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His mention of her father brought a smile to her face. That time may not have been the best for them, but it was still sort of humorous to think of how Gregory used to intervene so readily. His motivations made sense, however at the time there was no way for Nicolai to know that. He didn’t even know the dwarf was her father yet. He was just an overly nosy old man. The whole thing was funny to her, but for what was probably the first time that night she did not laugh. His comment of his willingness to fight for her in that way was sweetly endearing. This charm was part of the reason she started kissing him in the first place.

The small, excited sound Nicolai let out made her heart flutter. It was encouraging to know he was enjoying this as much as she was. The kiss was not as tame as the ones they usually shared. It added an extra layer to the excitement, but so did the change in their positioning. Florence had no objection to being moved about. It was more comfortable, albeit a little more provocative. Though that did not bother her at this particular time. She was rather absorbed. The only thing that brought her out of that captivation was the elf pulling back. While it was true she needed to catch her breath; she wasn’t ready to be done, so a tinge of disappointment hit her eyes as they opened back up to look at the man above her. Luckily, his comment saved him from any complaint, along with his additional kisses away from her mouth. She purred happily at these. [+mediumseagreen “I am glad you think so. Wouldn’t want you bored with me.”] Her legs teasingly squeezed at his as she spoke. Florence was rather certain it was actually him who was the good kisser, seeing as this was quickly becoming one of her favorite kisses to date. [+mediumseagreen “Now get back here, I wasn’t done.”] As demanding as that could have been, the woman spoke it so softly that it was more tender in implication. As she announced her feelings on the matter, the hand she had on his back slithered up to his head where she attempted to gently direct him back to her. As wonderful as those lips felt grazing her skin, she wanted them kissing her properly. [+mediumseagreen “Please.”] Florence added this formality quietly. She wasn’t quite begging, but asking politely.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat With the fire behind him her face was cast in a myriad of of shadows or the gentle flickers of the flame. It struck her beautiful eyes at times and he only shook his head lightly at her belief this may be the last time they would be able to just be together with one another.[+royalblue “Regardless what Helga says, she can't stop us from being together like this. I fought off your father, that stubborn little dwarf, I can fight off another for your time.”] He made light of the situation but he was genuinely honest that they wouldn't be parted so easily. The elder woman could huff and she could chew off his ear about how she did not like it but given neither of these drunken children had had successful marriages before, that did not mean they would rush to the altar to appease her. Any thoughts of the arguments to come were pushed aside however as she leaned across and not soon after pressed those full lips to his own. It was delightful to say the least but as he thought it might end so only wrapped an arm about his back and he let out a hum of innocent glee. His own hand dropped from her face, brushing over her neck and her shoulder before curling around her back. Holding her chest to his he leaned her back whilst holding the kiss, holding his weight off her but keeping him close and enjoying the warmth she gave him. His leg lifted up and much like how they had awoken the other morning it looped between her own. He eased from the kiss for a moment, ostensibly to gain a breath though he used it to speak;[+royalblue “You are quite the kisser..”] He commented with a grin leaning down to place light kisses against her cheek and her jawline, a hum of laughter as he did.
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After having it blatantly pointed out to her like that, Florence saw his point. But given the light nature of his words as well as hers, she only smiled to him from the spot she’d claimed in his bed. It was a bit surprising when he turned away to the fire. Obviously, she was not [i that] tempting if the could resist her to stoke the fire with another log. That only prolonged the inevitable though, and the elf soon returned to her, meeting her in the middle of the expansive bed. As he closed the distance and scooted down so that she was actually lying amongst the pillows and not just sitting by then. It was comfortable, even with him looking down on her from his elbow perch.

The woman had to think about his question a moment, his touch on her face was distracting and she was already having a hard enough time focusing through the alcohol. But as always, she managed. [+mediumseagreen “Well worth the wait, I assure you.”] She was leaning into his hand as she answered. [+mediumseagreen “I would be more than happy to make a habit of it, but I fear we won’t be able to get away with that much.”] Florence laughed lightly. Yes, tonight might be the only time they would be able to enjoy this privilege. So, with that said, she thought it would be nice to make the most of it. Rolling so that she too was facing her partner, the movement brought them close enough to be touching, but that was partially the point. Looking up at him, a warm smile played at the corner of her lips. The smile persisted even as she moved forward to kiss him. More than a quick peck, the woman brought an arm around him to pull Nicolai that tiny bit closer. Bodies practically flush, she was not looking to go very far with this, she just wanted to properly cuddle and kiss him without the looming fear of someone walking in that usually occupied the back of her mind. She was relaxed, she was giddy, and for once she wanted to successfully make out with her boyfriend.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Glad to hear such a humorous remark – having seen how her cheeks flushed so sweetly once more – he nodded and finished undressing. He did pause as the tunic came off, leaving him in a thin and loose under shirt. A hand went to his back, squeezing lightly as he seized up just a little. Between the scar tissue and his age he was getting stiff at times and it could sometimes leave his back tight. He sighed softly as he looked back to her, seeing she had already made herself quite at home in the middle of [i his] bed.[+royalblue “You tell me I'm tempting and yet you're now in my bed and coaxing me to you? Hmm. Interesting.”] He commented with a small smile before he glanced to the fireplace.

Seeing it was waning he thought to add more wood, moving over to grab a small split log and nestle it into the flames, waiting to make sure it wouldn't slip or fall free before turning back. Heading over to the bed once more he smiled seeing her nestle herself amongst the pillows and pulled back the covers to slip in beside her slowly, having to move across on his knees to reach her before laying down. Sometimes bigger beds just meant more space and for this duo that was not really required. He moved over next to her though he propped himself up on an elbow and leaned across to brush his hands along her cheek softly.[+royalblue “So, how does it feel to finally be in Nicolai Windsor's bed? Is it everything you imagined it would be?”] He asked with a bashful smile as his violet eyes made no secret of looking over her figure. It was not one of pure lust, more appreciation, but in his drunken manner it could be seen as the former.
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Florence smiled brightly back. [+mediumseagreen “I think that is fair.”] Though she could probably complain and say she didn’t think it was a silly question, the woman didn’t care to toss this back and forth. It was not important. What was important was he kiss that came after as well as his comment. She nodded along, while unable to put her finger on exactly why it was the case, the Astorian woman agreed that wrong was the right word for it. It might have just been that she preferred it this way, but more likely it was the continuity of the night.

He mentioned not standing anymore and suddenly she was wholeheartedly agreeing. So focused on not spilling her water and getting it down, she hadn’t realized how exhausted her body was. Sure, her mind was still up, but her legs were not having it. And so she made her way over to the side of the bed opposite of Nicolai, setting what remained of her water on the nightstand. Like him, she began to disrobe, planning to be in the same state as the other night with her undershirt acting as pajamas. He, on the other hand, felt the need to tease, not that that was a bad thing. She smiled at the mention that they were even for now. Though his offer for her to watch him undress got to her and lit her face up a pretty shade of pink again. It took a moment to regain any semblance of composure, but when she did Florence opted to poke back. She did so as she was pulling off her over shirt. [+mediumseagreen “Don’t tempt me, not after you spent all that time convincing Helga to trust you. You get any more provocatively tempting and I won’t be able to resist.”] Once the article of clothing was over her head, she looked over to him mischievously. Her eyes were missing that glint of truth they might have had if she was being serious. On top of that she ended up chuckling again, so there was really no backing to her pseudo-threat.

Pants off as well, poorly folded and set to the side; she did not bother with her normal routine of keeping everything close. Florence felt secure here, so it did not bother her so much as she crawled eagerly into bed. She did not stop until she was rather close to the center of the large mattress. There she snuggled into place beneath the blanket and patted the spot next to her so that he might come meet her there.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Nicolai rolled his eyes at her first comment, tongue poking out for a moment before he lifted his cup to drink. He smiled however when she made mention of waking up next to him and nodded in agreement. He didn't want to rehash an old argument, or rather a misunderstanding, but he felt it would be good to wake up and feel safe and secure beside her.[+royalblue “I promise not to storm out this time, though I reserve the right to verbally cuss you out if you ask silly questions again.”] His more serious tone couldn't hold, already grinning by the end and he helped her to pour out some more water. He topped up his own cup and left the jar back on the table.

His hand lingered nearby for a moment, eyeing the drawing and his head dropped for a second or two before her final statement. Nicolai looked back over to her and seeing the darker shade to her cheeks he moved over to her, free hand taking hers before leaning in and stealing a quick kiss.[+royalblue “I'm glad I can stay with you. Feels like if you weren't here tonight, it would just be.. wrong.”] It was a little struggle to pull away from looking at her full lips but the sight of her bright eyes, a darker jade than their usual emerald in the dull firelight, more than made up for the switch. He watched her quietly for a little time stroking his thumb across the backs of her fingers idly.[+royalblue “Come on,”] he squeezed her fingers a little as his hand slipped free,[+royalblue “I'm still heavily drunk and I don't think I can stay standing for much longer.”] A coy smirk tugged his lips as he slipped away from her, off to the drawers to grab his sword before moving around the bed.

On each side of the bed were small tables, each adorned with an unlit candle in its holder. This is where he placed down his sword and his cup, sitting down to work at his boots and unbind them before slipping them off with a dull thud onto a fur, a soft sigh of delight leaving his lips. He stood up then and began working at his belt buckle though as he got it unlooped he paused and looked back over his shoulder to her.[+royalblue “Oh, and we're even on the arse grabbing. I got you, you got me.. though, of course, feel free to watch dear. Looking is free.”] He suppressed a chuckle very well given his childish drunken humour as he removed his pants to get ready for sleep.
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Thankfully Nicolai was allowed passage, and it was for more than to tell her he would be put out for the night. Florence might have had a fit if that were the case. At the very least she would have tried to go with him, but from the sound of what he said earlier, he might not have gone along with it. After a moment he explained vaguely what the two of them had talked about and how Helga did not much care for alcohol. [+mediumseagreen “I noticed that much.”] She figures that out seven years ago when Nicolai had been banished from the farmhouse for drinking his sorrows away after the first rejection. People didn’t exactly shine their brightest when they were inebriated, so in a way she understood.

When he explained further his argument, the green-eyes woman smiled. [+mediumseagreen “Then I am glad you have proven reputable enough for her to believe you in you.”] Florence knew he had the tendency to go through ups and downs, but in least in that sort of integrity, the man stood firm. It was nice to think about, though she frowned a bit at his mention of losing his morning. [+mediumseagreen “Well, I hope she does not intend to steal you from me too terribly early. I would like to be able to enjoy waking up next to you this time.”] Perhaps it was not the best to bring up the last time, but she truly meant nothing by it. She just longed to cuddle properly.

Coaxing her in, she took the cup from his outstretched hand and sipped off of it. She was not much in the mood for drinking something as plain as water. Not after all the fun of booze, however, she kept at it until she finished the glass. He was right; this was necessary if she did not want to completely hate herself in the morning. Though, at this point she didn’t think it was entirely avoidable. Coming in again to fill her drink one last time, Florence drank this one slightly slower, opting to speak in between. [+mediumseagreen “I really am glad you were able to convince her.”] Her green eyes stared into the clear water in her cup. There was a light dusting of color to her face. She had said plenty of embarrassing things this night, but for some reason that was the one that brought color to her cheeks.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat It was a good five minutes of her being left alone, hushed voices outside the door rising and falling though if she had listened she would hear Nicolai speaking much more than the elder resident. Clearly he making a case for something or offering reasons why X meant Y. It was a difficult task trying to convince her of their pure intentions, two drunk adults sneaking into his room was not exactly a most pure thing to behold. After five minutes however the door opened, a retreating Helga moving back to her own room and Nicolai stepping inside carrying a clay jar in his hand. He let out a rather deep breath as he closed the door softly behind him. Seeing her illuminated by the glow of the fire and the lantern left on the drawers he nodded a small greeting to her and brushed his free hand up through his hair, walking across to the table to ease down the jar filled with fresh water. He took a moment to himself to just ease down and relax some.

[+royalblue “Sorry, she just.. she doesn't like alcohol.”] It was a simple thing to say and a reasonable thing to dislike, but it still sounded silly to say as he turned to face her.[+royalblue “She was worried for you, so she says. Doesn't trust drunk men around women.. and I don't blame her, except I had to convince her two things; I've never once given off the idea that I'd ever take advantage or press myself on a woman, and that our relationship wasn't yet at that stage.”] He had sobered up a little from that talk but his words were still very slow and carefully spoken.[+royalblue “I told her we had talked about my family.. that kind of got her to shut up, though I have to tell her tomorrow about everything that happened since we left her farm. So there goes my morning.”] He was a touch sulking as he moved back over to the dresser and retrieved two small cups from a silver platter, walking back to the table again to fill them with the fresh water.[+royalblue “Come on, this will lessen your hangover tomorrow.”] He commented as he held one of them out to her, a flick of his head indicating for her to come closer to collect it.
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This mission of theirs had been going so well, but when it seemed they were in the final stretch, they failed in the worst way possible. Florence didn’t see the old woman, so when Nicolai yelped, she nearly jumped out of her skin. It didn’t help that he pushed her out of the way. With a reaction like that she might think they were being attacked, but Helga’s voice soon clued her into what was going on. From her tone alone, the drunken woman could tell she was not happy. But still, she peaked around Nicolai to have a look. Nope, she did not look happy either, not unless you counted slap-happy. She kept on smacking the elf. With her height it was a wonder how she reached, a terribly funny thought to Florence at the moment, but she held it in, knowing they were in enough trouble already. She was basically just waiting for their sentencing now. The man between them seemed to think it would be having to sleep outside, though he made a case for her, as though her drunkenness was somehow less damning.

Then came the rather strong implication of what Helga thought they would be up to if she happened to let them pass into the bedroom. It was a pretty fair assumption; the only miscalculation was that Florence was a part of the equation, though with the state she was in perhaps not as much so as usual. Still, she felt the need to make a case for them. Luckily for everyone, Nicolai ushered her on through the door before she could babble to Helga that she hadn’t slept with anyone since her husband’s passing and that she needn’t worry because they were going to wait until they both really loved each other... No doubt the chaste old woman wouldn’t have believed that embarrassing mess either, nor would she care since there was no mention of marriage it.

Stuck inside on her own, she was a little irritated not to have gotten her two cents in. Though it did not really last as Florence stared at the door. She hadn’t wanted to be separated, so after the displeasure subsided she was left like sad puppy waiting for someone to come get her. That was until she remembered she was rather interested in getting in this room to nose about. Turning away, the first thing she did was go to the fire. It was dwindling, but after the fuss of climbing all those stairs and no longer having to fight off the cold night air, she was pretty comfortable. They wouldn’t need it to sleep… if they even got to sleep in here. Seemed to her Nicolai was in for a losing battle, but she could be wrong. He might have had more leeway with Helga than she thought.

After watching the fire for a minute, the woman moved on. She looked at all the items on the table, noting the green children’s toys and the picture of Natalya. She assumed most the things set out here must have held deep significance for the elf since she knew these items did. Perhaps she would ask about some of the others later, for now her attention span was very short and she was off to get into whatever else she could find. First that meant looking to see where the doors led, but it was just out to the cold so she had no interest in that for the time being. If she hadn’t been quite so drunk she would have appreciated the view, but for now she was still determined to look around, waiting for her beau to finish up outside. She did really hope he might be allowed to join her. They were not children, after all.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat He had shushed her but it was also to stop him from letting out a surprise laugh as her hand spanked him. It may have been a light pat but from a woman who thought of kisses as something near to her limit, that was quite the drastic action. It made his hold of her tighten just a little, a smirk on his face as she confessed that she could not reach her room if she was left alone. If he had helped her get there then he would probably end up sat on the floor falling asleep too. This way both got a good sleep, they stayed together and neither would be uncomfortable. He took her compliment with a demure smile and happily began to climb with her up the stairs. Indeed their shushing of one another, as each broke to laughter or joyous squeals of delight on climbing the stairs, was louder than if they perhaps intended.

He loved how ecstatic she was to be past those stairs and turned her to follow down to the far room on the right. The corridor was lit by a lone lantern but it gave enough light for him not to trip or bump into anything. It may have been his home and he knew it like the back of his hand but alcohol did not care for ones memory. As they reached the door he reached for the handle though a hand snatched at his wrist. He let out a panicked yelp, quickly muffled as he snatched back his hand and covered his mouth. In this he had somehow pushed Florence behind him, a hand on her hip, and he turned to the hand to see an unamused Helga.
[+darkgoldenrod “What have I told you about drinking and coming inside the house?”] She asked in a hushed but accusing tone.
[+royalblue “You fucking scared the shit out-”] Her hand jolted up and struck him across the cheek. It was so quick that even if he was not inebriated it would have perhaps hit him.
[+darkgoldenrod “Watch your tongue around me young man! Now what did I tell you?”] His free hand coming to stroke his cheek he looked at her with a frown.
[+royalblue “It's my damn hou-”] Again, lighting quick, his other cheek this time.
[+darkgoldenrod “Language!”] Her hand came back as if to strike once more and he pressed back a little into Florence. She was deadly with those damn hands.
[+royalblue “Fine, fine, I know – if you drink, you sleep outside, but I'm not going to let her sleep outside.”] He gestured back to the giggling mess of a woman with him.[+royalblue “Look, we had a long talk, I just want to sleep now.”]
[+darkgoldenrod “Oh? Is that all? I don't see a ring on your hands.”] Ever the dutiful woman she had noted it the moment they stepped inside the gate.
[+royalblue “Helga!”] It was long and drawn out, the whine of a child to their elder who was embarrassing them. He opened the door then, half turning back to Florence and nodding for her to go in,[+royalblue “You go on in, I'll have a quick talk with dear [i mother] here.”] He said as he held up the lantern for her to take in with her, making sure she was stable and closing the door behind her. From inside she would hear mumbled fussing that died down, a few shuffled steps as they moved away from the door to talk animatedly.

Inside the room it was quite how he had left it the last time he had been to his home. He had yet to tell the others but there had been two servants left here for a number of years. They were an older couple, given lodgings in the room opposite his parents room in return for them tending to his home. They had kept things tidy and clean until Jack had passed away, Julie left on her own. He had kept in some contact with them whilst with Elizabeth in Tyleth, and so when Julie made clear her intentions to leave he had brought Helga over. It kept the house tended and safe whilst keeping Helga safe too. Her farm was so open, ripe for bandits and the like. Here she was safer.

Either way, the room was quite the same. The room was quite large though perhaps smaller than Florence was accustom to in the capital or Astoria. The floor was covered in numerous bright rugs and furs leaving no need to touch the cool wooden floor to reach the bed. The bed itself was a King size, the sheets of similar colour and style to his tunic though without the family sigil embroidered into it. Either side of the bed were large double doors that led onto a balcony that would overlook the ocean and a garden similar to the one they had sat in but more devoted to flowers and a few fruit trees that were hardier to the salty air. In the room she would find a lit fireplace to the left, the logs needing replenishing having been lit a few hours before and giving the room a warmer feel. Against the wall beside the door was a wardrobe closer to the corner with a set of drawers beside it. Atop this were a few items such as his sword in its scabbard and his helmet, though the picture had been removed. It had been placed into a frame over on the right where a long table sat, the drawing of Natalya placed next to several other unassuming items with their own back story and meaning. Finally there was a toy, a set of four hollow, wooden, green balls placed in a little stand. It looked new, or at least as new as the day it was bought, and its stand was in the middle of the long table.
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From the outside looking in, if anyone had been watching, they probably looked like a pair of idiots. Neither one stable, and still grabbing the other for support. It was a miracle that they did not end up face planted in the stone walkway, or even in the surrounding grass. Florence paid little mind to any of this though. Appearances were low on her list of current concerns, though Nicolai’s talking did distract her from her very concentrated steps. [+mediumseagreen “Just ‘cause I followed? Seems like a lot to take on for such a small decision... Now choosing to date you on the other hand, that might be due cause...”] The only problem with that was Florence didn’t know if Helga even knew they were together at this point. They hadn’t exactly made the prettiest or most loving picture when they first arrived, or through dinner. [+mediumseagreen “That’s more equal too. That would mean you would have to get in trouble for me and not just the other way around. It’s more fair.”] She announced that somewhat proudly, as though she could change the reason behind why Helga might be sore at her if they got caught.

The drunken woman wanted to make comment as to his teasing her, but she was shortly shushed. They were coming closer to the house, so she understood why, but she wasn’t happy about it. Still, she listened, keeping her lips sealed, though she did pat him firmly on the backside as they passed the threshold of the home. After that she attempted to remain silent. It worked in the case of her mouth, but to anyone who wasn’t completely intoxicated they weren’t exactly being quiet as church mice. Their shuffling and footsteps were heavy. It would not be enough to wake anyone who was already asleep though.

Florence paid little mind to where they were going, she simply followed Nicolai, who she was still basically connected to the hip with. Then they came to the stairs and he stated his intention. And then again when he decided to be more clear with it. The woman smiled. [+mediumseagreen “Gods you are cute when you are serious”] Her voice was hushed, and words slurred, much as they had been for half the night. [+mediumseagreen “That sounds good... I don’t want to say goodbye yet.”] She held onto his arm a little tighter as she admitted that. [+mediumseagreen “... and I am not sure I can get back to my room right now anyway.”] Quite frankly, the woman didn’t recall where it was. Somewhere downstairs, but where remained a mystery to her. Stumbling about trying to find it was not a good idea, not if she didn’t want to wake the kids. Florence could just imagine what Augustine would have to say if he saw her like this. He’d never seen her drink before.

Lifting their feet higher to climb the stairs, only made their steps louder. But this time they were able to recognize it. The two of them slowed considerably, taking the stairs one at a time, overly conscious of their noise level while at the same time trying not to trip and call down. The banister railing helped immensely. When they made it to the top, Florence could not help but laugh excitedly at their accomplishment. She was still hushed, but it seemed such a feat in that moment she needed to celebrate somehow. Then it was off to Nicolai’s room. The whole way there she wondered what it would be like. Was it how he kept it before they left Wistina? Or had it become more generic since he was gone and with Helga here taking care of things?
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Though he seemed more stable on his feet he did almost trip on the steps down from the raised garden they had been sitting on. Granted his backside was numb, but he was tripping over nothing and grasped onto her all the tighter about her waist. It was a good excuse to hold onto her.[+royalblue “You'll be in trouble because I am your problem now. Remember, you came after me, so you took responsibility!”] He smiled as he glanced across to her and in the waning glow of the lantern he led her down the cobblestone path past all the statues once more.[+royalblue “And if you want to help me, go ahead and have a feel. If my arse has been the focus of your desires all these years then I am shocked – shocked! - that you haven't tried to grab it yet!”] He was enjoying taunting her though he shushed her as they neared the house.

Taking her off toward the door they had used to exit the house he led her inside, closing it over behind them. This way they could enter from an angle that the elderly woman might not be expecting. Walking with Florence he led through the dining room and on to the main entrance-come-foyer area. It look rather quiet and there was no sign of the older woman standing guard which only made him a touch more worried where she would pop out of and scare him. She had a knack for that.[+royalblue “Come on, you're sleeping with me tonight.”] He said as he walked them to the staircase though paused with his foot on the first step.[+royalblue “You know what I mean. Not [i that]. But you're not sleeping in the servants quarters and I kinda, sorta, want you with me tonight.”] He looked across to her, hoping his stern gaze showed how much he wanted her to come with him, though she would also hopefully know that by now he was always willing to capitulate to her on this. Some things he would not back down on but sleeping arrangements were not one of them.
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Her face contorted at hearing it was unlikely they would get back in. She did not want to be left in the cold… they had unloaded the horses so all their sleeping gear was inside. It might have been late summer, but they were on the coast and she was still accustomed to a warmer climate. So, it was unlikely to be pleasant, even if Nicolai had been able to keep her moderately warm up to this point.

[+mediumseagreen “Alright…”] Like him, it took the human woman some effort to get up. She was definitely not used to drinking anymore. His help was a godsent and critical in her ability to come to her feet. Somehow her legs were tingle free, aside from the heaviness that came with the alcohol. There was also a bit of a wobble to her, so she kept hold of his hand. It had been hard enough getting up once, Florence did not want to fall back down and have to do it again if she didn’t have to. Not to mention it would be mortifyingly embarrassing. Nicolai must have drank at least twice as much as her and he looked like he was doing fine… at least to her less than observant eyes. [+mediumseagreen “Wait… why would I be in trouble? If you do something you’re not supposed to, why is it me in hot water?”] She wasn't following, though his comment about his numbness distracted her from the question.

Florence chuckled along with him. More because his laughing was contagious than that she had made the connection he had. Though, that did not stop her from making comment. [+mediumseagreen “Would you like some help with that?”] She was referring to how he rubbed at his backside to try and bring the circulation back. How she spoke betrayed that she was joking, but even so it was rather bold for her. Inhibition was basically out the window, though for the time being Florence did not seem all too worried about it. She was having fun.

Once that was out of their systems, they were able to start back on the path to the house. Nicolai was the one to grab the lantern, as it was taking most of Florence’s focus not to trip on the cobbled walkway. He knew it better than her, so it was one less distraction for the elf.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat It was good that she wasn't fretting about telling him, as he wanted her the next morning not to be filled with regret or fear. He was able to keep secrets, and this was one that would sit safely alongside his memories of Vataly, not wanting to let anyone know what had befallen the two hopeless lovers in their early years.[+royalblue “I'm glad I told you too.”] He replied and shuffled just a little so that he could kiss her temple, her skin a little cold against his lips. She beat him to the comment however and he smiled, more so for that sweet and innocent giggle of hers. Drunken Florence was more above all a giggly mess and he found it quite sweet.

In turn he only shrugged softly.[+royalblue “Whilst I don't think she will – namely because she'll hold you responsible if I do anything wrong – why don't we go test out that theory?”] The gust had almost brought his teeth to chattering and he had held onto her all the tighter, but he slowly let her go so that he might stand up. It was some effort to get his legs working and he managed to grasp a hold of the bench for added balance. The alcohol he'd drank had gone down well but now he was seeing the full effects. Thankfully this was only a moderate drinking session for him – he could drink much more and be in a much worse state than he was now.[+royalblue “Oh god..”] He mumbled as he moved back over to her, offering a hand to help her up as the other went behind him.[+royalblue “My arse has gone numb!”] He complained whilst massaging the muscle, a soft chuckle building to a chest rattling laugh as he recalled what she had said about him and his 'very nice ass' not too long ago.
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The way he fumbled about actually made her smile. She understood him with perfect clarity, probably because she was nearly as drunk as he was. Her eyes slowly began to dry and she snuggled into him a little more, even though he loosened his hold on her ever so slightly. [+mediumseagreen “I like the idea of together.”] Despite everything, she didn’t really want to be alone forever. Sure, she could tolerate it and sometimes it sounded nice, but surely it would grow old eventually and she would regret it.

Then he thanked her. For some reason it seemed off. She knew it was for the trust aspect, he even said that, but it still felt odd to be thanked for telling such a tale. It did not bother her though. She was growing rather content here pressed against him, though she did nod to acknowledge his thanks. The woman was still for a but, happy where she was, but before too long she did decide to speak. [+mediumseagreen “It was weird; I’ve never talked about all this. I didn’t think I ever would, but I am glad it was you who I told.”] Florence wasn’t entirely sure why, but now that it was out in the open air with her and Nicolai, she had a hard time imagining it being anyone else right now.

With that thought, the wind blew particularly hard off the ocean and over the wall. She shivered, goose bumps rising on her skin. [+mediumseagreen “It is getting cold… do you think Helga is going to let us back in the house?”] Giggling again, the woman pictured their faux hostess standing watch, ready to beat Nicolai off with a broom.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 199d 16h 16m 4s

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