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After letting him know that he could ask his questions as well, he paused for a good long while. There was a contemplative look on his face. She had no way of knowing what he was thinking about. There were a million different things that he could want to ask, and somehow he managed to pick the one she expected to hear the least. In fact it took a second to figure out what he meant by that. The nod helped, but only so much.

After getting it, she tilted her head, slightly perplexed. [+mediumseagreen “Odd that you would think that the man who has been unconscious for the last several days would have any way to hurt me.”] While she did find it strange, Florence didn’t think anything more of it. [+mediumseagreen “But yes, it was him. He woke in a state of delirium. I happened to be there and tried to help calm him down… As you can probably imagine, I said the wrong thing and made it worse.”] Looking down at her arm, it darkened a great deal in just the short while she had slept. Even in this light she could see the strong purple tones coming through. The woman wondered how long it would last. She certainly did not want to have to cover up in the middle of summer, but she also did not want to have to continually explain what happened.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 185d 12h 9m 35s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Letting out a deep breath once he was done, Nicolai felt a little of the weight lift from his shoulders. He had not given much information to her, true, but she would enquire for deeper details as and when she wished. For now he had summed up his life over their time away from one another in just a few minutes. It was quite a bit more difficult than what had been said but she seemed content with his answer and gave him the briefest of nods. Her life story was even shorter but then normal life was brief and simple. He wished he had been there to experience such a non-exciting life. But wishes were for naught.

When she asked him if he had any questions, so many came to mind that he had thought of over the years that he opened his mouth to speak and nothing could find a way out before he stopped to say something else. Reaching a hand up he brushed it through his hair, pushing it back before it dropped back down to toy at his opposite wrist, brushing beneath the inflamed skin. He was thinking over how to approach her, to ask her about Augustine and Gregory and what her brother was like, if he would ever get to meet him. He also considered asking about Wistina, what were her and her sons plans, would the dwarf come with them and what would happen should they succeed – would she stay or come back once Augustine was settled.

But one question stuck out at that present moment. He could ask her all that a little later on or another night. He had time with her now, even if not in the most opportune manner. Instead he nodded to her arm, to the markings that had grown dark over the evening and were very stark against her tanned skin.[+royalblue “Did he do that? Adrian?”] He asked softly, concern evident though he did not move forward to inspect it closer, remaining sat still.
  WI_ / 185d 12h 42m 22s
His story of how he was to heal from the injury he sustained from the Taken was told in a somewhat funny fashion. Nicolai was rather relaxed about it all, so much so that the tale turned inappropriate very quickly. He mentioned that it would be a story for another time, but she was not so sure. Florence could live without hearing a few unnecessary details. At the very least he did seemed to be embarrassed by the slip up. She may not have been able to see the color in his face, but the fact that he changed topics quickly was telling all on its own.

Florence thought it a shame that the pair never made it to Calista. If Nicolai was to travel back to Wistina with them, she was not so sure he would make it back north again. But who knew, maybe getting the country back in order would not take so long as she thought and he would have the time. Though hearing all the places he had been, perhaps it was not such a great shame after all. He had gotten to see plenty of the world, or at least of this continent.

Despite almost being completely willing to spill the beans about his nude swamp adventure, the elf was still tight lipped around the major details. The ones she was more interested in hearing. Like before, he called it a story for another time, though who knew what she would be given the chance. It was still very likely that Nicolai was going to find himself in some very deep trouble for his time in Malidek.

Wrapping up with the present, Florence lifted a brow at the man. [+mediumseagreen “Yes, yes you are.”] How that had come about still escaped her. [+mediumseagreen “Well, I would say that was a full seven years. As you have probably already guessed, I spent all my time here. Nothing nearly so exciting happened to me.”] Frankly, she liked it that way, but life was about the change again. That was just the way of the world. Maybe if she were lucky she would be able to rest at the end of it, before she died, preferably.

There was one more question bouncing around her head, and a rather important one at that. However, given he did not seem to be in the greatest mood for sharing critical details, perhaps that too would be better left for another time. Debating on it, she looked across the bed over to him. Nicolai seemed to have made himself right at home in her space. It made sense, considering his claims of loving her, but she still found it odd. Honestly, she still did not entirely understand that. He admitted it himself that he knew relatively little about her, at least back when he first told her of his feelings. She was curious how much he had learned since then, both about her and just about life in general.

[+mediumseagreen “Do you have any questions for me?”] It was an extension of her previous thought. What did he not know and what did he want to know? Surely there was plenty to ask. About her life here, about her life in Wistina, about who she was, and about the things she had done. He already asked how she had felt, so she really hoped he would stay away from that. Augustine was already taxing enough with all those questions… though she did suppose that was where their relationship began to improve. So there was probably something to it. But the thing she thought he might most want answers for was the situation regarding Augustine’s true heritage. He had not had time that night to ask many questions. She wondered if there were more locked away in him. It was probably best to have those out of the way sooner rather than later.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 185d 13h 24m 28s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat He understood the trepidation in having him in her room, not least for the appearance it had let alone the implications. Nicolai wryly thought how she may accuse him to be an assassin like the man who had sired Augustine, but he hoped to be away long before anyone came to this room or even before the sun began to rise.

As she pulled her hand from him and pushed him to move out of her spot in the bed, he obliged and soon was settled at the foot of the bed, legs crossed and hands resting on his knees as he looked over to her. He thought of sitting beside her, matching her seated position, but he could sense she was still uncomfortable with this all and to be too close may have left her ending this conversation before it began.

Settled into his seat, he smiled ironically to himself. He knew that she would question him about such things and yet he had offered to answer her questions. And he noted how she got that little barb in, [i 'when you left']. A nice reminder that she was still annoyed.[+royalblue “We had to do a lot of travelling quickly at first. My shoulder was aggravated in defending us from Gerald and Ulrich, and Beth-”] He paused, catching himself using that nickname and looking from Florence down to the bed.[+royalblue “Elizabeth, she could not do any more for it. We headed north into Olivan lands.”] Olivan being the land between Calista and Malidek, a loose coalition of city states.[+royalblue “Must have gone through probably five different healers, used all the gold we had left to buy their different remedies but nothing worked. About a fortnight later, I was on this awful bed in some village in a swamp, just stripped of all clothing and..”] Again he paused as he looked up to Florence and he grasped his knees in each hand.[+royalblue “Sorry, story for another time. I'll try to keep to the basics for now.”] He was glad the light was behind him now, hiding his flush cheeks.

[+royalblue “To answer you directly; no, we never did go to Calista. After Olivan and once I had healed we moved south again and back through the pass and into Tyleth. We drifted for the first year, just moving from job to job. She would find a lot of work as a healer, I would have to settle for tavern work, cleaning, cooking, the occasional fight stopper. When we were bored or wanted to leave, we'd take a job as caravan guards with some merchant to the next place and repeat.”] All simple and basic stuff, the usual expected of those using their skills to make a living.[+royalblue “Eventually we settled on the eastern coast in a village called Harrop. I got work quickly as the sheriff of sorts and she became a couturier alongside some light healing work. Spent over three years there just going about life.”] Having been watching Florence throughout talking he was unsure how to go on, but to stop there would be only to tell half a story of how he came to look as he did.[+royalblue “From there, certain.. [i 'things'] happened. Again, for another time perhaps.”] He was eager not to dwell there.[+royalblue “For a year life was very bad to say the least. It is where I got the scar, my illness, my new perspective on life really. But I found means to put that behind me and come north. I got through the Terrastina Pass, just about, and on reaching Malidek it did not take me long to find the rebellion - or rather they found me. It took a few weeks to convince me to help them, but I did, and you know about the rest. That was about a year and a half ago, back before the mill.”] He was sure the woman knew about that incident. Augustus would have kept her abridged of the situation at least.[+royalblue “After a long, bloody battle, here I am. A prisoner in Astoria, sat in your bedchamber.”]
  WI_ / 185d 14h 26m 37s
It had not even been two minutes since she granted him peace and he was already saying ridiculous thing. Of course they had not held hands. She was not even sure they should be right now. Though as he made mention of wanting to stay here with her, just to talk, and his thumb ran over her skin, she too thought the gesture pleasant. [+mediumseagreen “I suppose I have a few questions, but you should not stay too long.”] In part that was because she was tired, but also she knew her luck. With him here, this would happen to be the night someone walked in and saw a man, a war criminal no less, in her bed. And while she was sure her friends and family would believe her story, she also knew that they would never let her live it down. If at all possible, she wanted to forgo that shame.

As nice as the touch on her hand felt, Florence pulled it back to herself. Instead she used it to push at Nicolai’s shoulder, prompting him to move. Under normal circumstances, she would have said excuse me, or asked him to scoot over, but this was her room and her bed, and she did not feel the need to be overly polite when he was the one intruding. Once she was satisfied with him being back to the to the other side of the bed, she went ahead and took a seat. There was no point in standing if this was going to take more than just a little while.

Bringing her legs up, she turned so that her back was against the pillows and headboard, but she was slightly skewed towards the elf. Now comfortable, she readjusted the falling blanket that she continued to use as a covering. [+mediumseagreen “So, when you left, where did you go?”] Florence was rather curious where he and Elizabeth set their sights. [+mediumseagreen “As I recall you mentioned wanting to see the Elfin ruins in Calista.”] She might have been off there, but it was definitely something in that country. [+mediumseagreen “Did you get the chance? Or did all your time go into… whatever this is.”] She gestured to all of him. He had a very different look than when they last met. Not to say that it was bad, quite frankly she thought it suited him, but admitting that attraction was perhaps not the wisest move. And so she kept that to herself.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 185d 15h 56m 29s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Although his face did not show it, Nicolai was actually very nervous about this moment. In his original plan to come to Astoria he had thought this would be impossible. To even get to her bedchamber's would be unfathomable and to have her listen to him sincerely a task thought only right for a heroic act. For all the flaws and barriers she had however, he had thought it worth taking the risk to make the offer. It was like stepping back to that time all those years ago but with the wisdom of the years that had come and gone. And when she placed her hand in his he hesitated, this was how it had gone last time.

When she spoke he let out a held breath quietly, body losing its tensity and rigidity and as she nodded down to their hands he followed her direction, looking at them also. Her skin felt so smooth and soft and incredibly warm. She reminded him of what this meant but he would have taken any stipulations she lay out, no matter how wild, though in true Florence fashion she had remained on point.[+royalblue “Understood. I never expected you to place aside my actions on the mainland or with Adrian. They are things I must answer to and I will in time, you will see.”] His fingers and thumb curled around her hand and again he felt a strong memory of that night return. He had to push it aside and focus on the moment now, which was a little difficult until he looked up.

So close to her and able to see her face in the flickering light, it was awfully tempting to lean forward and be rather brash. It would have returned him to that past Nicolai, one who wanted to rush things and cement a relationship. Yet as she stated it was only a chance at redemption and forgiveness. And he smiled lightly instead knowing he had caught himself before acting or saying something out of line.[+royalblue “You know, I never did get to hold your hand like this.. I rather like it.”] He did not have to speak loudly being right before her but he did not want to whisper as if what they were doing was wrong or needed to be hidden.

[+royalblue “I would like to stay, like this, talk more and answer any questions you have. But if you would prefer I can return to my room now and leave all that for another time.”] His thumb ran across the back of her fingers, caressing her hand gently as he moved his head to try and lift and catch her gaze in his own.
  WI_ / 185d 16h 48m 36s
Once her words were out, Florence fully expected to be met with opposition. To be aggressively told about all her own shortcomings that had contributed to how things turned out. She knew they were there; no one was perfect. But instead he conceded to everything she had to say. In fact he went a step further and admitted how much of it was intentionally done as a ploy to draw her in. That bit made her stomach turn, but for once she stayed quite, choosing to let him finish what he had to say.

As he continued, his eyes came up to meet hers. It was a sorrowful gaze that matched his words. In a way, it was spellbinding. Those purple irises darkening as he moved away from the light and towards her. It was there at the edge of the bed that he gave his final plea; hand offered to her much like the time of their parting so many years ago. And once again she had a decision to make, only now it was a hundred time more difficult.

Florence was not a woman who forgave easily. When truly hurt, she found that the damage, and the effects that took up in her because of it, lingered and so she thought it only fitting that her animosity should as well. Those feelings were like a friend to her, she took comfort in them even when others might not. This situation, however, was a little bit different. She could not recall a time when someone came to her and so vehemently begged for her forgiveness. And what’s more, she felt his sincerity… yes, this was most definitely a difficult choice, but she knew which way she was leaning.

Closing her eyes, the dark haired woman let out a long held breath. When she opened those dazzling green eyes once more she looked to his palm, still waiting for her. Slowly, almost cautiously, Florence placed her hand on his. [+mediumseagreen “A second chance is more than I usually give anyone. Keep in mind that there will not be a third...”] She continued to keep watch on their hands, not entirely sure she wanted to see the expression on his face at the moment. [+mediumseagreen “Also, I should mention this,”] the woman nodded down to their hands for emphasis, [+mediumseagreen “is only in regards to seven years ago. Vollenberg and Adrian are still on the table, and until I know exactly what is going on, I cannot trust you completely… but I will say, the more I see of it, the more it seems that you may have a chance at redemption.”] Florence was of course speaking of what Adrian had said, but there was no way he could possibly know that.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 185d 17h 59m 25s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Knowing she did not like discussing her feelings was a big part to his question. He had always had difficulty reading her and so this was his means of getting around that, and if she disliked it she did not show it too well as she answered him rather swiftly. And it was an answer he both expected but did not really wish to hear.

To have seven years worth of doubt confirmed was not particularly positive news. But what she did say had him nodding along with it one piece at a time, each point, one after the other and all perfectly understandable. He had had so long to think over this that she just affirmed what he had come to understand himself.[+royalblue “I was thinking of that when talking to Augustine I believe, that hindsight is rather beautiful in that way.”] It was an oxymoron in this sense, but the remark was valid.[+royalblue “When you revoked the oath I just wanted to hurt you as much as I could. I felt I had given you an ultimatum between not just me and him, but between your past and your future. I wanted you to come crawling after me, to beg for me to stay, to tell me how much you needed me and wanted me. I was to put it simply a stubborn infant holding his breath and calling mothers bluff.”] Although his face broke into a smile, it was not one of those facial smiles. The eyes, staring down the bed and not at her, did not show the humour at all.[+royalblue “I tried all the usual tropes to.. trick, would be the word, to trick you into loving me. I used pity by saying I would go back and die fighting a pointless rebellion by myself. I used fear, of losing protection for Augustine, by threatening to stay at the farm. I used threats of abandonment so often it became like one of Gregory's sickly songs.”] He had never quite picked up the ear to listen to the mans playing. It was fine, but only ever that. Perhaps he had improved since last time.

Looking from the bed to Florence he did not ogle her figure or steal a glance, rather met her eye directly. This was a quite serious conversation. One that could not be held in a dungeon with him hanging on a wall.[+royalblue “I used to think you were quite stubborn and emotionless, especially back in Wistina. But now I see you just were waiting for someone worthy of earning your attention, to justify you letting them in and seeing your true feelings. Patience was the key. Trust needed to be built. And there I was, trying to force you to open up in a few days, unable to wait.”]

Voice coming to a quiet end he ever so slowly pulled his legs up the bed and moved onto his knees. Whilst maintaining his eye contact with her, he slowly moved across the bed and stopped before her, perhaps a head taller than her. His hand extended out to her, palm up and open, hovering before her.[+royalblue “I cannot hope to move us along and try to start again without first acknowledging my mistakes in the past and asking for your forgiveness. I know you care even just a little about me because otherwise you would not talk to me. You would have left me in that dungeon for Augustus to deal with.”] It was a little surreal to be in this moment, quite similar to how they had left it all those years ago.[+royalblue “Florence, I still care so deeply about you and I would not be here before you if I did not. Please forgive me.”]
  WI_ / 185d 23h 59m 24s
There he went toying with her again. Hinting around whatever it was that he and Augustus spoke of, but still keeping it concealed from her as he had promised. To keep one’s word was an honorable thing, this was just obnoxious, though she only felt that way as it was used against her. Then as soon as he’d come on the topic, he pressed forward. That was fine by Florence; she did not particularly care to talk about Adrian right now anyway.

His next initial question was perplexing. As in she had no idea what he meant, but it was not long before he went on to elaborate. This was almost worse than the last topic; he wanted to know about how she felt and why. They both knew that was not her strong suit.

Taking a moment or two to gather her words, the woman eyed the comfortable looking bed and wished that she might have been able to sleep through the night instead of having to endure this. An exaggeration, as she was doing this of her own volition. She could at any given moment have him removed from here. [+mediumseagreen “Nicolai, if I hated you, you would be dead by now.”] There was a weight to her stoic words, one that implicated just how serious she was. [+mediumseagreen “But you are right to think I am unhappy with you, and for more than Vollenberg and for more than Adrian. That night you made a mistake, but it was more than just that… I do not think you understand just how hard I worked to keep you with us. Hell, half the stress of that trip North was over you. You were focused in on your own self-destruction that you would even openly admit you had plans to march back to the castle and see your end that way. So in order to stop you from that, I had to make sure you continued on. That is what it took to keep you alive, so I fought you the whole way… We were supposed to be friends after all.”] Those last words came out bitter. She was still angry about it. [+mediumseagreen “And I understand that you were hurting that night, both physically and emotionally, but when I gave you what you wanted, you left anyway… I could not understand it. We were so close to making it to Astoria. We almost all made it, but you gave up.”] Taking note that her volume was growing, she paused and brought it back down. [+mediumseagreen “So you may look back on it as just one mistake, but for me it was more. You broke so many things when you left. And I was the one who had to sift through the pieces to see what could be salvaged.”]
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 186d 2h 40m 43s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Nicolai smiled when she made note of whom his source was. He had tried to keep the boys name out of this but it seemed he had tried without success. Oh well, it would teach him not to gossip as he took his mothers hand to his backside a few times. Hopefully she did not give him a closed fist like he had endured the day before last.

Although she refrained from telling him that she had sought his jealousy, he knew not to take her directly at her word.[+royalblue "Yes, I was quite petulant and childish in the past. Not an endearing thing, I can see why you thought of me as just another man but you are right in that I have changed and grown."] He brushed at her bedspread with an idle hand, smoothing out the creases as if it calmed him, though really he disliked talking of himself that much.

[+royalblue "I wouldn't call it a little white lie however. Given how I attacked him, and how angry that seems to make you, only makes the information I have given Augustus all the more.. delicious."] It was not a most appropriate word to use but the feeling of joy that he had gotten one over on such a difficult woman was nice.[+royalblue "But let us put the red-eyed buffoon to one side."] He was keen for them to move along from that man. Let the talk move back to each other.

[+royalblue "When did you mind change?"] His question came from a light pause but he looked up at her with true wonder.[+royalblue "I mean about me. Take away Vollenberg and Adrian, and you still seem rather upset at me. As does Augustine."] He laughed a little, more a chuckle.[+royalblue "Seems everyone does. But,"] the smile faded,[+royalblue "what happened Florence? I understand I made a mistake that night and I have made penance for my choice. Yet when I look at you I see more than just anger.. why do you hate me?"]
  WI_ / 186d 3h 27m 43s
Florence huffed at the compliment. This was neither the time nor the place… well, perhaps that was not true as a rendezvous in the middle of the night and in a woman’s bedchambers was most certainly the time and place to compliment her, but given the situation, no. As she went to chastise him, he backpedaled himself and apologized again. She nodded at this and nothing more.

At present, the blanket draped woman was trying to figure out how he could possibly look so content to be sitting a den of lions and ask such a pointless question. Though at mention of his source she rolled her eyes. [+mediumseagreen “You have already told me that Augustine visited you, there is no need to be coy.”] She very much doubted that anyone else would have offered that information. She was going to need to have a talking to with her son in the morning. This was absolutely unacceptable.

[+mediumseagreen “I would not be so excited if I were you. I promise the truth is much less hopeful than you are thinking.”] Florence rolled her eyes, still rather irritated to have been caught in her lie. [+mediumseagreen “Technically yes, although it is not for the reason you might think… You look very much different from you used to, and you claim to be different as well. I wanted to see how true it was. Surely had I insinuated something of that nature or been so blunt with you in the past you would have lost you temper, or at least sulked about it for a great length of time.”] It was a test of sorts, though she had chosen to drill him on nothing but a whim. [+mediumseagreen “I cannot believe you would come all this way, risking life and limb, just for a chance to confront me about a little white lie. With all that has changed about you, it is good to know your foolishness remains.”]
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 186d 3h 50m 25s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Keeping a close watch of her, primarily so he could roll out the way of an attack from some hidden blade she kept about her chambers, he watched her contemplate her options. He had no issue with her calling for help or even just running away. This was not an interrogation, he would not stoop so low as to tie her up just to talk with her. But he wanted her to stay and to speak to him, this being his only chance at leaving his shackles and moving about this castle.

He had forgone his escape to talk to her and at length she took up her blanket from the bed to cover over herself.[+royalblue "Apologies, I was a touch more worried about hidden daggers than I was about your attire. Though very beautiful by the way."] He smiled as she stared back and he held up a hand in further apologetic manner.[+royalblue "No, sorry, my bad."] He looked quite relaxed despite the fact his life hung on one yell.[+royalblue "Firstly, and this has puzzled me all of yesterday; why did you imply Adrian was still your lover when he is not? From my.. reliable source, I'm told you two barely kissed and after three months it fizzled out. Were you trying to make me jealous per chance Florence?"] He was both intrigued and a little titillated to know if he was right. Likely not, but she would always say he was wrong - she liked telling him he was wrong.
  WI_ / 186d 4h 16m 33s
He watched her with a look of amusement in those shining violet eyes. It very much felt like a game of cat and mouse. Unfortunately, this time she was the mouse. Not a role she cared to play, least of all half dressed. When it felt like the fog in her brain was just starting to clear, he answered her questions in rapid succession. Florence was not entirely sure all those qualified as suitable responses, but she was not going to ask again. It would likely be more of the same.

Just as the idea to yell, or make some sort of fuss creeped into her thoughts, the elf spoke to dissuade her. It was a one-two punch sort of method where he assured her safety then threatened that she might regret it. And with how things had been going lately, he might be right. That left her with a very difficult decision to make. Was she going to hear him out, or not? Mostly she wanted to have him hauled back down to the dungeon, but a very tiny voice was telling that she needed to listen. So, taking a step back closer to the bed, she sighed and grabbed the blanket to wrap around herself. [+mediumseagreen “I am not going to sit down… but what is it that you want to talk about?”] She spoke in a defeated tone, still very much tired with this being her second night of poor sleep.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 186d 4h 26m 2s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Nicolai smiled as he saw her coming around, his hand slipping away from her as she blinked and tried to clear the fog of waking up. He did not move as she shot up and out of bed, rather he crossed his ankles and clasped his hands atop his lap. A daft smile was on his lips as he watched her manage to throw out some semblance of words.

[+royalblue "Yes it is me, I am quite sneaky and elusive when I want to be, I came so I could talk to you and right now because I did not want any distractions from anyone else whilst we did. There we go; how, what and why."] He remained sat in her bed, a light smile on his face illuminated by the candle across the room. His amethyst eyes crackle in the light, positively shining - something they often did on their nights by the campfire on the way up here.

When she stared at him in disbelief he sighed, a light chuckle from his lips as he watched her.[+royalblue "I won't hurt you, like I said last time we spoke I am still very fond of you. If you want to scream then go ahead; but perhaps when they come and kill me, you may come to see your mistake and regret such a choice."] He pat the bed beside him, fluffing her pillow a touch.[+royalblue "Come, sit, relax some. It is very early in the morning and we have time to talk."]
  WI_ / 186d 4h 40m 47s
Dinner came and went without a hitch, all of the adults and older children making sure to stay clear of less pleasant conversation. It really was not difficult with Eugene and Gregory around. They could go round and round about the silliest things and be content in just that. It was great for the youngsters, and Abigail always seemed to get a kick out of it too. Florence more often than not found it grating, but tonight it was just fine. She might even go so far as to call it pleasant. After food there was a bit of time to relax and wind down for bed. With the day she had had, the green-eyed woman was thoroughly worn out. She was confident that she might actually get some sleep this time around. And she was right. As soon as her head hit the pillow she was out. But rest came and went quickly; she woke feeling horribly groggy and not entirely sure how she had been roused from her sleep.

Eyes opening slowly, they met the light and shut tight again. The woman groaned unhappily, but then something clicked… there was light. It could not be that early already? Not so astute in this condition, it took till right that moment for her to noticed the slant of the bed. That finally setting off a sense of alarm in her, Florence’s opened again. It was difficult to stand even the low light, but she pushed through it as she sat up. Next to her was none other than Nicolai.

Having entirely no idea how he had got there or why he was there, the woman swiftly moved to push herself out of bed and away from the intruder. [+mediumseagreen “Nicolai?”] She exclaimed more than asked. [+mediumseagreen “How… what… why?”] Her brain cycled through all the questions she wanted to ask without fully completing any of them.

Now standing at the edge of the bed, she tried to put a bit of distance between them. Though she was not entirely sure what to do with it as he sat between her and the door. Florence definitely was not confident enough to think she would make it there before he made it to her. So now she was just standing there in her nightdress trying to put together a coherent thought, you know like maybe to scream for help.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 186d 5h 3m 52s

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