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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Thankfully his arm was kept out reach of her when she wrapped her arm around him though he did proffer a kiss to the crown of her head as she settled herself closer. His left arm curled around her, stroking softly along her back though he paused momentarily to adjust the covers over her some more. He was hoping the distraction she provided in how warm she was and her conversation would help take his mind off his troubles so he pulled her in just a little tighter.

It was a pity she did not sleep better, a faint wonder if his missing figure helped toward that, but he was glad she slept continuously.[+royalblue “Oh? Even your comment about my arse? What was it again.. a 'very nice arse' I believe?”] He needed the uplift in spirits and smiled as she tilted her head up to look at him. Of course he wouldn't forget that quote. Details of what had been said by both parties would deteriorate over time but that would be held onto for quite some time.[+royalblue “I am glad we talked too. Now we never have to talk about all that ever again.”] It was said with a little relief though it was also perhaps with hope that their troubles may be behind them – most of their troubles at least.

Her fingers brushed back his hair and he closed his eyes slowly, relaxing in her gentle touch for a time. His own hand continued to trace up and down her back slowly.[+royalblue “I would put that down to drinking grain alcohol for a year in Malidek. It tastes like shit and half a cup is enough to put you on your arse but it's available in great quantity and you learn to tolerate it.”] He remembered his first few tries of it, how it had burned his throat and left his stomach twisting in painful knots. Thankfully he could enjoy more refined alcohols now; though after last night maybe not for a while yet.[+royalblue “But not to worry, you and everyone will have a nice day to relax – I will whittle away Helga's time and hold her attention as I recall all the wonderful events of the last seven years.. joy..”] He voice turned demure and glum though it held a jovial tinge to the ends of his words. He just hoped they would remember this in the future and keep the busy elder woman preoccupied should he need the time alone.
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Seeing no reason for him to lie to her about this, Florence took his words at face value. Her emerald eyes attempted to follow after him as he crossed the room again. It was still difficult to make anything out, even though her vision was adjusting to the dimness. She did however hear him shuffling about in the drawers. It made her wonder what he was after over there, especially when he seemingly returned empty handed. Still, with him climbing back into bed she did not pay any mind.

Taking up his offer to come in closer, the woman laid her head against his chest with an arm over him. She was perhaps a touch warm, even for just waking up, but it was not enough to cause alarm. [+mediumseagreen “It was not as restful as I would have liked, seeing as I am still frightfully tired, but I managed not to continually wake through the night.”] That was often the case when she went to bed overly drunk. She must have not gotten to that point last night, even if she was feeling the effects elsewhere. [+mediumseagreen “But I do think it was worth it… I am glad we got the chance to say all the things we did.”] Another thing to be thankful for, all her memories were intact, it truly would be a shame if she had woke only to find the previous night was a blur.

Tilting her head up to look at what she could manage of his face, Florence smiled. [+mediumseagreen “I do hope I did not call you in too early.”] Bringing the hand slung over him up, she brushed his hair back off his brow lightly. [+mediumseagreen “You drank a good deal more than me, so it is hard to imagine you are feeling very well.”] Though that did not take into consideration her poor tolerance for liquor.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Noting the fatigue in her voice he was a little remorseful for not being there when she woke. It had been one of the things he enjoyed about waking up with her last time and yet now he wanted nothing more than to shut himself away and just have them all ignore him, her especially. But, he couldn't. He had done so before and come to regret it, and running away wouldn't help things.

Telling the truth though would not help either.[+royalblue “Sorry, I just needed some fresh air to clean my head a little.”] It was a good lie, his voice held its resolve and the reasoning was okay.[+royalblue “Drank a little too much last night I think. I'll be fine.”] He offered in addendum before rising up. He walked across to his drawers, opening them to put away the vial and length of wood with small cuts notched into it.

Pushing it over he quickly glanced to his right hand, lifting it to see it still shook and trembled but it was much better than before. It was like his hand was not his own and his fingers moved of their own accord. At best he could ball his hand up tightly to hide the spasms and he may be able to play it off as the lingering effects of the alcohol should she notice. Returning to the bed it was perhaps luck that he was on her right hand side keeping the bruised limb from sight, tucking himself under the sheets next to her and lifting up his left arm.[+royalblue “How did you sleep?”] He asked as he nodded for her to rest against him and make herself comfortable once more.
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Giving a moment for something to happen, Florence began to expect the man had left to start his day, however, shuffling eventually came from the open door, passed the curtain. For a second he was bathed in light, looking oversaturated compared to the stark darkness of the rest of the room. And then it was nearly pitch black again. Eyes having adjusted to having a light source, the woman was essentially blind in the darkness. It did wonders for her head though. The sharp pain falling back to a dull throb, something she was more easily able to ignore.

She did not catch his outline until he was nearly upon her. The bed shifting beneath his weight confirmed it was the real thing and not a phantom made up by her searching eyes. His silhouette shifted, it looked as though he was passing something from one hand to the other, but Florence could not make enough of his movement out to be sure and she did not want to jump at shadows.

Immediately he mentioned she should go back to sleep. Florence knew he was right. She was tired and there was really no reason to be up, aside from the fact that she was missing him next to her. That bit, however, was harder to say now with all her inhibitions intact. Still, she did speak up with something. [+mediumseagreen “That goes for you as well, does it not?”] Her words were still coming through groggily. [+mediumseagreen “I just thought I would wake up to you here with me…”] While disappointed, it did not reside in her voice like the night before. Her openness was in part still there, and she hoped to continue that trend, but it would come through a little differently. In sober Florence’s own personal way. [+mediumseagreen “Is everything alright, Nicolai?”] His name was said a little softer than usual; there was more care to it. She had not noticed his tremble or the vial, but something felt off to her and she wanted to be sure he was going to be okay.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Stood outside in the cool sea air Nicolai was at the railing just staring out to the great expanse of open water, hair whipped about by the winds now and again and thin under shirt fluttering slowly. Sometimes as a child he would look out and imagine just taking a boat out there, out into the unknown, off to seek new lands and new adventures each day. These days when he looked out on the water he could only think the same thing; though it was so that he might become lost and forgotten. Today was one of those latter days, and was not starting well. His left hand sat atop the stone railing that ran the length of the balcony, placed atop his sword hilt though it still remained in the scabbard. In his right hand was a small piece wood and an empty vial, the stopper in place. Despite the morning sun creating a pleasant temperature, he shook – rather his right hand and arm did.

Hearing his name being called out rather weakly from the room he glanced back toward the open door. He didn't want to go in, not in the state he was in. But he knew that if he stayed out here too long the tired woman would drag herself from the bed to come fetch him. He didn't want to disturb her more than his absence had already caused and regrettably he turned back to head inside taking the sword with him. Stepping back in he saw the curtain had been blowing in the wind letting in a little too much light. He placed his sword back on his table before closing the door over and returning the curtain to its place so that she wasn't blinded too much. He looked a little gaunt, his face taut and eyes half lidded. As he returned to the bed he sat down on the edge, his back to her, and this only made the tremor in his arm appear all the more prominent. The vial and piece of wood in his right hand was quickly transferred to his newly freed hand as he feared crushing or dropping the delicate container.

From her angle it was perhaps not too easy to see, especially since he had closed over the curtain and put them back into a semi-dark state, but the outside of his right arm from the elbow up was covered by a soft red blemish. The bruising was already beginning and would only darken over the coming days, the impact of his fall having been quite severe and part of the reason why he tried to steady himself by trying to pin his arm in at his side and calm the trembling. Loathe to want to say much he had to say something,[+royalblue “You should go back to sleep. The sun hasn't been up long and everyone can take the day to rest.”] He didn't want to push anyone and hoped to give them a day to just relax and come down from such a heavy, fast and long ride from the north. Given Florence's hungover state – he wasn't completely sure but it looked that way – and his own troubles, they both could do without additional tasks or plans for the day.
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As wide awake as the emerald-eyed woman thought she was, it took close to no time at all for her to fall asleep. A combination of having Nicolai close and being warm and comfortable in his bed made that possible. So after she was out like a light, she stayed that way. He may not have moved much in the night, but even if he tossed and turned, it was incredibly unlikely Florence would have noticed a thing. She was normally a heavy sleeper, but it was not generally this bad. His getting up off the soft mattress would have stirred her, however tonight was the exception. It was not till later that she woke, and holy shit she felt terrible. The water she drank before getting into bed probably helped a good deal, but her head was still killing her. The light filtering through the windows exacerbated it most of all.

Soon as she settled into her surroundings and the throbbing pain behind her eyes, she noticed that Nicolai was nowhere to be found. She vaguely recalled vocalizing her want to have a morning like the one they had missed just the other day. She knew very well that did not make her entitled to it, but Florence had thought he might oblige her. Continuing to look around, it was a little silly to think he might appear from the shadows of the room, but there was a tiny hope.

Her throat was dry, uncomfortably so. So, the woman’s attention soon turned to the cup sat on her nightstand. Taking it up, she threw back what remained. It was stale, but sated her thirst for the time being. It was highly unlikely it would do anything for her current ailment, but surely it would ease her suffering in the long run. Thirst quenched, she gave one more glance about the room. Her brain still was not working as properly as it should be through her grogginess. The sound of the waves should have let her know exactly where he was, but unable to put that together, so instead she called out. [+mediumseagreen “Nicolai?”] Her voice betrayed just how tired she still was, and now terrible she felt. Right now all she wanted was to lie back down and fall asleep, but she did not want to do that without him. It was quite the predicament.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Her response made him chuckle and he was a little caught off guard by how subtle that flirting moment had been. It was a toying smile and he could swear that tone was just a little bit too inviting, as if she were goading him into making that move. Knowing how sly she was it would end with him being denied and forced to fall asleep frustrated, much to her humour of course. Whilst these silly scenarios swirled about his mind she darted in for a quick, over before he had time to register and respond and left trailing after her for a moment. She knew what was she was doing and that just made it all the more devilish.

Regardless she was turning from him before he could say a word and he lay his head back on the pillow as she backed herself up into him. He merely lay there, waiting for her to get comfortable before reacting. With her pressed so close, certain.. feelings, would be more than.. distracting, at that moment, so it was difficult for him not to think of particular things at that moment. Thankfully she was facing the other way lest she see how crimson his face had gone. Retrieving his free arm, the other still under her pillow and her head, he lifted it over the covers before wrapping it around her, hand flush to her stomach as he curled his taller figure around her, their legs entwining with one another once again.[+royalblue “Sleep well mein kriegerkönigin.”] He whispered softly and he too would soon fall asleep not long after.

Following several hours of dreams came the regular slide show of nightmares for Nicolai that night. Everything seemed to swirl and group together and leech off one another to build into worse and more painful moments. He didn't move much, similar to the other night with her, but when she awoke she would find the bed empty and a gentle breeze blowing in from one of the doors to the balcony. His clothing was still left haphazardly on the floor where it had been thrown aside the night before though the sword from the bedside table had been taken, the covers cast aside in an unkempt state. The fire had burned out leaving the room in the cool sea air, the waves crashing outside one of the few sounds she would hear.
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Much as Florence was divided before, so she was here. He said he would not gawk, but just earlier today he had been determined to run his fingers over the scars on her arms. She was looking to avoid a repeat of that if she could, most of all when things were looking to progress the relationship between them. Still, he was sweet with his words, so she was apt to believe him for now. Nicolai also mentioned the need for sleep and she nodded. [+mediumseagreen “Yes, I do suppose it would be best if we had some rest.”] The exhaustion was setting in now. The alcohol that used to fuel her brain, begging it to continue on, was now lagging her, calling her to sleep. Though a great part of that was probably due to lying in bed. The comfort of it made her want to sleep. It was much better than the ground or even the beds in the tavern they recently stayed in. Though that was a complement to Nicolai, who was technically their host for the time being.

[+mediumseagreen “I suppose you are right.”] There was a tone of disappointment in her voice, this coming from the loss of his leg between hers. [+mediumseagreen “I wouldn’t want you claiming I only slept with you because I was drunk.”] She did not see that accusation actually coming to light, especially since it wouldn’t be happening at all, but she would rather it not be a doubt in the back of his mind. When he mentioned not wanting to regret it in the morning, she only nodded. Florence wasn’t entirely sure she would feel remorse over sleeping with him here, but it would go against what she was trying to accomplish in waiting. And that was something significant, at least to her. Still, she thought it might be good to vocalize this. [+mediumseagreen “But… I don’t think I would regret it… not with you.”] A subtle smile played at the corner of her lips, brows upturned as if she was almost sad to admit it, but overall it was a honest and heartfelt response.

Despite her previous words, Florence was resigned to just sleeping for the night. Sure she would be doing so next to Nicolai, but it would be almost platonic in nature, save the cuddling she was determined to have. Moving forward, Florence stole a quick kiss. She wasn’t entirely happy to have just that, but thought it was more fitting for the moment. Once that was done, she turned, rolling to her other side so that her back was pressed flat to his chest. [+mediumseagreen “I would still like to sleep close with you, if that is alright?”] It was only half a question, as she was determined to be like this, almost regardless of what Nicolai wanted. [+mediumseagreen “I will see you in the morning, dear… I hope you sleep well... I know I will.”] Confidently encouraging words came from her who was growing comfortable in his arms. It would not be long before she fell fast asleep.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat [+royalblue “Trust me when I say I see enough scars every day, nothing you could show me would make me 'gawk'.”] He smiled a little as between his back, shoulder and head, he was closing in on being more scar tissue than healthy skin. As if on cue his back had began to tighten and thus he shifted to her side. was better able not to crush her but also to press her against him and hold her closer. It was remarkable how she could be so sweet and loving and all it took was a sizeable amount of alcohol, who knew? He hoped there wouldn't be regret and embarrassment come morning on recalling tonight's events. He wanted this to be the catalyst that pushed them forward and showed he was not just stringing her along. The comment back at the lake, that he was just with her for sex or her body, still hovered around the back of his mind.

She pulled from the kiss though his hot breaths just transferred to her neck and for a time he kissed up and down, soft and sweet kisses as his hand sneakily moved off her side though it hesitated as he reached her hip once more. Deciding it best not to push too much further his fingers interlinked to hers as he retreated back to his pillow, leg pulled from between hers and no longer pressing as close to her as the he visibly looked flushed.[+royalblue “We should really get some sleep, I'm starting to lose control of my desires.”] He grinned, winking playfully at her, his other hand still around her and tracing his fingers along her upper arms.[+royalblue “Don't take that as a bad thing though!”] He knew her mind might fall to the negatives connotations to that statement.[+royalblue “I am more than raring to go.. you know that.. but I'd rather not go too far and regret my actions come morning..”] His voice trailed off to ward the end, hoping to draw a very significant line between himself and the demons of the past. Short of calling in Elizabeth to personally confirm his more honourable nature, it was difficult for him to get this across.
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Florence laughed at his response. Both his statements were true, seeing as she was technically smaller than him and she couldn’t help whether or not he saw her as a queen. She did find it sweet that he held onto that sentiment for this long. It was probably a good thing, considering her son’s predicament. He needed anyone in his corner that he could get. And for someone as influential and helpful as Nicolai, that was doubly so. It gave her hope for the future. If he who they had driven away could come back and see the boy as a potential king, given all his teenage faults, then anyone could. Plus, people tended to like an underdog. A child driven from his home to foreign lands counted as such, at least as far as Florence was concerned.

A wave of relief hit her as he announced he did not want to see right then and there. It gave her a valid reason to push it off till later like she had wanted, but she did choose to warn him about such a time. [+mediumseagreen “Alright, but you are not allowed to gawk later, you hear me?”] It was a lighthearted sentiment. Florence would not actually be mad if later he chose to dwell on the significant marring of her skin, but she hoped that he might not. She did not want any more attention there than there had to be.

His comment asking her to avoid future mishaps with arrows caused her to laugh again. [+mediumseagreen “I will try my best, as I do rather like this teasing of yours.”] It forced her to compare him to Augustus, but that was not a bad thing. Truly, if her life had been different, and she had not been so repulsed by intimacy in her formative years, it was likely they would have been together. But that was not how things were and she currently could not see her childhood friend as a partner. Nicolai was his own person and she was very glad for that, especially when his lips came crashing against hers so passionately.

The dark-haired woman reciprocated his kiss with equally as much desire. Lying at his side once more, she felt there was less chance that things might develop too quickly for her. It was an issue that hadn’t been at the forefront of her mind, but still she was able to relax that little bit more as she indulged in his lips. The kiss went on for some time before she was forced to pull back. Her need for air just barely outweighed her want for him.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Nicolai noticed her small and subtle movements, the way she curled into his hand or brushed up more against his thigh. It was leaving him a little flustered so much so that when she mentioned she was his he did flush terribly. Hopefully being in the shade away from the fire would hide it some and he smiled softly.[+royalblue “You are still Queen in my eyes, and you are smaller than me, so they still stand.”] Whilst it sounded a little too sweet and perhaps sickly, he meant it in a serious manner. If Augustine was his Prince, then Florence was still his Queen. It was something he had always considered and was a large part of him agreeing to join them heading south. If he didn't place them in their familiar titles, perhaps he would have left them be, returned south on his own and perhaps Vincent would be content to just let him live quietly with Helga. Hypothetical but possible.

Regardless he was drawn back to her by her rosy cheeks and gentle smile, her words skittish and a little demure as she pressed her hand atop his. For a time he was quiet, only a few seconds, as he mulled over what he wanted right then and there. Whilst yes his curiosity to see the wound was there he felt like it was a touch hypocritical of him to ask. He was just as badly scared and kept it covered up under his shirt and she had not sought them out. He shook his head lightly as he looked down on her, easing himself to her side so that he wasn't suspended above her any more.[+royalblue “I don't need to see it Florence. It's just another story in your hero's tale that still has a few chapters to go.”] Even drunken Nicolai thought that was disastrously cheesy but he grinned and shook his head lightly.[+royalblue “Just try to avoid any more of those arrows please – I rather like both of my arms. They are rather useful in teasing you.”] He squeezed her side softly at that, leaning down to press his lips to hers once more, lowering his body to lay beside hers and his arm swept under her head to hold her close. He wasn't looking to press his advantage or move to that next step in their coupling, though his lips sent a rather different message in how passionate that kiss was.
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[+mediumseagreen “Well it certainly isn’t a bad thing.”] She smiled brightly up at him as he pulled back just enough to where he wasn’t squishing her. [+mediumseagreen “I would rather not feel like I am going to break you.”] Florence was for the most part joking, but it was something she did think about considering she was not a small woman herself. His following comment was taken in much the same way that hers had been. It was a compliment, at least she would take it that way, but the implication was that she looked rough. But she already knew that much about herself. It was tempting to make this a back-and-forth sort of teasing, but then she felt his leg brush higher against hers and the woman lost that train of thought entirely. She was filled with a nervous excitement, one she hadn’t felt this strongly in ages. It brought an airy sigh from her lips, a silent breath that consisted of warmth more than anything else.

Eyes falling down to watch his hand as it slowly slipped up her torso she shifted slightly beneath him. It was a subtle movement. The only thing it accomplished was pressing her body just the tiniest bit tighter to his palm. And strangely enough she did not stop when his hand came to rest on the place her scar resided. Her gaze stayed trained on that spot until he spoke and she ran it back up him to meet his eyes. [+mediumseagreen “I haven’t been a queen in a very long time.”] The smile on her face would tell him she had very little problem with that. While she was pissed as can be at Vincent and the likes for what they did, it was never really a title she wanted, so being separated from it did not dispirit her any. [+mediumseagreen “Nor am a little, but I do suppose half of that statement is correct. I am still a warrior… and I am yours.”] Face heating ever so slightly, for once she did not shy away. Florence continued to smile up at the elf despite her reddening features. Though another thought did come to mind as his hand continued to sit at her side.

[+mediumseagreen “Would you like to see it?”] She placed a hand atop of his to solidify what she meant by her question. Honestly, she wanted to avoid this moment. Florence did not want him to see the glaring imperfection on her body, but she also did not want to push it off so long that it interrupted their first time together, as it was unlikely Nicolai would leave it be. He would have something to say, though she sure it would be kind. So, the woman felt the need to try and get it over and done with now when she was still feeling the effect of the alcohol in her blood.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Seeing her brow furrow he knew he had once again put his foot in the proverbial. He often complained that she would say the wrong thing at the right time, but here he was doing the exact same. Her apology only compounded his self-hatred and he listened to her trying to tell him that she was happy but he felt near the opposite.[+royalblue “Hush you silly woman, I didn't mean it in a bad light. It's just this is so perfect, you are so perfect, I almost want you to pinch me..”] His hand brushed her hair behind her ear though she quickly moved her hands down from his head and seemed to grapple him. He let out a laugh as he was pulled down atop her, quickly moving his arms so he could again suspend himself above her and loving how her light laughter resonated.

Her words were so sweet but he looked at he as if momentarily angered before his face softened and he joined in with her gentle laughs and delicate smile.[+royalblue “You have insulted me but made it sound like a good thing.”] He understood that sturdy was not often a bad thing, it meant he was not weak or fragile, but given her light 'oof' he knew she was calling him heavy. Still he did not seem to mind as he flexed just a little as if to show off to her, his modest muscles along his arms a little more defined though not for long as his muddled mind couldn't keep focus too long. He smiled as he leaned down to kiss her lips one quick time,[+royalblue “I like it though. You are softer than you look.”] He replied with a teasing wink, his leg between hers rising a little to graze in a sultry manner against her smooth skin. He placed his weight to one forearm so that he freed up his right hand, using it to grasp her hip and sliding it up slowly but stopping below her left bread, his palm held still as if he were feeling under the light clothing and the scar that sat there.[+royalblue “My little warrior queen.”] He commented a little more softly, proud and delighted at the same time to have her still here.
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Somewhat put out that her heartfelt request was completely and utterly ignored; Florence tried her best not to give him the satisfaction of knowing how nice his kisses and breath felt on her lower neck. This went on until put a little more vigor behind her guiding. However, this enthusiasm was met with his soft exclamation of pain. She loosened her grip after that, feeling the tiniest bit bad for hurting him, but satisfied to have finally gotten what she wanted.

This round was more what she was looking for when she first kissed him, a long, mainly uninterrupted session of simply enjoying one another. It had been so long since she last experienced anything even remotely like this that it filled her with that little extra bit of excitement and kept her wanting more right up until they parted. At that point she was rather out of breath, but satisfied. Well, until he made his comment.

Brow furrowing, Florence looked up at him. She felt the need to apologize and acted on the urge. [+mediumseagreen “I am sorry.”] This was yet another reminder that while she really was coming to like him and desire his attention in this sort of way, the woman had not been expressing it clearly. She thought that disconnect was probably why this moment almost seemed like a dream, or some other fabrication of the mind. Wanting to try and clear that up, she brought both hands up to hold either side of his face. [+mediumseagreen “It’s not though, this is really happening and I am really happy.”] Confident that he was hearing her out, her hands came off his face and wrapped around him in an embrace. This pulled him off his balance and on top of her, which was not the intended effect. Letting out a light ‘oof’ sound at the unexpected pressure, it wasn’t long until he pushed back up to hold his weight and she was left chuckling at the silliness she had caused. Her smile persisted through her next words. [+mediumseagreen “You are sturdier than you look.”] Aka, heavier, though being close enough to hold him while he was so ‘scantily’ clad, she had also taken notice of how toned he was. Had she not already been indulging in other ways she definitely would have been ogling that aspect of him, though there would be plenty of time for that later she was sure.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Her comment brought a smile to his lips as he kissed down and upon the nape of her neck, careful not to leave any tell tale mark lest Flora see it and she become frighteningly giddy at the story behind them. The girl was sweet but she was perhaps wrapping herself up in their relationship a little too much. Either way, thoughts purely on the woman below him he squeezed her ever so gently into him though he felt her hands pulling his head back up. He teased her by merely switching sides, kissing along the other side of her neck though it seemed this rather pushed her past tolerance.

Perhaps the alcohol was working its effect now but her hand all but pulled his hair, head and lips coming with lest she tear any out and a muffled 'ow' was all he could manage before his lips were back on hers. It was much better, warmer, and he felt his chest constrict a little as his eyes closed back over. It was peculiar to just relax and enjoy this moment with her. Like her, he secretly feared someone walking in on them or having to quickly end and feign sleep as if what they were doing was something wrong. It oddly felt a little wrong. Not as if he were taking advantage of her, or visa versa, but that after all this time this just seemed.. odd. More dreamlike in a way. To be in his bed with the woman he had desired for so many years was unique in its own right, but to actively be making out with her was something more. After a few minutes of them kissing, ranging from long and passionate embraces to shorter, quicker kisses, he pulled back once more, looking down at her as his eyes opened.[+royalblue “This seems.. too good to be true.”] He said softly, a little breathless, his hand coming back from around her and brushing at her hair though it wasn't in the way, he just felt like doing so.
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