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[center [b Person A] is a demon that got ‘suspended’ from Hell, roaming around towns to find a way to fit into the world of humans. At a bar one night they meet [b Person B], a human, who they can’t help sweeping off their feet. They treat B like a god, and B treats them like royalty. Ironically, B has just recently finished schooling to become a priest. Both are unaware of what the other is.


[i [ Oh Lord, Oh Lord, what do I do?]
I’ve fallen for someone who’s nothing like you
He’s raised on the edge of the devil’s backbone
Oh I just wanna take him home]

~PM me if interested. I was thinking this could be m x m but I could also do f x m!~

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[im+fell+english [size16
Solomon watched in awe at the transformation taking place before him. His heart began to beat faster, but it wasn’t out of fear, no. It was beating faster because of the beautiful sight before him. The black feathers and gold adornments. The glorious wings that sprouted from his back, something that Solomon had suspected he’d see. And had Ruben’s eyes always been quite so striking? Perhaps he should have been frightened. Yet, how could he be frightened when he spent his whole life believing and reading about angels and demons? This supernatural phenomenon was ingrained in his religion. Although he was certain that there was probably some bible verse that suggested fucking demons was a bad idea. Still, none of this stopped him from gawking as the beautiful man in front of him somehow became even more enchanting. What surprised him the most was how much taller the other had gotten, making himself feel smaller and more feeble than usual.

Ruben knelt down before him and introduced himself as Ruvyn before giving the name of his father as well. Naberius, the Valiant Marquess of Hell. Solomon repeated the name in his head a few times, not wanting to forget it. Though of course his mind was put into a completely different space as his lover revealed more information. He was sent to Earth for killing another demon. A small part of Solomon was impressed that a trial was being held and he couldn’t help but wonder if the justice system below was just as skewed as it was on Earth. Hopefully they had figured the whole thing out in Hell and Ruben, or Ruvyn, would be free to go. [i If he wasn’t sent here I wouldn’t have met him...when he proves himself innocent will he even want to come back to Earth?]

The priest was hopeful that the trial didn’t have harmful implications for their relationship. He marveled at the sight before him as Ruvyn leaned his forehead onto his knees. What would he do without this stunning person in his life? They hadn’t known each other for long but he felt so integral to his happiness. Ruvyn continued to speak and he could feel his heart drop into his stomach, the words sinking in. [i Death sentence...they’re going to kill him. Kill him for defending himself?] There was no doubt in Solomon’s mind that his lover was telling the truth. Ruvyn didn’t seem like the type to kill without reason. Hearing him say that he didn’t want to die was enough to bring the priest to tears. He tried his best to hold them in, lifting his hand to stroke the thick head of hair that laid in his lap. But just as he thought he had the water works under control, silent tears began to roll down his cheeks. So, this was all a joke from God. A cruel joke just like his entire life.

Sniffling, he leaned down and place his lips against Ruvyn’s head. [#6495ED “Thank you for telling me all of this. I---I don’t want you to die either. And I wish there was some way I could help, but I’m sure that a human is completely useless in your situation. Will you at least...get a fair trial? They’d be crazy if they didn’t believe you.” ] Solomon wiped at his eyes with one hand and ran his shaky fingers through the dark locks with the other. With this new piece of information, every moment with Ruvyn was special. It had to be. [#6495ED “I guess the only thing I can do is make sure that you enjoy however much time you have left on Earth. And pray--er, hope that they take your word as truth.”]
  mephistopheles / 17d 20h 25m 54s

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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 Seeing Sol sit down settled a bit of Ruvyn’s nerves. Well, at least if he passed out, he wouldn’t fall and hit his head on something. The cross was taken off and the demon gave a soft smile. So caring. The cross wouldn’t have hurt him or anything, but he figured the human was concerned about it now that he knew about him being a demon. There was an intense curiosity the man felt about what kind of demon Sol might have been picturing him as. Perhaps the stereotypical red, horned, spade tail demons everyone seemed to think demons must look like. He nearly scoffed at the thought. He felt he was much more attractive than that and in his opinion, his true form looked even better than his human one. Standing in front of where Sol sat on the couch, Ruvyn listened to all of his questions.

His chest felt tight. That’s right, now that his lover knew what he was, he’d have to explain that he killed someone and that now he may be facing death as well soon. Deciding to answer the questions after his big reveal, Ruvyn closed his eyes and took in a deep breath to settle his running mind. Here it goes. No turning back now. Slowly, Ruvyn leaned over a bit, head down as his hair grew even more wild and thick, horns peeking up from his scalp. His size increased, now easily a few inches over seven feet tall, black spreading up his arms from his fingertips, stopping just over his shoulders. The ends of his fingers sported long sharp claws which he used to grip the tight shirt clinging to him and flinging it aside. The jeans came off next, a leather wrap around his waist, black seeping up his legs as it did on his arms.

Out of nowhere, gold adornments flashed and sparkled as they appeared on his person, on his head, shoulders, even around his waist, shining brightly. Finally, it seemed as if deep black feathers sprouted out of his shoulders and on his back. In a flurry of feathers, two large, sleek black wings tore from his back, stretching outward, though careful not to break anything, his shoulders also covered in a soft down of feathers.A few smaller feathers sprinkled to the ground below him. Finally done with his transformation, Ruvyn knelt to the ground before Sol, lifting his head to look at the human.

The whites of his eyes had bled into an abyss of black, his irises a much brighter shade of gold than his eyes before. A sheepish smile splays across his face. [i [#dd9518 “My name is Ruvyn, son of Naberius, the Valiant Marquess of Hell, Commander of Nineteen Legions.”]] His voice falters for a moment before he worked up courage to speak the rest. [i [#dd9518 “I have been sent to earth to await my trial for killing a demon from the noble court in self defense. I attempted to end the fight without death, but his intent to kill was apparent, there was no other choice.”]]

The next part sank stones into his chest. He didn’t want to even utter the words. Ever since he met Sol, he had reason to fight for his life. But what fighting could he do? How would Solomon react to hearing their time together was limited? Would he want to end things before he got too close? Ruvyn wouldn’t blame him. It would be painful. Perhaps that would make things easier on the human.

Obviously distraught, Ruvyn very slowly and carefully as to not scare Sol, leaned forward and rested his forehead on the human’s knees. [i [#dd9518 “Unfortunately.. There is- no evidence that he was killed out of self defense. I fear I am not awaiting just a trial.. But my death sentence.”]] Wings slumping down, Ruvyn lifted a hand to firmly grip the couch edge, trembling. [i [#dd9518 “I was settled with this notion, until I met you.. But now, everything is a mess. I don’t- I don’t want to die.”]] Ruvyn nuzzled into the other’s lap. Normally he’d feel weak for seeking comfort, but with his impending death and the unwavering ease Sol seemed to make him feel, he wasn’t ashamed.
  -ʀᴀᴠᴇɴ- / Mun / 21d 3h 19m 59s
[im+fell+english [size16
There were no words shared between the demon and priest as they walked home. Solomon was still trying to wrap his brain around this new information and how it might affect his relationship with the other. Truthfully he wanted nothing to change between them, but that didn’t seem realistic. Knowing more about Ruben would change things a little. Or maybe a lot. He thought back to the things that should have been hints like Ruben’s alcohol tolerance and his strength. At the time those just seemed like vaguely normal things that a healthy, inshape human might be graced with. Perhaps the biggest hint should have been the brand-like tattoo on his back.

The cold air bit at his pale cheeks and he walked a little closer to the demon, realizing he had left his coat back at the church. He hadn’t thought about it at the time because he was worried about catching up with Ruben. Walking next to the man still brought him great joy, despite whatever was to come. He even made the weather more tolerable.

When the apartment finally came into view, Solomon sighed in relief. Once inside Ruben turned to him and stated he would answer his questions. Solomon had so many that he wasn’t sure where to start. Although, the most important question he had was if his lover had a different appearance. He didn’t want to think that Ruben was crazy but he wanted to be sure. His mouth sputtered as he tried to think of a polite way to ask, but the demon beat him to the punch by asking if he should be in his true form. [#6495ED “I to see your true form. Honestly, I’m a little nervous and I can tell that you are too. But no matter how you look, you’re still you. Ruben. The man I love. So, uh, yes. Go ahead.”] He tried his best to sound confident, but his voice came out shaky which ruined the vibe he was trying to give off.

Solomon slowly lowered himself onto the couch. It felt appropriate to sit down before he was shown something unlike anything he had seen before. He removed the gold cross from his neck and the white collar, then unbuttoned the top of his black shirt. Mostly he wanted to get comfortable, but removing the cross was to also squash one of his worries. What if he wanted to give Ruben a hug and the cross somehow hurt him if it touched him? He didn’t want to take any chances.

[#6495ED “I am curious about some other things too. Why aren’t you in- why are you up here? And what did you mean when you said you may have to face life shattering things soon? Are you in...danger?”] For some reason it was hard to believe that Ruben was in danger. Not just because he was a demon, but because he seemed like such a strong person in general. Solomon’s nervous feelings started ebbing away, only to be replaced by a small amount of anger. He wasn’t strong and he wasn’t a supernatural being but he would be damned if someone tried to harm Ruben.
  Solomon / mephistopheles / 21d 12h 22m 10s

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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 Ruvyn felt stuck between running and waiting for Solomon. He could have just unknowingly destroyed everything they had together. Would the human even come speak to him at this point? He let out a struggled sigh, still feeling on the verge of tears. Part of the demon wished that the pre trial could just end and that he’d be brought back to hell to be executed now. Save himself the suffering. But unfortunately, hell was much too organized and thorough for that.

He was aware that the view humans had of hell was that it was chaotic and evil. Perhaps in the lower rings of hell this description could sometimes fit, though it was much more in the upper rings. Sure there were fights and deaths here and there, but following any death of nobility would be a long and vigorous trial. No detail was overlooked. Any incident would be looked over about fifty times by fifty different devils. The pre trials could take anywhere from a few weeks to a year. Ruvyn however, had no doubt he wouldn’t be here for a whole year. From what happened in his case, he knew there wasn’t any evidence that could be found to show that the noble he killed had attacked him first.

Shaking his head and gripping onto his hair in frustration, a hand snapped him out of his suffering. Throwing his head up to look over at Sol in disbelief, the words the other spoke hit him to the core. This man.. This religious man.. Somehow took what Ruvyn had confessed and believed him. For a few moments, his mouth opened before closing again, lost for words. Sol was right though, even if he were to show the human his true form, it would need to be somewhere away from other eyes.

As hard as he tried to fight tears back, the hand held out to him and the promise never to turn him away left the demon with foggy eyes. A gentle smile spread across his face as he took the hand and stood to his feet. God he wanted to embrace Sol, but with the presence of the church behind him, he decided he’d save that for later.

The walk home was silent. The demon wanted to speak up, but with everything that happened and the shock he still felt at the other’s acceptance, Ruvyn felt like he had no tongue to speak with. Eyes continued to glance from the sidewalk to the man beside him, the comfort of still seeing him there helping to calm his pounding heart. The demon knew what was to come once they returned to Sol’s apartment. The questions, which he would gladly answer, but also having to face the mortal man in his true form. Now that, sure as fuck had himself anxious. He would still look similar to his human form, but would the human be able to handle something so supernatural? Not to mention the large change in size. His true form would be much larger than his human and the last thing he wanted to do was scare Sol.

Finally after what felt like days of walking, they made it to their home, unlocking the door and stepping inside. Ruvyn made sure to lock the door before taking a breath and speaking up. [i [#dd9518 “Alright.. We’re here so-”]] he started, turning to look at Sol. His eyebrows were furrowed upwards, an obviously nervous expression on his features. [i [#dd9518 “Any questions you have.. I will answer them as best I can.”]] Glancing away, he lifted a hand to scratch the back of his head. [i [#dd9518 “Do uh- do you want me to.. Be in my true form or-?]] His words were stuttered and broken, obviously not wanting to look like a crazy person for asking if the human wanted him to change his appearance.]]
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[im+fell+english [size16
The first patron that entered his booth was a man worried about the fate of his soul because he had stolen his neighbor's lawnmower. When asked if he had it, the man had lied and started a big argument about it. Which probably made it more obvious that he had indeed taken the mower since he was very defensive about the subject. Then it was Solomon's turn to give penance. Listening to people confess their sins never failed to make him uncomfortable and now he was supposed to tell this person how to live a better life that aligned with God's will.

[#6495ED “Thank you, my child. Getting tangled in a lie can be difficult, but we are all human and make mistakes. Apologize to your neighbor, give the lawnmower back, and make a commitment to mowing his lawn for a certain amount of time. Over time this will repair your relationship with your neighbor and possibly open up new doors. It is important to spread kindness to those around us and I believe that you can do this. Pray to the Lord and he will guide you.”]

Solomon then blessed the man and said a prayer of absolution to free him from his sins. He couldn't help but think he needed to say a prayer of absolution for himself, but he pushed that thought to the back of his mind for now. The man exited the booth and Solomon let out a sigh. Maybe no one else would come. But of course, seconds later a new person entered the booth.

Immediately he recognized the person's voice. Ruben. There was no doubt in his mind about it. Solomon assumed his love was well aware that he was on the other side, which made his heart rate soar. Especially upon hearing that he was adored. [i Maybe he'll stop here. Maybe he won't tell me something I don't want to hear. I do want to know everything about him I want him to tell me like this?] Solomon wished that he could look into Ruben's beautiful golden eyes, but stayed firmly in his seat keeping the partition shut. He leaned his head against the hard wood of the booth and listened.

“Naberius isn't the demon my family works with.. he's- he's my father. I'm a demon.”

Was this some kind of joke? It had to be. Then again he had seen proof once of the existence of demons and believed in the existence of angels. It could be the truth. Even if he didn't want it to be. He continued to listen but could feel the walls of the booth closing in around him, making it harder to breathe or think. Panic was rising up in him. Despite his impending freakout, he shut his eyes and tried to focus on Ruben's words. There was still comfort in hearing his voice regardless of the words he was saying.

Solomon was in no way afraid of Ruben. Demon, or not. They had shared something together and if Ruben had wanted to hurt him, wouldn't he have done it last night? That's when he decided he believed every word coming out of his lover's mouth. He had no reason to lie about any of this.

“At the very least, I'd like to face those things with him.. Together. That's all I want.. I just want him to accept me."

The tone of Ruben's voice nearly broke Solomon's heart. He wanted to reach through the wall and embrace him. Acceptance. He had been looking for that his whole life and had apparently found it in the arms of a demon. There were so many thoughts running through his mind that it was hard to pinpoint one. He didn't want to say the wrong thing because he would never forgive himself if he did. But before he had the chance to respond, he heard the door open and Ruben exited. Okay. He had more time to think. Solomon opened his eyes and tried to steady his breathing. The walls no longer felt like they were closing in, at least. He exited his side of the booth and looked around the church. The pews were empty and there was no Ruben in sight. Had he imagined all of that? He breathed a deep sigh and lowered himself onto one of the sturdy pews.

A demon. He had broken his oath and committed a sin not just with any man, but a demon. Perhaps his father had been right the countless times he told him that he'd go to hell. If he could see him right now he would probably smile smugly, feeling that all of his actions in the past were justifiable. Could his time as a priest even make up for his sins? His sexuality, his two suicide attempts as a teen, and now this. Turning away from Ruben would probably be the best choice if he cared about his soul. Yet, he couldn't bring himself to make that decision. Tears began streaming down his face. Was this God’s idea of a joke? The tears came faster and in seconds he was weeping with his head buried in his hands. It had been awhile since he had cried with such force.

[i I love that man. I can't turn away from him in his time of need. The life shattering things he was referring to….he needs me. Would I truly be a servant of God if I turned my back on him? And besides that turning away from him goes against everything I stand for. I will accept him no matter what. I won't turn him away. If I turn him away now, my “I love you” will have been a lie. I really do love him.]

The priest steadied his breathing and wiped away the tears that remained. Such a long cry had left him feeling strangely invigorated. A much needed cathartic release. Solomon stood up from the pew his hands shaky but his feet planted firmly on the ground. He carried himself out of the church. Once he was outside his stomach did a flip when he saw who awaited him on the steps. This was good. At least Ruben hadn't run away. He was waiting there with his head in his hands. Solomon approached him and lowered himself onto the same step. He placed one shaky hand on Ruben's shoulder.

[#6495ED “Well, that was quite a confession. You never ceases to amaze me. I’ll admit that it's a lot to unpack. But I want you to know that I accept you and will stand with you against whatever it is that you may face because, to be quite frank, you complete me in a way I never thought anyone could. Although...I do have about one million questions for you. The biggest one being: how are you a demon? I assume you mean literally but I guess you could mean figuratively...I just--well, here is not the right place for that kind of conversation. Come home with me?”] His tone was somehow confident and his voice was soft. The tears from earlier did not make a reappearance. Whatever he had been told about demons in the past had terrified him, but here he was offering himself to one that he cared about so dearly without a sliver of fear in his heart. Ruben had shown him love and acceptance. He had come to a church and dealt with cries for him to leave, from some patrons to which he assumed meant a heavenly force, just to see Solomon.

Standing up from the steps, Solomon extended his hand to Ruben. A bright smile widened on his face. This decision could possibly be his doom, yet all he could feel was an overwhelming happiness. No matter what the future held he would stand by Ruben. Even with this new information he couldn't ignore or deny the indescribable bond he felt. [#6495ED “I will never turn you away, Ruben. I promise you that.”]
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[center [pic]]
[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 Ruvyn sat in his pew, tuning out the women, the screeching, the lesson that was being preached by the deacon. It was as if a spotlight illuminated his angel on the front stage, the rest of the room shrouded in darkness. A deep purr broke through the shadows, bubbling up from within himself. The demon inside that was once so restless, seemed completely satisfied that he and Sol had become one just the night before.

The purr broke the demon out of himself in time to hear a bit of what the man speaking was going on about. A smirk splayed across his lips. "-if I am without love, it will do me no good whatsoever." Listening on, breaking his gaze over his lover, Ruvyn watched the speaker. Funny, religion always taught "Love completely" but really meant "love with conditions". He was aware of some of the many taboos of religion. It wasn't lost on him that if anyone in the church knew that he and one of their own had made love just a few hours ago, the poor human would be outcasted. All because they shared the same parts. How silly.

Cracking his neck in displeasure about what was being taught to all the sheep of the crowd, the man couldn't help but to wonder. Could someone like Sol really believe in all of this horse shit? Surely he was too good to buy into it all. The eyes of the other this whole time led him to believe otherwise, however. The young man seemed almost enraptured by the words the deacon spoke. There was no disbelief to be seen on his face. Giving a soft huff, eyes returning to his love, Ruvyn simply sat in his place compliantly, not one to tell anyone their beliefs are wrong to their face, much less to a whole damn service of people.

At some point, the tanned man's eyes met with Sol's, sending a chill of excitement down his spine. Giving a large grin, he nodded towards the other, covering his mouth to hold back a laugh as he saw the human reach for water to keep from coughing. How incredibly endearing. Ruvyn noticed that no matter how much Solomon wanted to look away, their eyes continued to meet. It was like a tease. He wanted to act out each time the other looked away just to beg those eyes to return to him and only him.

Finally after what felt like forever, communion began. Ruvyn attempted to stand, a heavy force of gravity pushing down on him, keeping him in his seat. Thankfully, no one around him seemed to notice his struggle to stand. Growling against the force a bit, he caved with a huff and complied with the heavenly force that refused to let him partake in this particular activity. All he could do was watch and wait.

Once the service was over, Ruvyn watched longingly as Sol went into the lobby. Testing his boundaries, he set his hands on the pew and slowly lifted himself up. Lifting a brow, he glanced up once he fully stood, and nodded, [i [#dd9518 "Thank you.."]] he whispered to the heavens for letting him up now. Overhearing a few people speak about needing to speak to Solomon in the confessional, Ruvyn could only assume the other would return shortly. Fine, he wouldn't grace the human with his presence just yet.

For the time being, the demon simply slid a hand in his pocket and traced his other fingertips across the pews as he admired the architecture and furnishings of the beautiful building he was in. Such a shame that angels hated demons. He was sure that there could have been some sort of bonding over similar artistry and interior design. Surprisingly, the screams had slowly been dying down ever since the service ended. Whatever beings were watching over this place must have taken a break along with the humans. When he was done admiring his surroundings, the tall demon leaned against a wall, watching and waiting for Solomon to return.

As he watched his angel make his way into his side of the booth, Ruvyn wanted to sneak into the confessional and pull a prank on the other, however once seriously considering this opportunity, he grew a bit solemn. Looking down in thought, the man felt a yearning to tell the other about him. What he was, what he's done. The other deserved to know. Doubt set in as he wondered if Sol would even believe him. But like a bandaid, better to rip it off now than later if he did end up turning on him.

With a sigh, the devil pushed himself off of the wall and headed towards the booth. Someone walked up before him to enter, only adding more anxiety to his already swirling mind. All he could do was sit and wait, reconsidering, considering and reconsidering again. If he didn't tell Sol, they could surely make everything work just fine, but he couldn't deny that the other would likely be pained at his lover's sudden disappearance one day. The door opened a few moments later and his resolve was absolute. Ruvyn could only take this chance to come clean.

Making his way in, he closed the door and sat down, taking a deep breath before speaking up. [i [#dd9518 "Forgive... me father for I have sinned or- however this goes.."]] he began, closing his eyes, hoping that the other would recognize his voice. [i [#dd9518 "I met a man recently that I adore. He means everything to me and truthfully, I would give him the moon and all the stars if I could."]] Crossing a leg over the other and running a hand through his hair, he let out a frustrated sigh.

[i [#dd9518 "I want him to always be happy with me but- I haven't been completely truthful with him. You see I- told him that my family was into some demonic stuff.. But that isn't quite right. To be exact.. Naberius isn't the demon my family works with.. he's- he's my father. I'm a demon."]] he admits a bit lowly, leaning his head against the partition between them. [i [#dd9518 "I'm afraid he won't believe me. Or worse, be afraid of me and never want to see me again. I have my ways to prove it to him if need be but- I'm terrified that he won't even begin to give me the chance to do so. I am- head over heals for this man and I only want to keep him safe and loved. I don't want the difference in the worlds we come from to be the end of us."]]

Ruvyn lets out a dry chuckle, [i [#dd9518 "Hell, I even braced the swarms of his partron's cries for me to leave just to see him this morning. They didn't much like my presence it seems."]] For a few moments, he's silent. When he speaks up again his voice is trembling, hands fisted on his leg tight. [i [#dd9518 "I may have to face some life shattering things soon.. Things that could change everything. At the very least, I-"]] Ruvyn's voice hitches, tears welling in his eyes as he smiles bitter sweetly. [i [#dd9518 "At the very least, I'd like to face those things with him.. Together. That's all I want.. I just want him to accept me."]]

With that, he sniffs and wipes his eyes, standing up and opening the door as he quickly exited the booth. Afraid of what the other would say or how he would react, Ruvyn decided to rush out of the building. It felt like a ton of bricks were placed in his chest. The moment his feet hit the pavement, he took a deep breath, hands trembling.

This could be it. That could have been the last time he spoke to Solomon. His chest merely tightened, a hand reaching up to grip his shirt. Trying to calm himself, Ruvyn lowered to sit on the steps of the church, resting his elbows on his knees, his face in his hands. He'd wait here. Wait to see if Sol would come out and speak to him at some point or if he would walk past him one final time and never look back. If he lost Solomon, then hell might as well just go ahead and come get him now.]]
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[im+fell+english [size16
The sound of a distant phone alarm stirred Solomon from his deep sleep. Eyes still shut, he stretched his arm out and fumbled around on the nightstand to try and silence the alarm. Not feeling the phone he wondered why it wouldn’t be in its usual spot. Memories from his night with Ruben came flooding back, causing him to smile like some lovestruck school girl. He rolled onto his side with the expectation of finding his love snoozing peacefully, only to find the space next to him was vacant. Solomon didn't expect Ruben to be awake before him but it was possible that he had things to do today as well.

Rising from the comfort of warm sheets, the blonde stretched his lanky arms and stumbled to the closet in the dim light. He slipped on a plain white shirt to wear under his priest garb. Despite wanting to worry about where Ruben had gone, he couldn't bring himself to put a damper on his good mood. He wanted to savor this feeling. Realizing that his phone alarm was still going off, he hustled out to the living room to find where he had left it. The small device lay abandoned on the floor in front of of the couch. It must have fallen out of his pocket at some point. He plucked the phone from the floor, swiping at the screen to cancel the noise.

Solomon liked mornings but only when they were quiet. It was a good time to reflect on the day before and the day ahead. Although, he wanted to avoid anymore reflecting on his night before he started to feel guilty. Pushing difficult thoughts aside, he spent the rest of his time before church eating a simple breakfast and chugging two mugs of coffee. Damn, he was tired. The day had barely begun and he was already thinking about how he could maybe squeeze in a tiny nap between services. Not that a twenty minute nap would really do much good.

When he arrived at the church he entered through the back where the offices and other various quarters were located. He made his way to the small chapel area that was only used by employees of the church. The few pews available were empty save for an older nun. Hearing him come in she parted her hands and turned around. Solomon beamed at her and took a place next to her in the pew. Out of everyone who had a role in the church Sister Amelia was his favorite.

[b “Father Solomon, you seem in high spirits today. You’re practically glowing. Did you have a good night?”] she smiled sweetly, placing a frail hand on his shoulder.

[#6495ED “You could say that. I feel...euphoric. It’s hard to explain.”]

[b “I can tell. I know that not everyone has been welcoming to you and some days I think that wears on you, but you really have made such a difference in the community. You’ve got this light in you..and it seems to be shining just a bit brighter today. Ah, well I’ll leave you to pray before service Father.”]

Solomon wasn’t sure how to respond to something like that. He stared blankly for a moment, his mouth slightly askew before mumbling a bashful “thank you”. Sister Amelia only chuckled and gave him a pat on the shoulder before sliding out from the pew. After her departure, Solomon bowed his head and tried to think about a prayer to start his day off with. However, he could only think about the nun’s words. Did he really look happier? Should he put his happiness above everything else?

[i Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned. But I don’t regret it. I want to be selfish for once in my life. I give so much kindness to the world around me, sometimes leaving no kindness for myself. It doesn’t seem sustainable...or healthy. I don’t know. Just give me a sign.] He raised his head and gazed at the crucifixion statue at the front of the room, as if expecting the body on it to come to life and speak to him. Of course nothing happened. Sighing, he rose from the pew and straightened his shirt.

The sound of the organ being played greeted him from the back hallway that led out onto the stage. Solomon slipped a red stole over his shoulders and took a deep breath before revealing himself to the parish. Two deacons followed behind him and they all approached the altar. They stopped at the altar and signed themselves with the sign of the cross. The deacons then sat themselves in the chairs behind the altar and Solomon spoke to the church. [#6495ED “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”]

“Amen,” the church-goers responded.

Extending his hands, Solomon greeted them with a small smile. [#6495ED “The Lord be with you.”]

“And with your spirit.”

After leading the church in a song of praise, he flipped open a crisp Bible that rested on the altar and started to read from the Old Testament. The church goers responded to the reading with a song and Solomon prepared to read from the New Testament. For him, the strict order of Catholic mass had always been relaxing. No surprises meant less to worry about.

[#6495ED “Let us turn to first Corinthians-13. Though I command languages both human and angelic -- if I speak without love, I am no more than a gong booming or a cymbal clashing. And though I have the power of prophecy, to penetrate all mysteries and knowledge, and though I have all the faith necessary to move mountains -- if I am without love, I am nothing. Though I should give away to the poor all that I possess, and even give up my body to be burned -- if I am without love, it will do me no good whatsoever. Love is always patient and kind; love is never jealous; love is not boastful or conceited, it is never rude and never seeks its own advantage, it does not take offence or store up grievances. Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but finds its joy in the truth. It is always ready to make allowances, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes…”]

When he was through reading the passage he stepped back from the altar and took a seat. One of the deacons approached the altar and began the homily, an explanation of the word of God. Solomon tuned out the deacon’s words, getting lost in his own thoughts. What were the chances that he would be reading that passage from Corinthians today. Was it the sign he asked for?

Solomon looked out at the pews, focusing on the faces of the parish for the first time. Most people seemed fixated on the words of the deacon, but there were a few women who looked restless. What could they possibly be distracted by? He furrowed his brows and tried his best to track where their eyes were being drawn. When he found the distraction he inhaled quickly, the sharp breath causing him to break into a coughing fit. Cheeks growing red, he reached for the cup of water next to his chair.

Ruben. Ruben was there in the church. And he was looking right at him.

[i What...what is he doing here? Has he been here the whole time? Oh god, now I feel self-conscious. Does he think I look silly? Do I sound ...stupid?] Solomon tried his best to keep himself from looking back at Ruben, but it was easier said than done. For the rest of service he had to focus on looking elsewhere, though his eyes kept finding their way back. The only relief he had was when it was time to give communion. He liked to greet each church member by name, if he knew them, and offer them a smile or friendly comment as they received the bread and wine.

[#6495ED “We go in peace, glorifying the Lord in our lives.”] The end of service was Solomon's cue to exit the stage. One of the deacons announced the time of the next service and the hours of confessionals before disappearing to the inner bowels of the church. Solomon liked to stand around in the lobby after service and chat with people. Today was no different, although he was constantly looking over his shoulder, wondering if Ruben was still in the church.

After what felt like hours of conversation, which was really only twenty minutes, Solomon exited the lobby. He dipped his fingers in the waiting holy water and did the sign of the cross, even though he hadn’t left the church. He then headed towards the dark oak confessional booths. He was actually dreading this, his mind replaying the troubling information that assaulted his ears no more than a week ago. His eyes shot to the cross that stood before the stained glass window as he said a silent prayer of strength before stepping into the priest side of the booth.
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 Hearing that the young human in his arms felt safe with him, Ruvyn let out a deep hum of content. If only he knew he was in the arms of a devil. Would he feel more safe than in the arms of a human or would he feel in danger? For now, this was enough for Ruvyn. Pressing a chaste kiss to the soft forehead in front of him, the tan male let out in a soft voice, [i [#dd9518 "Thank you, Sol. I will protect you for as long as you allow. You'll always be safe with me."]]

Stroking the dark hair in his palm as he cupped the smaller male's head, Ruvyn's eyes slipped closed as he listened to their breathing. In the quiet of the night, the demon allowed himself to reflect on this blossoming relationship with his human other half. Despite his worries, the monster inside himself seemed to be sated at the closeness they shared in the aftermath of his "claiming" the human.

The thought that [i they] could come for him four years from now did little to calm his stressful anticipation for their arrival as it was just as likely that they come four minutes from now. There was no estimate of how long it would be before they reached a decision and it terrified him. One thing was certain in the man's mind. Above all else, he would keep his word in protecting Sol. If that meant he had to be ready to flee with him to protect the man from the pain of losing his lover, then so be it. That is exactly what he would do.

The hours passed by, hints of orange painting the sky as dawn approached. Ruvyn felt a bit mischievous, wanting to catch his little friend off guard with something he'd not be expecting. Silently, the demon pulled himself from the bed reluctantly, the distance between them now short, albeit none less painful.

Putting on his clothing silently, the demon escaped the room and left his lover's home, being sure to scoop the spare key he mentioned into his pocket. Surely the other wouldn't be far behind him given the time of the services. Making his way to the city's large and truthfully very gorgeous church, Ruvyn looked up. While he didn't particularly align with the teachings held here, he couldn't deny the pleasing architecture that religious buildings always held. Some of the finest pieces of art this world held, in his opinions. [i And ironically not far from the architecture in my own world,] he mused.

The second he took another step closer, he froze, a few people passing him to enter the structure. There it was, the very obvious reasons he shouldn't be here. But like hell he wouldn't come here to show the same amount of support for Sol's lifestyle as the man showed for his own. Shrieks and shrill screaming pounded in his head. Warnings to turn around.

As if addressing the voices directly, he glared up to the light dusting of clouds in the sky above the church and smirked, fangs glistening in the morning sun. Silently, he spoke to the voices in his head, knowing with his closeness to their home turf, they would go against their desire to ignore the minds of wandering demons on earth in lieu of opening communications to tell any encroaching demons to leave their holy places.

While their voices could only be heard as ringing and screams, he had no question as to what they wanted, head throbbing with the sounds. [i [#dd9518 "Keep screaming feather brains, I'm going in there whether you like it or not. I'm just supporting your servant's teachings, no?"]]

The demon grinned and continued his trek to the church, a heavy pressure pushing down on him with each step. Oh, they were trying. More determined than before to make it inside, he began to drag his feet, the pressure increasing, ears ringing unbearably loudly. Gritting his teeth, Ruvyn felt an immensely violent aura as he entered the threshold. It was as if there were eyes on every surface, he could feel them watching, staring him down.

While the pressure was gone, they continued a dull siren of noises in his head that became much more easily handled than outside. It was eerie knowing that those creatures were keeping such close tabs on him, though he understood why they wouldn't want a demon in such a holy place of worship.

Taking a seat in one of the pews, Ruvyn closed his eyes and enjoyed the panicked voices of the holy inhabitants in his mind as he awaited his ray of sunshine to come preach for him. All the while more than well aware of the more physically present eyes of the church that fell on him. A snicker left his mouth. Such sinful women lusting for a demon in the church of God. Ruvyn was more than pleased with himself in this situation.]]
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A sleepy smile lit up Solomon’s face as the other male emerged from the bathroom. The warmth from the shower transferred to him from the tan arm that was now wrapped around him. He loved his old apartment, but the windows had proven to be quite drafty now that it was winter. Usually it took two or three blankets for him to sleep comfortably, but with Ruben next to him it felt like he was in bed with a space heater.

A satisfied sigh left his lips from the warmth and the comforting rubs on his back. It was truly a shame that he had to wake up at six in the morning when he wanted nothing more than to lay next to Ruben and stay up all night talking. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to talk about. Anything and everything. The little things and the big things. Life. Death.

Solomon chuckled at Ruben’s question, finding it ridiculous. Well, the question about him being there in the morning wasn’t so ridiculous but the second part of the question is what really tickled him. [i One of those one time things? I don’t think it could be even if I wanted it to. I’m in too deep.] He listened to rest of what Ruben had to say before responding. [#6495ED “Hmm, I don’t usually tell one time things that I love them. But I do have church in the morning and two more services to get through after that so I probably will not be home until the evening. I would invite you to tag along...but that...that probably isn’t a good idea."] He could imagine the questioning looks he would get from the priests and nuns if he showed up to the church in the morning with a mysterious man at his side. Although not even trying to extend an invitation felt rude, even if Ruben was into the opposite of God.

[#6495ED “I would feel bad making you leave when I leave because I’ll be up around six am. There’s a spare key under the mat so you can leave whenever as long as you lock the door behind you.”] He said with a smile, nuzzling closer to Ruben. [#6495ED “Remember how I said my home is always open to you? I really meant that.”] Maybe things were moving entirely too fast and maybe he was being too trusting considering the information he had just learned about Ruben. However, Solomon found no reason to be afraid of the man. He wouldn’t retract his invitation to stay just because his lover was involved with demons. Although he was curious about how involved with demons he was but feared his own knowledge of them was based on misconceptions that stemmed from the church. It would be better to ask more questions after he had time to do a little research.

A small smile tugged at his lips, amused with himself for wanting to look into demons because of his new lover. Would he do this for anyone else or was it simply because he felt so connected to Ruben? A question he couldn’t answer. [#6495ED “I feel really safe around you, Ruben. And I spent most of my time growing up feeling afraid and getting hurt so...I guess what I’m trying to say is...I don’t want you to think that I think less of you because of what you told me.”] He brought one hand up and stroked Ruben’s cheek with the edge of his thumb before closing his eyes.
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 The finger tracing the sigil made him shiver a bit. The other seemed to not mind it much, which filled the demon with relief. At least there was some leeway now. While the other didn't know too much of the truth, Ruvyn was glad that the ground work was beginning to be set in place. As badly as he wanted to be able to just say "I'm a demon," the man knew that especially for a religious man, that would be taken a lot harsher than him simply being involved in some bad stuff.

The other calling him sweet made the taller male snicker. Sweet. Yes, that's why he was here on earth as punishment for killing another demon. Because he was sweet. Though to be fair, Ruvyn gave himself a bit of credit, the killing wasn't meant to happen. It was self defense, not that the higher ups saw it that way. So for now, he'd accept the compliment from the other.

Glancing back at Solomon, the demon nodded and gave a loving smile. [i [#dd9518 "I'll be out when I'm done, love. Guess that's an invitation to stay the night then~"]] Ruvyn beamed. He was hoping that he wouldn't have to end the best night ever alone on his rooftop. While the view there was breath taking, the one in the bedroom waiting for him was heart stopping.

Making his way to the shower, he stepped in and turned the water as hot as it would go. While he could feel heat, even the hottest temperature shower water could get wouldn't be painful for him. He very much so enjoyed heat and water. So hot water was a pretty damn good deal for him.

Not paying much mind to anything other than recalling the night he just had as he mindlessly washed himself, Ruvyn glanced down, jolting back in horror as blood coated his hands, dripping down and mixing into the water. His heart began to race as he lifted his hands in search for where it was coming from, feeling all over but finding nothing. Eyes darted all around him before it finally hit him what was going on and the demon went pale with realization. A deep bellow of a growl erupted in his mind, almost purring as if pleased.

No.. Not again..

[East+Sea+Dokdo [i [size22 Mmm.. he is ours now. You have taken him. Claimed him. Marked him. We will take him. You cannot stop us. We will take him away and you will survive. You will not die. We will live.]]]

Gripping his hair, Ruvyn knelt down in a ball and shook his head, teeth gritting together as he tried to push the overwhelming feeling aside. But it was right. He was theirs. Solomon was his. It would be so easy to go in there and take him, fly away with him and find somewhere to hide where the demons couldn't get to them.They could live the rest of the humans life together and then he could accept his fate. Panting, the thoughts beginning to win him over, his form starting to shift, feathers growing out on each side of the sigil on his back, claws showing and hands becoming black. All he could do was give in. This is how it needed to be.

A flicker of something shot through him and blood dripped down from his arm, fingers twitching. The smothering insanity that had surrounded him dissipated. Lifting his head, tears mixed with the water, Ruvyn's form went back to the appearance of a human, glancing at his upper arm where he could see that the blood this time was real. Whatever it was in him that was able to withstand his instincts shocked his system out of his demonic nature, shoving his own claws deep into the flesh of his shoulder.

Taking a heavy breath, the man closed his eyes and stood to his feet, pulling out his claws and turning towards the water to let it rinse the marks. The pain wasn't too bad, more annoying than anything. This would definitely be hard to explain if Sol saw it. He would have to plan for his faster healing doing it's job before morning came when the other would be able to see it.

Finishing his shower, Ruvyn got out, grabbing a towel and drying himself off, looking at himself in the mirror. At least the bleeding had stopped, the wounds not too bad. Heading into the dark room, the tan man slid into bed, stark naked and wrapped an arm around Solomon. The injured man made a point to lay on his injured arm so that if he woke up and turned the light on or just woke up in the morning, hopefully nothing would be seen by the other.

Ruvyn hummed softly, gently rubbing the other's back. After closing his eyes, he spoke out quietly, [i [#dd9518 "So, will you be here when I wake up or is this gunna be one of those one time things?"]] he asked with the slightest of smirks.

[i [#dd9518 "Though I'm guessing you may be. If you've got to go to.. church? I guess then my question should be, "Do you want me to leave in the morning when you do or maybe after I wake up?""]] He had hoped that Sol would let him stay, though a man the human barely knew - one that he thought was into demonology no less - may not be so welcome in his home when he wasn't there. Ruvyn was okay with that thought. It would give him time to be away from it all, to think and clear his head. Yet the thought of having a normal human life living together with the one he loved and going about with their day to day life with each other was very appealing.]]
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[i Ah, that’s right. People can hear me if I sing in the shower.] It had been awhile since he had showered so close to another human. Solomon felt no embarrassment, having been in the choir from a young age. He took pride in his voice and enjoyed singing whenever the opportunity arose. Knowing that Ruben had heard him only made him beam.

Wrapping the towel around his waist, the blonde leaned in closer after Ruben turned around. Solomon examined the intricate form, eyes widening upon hearing that it was a brand. [i His family must be very involved. That’s so...interesting.] Tracing the shape with his fingertip he tried to imagine how painful the brand must have been. [#6495ED “A brand seems much worse than a tattoo. I bet that really hurt, huh?”] he said, sucking in a breath of air. Although the brand was for demonic purposes Solomon couldn’t help but admire it. Hell, it was definitely nicer to look at than what was on his own back. He continued to stare at the symbol, wanting to remember it for when he went searching through books later.

The blonde nodded thoughtfully as he listened to a further explanation from his lover. Demonology had never been his forte. He had always studied more about angels, though demons were typically mentioned in association with them. Still, he knew the Bible well and didn’t recognize the name Naberius from any passages. [#6495ED “I don’t think he’s mentioned in scripture. He blesses men in arts and sciences? That’s pretty cool. I may be ‘holy’ but I am not foolish enough to see good and evil as such black and white concepts. Not every angel is all rainbows and sunshine so I assume not all demons are doom and gloom. Besides, you don’t seem like someone that would follow the bloodthirsty type, you’re too sweet”] he chuckled, wrapping his arms around Ruben’s back.

Feeling a tiredness wash over him, Solomon pulled away from his hug and yawned. He had to be up early but didn’t want his time with Ruben to end just yet. What if he woke up and everything turned out to be just a dream? A stupid worry, but it wouldn’t get out of his head. [#6495ED “I’m going to change the sheets and crawl into bed. I hope you’ll join me soon”] he said with a sappy grin. Before heading out of the bathroom he switched his towel from his waist to his shoulders.

Back in the bedroom he slipped on a fresh pair of boxers and ripped the sheets off the bed, tossing them in the corner. He pulled a fresh set of floral sheets out of the closet and hummed a tune as he put them on the bed. Once the bed was all made up he slipped under the top sheet, laying on his side so that he could face the bathroom, hoping he could push away the need to sleep for a bit longer.
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 Upon hearing the gasp the other let out, Ruvyn let out a hearty chuckle, a grin plastered on his face. The sight of the human getting spooked was rather cute to him. If only Solomon had seen his true form. That would have really gotten him. The kiss the man gave to his neck was sweet and soft and more than welcome. Small things like this, the most mundane of touches always made Ruvyn feel butterflies in his stomach. God he felt like such a girl. [i [#dd9518 "Sorry babe, couldn't resist your song~"]] he replied. The demon looked the other's naked form up and down for only a moment, not wanting to look like a perv. Not that they didn't just have sex, but staring blankly at someone was usually a fairly creepy thing to do. Even if the tan male wanted oh so badly to let his eyes do a lot more wandering.

At the mention of his tattoo, Ruvyn raised a brow. So he had noticed it after all. Turning to face the mirror so Solomon could get a better look at it, the demon looked back over his shoulder at the shorter man. [i [#dd9518 It's like a family crest of sorts. What I told you earlier about my family, we all have one. Though technically it's not just a tattoo. Starts as a brand, then the color goes over it after it's healed. You can feel it if you want."]] he said as if branding a demonic sigil on his back was something common and nothing to bat an eye at.

Figuring he should give a bit more of an explanation, Ruvyn considered how he could word it to be as truthful as possible without giving himself away as a demon. Appearing human was key. Facing back to the mirror, he watched Sol in the foggy reflection and rubbed the back of his neck.

[i [#dd9518 "Naberius is the demon my family aligned with. Not sure if he's ever mentioned in the Bible or not, but he's fairly good as far as demons go. Blessing men in arts and sciences and teaching how to live a gracious lifestyle. Not your typical "bloodthirsty demon" stereo type."]] he stated. It was strange talking about his father as if he didn't know him personally. Even if Solomon was put off by Ruvyn seeming so involved in demonic lifestyles, the man refused to paint his father in bad light. Nothing he said was false, however. The demon just stood there waiting for a reaction and hoping that the other wouldn't find something bad to think of the man that raised him.]]
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Solomon believed Ruben when he said he was capable of taking care of himself, but was left speechless once he heard where the male had been staying. How did he even get onto the roof of that building? Maybe he climbed a ladder. Was that safe? Biting his lip to keep himself from expressing further worries he tried his best to express a look of understanding though he wanted to take Ruben in even more now.

He had always been the type to take in injured or stray animals. Rabbits, cats, dogs. Anything without a home often found itself in his room. He remembered taking in a small bird, a fledgling, that had been badly injured after what he assumed to be a cat attack. The words of his father still echoed in his head, [i “Get rid of that thing. You’ll only be disappointed when it dies.”] But it didn’t die. He spent every waking moment with that bird and nursed it back to health, setting it free when it no longer needed him. Put good energy out into the world and good things will happen. Open your arms to those in need. These values guided him through all things. Ruben wasn’t an injured baby bird in any sense but that didn’t stop Solomon from wanting to help him. Even if helping him just meant being there for him.

The feeling of Ruben’s fingers against his cheek made the blonde close his eyes and sigh contently. If they stayed like this forever he wouldn’t even care. To hell with the whole damn church. To hell with the Bible. [i I don’t actually mean that, God. I just...I’m feeling very conflicted.]

Ruben tried to explain himself, though Solomon wasn’t sure if he completely understood. [i Afraid of showing who he is? What he is?] The only thing he could think of was that Ruben had committed some horrible crime. He tried to consider how he would feel if that were the case. Most sins could be forgiven and who was he to judge anyone, especially in this moment. It warmed his heart that Ruben was concerned for his safety and wellbeing. But what was all that talk about breaking points? He wanted to stop the other male and assure him that his breaking point had been reached long ago. That he had been broken and through some miracle pieced himself back together. However, he couldn’t bring himself to talk about that. [#6495ED “Doubting your own existence...that is something I understand. I don’t think I understand everything you’ve said completely but I do to an extent. Though I still hope that one day I can know every part of you.”]

A pleased smile spread across his lips when Ruben’s hand returned to him, though this time it held on a little more tightly. [i "You're too good for me, love. You know that?"] The words stabbed into his rib cage like a dagger, twisting painfully into his heart. All of his life he had strived to be good, yet he was always met with reasons why he was bad. Then along comes this perfect man who was interested in him for some reason. Solomon bit his lip and fought back the tears that would have surely poured out if he was alone. Ruben shifted under him and now Solomon could look directly at his face, lips curving into a small smile due to the soft touch on his bottom. [#6495ED “Its funny that you would say that. I was just thinking that [i you’re] too good for me,] he whispered, eyes settling on to the other male’s lips.

Hearing Ruben’s question made his heart pound harder against his chest. Solomon had been thinking about kissing this man since their first kiss in the bar. But if he kissed him now he knew there would definitely be no going back. [i Who am I kidding? There was never any going back. I don’t know what it is about him, but God forgive me for whatever sins I may commit. I will accept any punishment but I cannot let go of Ruben.] Instead of using words to accept the kiss, Solomon moved his head forward until their lips touched. He placed a gentle hand on the side of Ruben’s cheek as his mouth became more involved in the kiss.

There it was again. That spark he felt the first time. He had almost convinced himself that he imagined the whole thing, but now he was sure that there was something between them. Whether it was special or a dangerous encounter waiting to happen it didn’t matter to Solomon. The only thing that mattered in this moment were the incredible lips that moved against his.
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 Hearing him not back down from his offer, Ruvyn felt a bit of relief. Still, such a big change wouldn't be easy, he knew that much. The human was worried about him though and it didn't sit well with the demon to have Solomon worry that way. The kiss on his cheek caused a soft blush to rise to his cheeks, effectively stopping his train of thought for the moment. Fuck if he didn't want to feel those lips on his own. Perhaps tonight might lead to that an more.

First, the tall man wanted to get a few things straight. Giving a slight grin, Ruvyn shook his head and chuckled lowly. [i [#dd9518 "Trust me, I'm more than capable of taking care of myself without a home like yours. Besides, remember I told you I like heights? As far as I'm concerned, I got the best place in town. I can see everything from the roof of that big business building down the street. I'll admit it's cold, which I hate, but the view is.. breathtaking,"]] he spoke in a reminiscing tone, closing his eyes as if trying to recall the view.

After a few moments he looked back down at the other man. Oh how simple Sol made everything seem. As if simple conflicts of opinion or profession was all he had to worry about. Lifting his free hand to stroke a strand of blonde hair away from his love's face, the demon let his eyes meet with the green ones in front of him, weighing his options. Would he chance it all? Losing the man in his lap?

A pained sadness was held in his warm eyes, fingers brushing Solomon's cheek sweetly. [i [#dd9518 "Sol, I want so badly to bare my soul to you. You have no idea how much it hurts that I can't."]] The hand stopped, cupping the cheek as his eyes closed, leaning forward to rest his head against the man's. [i [#dd9518 "I'm not ashamed to show my flaws. I am afraid of showing who I am. What I am. You're safer not knowing. Everyone has a breaking point. And breaking yours is something I wouldn't ever be able to forgive myself for. I would love to know everything about you, babe. I just doubt my own existence on this earth too much to allow you to see everything that I am.. I just hope you can understand.. even a little."]]

Moving back and opening his eyes, he saw the blackness of his demonic hands against the pale cheek of his human love. Skin like his shouldn't be tainted with such immoral, evil hands. Hesitant, Ruvyn pulled his hand back and returned his attention to the ice cream, needing a distraction from how dirty he felt in the presence of this man now. They were on such different levels of existence. He couldn't hope to ever be worth this man's time and energy. But he was too selfish to give it up.

He returned his hand around Solomon, this time holding him tight, hand tightly fisted into his shirt, trying to keep himself grounded to this man. [i [#dd9518 "You're too good for me, love. You know that?"]] he questioned rhetorically, chuckling out as his eyes cut to Sol. If he was going to be gone soon, he couldn't just let this be the tone for all of their time together. Ruvyn wanted to experience as much of what love could offer before the end. Setting the ice cream to the side and shifting a bit so that Solomon was faced even more towards him, the demon let his hand reach up to graze his thumb over the other's bottom lip.

Decidedly, Ruvyn would try to let the rest of their time be as loving, passionate and happy as he could manage to salvage from the mess he'd made of things tonight. [i [#dd9518 "Sol.. could I- may I kiss you?"]] It came out as gently as Ruvyn could sound, wanting to give his love plenty of room to back out. If they were to share affection, the demon wanted it to be desired by them both and not something taken by him.
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