursed_smile / 31d 9h 42m 23s
It was a dark marble covered chamber with christian drawings and stain glass windows scattered across the walls. It was the chapel of a church, its walls shake as dust falls from the beams of the ceiling. Explosions, gunfire... The sounds of a battlefield, the sounds of war could be heard through the walls. At the base of the ruined podium where the father of the church would stand and preach the word of god to his followers, laid an injured armored man. He had seem to have fallen through the roof and at the foot of the ruined podium, surrounded by marble rubble. He breaths weakly as his own blood slowly pours across the marble stone below him. Part of his helmet was destroyed, revealing his dark brown hair and eyes with streaks of white in his hair. He groans as he slowly raises his right hand towards the hole in the ceiling, the palm facing the red sky as blurry winged things fly through the crimson red sky. ".... What did.... We do.... Wrong...." He groans as he softly spoke. "We.... fought.... struggled.... together..." He breathing started to speed up as he struggled to lean forward. "Traitors of the clans helped us.... The wolves helped us...." He paused as a wedding ring tied to a pray bead dangles off his right wrist. He stairs at it and the cross next to it before he fell backwards. "...We.... Formed bounds together... And still could not stop... this world become a living hell.... Dear heavenly father.... What did we do wrong...." He says as his arm drop as his vision slowly fads to black...

[h3 [right 8 years ago...]]
[right The Vatican church sub level 7]

The concrete walls echoed with radio chatter and voices of many languages as men and woman wearing dark black and white suits ran through the halls. On man carrying a bundle of folders and a pray beads wrapped around his right wrist walked through the halls. He was Agent Aldrich of Zulu squad, one of many members of the Temperance order and leader of his own 7 agents. Agents of Virtue are special humans that have been bounded by birth to an angelic spirit of the 7 virtues. They usually are picked out of christian communities, but some are lucky enough to be pulled out of a hell hole. Aldrich approaches a massive blast door as he raises his right arm up to let the scanner identify his cross. A beep signals him that he may proceed as an armed guard of the Templar order salutes before opening the blast door open.

The chamber had 6 different individuals as they talk among each other as Aldrich slowly enters and head to a podium. He tosses his files onto the podium and clears his throat as his brown eyes look at the group. "Good Morning squad, lets get down to business. First, let me introduce our newest member and a follower of the Kindness order. Elizabeth." He points to a red head as she yelps and softly looks away before she waves to the group. "Now then, you all know the drill for newbies... Time for a crash course of our enemies." He states with a smirk as the group groans as they cover their faces. He chuckles as he grabs a remote and starts a slideshow. "First we will begin with the blood sucking heretics known simply as the Vampire clans. Their official name is the unified 25 Vampire clans. They are one of the longest living factions, and one of the strongest. They don't usually recruit members for they favor their ghouls and blood servants to fight their battles. That doesn't mean to get reckless when you see one of their FNGs. They are eager to move up in the ranks and killing a virtue is a huge boost in reaching a higher status and class. Now for the part I find funny, there are a total of 1.5 million active Vampires and the number does fluctuate due to in house fighting between each other. These immortal fucks don't know how to play fair nor share. So you happen to see two separate clans meet, just let them duke it out." He states before hitting a button to let the slide change to show a white haired woman.

He looks at the squad before beginning his next lecture. "These are the Lycan Tribal Nation, Simply known as the pack by Mission Control. These fur balls are scattered across the world in the wilderness and their numbers are unknown for the nomadic life style choice. What we do know is that they hate Vampires as much as we do since the Vampires used them in the early years as slaves. Now that doesn't mean that we are friends, Lycans will take the chance to try and kill us. Cause we will do the same to those damn furry loving heretics. Lycans packs/tribes will work together, as long as the alphas get along. If not then the strongest will beat the living hell out the other, then force their tribes together. Their chain of command works well and effective. Now note this, you see their FNGs, take them out before they see you. They will notify their tribe to us cause they are still pups, not reaching a certain status or even class." He states as he sees the newbie writing her notes.

He sighs as the next image was a red pentagram seal on a white mask. "Finally the largest of them all... The Sin organization and our main focus. These poor souls have let their inner demon consume and take their soul. Leaving only a husk of a human body to be toyed by the demon. They are ruthless, and heartless. They have an unlimited number of active agents, and any human can be a potential agent of Sin.... Even us... They have no leader, yet they will work excellent. Even better then the Lycans, and they have the best leaders on the planet. Sin will freely use their hellish powers and magic for they have an unlimited pool of it. If any of you see or hear the demonic voice of them. Our focus shifts immediately on those heretics. Ignore the others, for one Sin can destroy an army." He states as he ends the slide as he looks at his squad. "Luckily, we have that same power." He states with a smirk before the lights shift to red and a voice filled the room. [+red "Attention, Attention Mathew Protocol has been issued in New York City. Beta, Hotel and Zulu squads have been granted by Pope Anthony the third, to sortie."] As the voice continues to repeat before an alarm started to ring. Agent Aldrich eyes glow a ghostly blue as he then stands straight. "You heard Mission Control, time to suit up and mobilize. NOW MOVE IT ZULU!!!!" He barks at them before they leap out their chairs and rush out the chamber as Aldrich stands there. He sighs softly as he then walks out the room and down the hall. [+Blue "Kyle... There is something on your mind, isn't there."] The heavenly booming voice in his head spoke as he then looks up. "Yeah... Just thinking about the last shortie... The one when that Arcane showed up." He states as he swipes the cross over the scanner. [+blue "Ah the lycan that killed the previous Kindness."] The voice echoed as Aldrich approaches a wall locker.

He slowly starts to slip out of his uniform as 3 Sisters approach with blessed pieces of armor. He slowly steps towards them as they surround a platform. A pair of boots sat in the center as he stepped in. "Yes... That one. I need to focus on protecting this Kindness if that Arcane returns." He speaks while spreading his arms out as he lets the sisters place the armor on his body. [+blue "Let me guess, by having Kindness be with Charity and Diligence?"] The man smirks as he lowers his arms and steps off the platform as he approaches a sister as she holds his helmet. "Great minds think alike, huh Temperance?" He states before slipping the helmet on. The eye slits flash ghostly blue as the man lets out a sound of relief. "Time to get to work." He says as he snatches his M16A4 and pulls the receiver back. Walking out his personal locker room to meet his team.
  Temperance / X-000 / 32d 2h 53m 21s

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