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[+Mediumseagreen “Hmmm, did I do that?”] Feigning ignorance was not a tactic she expected to work, and therefore she used it here for her own amusement. [+mediumseagreen “My memory is foggy. I wonder what you could have done to warrant making such a comment?”] She smiled unabashedly as she looked over at him. Her question was rhetorical and therefore she did not wait for an answer to move along with him in the conversation.

Nicolai’s claim was that he was would be proof enough to the people, but somehow she was doubtful. It was well known he was an elf, but his specific features were less so. Any elf could have come and made the declaration that they were the missing general. It would not be hard to tell anyone who heard of his light eyes that they were mistaken. The rumor mill did get it wrong from time to time. The only case that would not work was with those who knew the man personally. He did get around, but surely there were a few suckers out there who would fall for such a thing. Still, she let him have this. [+mediumseagreen “Yes, I do suppose that face of yours is one worth remembering.”] Just this once she would throw him a bone, and oddly enough it was not a wholly sarcastic comment. He was a handsome man. As much as she had abhorred him in the beginning, and even if he did not match her ideal to a tee, Florence had always thought so. Though his popularity back then did irk her, his intentional unpleasantness toward her had seen to that. Now if it were to resurge, she would take issue with it for another reason.

Florence was skeptical of the plan to contact his former men. Opinions of him in those final weeks had not been good, and the army, even the standing one in the barracks, did little to help them on the night of Vincent’s uprising. She had little hope that anyone would come to their aid now, but she would let him try. The chance at having formally trained men was worth the risk. [+mediumseagreen “That would be ideal. I am sure they could build an insurgence from the inside as well. We would be attacking from both sides.”] The irony of it was not lost on her either. The idea of ripping Vincent’s little party apart from the inside pleased her greatly.

He spoke of having a potential home base for them, but the elf did not seemed exactly thrilled with it, even though it was terrific news. [+mediumseagreen “And where might that be?”] The curiosity in her tone was genuine, as she wanted to know just what flipped his temperament so quickly.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 8d 8h 36m 36s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat His little dance with the water had its desired effect as she looked on him more and he rather enjoyed the extra attention. It was difficult for Nicolai to garner her attention lest it was to tell her some particularly delicious tidbit of information. She was doing better than when they began, such as holding his hand or brushing against him like a cat showing only the faintest modicum of affection. Sometimes he had to remind himself that this was about getting Augustine on the throne and not a love story between the two adults.[+royalblue “[i Might] think me a fool? You’ve outright stated such many times before.”] He would not let her live down her actions of the past as much as she would do the same to him. He would be gentle though of course.

It was good to hear she was not so prudish as to be shocked by curses and the like. He knew she had a rebellious upbringing in Astoria, but then again she was also of high nobility and therefore warranted a fairly high level of respect and decorum when around her. The relationship between them may dampen that a little but not much.

[+royalblue “I doubt any of the previous imposters had me however. Hard enough to find an elf in this damn world, let alone one with light coloured eyes and such a devilishly handsome face as me.”] Nicolai knew how some people saw him back in Wistina. He was the pretty boy General who was vain and self-assured in his appearance. Now and again he liked to play to that but it was often in jest like this.[+royalblue “If I can find some of my old Captains, preferably some still within the army, then I can use them to vouch for who I am and by extension who Augustine is. I would think one or two of them will still hold sympathies for the boy.”] It was Nicolai’s hope all along to gain back his soldiers and by extension use them to force a rebellion through the lands. To rely on peasants and the downtrodden may give them the numbers, but a well-trained man with armour and sword – especially ones trained by him – would be worth a dozen men with pitchforks.

Placing the cap back to his flask he looked over to meet her gaze and offered a soft nod of his head. He looked a touch pensive, as if he was about to talk reluctantly.[+royalblue “If my memory serves me well and I remember where we are heading in the grand scheme of things, then I will have a location we can head toward to make some preparations and maybe start a headquarters of sorts. It’s out of the way, rather secluded, so we should be safe.”] He kept his voice rather monotone, speaking about something that left a bad taste on his tongue.
  WI_ / 8d 9h 45m 27s
It seemed that Nicolai really was learning to take her comments in stride. That was good; because it was unlikely she was going to change her ways anytime soon. Though with practice maybe Florence would be able to show affection some other way, but for now that was about it for anyone outside her family. Though they often had to deal with this as well, save her son who was often spared her banter.

Nodding as he explained some of what had come and gone between the two of them before she arrived, the green-eyed woman let out a short airy laugh at his mention of not being paid. It was the truth, though she found it humorous that it had come up. [+mediumseagreen “Ah, yes. I do suppose we have abused your vast kindness. But I was sure you expected that much going into this. If you did not I might think you a fool.”] She eyed him teasingly, knowing she had called him that on more than one occasion years and years ago. [+mediumseagreen “Either way, I am sure when we make it to the end of this you will have whatever you want to make it worth your while. So, I would not worry too much over it.”] At the very least he would earn back his title and social standing, and with that came wealth. He would be taken care of, least Augustine receive a long lecture from her about compensating his people fairly.

Nicolai then felt the need to put on a bit of a show with his canteen. She wondered if he was trying to bring attention to himself; she would not put it passed him, but could she do? He was a ham. The action did, however, bring attention back to his injured arm. Even now with a closer look, it did not look too bad. That was a relief, but she made a note to ask how he was fairing. After the last time where he concealed how badly he was ailing and how his wound was festering, she was determined to keep a closer eye on him.

His apologetic look pulled her from her more negative thoughts and earned a short airy laugh from her. [+mediumseagreen “After all this time, do you really think I am ruffled by simple obscenities?”] Sure, brazen lewdness she could do without, but Florence was no stranger to course language. [+mediumseagreen “There is a time and place, obviously, but I would say running amok in the woods fits the bill rather well. In fact this is not so different than how I was raised, so I am used to it.”] He could speak as he wished so long as he did not fall to absolute vulgarity.

She perked a brow at hearing Ool had a distinct dislike for Vincent. It almost seemed too good to be true, though he had not spoken particularly highly of him early when telling the story of Preth. [+mediumseagreen “For our sake, I hope that is a common opinion.”] With how wealthy Wistina was she doubted it had come to the masses starving in the streets, but any level of discontent would work to their advantage. They needed to grasp hold of those feelings and play them for all they were worth. She knew it was not particularly honorable, but neither was coming for the life of a child, so she would do what she had to. [+mediumseagreen “We will have to do some more surveying to be certain, but I do not think it is an impossibility.”] There was a bit of hope to be had, though the mention of convincing the people that Augustine was who he really was made her groan. [+mediumseagreen “It is not going to be easy. Not if there are half as many imposters as it sounds like there are.”] She was not looking forward to the game of he said she said they would undoubtedly need to play.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 8d 10h 34m 0s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Florence could find a negative in most things but for once she seemed truly to be seeing the good in things and it brought a raised brow of surprise from the elven man. Perhaps Augustine and Flora’s good nature had rubbed off on her in the years apart? Yes, Ool was not entirely wholesome, a bit rough about the edges say, but he came across as a noble and positive soul who wanted to do good. But he was quite a sneaky figure, and her comment that the goblin had a way of getting Nicolai to talk only made him chuckle.[+royalblue “A gossip. Yes, that is me down to a tee. You know me so well dear.”] A playful wink followed his sarcastic tone.

Looking across at her he wondered if there was jealousy in her tone, but that was more than likely his hope than the actuality. But who knows, she was quick to judge.[+royalblue “I told him very minor truths. He believes you are a landowner and left when Vincent took power to keep you and Augustine safe. I am the humble bodyguard, yet to be paid might I add.”] All these were basic truths but in a way it was the whole truth. A Queen and Prince fleeing for their lives with their General to keep them safe. It was more like lying by omission. Leaning across his horse he reached down and brought back up his water flask, taking a sip and then pausing a moment to dampen the rag about his cut arm. It helped cool the skin and would clean it a little.[+royalblue “I think he knows it’s a whole crock of shit though.”] He poured some water into his cupped hand, tipping his head back and letting it trickle through his hair, hand following shortly after. He offered an apologetic look for such profanity, too used to life with soldiers that he often forgot she was still his Queen.

[+royalblue “But, he seems to dislike Vincent and what he’s done. It would seem that the general populace agree with that too, sick of letting the common folk starve and falter whilst the cities hold onto their wealth, all the while letting criminals run rampant everywhere.”] Although it was not necessarily stipulated that the people felt this way, he wanted to give her some hope that this was not going to be as difficult as they thought. And he truly believed that the people would be happy to have them back – those that remembered the times before at least.[+royalblue “Could be a good point for us to gain favour with the people, remind them of old times and how things used to be, once we convince them Augustine is the real deposed Prince of course.”] Another barrier to their hopes but once that initial dubious nature was overcome, they could hope to have no further trouble on that end.
  WI_ / 8d 14h 53m 8s
Ool didn’t know what in the hell Nicolai was being so haughty about to have her agree with him. Was he trying to make a point that they got along despite their contrary nature? He wasn’t sure, so he just sort of nodded back, making no attempt to hide his disinterest. The abrupt demission though, that was sort of annoying. [+sienna “Yeah, yeah, whatever, have fun with your schoolyard romance, kids.”] He was determined to have that last jab before he moved on to talk with the others and make sure everyone was okay. It was late summer after all, the sun and heat wasn’t the best on the elderly or children for that matter.

Shaking her head, that gave her some clue as to what they were talking about before. Lovely. [+mediumseagreen “Interesting is a word for it.”] Nosy was apparently another, though all in all she couldn’t say he was terrible. She had met much worse. [+mediumseagreen “He seems to have a way of getting what he wants. That is not entirely a bad thing, though I do wish it was not so much at our detriment.”] Truth be told, that was pretty exaggerative. This really was not too far out of their way, and it proved to be a somewhat good way to introduce themselves to the people and land. Florence was not mad that her son had gone along with this, though Ool’s manipulative tactics were noted. [+mediumseagreen “And I see he found some way of getting you to talk. He must be very disarming if that is the case.”] There was still a great deal that she did not know about the elf. She always took that as her own fault for not asking, but it was a little disheartening to know a complete stranger could have a more natural conversation with her current beau in the course of a day than she could after some fifteen years. That being said, she did not let it get to her. Things were looking up between them and she was not about to discount that. [+mediumseagreen "Or perhaps it is your colors as a gossip showing. That might be it as well."] A wily smile played at her lips as she looked over to him.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 9d 7h 30m 6s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Florence’s voice helped assuage Nicolai’s concerns, glad to have that calming influence by his side once more. From Elizabeth to Töka and now to Florence, he was more comfortable having someone of similar opinions with him. When he had learned of Augustine’s heritage and the level of deception he had been put under, Nicolai had become quite untrusting in his own opinion. The tacticians mind remained but the belief in his plans and in him was heavily diminished. As such he looked down on the little goblin with a little more smugness that he had been backed in his choice.

[+royalblue “Go on, you can go make sure the rest of your group is doing well and be ready to pull us off at the next best camp. I’ll spare you having to talk to me any longer.”] It was a selfish mood to simply get time with Florence, but he did also think their conversation was going a bit too deep into his backstory – things he hadn’t talked about with anyone else. It would seem odd to discuss it with a relative stranger.

It took a little longer for the small man to realise his intent and a faint nod of the elfin mans head finally pushed the goal over the line. Once he had moved on ahead, Cam giving a soft huff as the pace increased momentarily, Nicolai watched after the duo a little longer before speaking.[+royalblue “Interesting goblin is Ool. What do you think of him?”] His gaze turned back on the woman and a very faint smile played at his lips.
  WI_ / 9d 9h 13m 38s
Nicolai’s comment on the fairer sex and his previous marital status threw Ool for a bit of a loop. It was the first thing that really did not match up with the puzzle he was attempting to put together. As far as he remembered the General had been a marketable bachelor. So, if they were one and the same, and he was confident they were, that meant his marriage must have taken place outside of his time in his homeland, but based off what he said about ‘Aurora’ it wasn’t with her. Clearly something completely ass backwards had happened, and Ool wasn’t quite sure he cared to know what it was.

Florence reacted immediately, almost naturally, despite the name being call not truly being her own. She knew the voice calling her belonged to Nicolai, but because it did not sound urgent she simply turned to look back at him as if to see what he needed. When it became apparent that he wanted more than to simply remind her that he was there, she excused herself from the conversation she was holding with her son to fall back in the line and meet with him. She arrived in the middle of a conversation that fell to the wayside at her presence. That was never a good sign, however it picked right back up shortly thereafter.

[+mediumseagreen “I think that would be just fine so long as there is a decent line of sight and we keep vigilant with our night watch.”] She very much appreciated that Nicolai put himself between her and the mutt, though it did make it incredibly difficult for her to see Ool, though it wasn’t vitally important by any means. [+mediumseagreen “It will save us some work in setting up, and with all these people we could definitely use the time.”] Florence would rather they not run into any one else along the way, but even if they did it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Other campers would only add to their apparent numbers and divide the attention of any attackers or looters who came in the night.

It wasn’t that Ool did not agree with the pair of them, in fact he was glad they came to this conclusion. He was just surprised. The petite man had expected them to air more on the side of caution, opting to find someplace off the beaten path to seclude themselves in for the night. It was nice to know they weren’t that paranoid. Plus, after facing off against the group before, he didn’t really think they would face any more trouble. Those guys were the main issue in these parts, at least when it came to violence. There were still plenty of petty thieves to worry about, but at least they weren’t going to hurt anyone, which was his main concern. [+sienna “That works for me, since it will get us back on the road faster not having to go off the road to try and find someplace suitable to stay.”]
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 9d 10h 36m 15s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Ool didn’t know Nicolai save for what he remembered from before Vincent came to power, but he was quite accurate in his assumption of his taste. Perhaps he could have found a calmer woman, a simpler woman, one who would devote themselves to him and make things oh so easy. But then where was the fun and excitement? Florence offered that in droves. Even in their more quieter moments, both before and after the coup, she was gentle in her words but firm with her approach and it was a direction that no-one before had taken with him.

Pushing that thought of his relationship aside he listened to Ool and his opinion of whether they should take up camp at grounds used by others. Clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth, Nicolai did not feel that would be a decision he could make by himself. Ool knew if they would be safe or not given he lived in the country the past seven years. Yet Florence was not trusting of the goblin and his wolf companion, and only in the last month had she come to trust Nicolai close to how she had before all this.

[+royalblue “Aurora!”] A hand cupped to his mouth as he called forward to her, the name a little strange on his tongue though the woman did suit such a beautiful name. Beckoning her back to join them at the back, though not stopping the caravan to do so, he waited for her to finish up with Augustine. Looking down on Ool he saw a small grin and rolled his violet eyes theatrically.[+royalblue “Look, when you have a lady friend then you will know you cannot so much as cut a single hair on your head unless they approve. I was married once – I know the wrath of a woman not consulted.”] So many memories could attest to that but thankfully the emerald beauty had come to save him divulging such.

[+royalblue “Our little green friend here says there are a few camping spots coming up but that given the attack today, these are not exactly safe lands. I think given our numbers and our fighters, we will prove a suitable deterrent , but you are one of our planners,”] she had, along with Augustine, agreed to whole trip to begin with, made sense to keep it with her,[+royalblue “so what do you think?”] He was very good to make sure he situated himself between her and Cam. One day he would get her to pet the canine but for now he respected her caution.
  WI_ / 9d 13h 54m 57s
Ool’s small eyes flickered over to Florence at Nicolai’s comment. The angry part he understood. He’d yet to see that woman look legitimately relaxed and or happy, aside from when everyone made it safely to the bottom the ravine earlier. But small she was not. Women like her were the ones he would be avoiding. Sure, he said under double his height, but that was a bit of an exaggeration. Ideally he and his partner would see close to eye to eye, but if not, he would still rather not have to scale her to get a kiss. [+sienna “You are a man of strange and conflicting taste.”] Was all he said to that.

Line of sight following the man’s hand up to the scars on his head he listened to his question. [+sienna “Camping. Without any major hang ups we should make it to Creswell by tomorrow afternoon.”] If it were just him, Ool wouldn’t mind traveling through the night to get there sooner, but that wasn’t the wisest option for a bigger group like this. Plus you never knew who was running the back roads in the dark of the night. The goblin had never really been keen on coming face to face with anyone who made a habit of delving into the underbelly of Wistinian society.

[+sienna “There are a couple of popular places to stop for camp along the way. Though I am not sure if we want to go some place commonly frequented or not.”] Roadside taverns and inns weren’t uncommon in this country, however they were few and far between this close to the boarder. Instead there were clearings travelers set up in for the night. Well used, many of these places had fire pits permanently in place. They were convenient, but everyone knew about them so you were liable to have to share the space on a clear summer night, not to mention more likely to be looted. These sites were a favorite mark for thieves.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 10d 9h 41m 3s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Nicolai smiled to see he had won the little squabble over whether Florence was worth the hassle. Again, he felt like he was defending her honour, though if she had overheard it was likely she would chastise him for talking so openly about her. For such a public figure, a Princess and a Queen in one, she was quite the reclusive and shy person. However it wasn’t long before the goblin drew back his attention and he shook his head lightly.[+royalblue “Whilst that would be humorous, we elves are already synonymous with being androgynous and liking our bread buttered on both sides, so to speak.”] It was not his fault his race had such impressive jawlines and athletic physiques. He had tried to bulk up whilst he was away.[+royalblue “So I thank you for not pushing that stereotype.”] The last thing he needed was Töka chiding him, or Florence doubting his sexuality.

Hearing the little man’s ideal partner was interesting and the last remark made him smile again.[+royalblue “Yes, I suppose tall women would be your folly. Small and angry, that’s my style. Like living embers.”] Fiery women with a penchant for self-dependence were a common thread in his dating history. From the women before leaving Wistina to those after there was always a thread of rebellious spirit to them. Perhaps that was why Florence seemed so ideal to him, there was not a moment where she was not arguing with him about this or that.

[+royalblue “My memory isn’t what it used to be,”] he gestured to the scars as he attempted to move the topic along before they got too graphic,[+royalblue “remind me if we’re going to be camping outside tonight or if we are going to reach the town before sunset.”] The fight had delayed them a little time, as had the precarious beginning down the slope. Given the bandits seemed fairly prevalent about these parts he was eager for his group to be inside and safe.
  WI_ / 10d 12h 43m 43s
[+sienna “Now that I believe.”] Whatever was going on was long, complicated, and probably convoluted, so he was somewhat thankful to be spared. Sometimes answers were not worth hearing. Besides, their strange love affair really wasn’t what he was actually interested in. It did however sound like he had actually come toe to toe with Vincent, so one more thing pointing to what he basically knew was the truth. Ool didn’t know why he was still digging. The only thing he was missing was for Nicolai to admit it outright, and that clearly wasn’t happening. [+sienna “Well then, I guess that is all that matters.”] If he thought all this trouble was worth it, then more power too him.

Looking up at the man, somewhat expectantly at his jesting, it was hard for Ool not to crack a smile. But somehow he managed to play is straight long enough to prod back at him. [+sienna “And what makes you think I am looking for a lady?”] He was looking to press his joke farther, saying he’d like a nice elfin gentleman, but the small man lost it before then, smiling like an idiot at a joke he hadn’t even gotten the chance to tell. [+sienna “Damn it, I can’t even say it with a straight face... You win this time, saved yourself from my beguiling advances. I am sure you would have been swooning by the end of it.”] With that, oddly enough he decided to actually think about the actual question he was asked. [+sienna “But to actually answer your question, I don’t really care about looks all that much. Just find me a gal who can cook and deal with a dumb wolf and I will be happy.”] That sounded nice in theory, but he was sure when and if he actually got around to trying to find someone to be his other half he would get a little pickier. For now it wasn’t even on his mind though. [+sienna “Aaaaaand maybe she should be on the shorter side. No more than twice my height, that’s for sure.”]
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 11d 7h 22m 53s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Ool didn’t share in his humour, and he missed the emerald gaze from in front, but Nicolai was going to get quite a chuckle from that for some time. Ool seemed to be trying to dig a little deeper and whilst he was feeling more comfortable with the green-skinned fellow, Nicolai didn’t think that was a topic of conversation he should be bringing up at that moment.[+royalblue “To tell all that has happened the last seven years would take another seven years to explain.”] It was not exactly a smooth and straight forward story.

[+royalblue “Look, regardless of whether she and I are doing anything.. romantic, all you need know is that she is more than worth it. Plus I rather like the combativeness she provides. After Vincent, I need someone to keep me on my toes.”] Another drip of the story that underlined why they had left and just how close they had been to the royal goings on those many years before. He would speak with Florence later on how she felt about the little man as he didn’t want to overstep and say too much.

[+royalblue “Don’t worry Ool, I’m sure you’ll find a girl of your own one day. What do you like; orcs? Dwarves? Maybe one of those mix-breed girls, half goblin half human?”] He had been teased enough and would poke back at the little man. It was all in good fun of course. If they were to truly push Vincent then they needed more allies and most importantly a healer. The elfin man was not silly enough to think kind words and prayers would help better than any medical knowledge.
  WI_ / 11d 8h 8m 38s
The sudden roar of laughter caught Ool by surprise. He jumped the tiniest bit before settling back down to wonder just what was so funny. Nothing he said was outstandingly humorous, yet there Nicolai was practically falling from his saddle. It took a bit for him to regain his composure and by that time it wasn’t just Ool looking at him. However, no one else seemed to pay him mind for long. Only a set of emerald green eyes lingered, but those were gone too by the time he was explaining what he found so damn funny.

The answer might have been even more shocking than that sudden bout of laughter. [+sienna “Wait, wait, wait. So let me get this straight. You convinced her to run off with you to save her and her son’s life, you gallivanted about Esteroak for seven years with no Mr. Aurora to be heard of, and then only now as you return have you two budding, but basically platonic, lovebirds decided to have a go at it… I’m sorry but something there ain’t quite adding up.”] There was no way that was true. Ool wasn’t exactly a love guru, but he couldn’t imagine a scenario where that would work without them hooking up somewhere along the way. Well, there was one way and seeing as Nicolai described this as a battle, it was likely. [+sienna “So you are telling me is a prude? One who is actively trying to not give you the time of day?”] Really, what did he see in her? Ool was more baffled than ever when it came to that. [+sienna “I mean, who am I to tell you how to live your life, but god damn, that seems like a lot to deal with. Best of luck with all of that and god speed.”]
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 11d 8h 50m 49s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat His assumption was soon put to rest and corrected as Nicolai burst into laughter, far more than a modest chuckle and humbled scoff as had been the case between these two, a rich and deep laugh. It was out of his character for the most part and each time he tried to bring himself under control he would be left leaning forward over his saddle and slapping at his thigh.[+royalblue “Oh you poor mistaken little bastard.”] His hand came up to brush back his hair as his laughter subsided and he calmed down finally.

Looking down on Ool he shook his head lightly.[+royalblue “I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say that I am most certainly [i not] getting anything more from our arrangement – at least in the way you mean.”] He would not tell Ool everything yet in a way he was defending Florence’s character, showing that she was not sleeping with her ‘employee’ and that she was quite the lady. That is how he would reason it with himself later.[+royalblue “Look, I love her dearly, her son too, but my relationship with her has only recently become more than a friendship and I am having to battle for the chance at her affection.”]

It was odd to compare his pursuit of Florence to a battle, but it was back and forth and more so a battle of his drive versus her resolve to continually rebuff him. Hopefully she would sue for peace soon.[+royalblue “She means a lot to me, perhaps as Cam does to you – thus why you could understand that regardless of what came before we left, I am rather devoted to her and her kin now.”]
  WI_ / 11d 9h 35m 37s
Ool shrugged. [+sienna “Nobody does something worthwhile for nothing. Before things fell to shit I was paid for my services. Now they’ve taken care of me in whatever ways they can manage. We’ve all done our part.”] It wouldn’t be wrong to say he and Duncan had taken on most of the burden these last few months, but still they all did what they could. The goblin eyed Nicolai suspiciously at calling himself a degenerate, now that was a part he looked. [+sienna “But yeah, I suppose it is true that you do get attached to people after a while and you want to make sure they are okay.”] He was soft like that and it seemed the elf was too, despite appearances.

As the dark haired man complimented him, or rather tried to take back the offence from what he had said, Ool smirked. [+sienna “Oh yes, I am the fucking pinnacle of politeness, provided you don’t try and shoot my friends.”] He really wasn’t going to let that go, though he mainly found it funny at this point.

Lifting a messy brow at Nicolai, Ool’s amused grin did not fall. [+sienna “Ah, ‘your Aurora,’ so you [I have] been getting something more substantial out of this arrangement. It's not all acceptance and understanding as you so gentlemanly put it before.”] He had seen them go off on their own earlier and kind of figured that they were an item, though the green complexioned man didn’t really care. It was just interesting to poke fun. [+sienna “I do suppose that is fair. That is a need too after all.”] That was all under the assumption that they had been together the entire time they had been gone from Wistina, Ool had no reason to believe that was not the case.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 11d 11h 59m 49s

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