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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat She had read through his thin cover and seen his excuse for offering his.. 'services'. It was not difficult given how he had approached the matter but to see her face light up, even if in a more embarrassed manner than flattered, he was glad to see it. He still had a task in overcoming the stigma of his leaving and the life he had led in those intervening years. Perhaps using light humour and a positive attitude would help. Though he was careful to keep some of his old ways about him lest he turned into a clone of how Adrian had started out.

He had wanted to continue their gentle natured talk though she clearly had other matters on her mind. Hearing her out he let his smile fade away and sat upright on talk of Augustine being allowed in to speak to him.[+royalblue "He is outside?"] He was curious what the boy could want to speak to him about that warranted this kind of reaction from his mother. As he remembered the boy he was quite shy and reserved but seemed to have built a strong relationship with her. Why now need the elf again?

Almost forgetting himself he nodded at her.[+royalblue "I will do my best for you both but..] He hesitated only a moment and his hand ran up to glide around his scaring in a manner that seemed to put him at ease.[+royalblue "It has been so long that he has grown in stature and personality. Even from our brief talk he seems a new man. I will try to be my old self, though I will be dealing with a new Augustine."]
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His antics had the desired effect. Florence found herself holding back laughter. It was not her most successful attempt, as that subtle smile grew and few airy sighs that could undoubtedly be considered chuckles escaped her. She mirrored the playfulness he had sent her way [+mediumseagreen "Yes, you would like that wouldn't you? After all, to be forever in my debt is to be forever bonded to me. I for one do not think it wise to give you any more reason to follow after me."] He was close enough to a lost puppy as it was. She would send him away, but he kept turning back up with a sorrowful look in those colorful eyes. It would be difficult to part ways again, though perhaps she would not have to.

[+mediumseagreen "However, I do have a counteroffer for you... I will speak to my brother if you promise me to listen to Augustine. He is having a hard time. I have talked with him all I can, but I know I cannot be his only outlet. He wants you, so please, when he comes in here..."] which likely would not be long. [+mediumseagreen "treat him as you once did, as a mentor and friend."] It was not that she expected anything less from Nicolai, but it had been so long since they had any sort of relationship that she was not sure if he would try and take a different approach now that Augustine was older.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 27d 19h 55m 41s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Nicolai was a little grateful to see the most subtle and smallest of smiles on her face. It eased his concerns if he could see her show some humour at his predicament and he returned the minimal smile to her.[+royalblue “Augustus and Eugene eh? Well.. I may be delayed in joining you and Augustine heading south.”] From what he understood the latter was quite stringent in the protection of his people. Regardless of why they had died, he would narrow in on that fact alone.

At least with Augustus he had whatever had gone on with Adrian as a form of leverage. A means of saying 'look, I helped you, I got you to look at Adrian, remember that when you try to lock me up for life'. Would it work? Maybe. He seemed reasonable enough to at least bring that up in his defence. But then Eugene could just overrule him and decide to be judge, jury and executioner. A lot could happen there.

[+royalblue “It's good to know I won't have to wait long.”] He looked up at her and with a slightly wry smile said,[+royalblue “Perhaps you could put in a good word for me with your brother, you know? I'd be forever in your debt..”] Having been laying on the bed, not sitting up even when unshackled, he now turned onto his side, one leg lifted and bent at the knee as he propped his head up with his hand. It was quite blatantly a flattering offer to himself. That she would ever need his favour was laughable. But if it made her laugh then he would have succeeded.
  WI_ / 27d 20h 32m 36s
[+mediumseagreen "I am too."] In many ways it was her fault. She did not need to push Adrian the way she had. And while it had done the task of getting him to give up the ghost, the outcome was much more dismal than she had hoped. All coming from her miscalculation that he would not be able to get out of that bed. She underestimated him, but given that, this was probably the best the situation could have turned out in light of that.

Nodding as if to say he was welcome, she could not keep her lips from curling up at his question. She was sure he knew the answer to that. It was an obvious distraction, but she appreciated it. [+mediumseagreen "Yes, you will be confined to this room until they call on you to hear what you have to say for yourself."] His vibrant violet eyes met hers as she answered, there was a light of hope behind the emerald green. [+mediumseagreen "That falls to Augustus and my brother."] Given that Eugene had the bad habit of being too lenient, and Augustus who usually evened him out had a great deal to be grateful to the elf for, she though he might just walk out of here a free enough man to see negotiations for Malidek. However, there was one wild card. Florence was unsure how Eugene would react to news of Adrian's death. As of right now, it appeared to be Nicolai's fault. That was the one thing it seemed her brother could not tolerate: the endangerment of his people. And it had been some time since he began to see Adrian as part of Astoria. It was certainly a hurdle that would be difficult to get over without telling him exactly what happened. She would need to speak with Augustus to see how he wanted to deal with it.

[+mediumseagreen "I do not imagine it will take too long now that Augustus is not distracted with this mess with Adrian."] She would not go so far as to give him an estimated time frame, but Florence was sure it would be in the next few days at the very latest.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 27d 21h 8m 52s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Nicolai let his hand slide off her and remained laying in the middle of the bed as she pulled away. Understanding that she would be apprehensive of his touches, even if she had not been grabbed by Adrian, he did not want to come across as aggressive or forcing her to stay close to him. It was a little difficult not to pull her down to him and just envelop her and hold her close to him. But this wasn't Natalya, she would not appreciate it.

Giving him the all okay, he nodded a little, bringing his hands together now so that he might ease the discomfort in his shoulders but also to massage the wrists that still ached a little from his initial time left hanging. Hearing that Adrian was dead, coupled with his thought toward his daughter, he understood why she was so quiet when she said so. It was true that the man held his biggest hope of finding her but if he had attacked her he had no qualms with him being killed. He did not know it was Augustine who had done so, and thus he looked on her with a knowing look in his eyes.

[+royalblue “I'm sorry it came down to this..”] In a way he felt guilty that all this transpired due to his returning and informing them of who Adrian really was. Whilst it protected them from anything further or on a grander scale, the wounds to her neck and wrist still felt like his responsibility. In truth he was a little lost for words at that moment. He did not want to go into detail about what happened but to go in any other direction would be to trivialise it.

Instead he decided to focus on her, on him, to try and draw their attention elsewhere.[+royalblue “Thank you for releasing my arms Florence.”] He looked down at his hands, stretching the fingers as if to test their versatility.[+royalblue “I imagine I will remain here to await trial for the happenings in Malidek, right?”] He looked back up in hopes of meeting those illuminating emerald eyes. He could not escape what he had done, but it had been pushed to the background for the time being. He had a few approaches in mind for how to deal with what would come, but it was not the time to begin building his defence.
  WI_ / 27d 21h 58m 38s
While he had seemed to be concerned before, the look in his eyes shifted when she came closer. It was the same emotion, just for a different reason. She suspected she knew why, but it was not wholly confirmed until he asked her outright. Florence had hoped that the damage to her throat would not show, but she was not so fortunate. The woman might just have to take a day or two to avoid her father and brother, just in case.

Given freedom with his hands, Nicolai was quick to use it. He brought them near, coming just short of caressing her. For that she was glad. She had been grabbed at entirely too much these last few days; and no matter how noble or kind his intentions, the woman was tired of having no say in it.

With her task at hand finished, Florence stood straight once again. She retained a standard distance for conversation, not like before where she was careful stay out of his reach. [+mediumseagreen “I am fine. I have withstood worse…”] A lot worse in fact. This was minor, but she could not help but continue to worry about Augustine. [+mediumseagreen “…Adrian is dead.”] She doubted he would be happy to hear that knowing the man to be one of his last lifelines back to his daughter. But if there were to be any frustrations shed over it, she very much wanted it to be before Augustine came in to vent. He did not need to feel any more guilt over his actions.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 27d 22h 47m 55s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Nicolai had had quite fitful sleep, constantly waking through the night and feeling quite groggy when morning came. His meal was brought to him but as usual it was quite sparse, a few fatty pieces of meat that had been discarded from the main meal the night before. Likely too bad even for the dogs. But with no other option he ate it obediently and was again left to his thoughts.

Having sent Florence out to investigate the packages he had become quite concerned when she did not come back. For a time he thought it may be that she would return another day to discuss them, but his paranoia got the better of him and he was considering that she may be staying away as the evidence was not there, that he was guilty and she was done talking to him as she no longer trusted his word. It led to his broken slumber as he imagined all the possible ways in which this would end for him.

Hearing voices outside his room they never rose above a muffled hum, no words or distinctive voices to be made out. It stopped for a little time before the talking began a new, a third voice made out but no-one to put it to. Perhaps it was Augustus and Florence discussing their plan of attack or instructing the guardsmen of how they would go about dealing with him. It was quite troubling to think about and he tried to harden his resolve as the door opened. Thankfully it was just Florence and she did not allow anyone else to follow her in.

Looking at her he knew not everything was okay. But his fear that he was the cause of this change in feeling was short lived as he noted the light marking around her neck. It was not as bruised as her wrist had been a few days before, but it was still a mark nevertheless. Her concise report that things had been dealt with came with her moving to his left shackle to unlock it. His expression had softened considerably when her voice had fluctuated the tiniest amount on her entry.

Leaning across him to undo his other shackle his left hand rose up very gently to press at her side. It helped her from falling atop him but it was meant in a caring manner.[+royalblue “I don't expect anything of you but to tell me how you are feeling. Are you okay?”] With his other hand freed he moved it near to but did not outright touch her neck, miming the action of brushing a finger over the raised markings as his eyes rose up from his inspection to look into her eyes. There was no sexual hunger or toying, leering gaze, no desire to use this as means of taunting her with being right all along about Adrian. That time would come of course, but for now Nicolai seemed genuinely concerned by her injuries and well-being.
  WI_ / 27d 23h 50m 5s
After asking his questions regarding Nicolai, things returned to a semblance of normal and Florence felt it was her time to Augustine some space. Standing she brought him in for one final hug and told him that she would send a maid in with a wash basin so that he could clean up. They had waited so long that the blood had dried. Now it was going to be difficult to remove, but she was certain had they tried any sooner it would have only caused him to spiral. There was something about the act of cleaning your hands that was destabilizing, especially for those who were not used to it. The boy seemed to have regained his wits though, so she thought it would be okay for her to leave and let him have at it.

True to her word, Florence caught one of the servants in the hall and made the request. She was also sure to let her know just to pass the basin off to one of the guards so that they could take it in. There was no use in traumatizing the poor girl with the image of a bloodstained prince. But after that, the green-eyed woman was sort of at her limit. The night was not yet upon them, but she was drained and knew pushing herself to stay active would only make her worse off. There was some worry that this was not over, but exhaustion won out and she fell quickly to sleep.

The next day, she was sluggish. A combination of yesterday’s excitement and oversleeping, and somehow, she did not get the feeling today was going to be any easier. She needed to reconvene with Augustus and figure out the game plan moving forward. Beyond that there was meeting with Nicolai to inform him of what all had transpired, then unchaining him as she promised her son. And while she would have very much liked to have gotten together with Augustus first, to see what type of crowd control he had done and make sure their stories matched, he had not come in from town yet. No doubt he was taking his time with his family this morning. It was understandable, but Florence was itching to move. So off to Nicolai it was.

Funnily enough, Augustine had beat her there. Not so funnily, he was in a huff because the guards would not let him in. That was something she perhaps should have handled last night before sleeping, but it was what it was. For now, she deescalated the situation by letting the guard know that he did indeed have permission to enter, but that she was going to talk with the prisoner first. Augustine was not exactly delighted at having to wait, but he did throw an I told you so sort of an expression at the men blocking the door. After that was done and she convinced her son to hold off for just a little longer, it was time to convince the senior watchman to hand over the key. There was a little back and forth on that before she put her foot down. [+mediumseagreen “He was offered a small comfort in trade for information. He obliged us and we have finished verifying that his word was good, now we are holding up our end of the bargain.”] In true Florence fashion she lied through her teeth. [+mediumseagreen “Or would you like me to fetch Augustus and he can tell you himself. I am sure he would love to be bothered when he is trying to relax at home.”] And with that the man caved. He handed the key over. [+mediumseagreen “Thank you. Now remember, he is still not to leave this room. This leniency is a privilege that will be taken away if he does not behave himself.”] The armored man nodded, that was more his speed.

Florence entered the room. Nicolai was just how she remembered, which was good. Because if he wasn’t, somebody was going to be in some trouble. She approached him, waiting to come closer before saying anything. He looked as though he had been awaiting an answer all night. That made her feel the tiniest bit guilty, but she knew it would pass. [+mediumseagreen “The situation has been handled.”] Her voice betrayed that the outcome had not been exactly satisfactory, but she did not explain. Instead, she continued forward until she was practically leaning over him. Reaching for his restraints, she did her best to quickly unlock them so that they could return to being a reasonable distance from one another. [+mediumseagreen “I am doing this as thanks to you, do not expect anything else.”]
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 28d 1h 38s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat The next few hours were left to everyone to deal with their own things. Florence and Augustine were not disturbed from their bonding, the guards turning away anyone who thought to come visit. Thankfully Gregory and Eugene did not know about what was going on and therefore would not think to come looking. And on a personal note for Augustus, Flora kept herself busy with her work in the town and did not come to seek out her boyfriend. It would not look well to see him covered in blood and his mother singing soft lullabies to him. Not to mention he would be embarrassed.

Nicolai was of course left in his room, unknowing of what was going on but incredibly nervous about the outcome. He knew that if Adrian could dodge their questions any longer he would turn it back on him and Nicolai would be the one to take the fall for all this. If that happened, coupled with his antics on the mainland, he would be hung before the sun reached its zenith the next day.

Yet he was particularly worried about Augustine and his mother. If Florence could not find reason to deal with Adrian, it left a member of the taken so close to her and potentially to her son depending on what the man's goal was. To stay hidden for so long pointed to a grand scheme at play but he did not know what it was, or what it entailed. And with his additional guards, Nicolai could not sneak out to deal with the threat himself.

Thankfully it was dealt with; by Augustus. He made sure the body was wrapped up in cloths and taken away before speaking to the Doctor and his nurse assistant. With the knife safely cleaned and back in his satchel, he was confident he could keep all this under wraps. He told the duo that what had happened today would be kept quiet about. If anyone inquired, the only response to be given would be that Adrian aggravated his wound and bled internally in the night, unbeknownst to anyone until it was too later.

It was not the best excuse, but it would ease Gregory and Eugene's minds to know what had happened. He would just have to find a reason for why that allowed Nicolai to remain living. Perhaps Florence could help him with that when she was done with her son. But that would wait for another day.
  WI_ / 28d 11h 44m 5s
Florence took the chance given to evacuate the room. It would be better to get Augustine away from it all so he could process everything away from prying eyes. Upon making it to his living space, the woman gave the order for the armored men to stay outside. They did not seem happy about it since it contradicted what Augustus said, but so long as they were close by they figured there was no harm in it. Once inside, Florence sort of made a nuisance of herself. She pestered the boy with question after question about his comfort and what he wanted. Clearly, she was trying to be helpful, but all he really wanted was to sit down for a bit. Eventually, he got through to her with that. It just took a while as she was flustered.

Both seated on the bed, she sang softly as she continued to run her hand over his flaxen hair. Her alto voice did not project very far into the room, but it was enough for the two of them. They stayed like that until Augustine was ready to talk. Florence was more than happy to listen to what he had to say and answer back with her own experiences, at least the ones she was willing to share. That stipulation made it a little difficult, but she did her best to support him and show that she understood. Honestly, it was a process that helped the both of them feel better.

After a long chunk of time, things were beginning to wind down. However there were a few more things Augustine wanted to ask of his mother. The first was something he had been curious about ever since he listened in on her conversation with Eugene. [+coral "Mutti."] His voice was quiet, almost meek and like he was going to ask something childish. [+coral "Does this mean we will be releasing Nicolai?"] As therapeutic as this whole thing was, a teenage boy could only communicate so much with his mother. He really wanted someone else to talk to. And given the parallels between himself and Nicolai, he thought that might be the best option.

Blinking over at the boy, she could scarcely believe that was where his mind was right now. She sighed. [+mediumseagreen "I cannot say for sure; he still committed crimes against Astoria back on the mainland... Though I suppose this should at least earn him the right to be free of his shackles."] At this point the risk of him being a direct danger to anyone here was minimal. [+mediumseagreen "Anything beyond that will be up for your uncle and Augustus to decide."] They were the ones in control of that mess.

[+coral "And will I be allowed to visit him again?']

Florence let out another, more frustrated sigh. [+mediumseagreen "If you really think that is going to make you feel better... then I guess."] She hated to give in to this, given there was a chance Nicolai would be imprisoned for what he did, but it was hard for her to deny Augustine anything at the moment.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 28d 12h 33m 12s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat And thus the deed was done. In several quick and fast thrusts of a dagger, deep into his unprotected and bare side – as Adrian only had pants on at the time – he staggered forward with a gargled gasp and growl before collapsing onto his knees. With a slap of the tile beneath his body collapsed forward and the pale skinned man would not rise of his own accord again. His eyes fluttered shut as his blood began to pool out around his figure and his spasms and breathing ended.

As Florence saw to Augustine, the world around them seemed to go from crashing waves of sound to silence. It was the doctor who reacted first, skirting about the trio and the body on the floor. He knew there would be no saving the man after seeing how many times Augustine had had to stab at him. Instead he rushed to the door, grasping the wooden frame,[+darkgoldenrod “Guards! Guards! Come quickly!”] His voice echoed out into the courtyard and from inside they would hear rushing footsteps.

Though Augustus had sent them only a little distance away, they had been moving slowly closer on hearing the shouting voices and screams of the nurse. The doctors cry for help had them closing in in seconds and rushing forward, swords drawn as Augustus reached his feet.[+darkslateblue “It's okay, it's okay..”] He placed a gentle hand to Florence's back and though she flinched, and he retracted it, he began to coo at her softly.[+darkslateblue “Come on, take Augustine and get out of here. I'll handle this now.”] He had much to say to try and soothe both of them, but for right now they needed free of the iron smell in the air and the sight of the body on the floor.

Gentle hands began to try and guide them out and with a very decisive stare Augustus gave an order for two guardsmen to fall in behind her and her son. They would not be left to feel alone or unprotected when they needed such a reassurance more than ever. Only once they passed the threshold of the door, Augustus closing it behind them, did he turn back into the room with a heavy but angry sigh.

[+darkslateblue “Doctor fetch two porters. I want the body out of here and the room thoroughly cleaned before midnight tonight. The dagger is to be cleaned and returned to me immediately.”] He had to plan on how to cover this up but he had a logical excuse already.[+darkslateblue “And I want you and your nurse in your office when you are done – we need to talk.”]
  WI_ / 28d 13h 19m 41s
Still standing between his mother and her attacker, Augustine was taking the brunt of his glare. There was a rage behind his eyes the likes of which he had never seen before. At least not so close or directed at him. Beyond that, it was surprising that the well built man could move at all, let alone drag himself from the bed and charge the two of them. The blond took another step back. Pressed that much tighter to Florence, he remembered just what all was at stake here. With no other thought in his head, Augustine moved forward and readied himself for the assault. Light on his feet he was able to sidestep Adrian's attempt to bulldoze through. The motion also put him within range of attack. One swift move and the dagger was plunged into his side between the ribs. That was not the end of it, however. Like he had been taught all those years ago, the young man repeated the motion in quick succession. Blade tearing through flesh with no resistance, it was much easier than he ever imagined. Just as soon as he felt Adrian's body lurching forward for what he assumed to be an attack, the boy retreated back to relative safety.

The lurch had been less of an attack and more falling to his knees. Between the tremendous pain of his collar, arm, and now side, he was blinded. A searing white danced before his eyes before he passed out. For the time being he was still breathing, but that would not last.

Everything having happened so quickly, Florence barely had time to recover let alone process it all. But once the fog of her mind cleared, she came forward. Hands snatching up her son, she pulled him away from Adrian's crumpled form. Looking down, both the blade and his hands were coated in blood. Emerald eyes flew back over to the bleeding man as if to confirm he would not bother them again before she started to fawn over her child. [+mediumseagreen "Augustine, are you hurt?"] He did not immediately answer, but instead looked up to her wide eyed. [+mediumseagreen "Oh, my love."] Hands still gripping him, she pulled him in close. [+mediumseagreen "It is okay. You did well. You did well."] She continued to mutter calming words to him as she gently brushed at his hair.

Full realization of what he had done began to sink in as his mother made attempt to comfort him. Before then it was just shock. Fingers losing their grip, the clattering of the knife hitting the floor sounded. His hands came up to wrap around his mother's figure and he pulled himself in closer, face pressed tight to the crook of her neck his breath lost its rhythm as he tried to force back the tears that welled in his eyes.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 28d 13h 49m 1s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Grabbing at Florence by her hair to draw her in and cease her scratching at his other hand, Adrian's hand slipped down to grab a hold of her neck. The pressure could not be brought to bear tightly on her windpipe or to cause too much injury but did obstruct her breathing as he gritted his teeth.[+maroon “This is for Logan you damn whore!”] He growled at her, trying to do as much damage as possible before Augustus got back up or the boy came back with guards.

He had assumed Augustine would do such, still seeing the boy as more of a nuisance than anything else. And what an effective nuisance he was as he darted in, slashing at his hand grabbing his mother about her neck, cutting deep into the arm and forcing him to pull back in pain and frustration. Recoiling into his bed he clutched his arm to his chest, blood spilling through his fingers as he eyed the smaller figure standing before his mother, retreating away.

Kicking aside the bedding he swung his feet from the bed.[+maroon “Give me that knife you little bastard runt! I'll gut you first then kill that bitch – now give it here!”] With blood trickling down his arm he charged forward, murderous intent on his face. Augustus was pulling himself upright, having taking the edge of a bed frame to his side that winded him. The doctor was running from his office at the sound of raised voices, his nurse crying out in shock and fear and surprise, a shrill scream from her as Adrian charged toward Augustine.
  WI_ / 28d 14h 34m 46s
He fell right into playing the part that she hoped he would. And his words were close enough to a confession for her, not that they really needed one at this point. It was just satisfying. Or it would have been had he not had a farther reach than she anticipated. Taking hold of her not quite healed arm, he pulled her in. It reminded her of the last time, though this time there was more ferocity in his eyes. He meant to inflict harm.

Florence would have found his kick impressive, if it had not come at such detriment to Augustus. With him thrown by the wayside, she was putting all her focus in trying to escape. It worked just as well as it did some days ago. That being not at all. Adrian pulled her in closer until he was able to get a hold of her hair. With her head attached, there was little fighting back from his strength. And from there it was only a quick tug and a swipe till he had her neck. Sputtering as her lungs tried and failed to pull in air, both of her hands went to the one at her neck, clawing in attempts to pull it away.

The scene playing out in front of him was a mess. Augustine had not seen anything like it, not since he was a boy. His mind was buzzing back and forth trying to figure out what he should do. Wasn't this exactly why he had joined them for? Yet here he was debating whether or not he should run to grab the guards. That pushed him towards the answer, opening the satchel he found the knife within. Hesitating no more, he stepped forward and unsheathed the blade. Just as Nicolai had taught him, he came in quick, getting in a clean stab to the arm asphyxiating his mother. If it weren't for the fact that Adrian was full of useful information, he would have gone straight for the vitals, but he was worth more to them alive.

Tunnel vision taking hold, Florence was not really able to see much of what was happening around them. For what felt like an eternity there was only the red of Adrian's eyes, but then it was joined by the splash of crimson along his arm. Then a scream and his grip lessened. There was not even time to think before she felt a hand on her, moving her away from Adrian. It was Augustine, taking up a defensive stance as he moved both of them away.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 28d 15h 36m 22s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Augustus found her approach over Logan to be most.. interesting. The point of him risking his life to visit her in her room was quite funny to him, given Nicolai had done the same thing only a few days earlier. He would have to ask her later why she had reacted the way she had with Nicolai as opposed to Logan, a man she had had a child with. But for now he remained stoic and focused off to one side.

Her prodding did have it's intended affect on Adrian however. Adrian had been an understudy of sorts with the Taken when they had each had the branding mark made. Deemed not integral to their cause at the time he was not given one, rather he had to wait several years to gain the dagger they had found and thus why he knew about Logan and what he stood for. To hear his long standing friend had fallen for a 'pretty face', and that he had blindly gone after her for no other reason that his feelings.

Hearing her talk disparagingly of the dead man did little to calm him and he looked away to take a few easy and calming breaths and to retain his focus. She was doing well to go at him as hard as she was and getting the responses she was, she could be forgiven for going with that last statement to drive home that attack. But it was a bit much for Adrian to accept as he turned back on her with furrowed brow and snatched out at her, seizing her by her injured wrist tightly, holding onto her.

[+maroon “Shut your god damn whore mouth! You don't deserve to even say his name, let along disparage that man!”] His barked at her in fury as Augustus quickly darted forward. Despite his injury the red-eyed man managed to shift a leg, catching the man and kicking him backwards. The grasp of Florence was becoming tighter and trying to draw her closer for his other hand to grab at her hair. There were no weapons to hand for either party to attack one another, aside from the dagger in the satchel with Augustine.
  WI_ / 28d 16h 44m 8s

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