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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Nicolai was about ready to go into a rant, to ramble on about how unfair it was that they were trying to build a relationship yet it seemed everyone and everything was out to stop them. He wanted just a little time to sit with her, to enjoy her company, to perhaps do the things couples did where they talked about nothing or everything and do it all whilst watching the fire crackle on. Yet Florence seemed to understand his frustration. She knew he was holding back, respecting her need to take things slow, and even her jovial comment was welcome in a moment that he could easily have escalated further.

Feeling her hand on his cheek he took her direction and leaned in when instructed. There was no wild passion, no explosion of fiery desire or the like. Yet the multiple quick and light kisses were more than enough. His resentment for the rebellious girl left as they parted the final time and he looked at her as if he had finished a fifth round of ale.[+royalblue “What girl?”] He muttered, lips curling with amusement when he couldn't keep a straight face any longer. Somewhere during the kiss his hand had come to rest against her thigh for support and was stroking gently without thought. It was not pinning her, not was it overtly sexual or too much. In a more relaxed state of mind he might have even let it sit there. But Nicolai was anything but relaxed. To say he had 'rational' thoughts or a calm demeanour was also laughable.[+royalblue “Sorry.”] He commented and swiftly pulled it away. His cheeks flushed in the fire which thankfully hid the rose hue they took as he turned back to the fire.

Not wanting some awkward silence to build, and not wanting to step away lest he make the placement of his hand into more of a prominent issue than it was to him, he brushed his fingers through his hair and let out a quiet sigh.[+royalblue “I'm a little nervous, you know, about my parents?”] Perfect topic of distraction? No. Not at all.[+royalblue “Its been twelve years since I saw them. And that last time I saw them things didn't exactly end on a positive note.”] A pensive, breathy laugh came out as he leaned forward, resting his chin on his hand.
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Florence was glad that Nicolai’s question did not seem to be one that required an answer. She did not want to tell him that it was not actually him that was the problem, but an overprotective father. A man that knew something terrible had happened to his little girl and now would not stand to see anything even remotely like it happen again. While it was not exactly the father-daughter relationship he was missing, the woman could only imagine it was close enough to hit a nerve. It was better this way, where he kept optimistic and opportunistic as he leaned in to make a move. However, like that time seven years ago it was not meant to be. Töka came trouncing in loud and accusatory. Her green eyes watched as they went back and forth. Nicolai did not have the patience for the young woman today, though she supposed that was in part her fault.

It was a little on the funny side to see the ever self-confident Nicolai so thoroughly flustered. The Astorian woman had felt bad that it was often her child that got in the way of things, but this time it was his… protégé… friend… whatever they were. The young lady still very much acted like an adolescent in Florence’s eyes so it was comparable. As the elf muttered to himself, looking off to make sure the raven haired girl was actually leaving, the woman next to him smiled. [+mediumseagreen “Seems to me you are the one with the babysitter this time.”] Perhaps this made it a little easier for her to understand where he was coming from when Augustine interrupted them, though it did not ruffle Florence in the same way it often did him. Still, she was filled with the urge to pull his attention back to her. Bringing her hand up, she placed it gently on his cheek to turn his face back to her. Once their light eyes met, she smiled coyly and guided his face in toward hers where she continued with the scheme he was previously plotting. Pressing a couple of soft kisses to his lips, she did not linger too long. They were not really alone after all, but it was still a rather sweet moment while it lasted. [+mediumseagreen “There now, does she still seem all that terrible?”] She knew much of his frustration had come from being interrupted, so she wondered if that was enough to alleviate his sudden spike in stress.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 4d 5h 4m 23s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat That smile and laugh were sweet and perfect in unison. The way her eyes lit up at her own joke, emerald shimmering in the crackling fire in front of them, it was indeed like they were back to that time years before. It had been a time of hope both for Augustines future as well as theirs. But of course that dastardly old man had inserted himself into the situation and quickly put paid to any plans of the devilish Duke. At the time it had been a type of symbol, a signal that perhaps things were conspiring to make sure they did not end up together for their own good – or at least for her sake. To Nicolai, that was all history and speculation as right now it seemed like this was the perfect place for him.

[+royalblue “Mm, I agree that wicked father of yours had a habit of popping up out of the blue to keep his daughter 'safe'. Am I really all that bad?”] He asked rhetorically, grinning as he could quite well imagine the man having palpitations of the heart to see them holding hands and sitting so close to one another. Then again; he really wasn't there was he? A superstitious look around confirmed the ridiculous notion, and he looked back to the woman at his side.[+royalblue “Seeing as he isn't here to stop me this time, how about I make up for all those years ago?”] He lifted his hand from their coupling as he spoke and placed it to her chin, turning her to look at him and into his violet gaze. Leaning in slowly he was about to press a kiss to her lips when there was a thud behind them. Jumping a little in surprise he looked back, seeing Töka stood there with a bundle of logs at her feet.

[+red “Have you seen my sharpening stone? Last I remember I gave it you and I don't think you gave it me back.”] She said in an accusatory tone, folding her arms across her chest whilst staring down on the elfin man, nonplussed at having disrupted them during whatever moment they may have been sharing.

[+royalblue “Dammit Töka just-just go find one on my saddle, or I don't know, try my bag, or just-just-just go away!”] Clearly flustered to be interrupted at this moment, Nicolai snapped a little at her, stumbling over his words in his increased desire to have her simply go away and leave them alone.

The woman looked at him unimpressed by the tone he took with her and rolled her eyes with a shake of her head, sighing as her boots twisted in the mud and turned her away.[+red “Fine! Wow, such a collosal cu-”], her voice trailed off as she retreated away, back toward where the horses had been tethered up leaving an annoyed man behind.

[+royalblue “I swear the damn nerve on that girl, all she does is cause me more grief than she's worth!”] He mumbled, staring after her a little longer as if to challenge her should she try to return.
  WI_ / 4d 7h 39m 54s
An amused smile came to her features as Nicolai pressed his lips delicately to her fingers. [+mediumseagreen “When have I ever been humble?”] She joked lightheartedly with him. [+mediumseagreen “I say nothing but the objective truth.”] Considering she had been outed as a liar on more than one occasion, and often allowed herself lies of omission, Florence found her comment particularly humorous. Though, perhaps he might not having been on the opposite end of all that for many, many years.

Jokes aside, she listened to what he had to say. It was insightful, albeit he did find a way to bolster his self-image in there as well. Not that she expected anything different from him at this point. For him, the name of the game was adapting. She wished it was that simple, and maybe it was if she stripped the situation down to its most basic components, but life was seldom so forgiving as to give one a moment to break it down to its bare essentials to make it easier to wrap your head around. [+mediumseagreen “Out of breath would be an understatement.”] Her eyes dropped down to their hands and she squeezed at his fingers ever so slightly before looking back up to meet his gaze. [+mediumseagreen “Unfortunately there are some limitations that do not have such applicable workarounds. However, you are still right. I will focus on what I can do and hone those skills so that I can still be of some use. Besides, I always did favor the bow, so it is not so bad.”] This conversation brought her back to one she had held with Julia years ago, though Nicolai was much kinder with his words.

He mentioned his bias and she smiled again. There was a lot of that going on lately. [+mediumseagreen “I do believe you are, but I will not hold it against you. After all, it is in my favor.”] Florence leaned back into the elf so that they pressed against one another just about evenly. It helped to keep them balanced and was an all around pleasant sensation to her, so she stayed like that next to him. [+mediumseagreen “You know, this almost reminds me of that night we sat by the fire together all those years ago. Where we just talked and you held my hand.”] She thought she was recalling that correctly, though it was a bit foggy for her. What she did remember was that he once recounted it as one of the best moments of his life. Surely his standards were different now, but perhaps that meant this time right now also ranked fairly high with him. It was simple, but sometimes those were the best moments. [+mediumseagreen “Except this time I expect we are safe from my father interrupting us.”] The green-eyed woman laughed lightly as she watched the fire.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 4d 17h 5m 31s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Seeing her smile brought a release of a held breath from the elven man. He had worried perhaps he overstepped his mark, and made a comment about something she was particularly sensitive about. But when she spoke he found she was more modest than he had expected. Nodding he lifted her hand a little in his and gave her fingers a brief kiss.[+royalblue “These are remarkable fingers, don’t be humble now.”] She did not like attention he had found, or at least not too much, and so was trying to push her own accomplishments down whilst distracting him with talk of her brother.

[+royalblue “I used to think my best fighting days were behind me. You get injured, take a few beatings, start to notice that something that was so quick and easy is now leaving you out of breath or on the receiving end of a good hiding.”] The head injury had come from exceptional circumstances, but between that and now there had been times where younger and competent foes would be able to knock him back or hurt him where before he would have stopped them. The pass was a perfect example.[+royalblue “But,”] there had to be a but,[+royalblue “I adapted. I found my experience trumped any speed. I know how someone is about to attack as I’ve seen it before and can counter them with skill rather than speed.”] He was now just stroking his own ego and she would clearly see the same. Peculiarly he laughed a little at this, beginning to understand why she found him so arrogant and full of self-worth. He still was.

Bringing his other hand over to fully encase hers, he leaned against her a little and smiled.[+royalblue “I am ecstatic to have you here and now. To me, this is your prime and best. But then again I am just the littlest bit biased.”] The little touches, hand holding, praising words, were all thought through. It was to desensitise her from being near him and hearing him fawn over her. Perhaps she was not accustom to someone courting her but it was quite typical of him and he looked over at her still smiling.
  WI_ / 5d 13h 1m 7s
She nodded in response to his thanks. In reality Florence had not done anything worthy of praise, just looked at a scratch that had already been deemed nonthreatening. And it was entirely for her own sake rather than his, a bit selfish interrupt his night like this, but it did not look as though he minded too much. But really, she had come to expect that of him. Nicolai was always so eager to have a moment with her; even a spare moment if that was all there was to be had. The woman had to remind herself not to get too used to it, lest she become upset later when the novelty wore off and he found her demanding nature to be more inconvenient than pleasing.

As for his thoughts on her shooting, that brought a smile to her face. [+mediumseagreen “Amazing what I can manage with some practice.”] On their journey Astoria she had been rusty. She managed her shots, but they were definitely shaky and not always quite on mark. That was not so any longer, though half of that had to do with her confidence as well. [+mediumseagreen “If you are glad to have me now, you would have been ecstatic when I was in my prime. Back then I could actually manage decently enough with a sword as well. I was never by any means a great swordsmen, that title went to my brother, but I could stand to defend myself at the very least.”] Her voice had a hint of reminiscence, but it was not sad. That had come and gone with the years and left her with a more humorous hindsight.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 6d 6h 2m 50s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Nicolai grinned at Florence as she followed and took her seat, noting her closeness and the gentle way she turned his arm almost placing it in her lap.[+royalblue “I would be a terrible royal bodyguard if I were fearful of getting hurt. My job is to put my life on the line to keep you and Augustine safe. If in doing so I am injured, and by extension that requires a visit like this,”] he let out a small airy laugh before continuing in a lower voice,[+royalblue “I am more than willing to make that sacrifice.”] It was a lot of hyperbole, given the wound was naught much more than a long shallow cut. Unless he went rolling in a pig sty there was little chance it would fester but he nodded along with her judgement regardless.

[+royalblue “Thank you for looking.”] As the piece of cloth was placed back over the cut, purely as a precautionary measure more than it being a dressing, he turned his hand over and in a very smooth movement interlinked his fingers with hers, squeezing her hand gently.[+royalblue “I saw that arrow earlier by the way. I may have missed you fighting in the pass but might I say I'm very happy you're on my side.”] Archers usually had little sway with Nicolai. Being an elf he was stereotypically expected to use one but had never managed to do better than hitting a barn door at five paces. Thus he didn't think they were really all that useful and stuck with sword and horse. But with Florence, and her protégé Flora, they had two very excellent rangers and slowly he would come to see it as quite the asset amongst her vast range.
  WI_ / 6d 10h 56m 38s
Florence did not know why she wasn’t expecting this sort of thing by now, but his tone caught her by surprise. Rolling her eyes, she wondered how he was able to live in such a state of being constantly, even if it was somewhat amusing. [+mediumseagreen “You are aware that you are only continuing to fuel my belief that you are nothing more than an absolute masochist, correct?”] She doubted such an accusation would actually affect him, especially since it was a gross exaggeration and mainly a joke, but still, her point stood. Still, despite it all, she let out little more than a short sigh before following along after him to the fireside.

Taking the spot next to Nicolai, perhaps a little nearer than she needed to, the woman offered her hand again so that he might oblige her this time. Thankfully he did. With a gentle touch, Florence held his forearm, turning it slightly so that the light might hit it better. The warm glow of the flames did alter the colors of his skin minimally, so she tried to take that into account when looking at the long scratch. The wound was thin and incision-like, a hair thin red line ran down its center, but did not bleed out. Her hard eyes searched for any sign that something might go wrong in his healing. The most important being the telling pink inflammation that meant infection was on its way, but she saw no such indications. Any and all irritation looked to stem from the cut itself. That ointment must have done its job. [+mediumseagreen “I suppose it does not look so bad. At the very least we will not have to cut it off.”] Perhaps that was a joke in poor taste considering the condition of her best friend, but she and Augustus often made such jokes together, so she doubted he would take any extra offence to it when they were apart. Plus, this time she was only half joking.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 7d 4h 48m 40s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Nicolai tried his best to make sure things were taken care of and he oversaw it to the best of his abilities, but with so few people that job was done in no time. By then he was making several patrols around the camp. He left his fur-lined coat by his pack, letting the chainmail shine in the waning sun and the sword at his side was all the more visible. If anyone was scoping the campsite and watching them, they would see him and Töka looking very well protected and armed – hopefully that helped.

Talking with Duncan for a little time he sent the boy off to get things for his mother whilst the elven man spoke with her, getting to know her a little but given their similar ages they were reminiscing about old times. It was nothing personal, Nicolai was not sure he could keep from slipping up, more so talking about dishes they ate as children or realm defining events and the like. It was nice to talk to her about old times and shared experiences despite a difference in race and upbringing. He left only once Duncan returned looking relieved that his mother was fine for the short time she had been left alone with the elf. Perhaps he had not trusted him given how he was just a stranger. But as he walked away to leave the pair alone he heard soft mutterings from the mother telling him not to worry and all was quite fine. That was a relief.

Heading over toward his belongings he was intercepted by a particularly demanding emerald eyed woman who with only an offering of her hand and a firm word stared at him intently.[+royalblue “Mm, yes miss.”] He replied in a aroused and playful voice, though he couldn’t help but grin as he nodded for her to follow him to one of the several fires that had been lit. Leading her over he sat down on a piece of stone that had been laid down to form a basic seat. Patting the spot beside him he offered up his arm for her to do with as she pleased.[+royalblue "Ready for inspection ma'am."]
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Smiling softly at his reassurance, the woman shook her head as though he had told a bad joke. Her intention was only to give him a hard time, but she allowed him to defend himself without argument. [+mediumseagreen “I know, I know.”] And then the moment passed and they continued on without anything of consequence coming to pass. Even their short conversations, though pleasant, seemed to be about nothing at all. It was not bad.

Throughout the day, Florence got the feeling Flora was about at her wits end with not being able to speak freely. She let the girl know before the children ran off to complete their chores that she could take that time to talk in Astorian if she liked. It was a bane on the boys, but the poor girl needed an outlet before she exploded. Plus she probably had plenty of questions about what had been said throughout the day. The one good thing was that being fully submersed in the language like this would be the fastest way for Flora to learn. And with her still being young, it would not be long before she had a hold on it.

Left in the camp, the Astorian woman quickly finished up her own handful of tasks before looking for more to do. She had wanted to busy herself by finding ways to help the others. However, Duncan basically had things taken care of for his mother, setting her up with a comfortable place to sit and making sure she was not in want of anything. And Ool took charge of Jonathan and Margery. The elderly pair seemed thankful for a chance to stand and stretch their legs while camp was coming together around them, but it was not quite enough to keep up with Quinn who was practically bouncing with energy. The poor boy had been stuck in the cart all day and even though it was getting late his abundant liveliness still needed to be expended. That was where Florence moved her focus.

It started with a few simple questions. Things like if he had seen anything interesting today or what he was most excited for when they got to Creswell. It was a chance for the boy to gab his gums just as much as he felt like without being chided by his grandfather for talking too much. Florence listened with enthusiasm, asking smaller questions and making sure to let him know she was still listening along the way. The main goal was to keep him engaged. Then it moved on to more physical activity. [+mediumseagreen "Why don’t you show me how fast you can run to that tree over there?"] It was an obvious ploy to drain his energy reserves, but she found that little boys did love the chance to show off. And it turned out Quinn was no different. He was immediately excited by the challenge and zipped right off. This was followed by a series of tests and trials, some of which she followed him on and others he had to embark out on his own, but all of which he took on enthusiastically and within sight of his grandparents as to not worry them. When it seemed his gusto was finally winding down, Florence directed him back toward his family. The child was not all too enthused to lose his playmate, but he soon spotted Cam who became his next focus, much to the dark-haired woman’s chagrin. To see him tussling about with a literal wolf stressed her immensely, but she tried her best to ignore it as she sought out Nicolai, now ready to check on him like she said she would.

She approached the elf, as he was finishing up whatever he had been working on. Something minor, as most the work had been delegated to the kids for the night to keep them busy and out of trouble. It was a common occurrence, enough so that they had stopped their grumbling about it, which was nice. Looking up at the bright eyed man, Florence held out her hand. [+mediumseagreen “Arm.”] The single word was somewhat demanding as she waited for him to let her have a look at him.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 7d 8h 45m 4s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat [+royalblue “I rather like when you worry about me. It’s very sweet.”] She would not like that, perhaps preferring her concern was purely platonic and of a medical nature, but he did feel that it was quite endearing of her to admit she worried.

Nicolai laughed a little at her last comment and shook his head.[+royalblue “Well my fantasies aren’t as wild as you think.”] He paused and looked ahead of them, eyes drifting for a moment before he came back to the moment and looked across to her.[+royalblue “Okay, they aren’t [i all] wild but in my defence can you truly blame me? Plus it’s all harmless and well natured… most of the time.”] He winked mischievously at her. It was perhaps very good then that he had let Flora stick close to Augustine once the caravan reformed lest the group’s biggest gossip overhear such raunchy things between the adults. It wasn’t traumatising, but did she really want to hear her future mother-in-law talking about sex with the weird elven man?

The rest of that day’s journey was quick and unopposed. They moved in a cautious manner though those from the village seemed more relaxed and happy with Ool to talk to them and keep them company. Clearly he had integrated well with them and endeared himself to them. It helped plead his case that he was actually a good being – just a bit terse and straight forward as was the case with Töka.

Leaving the ravine and its pathway behind they soon connected to the road heading south and even Nicolai seemed more content to be on a thoroughfare that he remembered and was more substantial than before. It was heavily compacted; ruts left where carts had come and gone before. The few folk they met along the way were kind enough if quick to move on. Maybe they were just cautious of the few carts and the armoured guards they had with them. Perhaps some intelligent bandit had thought to use such a disguise to get in closer to unsuspecting victims. Nicolai made sure to offer each a welcome, pausing with those who would stop to exchange some trivial banter about the price of milk or to inform them of the bandits they had come across. It brought some minor intel on the land but he also hoped it gave them a little confidence that not everyone they would meet would be so awful. None he met recognised him, nor did his name – called by Töka when encouraging him to move and catch up – arouse any suspicion. It put a dent in his idea that he could walk back in and be lauded for who he once was.

When the sun was beginning to wane, and whilst they had light enough to build a camp, Nicolai directed Ool to take lead of the caravan and steer them to campsite for the night. The elf knew the land better now but his information was years old, so the few campsites he could propose were deemed unsafe or long since abandoned. In the end they took to a spot the army had used many times before, long since abandoned though it had the remains of a rudimentary stone wall. Pieces were likely taken for homes and such so in places it was more open than others, but it was better than nothing and the grounds were clear for them so they could set up quicker. Unfortunately for the teens, that meant work, and Nicolai was not afraid of setting them to the more mundane tasks of getting water from the brook nearby or collecting firewood. They were young, they had the energy. But ,for his own concerns, he made sure they did it together. If they came all this way only for some lone savage or a small group of looters to take or kill one of them alone then it would be equally embarrassing as it would be mortifying.
  WI_ / 7d 11h 45m 34s
A sense of relief came with him relaxing. Not because she believed he would relapse into a fit be it a medical one or an emotional one, but because Florence found she liked to see him happy, or at the very least content. It was more pleasant, even if he was determined to be a dunce about it. Although, perhaps she did not mind that so much either now that she was getting a better feel for him as a person. In the past she had had trouble reading Nicolai, and that persisted to some extent now, but she was improving at it. And with it her comfort around him.

[+mediumseagreen “Well, I am glad to hear it is not severe.”] Stitches were a pain, you had to baby them and then eventually they needed to be removed. It was tedious in her opinion. [+mediumseagreen “But I am afraid you will find that my bedside manner is lacking. Nursing is not a strength of mine, as I am sure you anticipated.”] That was something she used to say about being nurturing too, but eventually disproved it when she had a child, so perhaps there was hope for her yet in caring for the ailing. It probably mattered a great deal who she was looking out for as well, but that was a musing she kept to herself. [+mediumseagreen “I will have a look at it when we stop though. That way I will not have to worry about you quite so much.”] She could decide for herself how bad it was and allocate the correct quantity of concern in turn. [+mediumseagreen “Until the you have your wild fantasies, I suppose.”] Gods only knew what he thought about when he had a spare moment, so she eyed him with mock suspicion. At this point it did not bother her as much. He was holding back for her sake, so she would let him have his thoughts. It was only fair.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 7d 14h 14m 47s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat The silence was quite damning in a way. He knew she did not like to pry and delve deeper and that was down to him being quite secluded and pushing her away in the past. In a peculiar way, he wanted her to press then and ask him more about his family or his past and let him vent a little. But he was also grateful to her for just being willing to let him go at his own pace. And the change of topic came at the right time to where he looked over to her with that same blank expression, glancing down to his arm then back up to her.

His eyes softened and his lips curled up just the slightest, body losing its rigidity and he offered her a little nod.[+royalblue “It will be fine, I don’t think it will need to be stitched or anything.”] Flexing his hand there was a little pain, but it was not anything to worry about.[+royalblue “He offered me some cream for it. My hand is greasy now but it’s quite herbal so at least I don’t smell.”] That reminded him that he would need to bathe once he reached either Creswell or his parent’s home. He couldn’t expect Florence to want to be near him if he was as filthy as a pig farmer.

[+royalblue “I promise I will let you inspect it once we set up camp for the night.”] It was a little throw back to their time years before and he knew she would hate him for a long time for not divulging the extent of his injury. Now he was not as proud to ask for help, especially given his episodic events where he needed as much help as he could get.[+royalblue “I’m sure we can sneak off to play nurse and patient.”] He raised a brow in humour and grinned at her. If she wanted to break him from that moment of depression she would have to deal with the excitable aftermath.
  WI_ / 7d 15h 40m 52s
His sudden loss of detail and light heartened-ness in his words was quite telling. It made her want to dig deeper. The things she knew about his home life were few and far between. She knew his father was not a good man, at least she had determined him not to be after hearing a few accounts. And if Germaine’s claims had any validity to them, then his father died early. At the very least when Nicolai was young enough for Germaine to take him under his wing. Nicolai himself mirrored these accounts, but that could have been nothing more than a tactic to stroke her late husband’s ego. That was likely enough that it filled her with doubt. She was unsure about almost everything and that made her want to ask more, however looking at the man at her side, he did not seem well. This deterred her from inquiring further. Surely, more information would come in time, especially if his childhood home was to be their next destination after Creswell.

Instead of pressing the topic anymore, Florence moved back to another. [+mediumseagreen “So, how is your arm?”] She shared her concern quietly, not wanting to draw more attention to the fact that he was hurt. Had to preserve his pride and all. [+mediumseagreen “I noticed Ool toss you something to put on it earlier.”] A clear admission that she had looked back his way periodically through this trip, though she could always chalk it up to being observant of her surroundings if she really wanted to.
  Florence Melbourne / Loxi / 8d 5h 27m 39s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat If Nicolai had been thinking about it perhaps he could have pressed her on the comment about his face, maybe even get her to call him handsome or make some firm notion that he was attractive to her. He still had the niggling thought that their relationship was just a means of keeping him sweet. It was the same as before they had parted and unfortunately he still had the same doubt. But, he would not voice that aloud and instead wait to see how things progressed. His fault before had been in his hastiness to make something happen. Hopefully he didn’t wait too long that she lost the small interest she seemed to have now.

Her comments merged into one that he took on board but gave no indication that it affected his mood. The look on his face, now blank and with a heavy brow as if he had been scorned by someone he admired, did not leave as he mulled over the simple words that eventually spilled out with added contempt;[+royalblue “It is my family home. My parent’s home, to be exact.”] Whilst he loathed the idea of returning there and the hardships it may bring up, he knew it would be best for them to have a nice secluded place to be safe in. He couldn’t very well make them all sleep outside in makeshift camps and eating what they could hunt – what little that may be – whilst having something more stable close at hand.

His hand rose back up to brush back his slick hair, closing his eyes and letting the soothing motion try and wash away the rigidity that had taken over his limbs. He felt heavy, his movements slower than usual and his chest constricted as if someone was sat on him. It was not too dissimilar to how he had been before his episode in the valley on the way down, but thankfully he seemed none too worried that this was just such a moment.
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