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[center [b Person A] is a demon that got ‘suspended’ from Hell, roaming around towns to find a way to fit into the world of humans. At a bar one night they meet [b Person B], a human, who they can’t help sweeping off their feet. They treat B like a god, and B treats them like royalty. Ironically, B has just recently finished schooling to become a priest. Both are unaware of what the other is.


[i [ Oh Lord, Oh Lord, what do I do?]
I’ve fallen for someone who’s nothing like you
He’s raised on the edge of the devil’s backbone
Oh I just wanna take him home]

~PM me if interested. I was thinking this could be m x m but I could also do f x m!~

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A sleepy smile lit up Solomon’s face as the other male emerged from the bathroom. The warmth from the shower transferred to him from the tan arm that was now wrapped around him. He loved his old apartment, but the windows had proven to be quite drafty now that it was winter. Usually it took two or three blankets for him to sleep comfortably, but with Ruben next to him it felt like he was in bed with a space heater.

A satisfied sigh left his lips from the warmth and the comforting rubs on his back. It was truly a shame that he had to wake up at six in the morning when he wanted nothing more than to lay next to Ruben and stay up all night talking. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to talk about. Anything and everything. The little things and the big things. Life. Death.

Solomon chuckled at Ruben’s question, finding it ridiculous. Well, the question about him being there in the morning wasn’t so ridiculous but the second part of the question is what really tickled him. [i One of those one time things? I don’t think it could be even if I wanted it to. I’m in too deep.] He listened to rest of what Ruben had to say before responding. [#6495ED “Hmm, I don’t usually tell one time things that I love them. But I do have church in the morning and two more services to get through after that so I probably will not be home until the evening. I would invite you to tag along...but that...that probably isn’t a good idea."] He could imagine the questioning looks he would get from the priests and nuns if he showed up to the church in the morning with a mysterious man at his side. Although not even trying to extend an invitation felt rude, even if Ruben was into the opposite of God.

[#6495ED “I would feel bad making you leave when I leave because I’ll be up around six am. There’s a spare key under the mat so you can leave whenever as long as you lock the door behind you.”] He said with a smile, nuzzling closer to Ruben. [#6495ED “Remember how I said my home is always open to you? I really meant that.”] Maybe things were moving entirely too fast and maybe he was being too trusting considering the information he had just learned about Ruben. However, Solomon found no reason to be afraid of the man. He wouldn’t retract his invitation to stay just because his lover was involved with demons. Although he was curious about how involved with demons he was but feared his own knowledge of them was based on misconceptions that stemmed from the church. It would be better to ask more questions after he had time to do a little research.

A small smile tugged at his lips, amused with himself for wanting to look into demons because of his new lover. Would he do this for anyone else or was it simply because he felt so connected to Ruben? A question he couldn’t answer. [#6495ED “I feel really safe around you, Ruben. And I spent most of my time growing up feeling afraid and getting hurt so...I guess what I’m trying to say is...I don’t want you to think that I think less of you because of what you told me.”] He brought one hand up and stroked Ruben’s cheek with the edge of his thumb before closing his eyes.
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 The finger tracing the sigil made him shiver a bit. The other seemed to not mind it much, which filled the demon with relief. At least there was some leeway now. While the other didn't know too much of the truth, Ruvyn was glad that the ground work was beginning to be set in place. As badly as he wanted to be able to just say "I'm a demon," the man knew that especially for a religious man, that would be taken a lot harsher than him simply being involved in some bad stuff.

The other calling him sweet made the taller male snicker. Sweet. Yes, that's why he was here on earth as punishment for killing another demon. Because he was sweet. Though to be fair, Ruvyn gave himself a bit of credit, the killing wasn't meant to happen. It was self defense, not that the higher ups saw it that way. So for now, he'd accept the compliment from the other.

Glancing back at Solomon, the demon nodded and gave a loving smile. [i [#dd9518 "I'll be out when I'm done, love. Guess that's an invitation to stay the night then~"]] Ruvyn beamed. He was hoping that he wouldn't have to end the best night ever alone on his rooftop. While the view there was breath taking, the one in the bedroom waiting for him was heart stopping.

Making his way to the shower, he stepped in and turned the water as hot as it would go. While he could feel heat, even the hottest temperature shower water could get wouldn't be painful for him. He very much so enjoyed heat and water. So hot water was a pretty damn good deal for him.

Not paying much mind to anything other than recalling the night he just had as he mindlessly washed himself, Ruvyn glanced down, jolting back in horror as blood coated his hands, dripping down and mixing into the water. His heart began to race as he lifted his hands in search for where it was coming from, feeling all over but finding nothing. Eyes darted all around him before it finally hit him what was going on and the demon went pale with realization. A deep bellow of a growl erupted in his mind, almost purring as if pleased.

No.. Not again..

[East+Sea+Dokdo [i [size22 Mmm.. he is ours now. You have taken him. Claimed him. Marked him. We will take him. You cannot stop us. We will take him away and you will survive. You will not die. We will live.]]]

Gripping his hair, Ruvyn knelt down in a ball and shook his head, teeth gritting together as he tried to push the overwhelming feeling aside. But it was right. He was theirs. Solomon was his. It would be so easy to go in there and take him, fly away with him and find somewhere to hide where the demons couldn't get to them.They could live the rest of the humans life together and then he could accept his fate. Panting, the thoughts beginning to win him over, his form starting to shift, feathers growing out on each side of the sigil on his back, claws showing and hands becoming black. All he could do was give in. This is how it needed to be.

A flicker of something shot through him and blood dripped down from his arm, fingers twitching. The smothering insanity that had surrounded him dissipated. Lifting his head, tears mixed with the water, Ruvyn's form went back to the appearance of a human, glancing at his upper arm where he could see that the blood this time was real. Whatever it was in him that was able to withstand his instincts shocked his system out of his demonic nature, shoving his own claws deep into the flesh of his shoulder.

Taking a heavy breath, the man closed his eyes and stood to his feet, pulling out his claws and turning towards the water to let it rinse the marks. The pain wasn't too bad, more annoying than anything. This would definitely be hard to explain if Sol saw it. He would have to plan for his faster healing doing it's job before morning came when the other would be able to see it.

Finishing his shower, Ruvyn got out, grabbing a towel and drying himself off, looking at himself in the mirror. At least the bleeding had stopped, the wounds not too bad. Heading into the dark room, the tan man slid into bed, stark naked and wrapped an arm around Solomon. The injured man made a point to lay on his injured arm so that if he woke up and turned the light on or just woke up in the morning, hopefully nothing would be seen by the other.

Ruvyn hummed softly, gently rubbing the other's back. After closing his eyes, he spoke out quietly, [i [#dd9518 "So, will you be here when I wake up or is this gunna be one of those one time things?"]] he asked with the slightest of smirks.

[i [#dd9518 "Though I'm guessing you may be. If you've got to go to.. church? I guess then my question should be, "Do you want me to leave in the morning when you do or maybe after I wake up?""]] He had hoped that Sol would let him stay, though a man the human barely knew - one that he thought was into demonology no less - may not be so welcome in his home when he wasn't there. Ruvyn was okay with that thought. It would give him time to be away from it all, to think and clear his head. Yet the thought of having a normal human life living together with the one he loved and going about with their day to day life with each other was very appealing.]]
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[im+fell+english [size16
[i Ah, that’s right. People can hear me if I sing in the shower.] It had been awhile since he had showered so close to another human. Solomon felt no embarrassment, having been in the choir from a young age. He took pride in his voice and enjoyed singing whenever the opportunity arose. Knowing that Ruben had heard him only made him beam.

Wrapping the towel around his waist, the blonde leaned in closer after Ruben turned around. Solomon examined the intricate form, eyes widening upon hearing that it was a brand. [i His family must be very involved. That’s so...interesting.] Tracing the shape with his fingertip he tried to imagine how painful the brand must have been. [#6495ED “A brand seems much worse than a tattoo. I bet that really hurt, huh?”] he said, sucking in a breath of air. Although the brand was for demonic purposes Solomon couldn’t help but admire it. Hell, it was definitely nicer to look at than what was on his own back. He continued to stare at the symbol, wanting to remember it for when he went searching through books later.

The blonde nodded thoughtfully as he listened to a further explanation from his lover. Demonology had never been his forte. He had always studied more about angels, though demons were typically mentioned in association with them. Still, he knew the Bible well and didn’t recognize the name Naberius from any passages. [#6495ED “I don’t think he’s mentioned in scripture. He blesses men in arts and sciences? That’s pretty cool. I may be ‘holy’ but I am not foolish enough to see good and evil as such black and white concepts. Not every angel is all rainbows and sunshine so I assume not all demons are doom and gloom. Besides, you don’t seem like someone that would follow the bloodthirsty type, you’re too sweet”] he chuckled, wrapping his arms around Ruben’s back.

Feeling a tiredness wash over him, Solomon pulled away from his hug and yawned. He had to be up early but didn’t want his time with Ruben to end just yet. What if he woke up and everything turned out to be just a dream? A stupid worry, but it wouldn’t get out of his head. [#6495ED “I’m going to change the sheets and crawl into bed. I hope you’ll join me soon”] he said with a sappy grin. Before heading out of the bathroom he switched his towel from his waist to his shoulders.

Back in the bedroom he slipped on a fresh pair of boxers and ripped the sheets off the bed, tossing them in the corner. He pulled a fresh set of floral sheets out of the closet and hummed a tune as he put them on the bed. Once the bed was all made up he slipped under the top sheet, laying on his side so that he could face the bathroom, hoping he could push away the need to sleep for a bit longer.
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 Upon hearing the gasp the other let out, Ruvyn let out a hearty chuckle, a grin plastered on his face. The sight of the human getting spooked was rather cute to him. If only Solomon had seen his true form. That would have really gotten him. The kiss the man gave to his neck was sweet and soft and more than welcome. Small things like this, the most mundane of touches always made Ruvyn feel butterflies in his stomach. God he felt like such a girl. [i [#dd9518 "Sorry babe, couldn't resist your song~"]] he replied. The demon looked the other's naked form up and down for only a moment, not wanting to look like a perv. Not that they didn't just have sex, but staring blankly at someone was usually a fairly creepy thing to do. Even if the tan male wanted oh so badly to let his eyes do a lot more wandering.

At the mention of his tattoo, Ruvyn raised a brow. So he had noticed it after all. Turning to face the mirror so Solomon could get a better look at it, the demon looked back over his shoulder at the shorter man. [i [#dd9518 It's like a family crest of sorts. What I told you earlier about my family, we all have one. Though technically it's not just a tattoo. Starts as a brand, then the color goes over it after it's healed. You can feel it if you want."]] he said as if branding a demonic sigil on his back was something common and nothing to bat an eye at.

Figuring he should give a bit more of an explanation, Ruvyn considered how he could word it to be as truthful as possible without giving himself away as a demon. Appearing human was key. Facing back to the mirror, he watched Sol in the foggy reflection and rubbed the back of his neck.

[i [#dd9518 "Naberius is the demon my family aligned with. Not sure if he's ever mentioned in the Bible or not, but he's fairly good as far as demons go. Blessing men in arts and sciences and teaching how to live a gracious lifestyle. Not your typical "bloodthirsty demon" stereo type."]] he stated. It was strange talking about his father as if he didn't know him personally. Even if Solomon was put off by Ruvyn seeming so involved in demonic lifestyles, the man refused to paint his father in bad light. Nothing he said was false, however. The demon just stood there waiting for a reaction and hoping that the other wouldn't find something bad to think of the man that raised him.]]
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Solomon believed Ruben when he said he was capable of taking care of himself, but was left speechless once he heard where the male had been staying. How did he even get onto the roof of that building? Maybe he climbed a ladder. Was that safe? Biting his lip to keep himself from expressing further worries he tried his best to express a look of understanding though he wanted to take Ruben in even more now.

He had always been the type to take in injured or stray animals. Rabbits, cats, dogs. Anything without a home often found itself in his room. He remembered taking in a small bird, a fledgling, that had been badly injured after what he assumed to be a cat attack. The words of his father still echoed in his head, [i “Get rid of that thing. You’ll only be disappointed when it dies.”] But it didn’t die. He spent every waking moment with that bird and nursed it back to health, setting it free when it no longer needed him. Put good energy out into the world and good things will happen. Open your arms to those in need. These values guided him through all things. Ruben wasn’t an injured baby bird in any sense but that didn’t stop Solomon from wanting to help him. Even if helping him just meant being there for him.

The feeling of Ruben’s fingers against his cheek made the blonde close his eyes and sigh contently. If they stayed like this forever he wouldn’t even care. To hell with the whole damn church. To hell with the Bible. [i I don’t actually mean that, God. I just...I’m feeling very conflicted.]

Ruben tried to explain himself, though Solomon wasn’t sure if he completely understood. [i Afraid of showing who he is? What he is?] The only thing he could think of was that Ruben had committed some horrible crime. He tried to consider how he would feel if that were the case. Most sins could be forgiven and who was he to judge anyone, especially in this moment. It warmed his heart that Ruben was concerned for his safety and wellbeing. But what was all that talk about breaking points? He wanted to stop the other male and assure him that his breaking point had been reached long ago. That he had been broken and through some miracle pieced himself back together. However, he couldn’t bring himself to talk about that. [#6495ED “Doubting your own existence...that is something I understand. I don’t think I understand everything you’ve said completely but I do to an extent. Though I still hope that one day I can know every part of you.”]

A pleased smile spread across his lips when Ruben’s hand returned to him, though this time it held on a little more tightly. [i "You're too good for me, love. You know that?"] The words stabbed into his rib cage like a dagger, twisting painfully into his heart. All of his life he had strived to be good, yet he was always met with reasons why he was bad. Then along comes this perfect man who was interested in him for some reason. Solomon bit his lip and fought back the tears that would have surely poured out if he was alone. Ruben shifted under him and now Solomon could look directly at his face, lips curving into a small smile due to the soft touch on his bottom. [#6495ED “Its funny that you would say that. I was just thinking that [i you’re] too good for me,] he whispered, eyes settling on to the other male’s lips.

Hearing Ruben’s question made his heart pound harder against his chest. Solomon had been thinking about kissing this man since their first kiss in the bar. But if he kissed him now he knew there would definitely be no going back. [i Who am I kidding? There was never any going back. I don’t know what it is about him, but God forgive me for whatever sins I may commit. I will accept any punishment but I cannot let go of Ruben.] Instead of using words to accept the kiss, Solomon moved his head forward until their lips touched. He placed a gentle hand on the side of Ruben’s cheek as his mouth became more involved in the kiss.

There it was again. That spark he felt the first time. He had almost convinced himself that he imagined the whole thing, but now he was sure that there was something between them. Whether it was special or a dangerous encounter waiting to happen it didn’t matter to Solomon. The only thing that mattered in this moment were the incredible lips that moved against his.
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 Hearing him not back down from his offer, Ruvyn felt a bit of relief. Still, such a big change wouldn't be easy, he knew that much. The human was worried about him though and it didn't sit well with the demon to have Solomon worry that way. The kiss on his cheek caused a soft blush to rise to his cheeks, effectively stopping his train of thought for the moment. Fuck if he didn't want to feel those lips on his own. Perhaps tonight might lead to that an more.

First, the tall man wanted to get a few things straight. Giving a slight grin, Ruvyn shook his head and chuckled lowly. [i [#dd9518 "Trust me, I'm more than capable of taking care of myself without a home like yours. Besides, remember I told you I like heights? As far as I'm concerned, I got the best place in town. I can see everything from the roof of that big business building down the street. I'll admit it's cold, which I hate, but the view is.. breathtaking,"]] he spoke in a reminiscing tone, closing his eyes as if trying to recall the view.

After a few moments he looked back down at the other man. Oh how simple Sol made everything seem. As if simple conflicts of opinion or profession was all he had to worry about. Lifting his free hand to stroke a strand of blonde hair away from his love's face, the demon let his eyes meet with the green ones in front of him, weighing his options. Would he chance it all? Losing the man in his lap?

A pained sadness was held in his warm eyes, fingers brushing Solomon's cheek sweetly. [i [#dd9518 "Sol, I want so badly to bare my soul to you. You have no idea how much it hurts that I can't."]] The hand stopped, cupping the cheek as his eyes closed, leaning forward to rest his head against the man's. [i [#dd9518 "I'm not ashamed to show my flaws. I am afraid of showing who I am. What I am. You're safer not knowing. Everyone has a breaking point. And breaking yours is something I wouldn't ever be able to forgive myself for. I would love to know everything about you, babe. I just doubt my own existence on this earth too much to allow you to see everything that I am.. I just hope you can understand.. even a little."]]

Moving back and opening his eyes, he saw the blackness of his demonic hands against the pale cheek of his human love. Skin like his shouldn't be tainted with such immoral, evil hands. Hesitant, Ruvyn pulled his hand back and returned his attention to the ice cream, needing a distraction from how dirty he felt in the presence of this man now. They were on such different levels of existence. He couldn't hope to ever be worth this man's time and energy. But he was too selfish to give it up.

He returned his hand around Solomon, this time holding him tight, hand tightly fisted into his shirt, trying to keep himself grounded to this man. [i [#dd9518 "You're too good for me, love. You know that?"]] he questioned rhetorically, chuckling out as his eyes cut to Sol. If he was going to be gone soon, he couldn't just let this be the tone for all of their time together. Ruvyn wanted to experience as much of what love could offer before the end. Setting the ice cream to the side and shifting a bit so that Solomon was faced even more towards him, the demon let his hand reach up to graze his thumb over the other's bottom lip.

Decidedly, Ruvyn would try to let the rest of their time be as loving, passionate and happy as he could manage to salvage from the mess he'd made of things tonight. [i [#dd9518 "Sol.. could I- may I kiss you?"]] It came out as gently as Ruvyn could sound, wanting to give his love plenty of room to back out. If they were to share affection, the demon wanted it to be desired by them both and not something taken by him.
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[im+fell+english [size16
Solomon wasn’t sure of the others intentions as he watched the taller male approaching him. A small gasp escaped from his lips as he felt his feet lift from the ground. Ruben had already figuratively swept him off his feet and now he was literally doing it. Being carried bridal style is something that Solomon had never imagined for himself, yet here he was. The more time he spent with the other male the more he seemed to open up a whole new world of possibilities.

He couldn’t deny that he enjoyed the effortless way Ruben’s strong arms supported his body. When they reached the couch he expected to be set down on the couch, but instead he was positioned on Ruben’s lap, causing color to spread through his cheeks. He wasn’t used to being this physical with anyone. This unexplainable connection between them was illogical and for him, immoral. Yet when his eyes met the golden pair in front of him any worry left in his mind faded away. Solomon chuckled at Ruben’s question about the spoons. [#6495ED “Sharing a spoon with you sounds lovely.”]

There had been men in Solomon’s life before but none had ever been this captivating. He had to wonder if this was the beginning of a beautiful love. Though it seemed to early to use the word “love” it echoed through his mind. Love. He didn’t have much experience with that. His mother and father had never seemed “in love”. At some point he was sure that there had been a spark in their eyes when they looked at each other or that at one time perhaps his father had been charming. However, if there ever was anything of the sort between his parents it had died somewhere along the way. If he was being honest with himself that was one of the many reasons he had decided to become a priest. The fear of loving and losing. Certainly most people felt this fear, but in his case he didn’t want to be unhappily married with four children and a mean spirited heart. No, he wanted to be nothing like his father.

What he did know of love he had absorbed from romance novels and most importantly The Song of Solomon, a series of lyrical poems from the Old Testament. As a child he was obsessed because it was his namesake but as he grew older he became obsessed with the actual meaning of the words.

The poems were between a young woman and her lover. They praise one another’s beauty and the woman dreams of her lover and their wedding. It seemed something more akin to Shakespeare than the Bible which was the best part about it. Scholars analyzed it as an allegory for God’s love for humankind. Solomon saw it more as the intensity of love that humans can express with an exploration of the mystical quality of erotic desire. Although he never dared breathe a word of his true thoughts to those close to him, The Song of Solomon kept him sane in some of his darkest moments.

[i Oh may your breasts be like clusters of the vine, and the scent of your breath like apples, and your mouth like the best wine./ It goes down smoothly for my beloved, gliding over lips and teeth.I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me.- Song of Solomon 7]

Solomon’s eyes locked onto the spoon as Ruben dug it into the cold dessert and brought it closer to his mouth. He parted his lips and took in the ice cream, trying not to make a mess. Hearing the voice of his beloved he turned all attention to him, green eyes locking onto those perfect lips. His happy ice-cream fueled smile flipped into a frown upon hearing Ruben say that he wasn't a good person.

It was true that Solomon knew little about him, but there was no way that Ruben was a bad person. He refused to believe it. Still, he refrained from interjecting and listened to what else the male had to say. Though his words were a bit confusing, Solomon understood what he was trying to say. He hadn’t expected Ruben to accept his offer for a place to stay, but had offered anyways because that was the kind of person he was. Surely there were differences between them. Living with other people always came with difficulties. However, he couldn’t bear the thought of Ruben freezing somewhere with no warm place to rest his head.

Staring back into the golden eyes, he tried to give a reassuring smile. Lose him? There was no way Ruben could lose him. He was hooked on the sweet nectar of love and didn’t plan on going anywhere, despite the consequences that loomed in the back of his mind. [#6495ED “We all strive to be good people and sometimes we fail but that’s okay,”] he said, nuzzling closer to Ruben. [#6495ED “You don’t have to stay here and I’m sorry if my quickness to open my home to you was alarming in any way. I just...the thought of you wandering the streets alone is heartbreaking. Please remember that my home is always open to you.”]

Leaning in closer, Solomon placed a kiss on the tan manle’s cheek. [#6495ED “Ruben, there is no flaw in you that could keep me away. I’ve never felt--I don’t know what I feel. But I know that I’m not going anywhere. I have to confess that I’m also afraid of losing you because of what I am. Yet, even though I’m afraid, I want you to know everything about me. And I want to know everything about you,”] he spoke softly, his voice slightly wavering.
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 Damn. His attempt to get the other flustered enough to stay off the subject of his past hadn't gone exactly to plan. Then again, Ruvyn was on Solomon's turf now, so it was likely that the comforts of his own home raised the human's confidence. [i "But first...are you really okay?”] Great. He had far too little alcohol in him to deal with this right now. Not that it'd help him to relax or anything. Lifting the glass, he took a large gulp, eyes on Solomon as he rounded the corner.

He wondered for a moment why the other would come over to him but the answer he received left him far more stunned than he could have ever envisioned. Such a simple gesture of affection, yet it shook him to the core, his hand holding the glass trembling. It was as if his whole body froze in place and melted at the same time. Something inside him was screaming out in desperation. Ruvyn had long since accepted his inevitable fate. When the time came, he would be called back to hell and his life would come to an end. It took him a while to accept such a thing, of course, but he knew there was no way around it. The most he could hope for was enjoying whatever time he had left.

But here in the arms of this man.. this [i human].. his soul ignited with the desire to live. He didn't just want to live for himself anymore, and maybe that's why this man changed everything for the demon. Now he wanted to live for Solomon. Dark, wide eyes stung with an unfamiliar wetness, heart nearly pounding free from its boney prison.

The offer came but no words could escape his throat. Realization setting in. This guy knew so little about him, and what few things he did know were mostly lies. Somehow though, he offered him a home here with him. A decision that Ruvyn wouldn't.. [i couldn't] make lightly. Knowing he'd have to speak up soon if he didn't want Solomon to notice how unsettled he was, the demon managed to whisper out a rather strained, [i [#dd9518 "I'll.. think about it."]] Hoping that would suffice for the time being.

The kiss to the top of his head was bittersweet. It drew him closer in the cruelest of ways. Wishing for anything more than what he already got with his love was only going to end in tragedy for both of them. Once the human left the room, a hand quickly gripped his chest and Ruvyn shot out of his chair, stepping away from the table and over to the wall near the door, his free hand connecting with the surface as his breathing began to come out quick and heavy. The world was spinning, mind racing. [i My love?] The demon wondered incredulously.

No, love would only complicate things. It couldn't be love anyway could it? They had only seen each other twice, and he wasn't the love struck preteen girl type. Yet all he could hear was his father's voice, calm and clear like the beam of a lighthouse cutting through the dense fog of his sea of doubt.

[i [#dd9518 "I don't get it then, what's the difference from loving family and being [b in] love?"] "The difference is, you live life for yourself though your love for your family leads you to protect and fight for them. But when you love, when you [b truly] love someone.. you're no longer living life for yourself. You feel as if the world could end and so long as you have them, your life could keep going with ease.Because they [b are] your world. Because you're living for them just as much as you're living for yourself. But don't think too hard on it now, you'll know it when you feel it."]

Those words rang true to how Ruvyn felt about Solomon, but if he wasn't walking the line of death would he still feel the same? Would he still care so much for this man? Or was everything he felt just a dead man's desperation for affection before his end? Trying to steady his breathing, the man looked up slowly at the wall, instincts or perhaps something else in the universe telling him there was something he needed to see. A brief expression of confused belief flashed over his features as his eyes met with the item on the wall. A cross. Staring at it for a moment, he glanced at the ceiling as if to stare into the heavens, begging the question of God's existence. Was that supposed to be some sign of divine power? Or was it nothing more than coincidence?

Either way, it was enough to break him of the hold panic had on him moments before, pulling his arm back to his side and stepping back to eye the religious decor again. [i If God was there, would he even give a shit about demons? Would he want me with a human?] The thought was enough to make Ruvyn let out a bitter chuckle.

Hearing the voice of hope come back into the room, the demon turned with a soft smile. He couldn't let any of his bitterness show to this man. Solomon had done so much for him that the human wasn't even aware of and Ruvyn had no intention of showing him anything but kindness and love in return. That word was still so new to him, but regardless of his cautiousness for the situation he was in, the man would accept this feeling as it came to him. And for now, he would bet what little of his life was left on it being love.

Ruvyn walked up to Solomon and effortlessly swept him up into his arms, being careful not to make him drop the utensils or the cold treat the man brought him. Carrying him over to the couch, he sat down, placing his human in his lap, setting him a bit sideways so they could still see each other's faces. Letting his hand rub up and down Solomon's back gingerly, Ruvyn looked down at the ice cream for a second before his eyes met with the blonde's. [i [#dd9518 "Why two spoons when we could share one?"]] he questioned, taking one of the spoons and scooping a bite to take for himself. It was sweet and cold. Of course, it was ice cream. While the demon usually didn't like cold things, the thought of sharing with Sol like this outweighed anything negative he would have felt for eating this stuff on his own. Perhaps that's what love does. The demon tried to reason with himself. Anything that would help him point towards his feelings being legitimate and not situational.

His heart felt light and yet somehow swollen twenty times it's normal size. Smiling, the demon brought the spoon down to procure another generous amount of the ice cream, this time lifting it to Solomon's lips, watching to make sure he didn't spill it, but also just because he wanted to watch the other's mouth.

[i [#dd9518 "Mm.. so. About before. I appreciate your offer, but I'm hesitant. There's a lot about me that I'm not sure would fit your lifestyle. Or anyone's lifestyle really. I don't know, maybe it would just be easier if I said.. that I'm not a good person?"]] he trailed off, resting his chin on Sol's shoulder in thought. [i [#dd9518 "And from what I've seen, you're an.. amazingly great person. I honestly couldn't hope to compare, but- Well, if we stayed like this. A bit of distance, then it'd be easier to not have or differences clash. But if we close that gap and both live so close, I don't know if those differences would have enough space for.. acceptance. Does that make sense? Wouldn't it be better to live in blissful ignorance than to have those things ruin us. I-"]] his voice broke off and he seemed either lost for words or afraid of how what he wanted to say would be taken.

Looking up to meet Sol's eyes, he smiled and let out a soft sigh of endearment. [i [#dd9518 "I really don't want to lose you, Sol. And if you knew too much, I'm afraid I would."]] he admitted with loving eyes.
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[im+fell+english [size16
A single eyebrow shot up upon hearing that the other male liked birds. Solomon didn’t peg Ruben as someone who would like cute animals. Although larger birds were definitely more intimidating than small ones. Head tilted, he chewed his food and listened to the other speak, finding the sound of his voice symphonic. When Ruben didn’t explicitly reveal his age he chuckled along with him. He didn’t care too much about how old he was, though his brain had been playing the “what if” game. What if this guy is 18? What if he’s 17? Judging by Ruben’s appearance it seemed very unlikely, but hearing a confirmation that he was at least twenty was reassuring.

Nodding, Solomon took note of Ruben’s food preferences. He was thankful for choosing to cook a meat dish for dinner. [i Next time I should make hamburgers...but maybe stuffed hamburgers? Feta cheese with peppers. And brioche buns.] Realizing that he was jumping ahead of himself made the blonde blush. They hadn’t even finished dinner yet and he was already planning another one. Something could go horribly wrong or Ruben could disappear again. He moved his attention back to the perfect male across from him, eyes zoning in on the last bit of food left on his plate.

[i “Aspirations.. Huh.. I guess... trying to stay alive?”] The response came as a surprise and he immediately stopped chewing on his food. A piece of chicken went down his throat slowly, in a painful way. He reached for his glass of wine and tried to wash it down without looking like he was choking on food. Fortunately, there were more words to explain what he meant by “trying to stay alive”. Hearing that Ruben had been kicked out of his home and that things had been hard caused his brows to knit together,concern clearly visible. Solomon had been kicked out of his home before and found it hard to believe that Ruben was feeling fine. In his own time of need he had turned to the church, but that wasn’t an option for everyone. He didn’t want to suggest staying at a church or the homeless shelter run by his church because he didn’t want to shove religion down anyone's throat.

Before he had the chance to respond, Ruben had already moved onto another topic. Solomon suspected that he wanted to distract him from saying anything about his situation. He was always thankful for a compliment on his food and the way that Ruben said his name was every bit enticing. Especially paired with that grin. It was enough to send shivers down Solomon’s spine. However, he couldn’t just ignore the information revealed to him. Swirling the small bit of wine left in his glass, he pondered the best way to approach the topic without being too overbearing. [#6495ED “I’m glad you enjoyed the meal. I actually bought a tub of ice cream that I need help eating otherwise I’ll eat way too much. I don’t think I taste as sweet as ice cream but maybe you can be the judge of that later? But first...are you really okay?”]

Solomon stood up from the table and moved towards Ruben. When he reached the taller male he draped his arms over his shoulders from behind and crossed them over his chest, pulling him into a loose hug. His blonde head hung low, near Ruben’s ear. Using a calm, low voice he spoke, [#6495ED “I don’t want to stick my nose in your business but I’ve been in a similar situation and it was frustrating. I felt very alone and scared. Ruben, if you need a place to stay you can stay here. For as long as you need. No questions asked.”] Every instinct inside him was screaming to retract the invitation, telling Solomon to step away. Despite the strange feeling inside him, he placed a kiss on top of Ruben’s dark locks before picking up the plates and wine glasses from the table. He took them to the kitchen to put in the dishwasher and grabbed the tub of ice cream out of the freezer.

He emerged from the kitchen holding the ice cream and two large spoons. [#6495ED “I couldn’t decide on a flavor so I got Neapolitan. I figure you can’t go wrong with strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.”]
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 Hearing the human speaking of travel around earth, it quickly became apparent to Ruvyn how little he knew about human culture, much less the geography of this place. Italy and Ireland? He had heard of those places before but having never been to earth before his sentence, these names now meant nothing to him. Raising his brows to feign amazement, he'd take a chance in acting impressed that the other had traveled. At least now, the demon had a name for where he'd been this whole time. America. Though the other didn't seem too thrilled about being here. Nodding as he listened to the other continue, something Solomon said caught his attention. The man hated people that use power and status to abuse others.

Seemed like he was describing the demon race as a whole. Maybe he and Sol wouldn't be good together after all. Of course, Ruvyn himself never used either to abuse people, in fact he had always tried to steer clear of others in hell specifically to avoid demons like that. Trying to appear as if it wasn't getting under his skin, the male tilted his head and scratched his cheek in thought. Right he had to talk about himself now too. This should be interesting. Practically his whole existence should be kept a secret. Where to begin?

[i [#dd9518 "Let's see.. I think birds are pretty cool. The bigger the better. Heights? Anywhere up high is my favorite place to be. Like being able to look out and see for miles. It's a nice feeling, getting away from everything, y'know? And drinking. Obviously. Age wise, let's say I'm between twenty and thirty."]] he said with a playful grin, chuckling a bit to hide the fact that he had no idea what age would be acceptable to the other human. It wasn't like he could just come out and say "Hey, I'm Ruben and I'm almost four hundred years old." Continuing on, he took a sip of wine before speaking again.

[i [#dd9518 "Honestly, I'm an easy to please man. Anything with meat, especially red meat and you've won me over. Was that all..?"]] he paused for a moment before recalling one more thing. Instantly his brows tightened and he looked down at his plate. Seemingly lost in deep thought, there was confusion and a sense of hopelessness in his eyes as he poked at the last of his food with his fork. [i [#dd9518 "Aspirations.. Huh.. I guess... trying to stay alive?"]] he said questioningly but it almost came as a request, as if asking some unknown force if he was allowed to continue living. Like he was just waiting for death to come for him soon. Which he was. Ruvyn realized that his answer must have seemed dark and he tried to salvage it if at all possible by letting out a chuckle and looking to his side.

[i [#dd9518 "Haha sorry.. Guess we all aspire to live huh? Human nature right? Didn't mean to sound so depressed, just been a bit hard lately. I suppose you could say I got kicked out of my home not too long ago. I've been fine and all, I just worry about my brother, Kole. I know he's pissed about it. We were pretty close but.. what can you do? Just gotta keep rolling with the punches and figure out another way."]]

He had hoped to not make the other worry or to pry too much into everything, but his mouth running more than it should have to save his own ass might have done more harm than good in that sense. Perhaps he could derail this line of conversation if he acted fast enough. Leaning back and letting out a groan, Ruvyn stretched out his arms and looked back at Solomon once again. [i [#dd9518 "Damn, that was good. But I gotta ask.. what's for dessert?"]] Leaning forward, he leaned against the table and shot the man a devious grin, fire in his eyes.

[i [#dd9518 "I'm hoping there's a little Solomon on the menu. I've been craving it all day."]] he nearly purred out. Sure. When in doubt, turn things sexual. That's practically what all of the time in bars had taught Ruvyn was the human way to do things.]]]
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[im+fell+english [size16
[i "The food looks almost as good as you do. Since I can't know for sure yet though, I guess I'll start with tasting this meal first."] Solomon couldn’t stop himself from smiling like an idiot at the compliment. His eyes watched the man across from him with a great intensity, taking in all of his movements. When Ruben licked his lips, the green eyes stayed frozen on his mouth. He watched as each bite of food disappeared and only looked away once he realized he probably looked like a creep. The blonde ate slowly, enjoying each mouthful and all of the flavors that exploded on his taste buds. [i Hm, could have used a bit more garlic. Maybe a splash more of white wine in the sauce.] He continued to silently critique his cooking as he reached for the glass of wine to pair with another bite. Ruben’s voice snapped his attention away from the food and his eyes looked up to meet the golden pair that bored into him from across the table.

Many thoughts raced through his mind at the questions hurled his way. The first two questions were easy to answer, but how was he to explain what his life was like without mentioning church? Of course he would have to bring it up eventually, however this did not seem like an ideal time. His daily life mostly revolved around the church and when he wasn’t at church he was at home...or in some bar pretending that his intentions were pure. [#6495ED “Wait, you want to make this a thing? I-I-that makes me very happy. I mean I wasn't sure how you felt but...”] A chuckled followed his stammered words. He had been so wrapped up in how to answer the questions that he had almost missed the most important part of what the other had said.

The way Ruben spoke was calming and his worries about the questions quickly faded, though only to be replaced by new worries. What did it mean to be a thing? Solomon had pretended to date women in high school while always having a “thing” in the background. In college he hid his flings or semi-relationships with men, convincing himself that he wasn’t a priest yet so it didn’t matter. Now he was a priest. Someone regarded highly by the church and its community and here he was getting into another thing. But god, this was different. For some reason he was willing to risk everything for this man he barely knew. [i Once a sinner, always a sinner. How many times can I use that excuse?]

Shaking away the thoughts for now, Solomon scrambled to find something to say that wouldn’t sound degrading. This something would take all his brain power to focus on. It was easy to talk negatively about himself and harder to focus on the positives. [#6495ED “Well, I guess you already know that I like cooking. I also love to travel. I went to Ireland a lot as a child because my mom has family there. Recently I lived in Italy for a little over a year and it was kind of hard to come back here. I traveled all over Europe during my stay and the history and rich culture is more exciting than what America has to offer.”] He took another bite of food, scolding himself mentally for omitting that his stay in Italy related directly to his priest training. [#6495ED “Hmm, what do I hate? Hate is a strong word, but I guess I hate people that use their power or status to abuse others.”]

Eyeing the dwindling bottle of wine, the priest went into the kitchen to fetch another bottle. More wine to keep his nerves calm. Plus, it was a good way to avoid answering the question about what his life was like. He returned to the table and refilled both glasses, leaving the new bottle next to the man with the drinking tolerance of steel. [#6495ED “I’ve answered some questions so what about you, Ruben? What do you like, what are your aspirations, how old are you? Oh! And what is your favorite thing to eat? That one is important.”] Solomon folded his hands together and rested his chin on them, smiling at the handsome male and praying that he wouldn’t press for any more details about his life that would be hard to answer truthfully.
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 [i "Can you slice some tomatoes and mozzarella for the salad?”] Solomon's words almost didn't reach Ruvyn. He was in such a daze from the dangerous voice in his head yelling at him to take this man and run away with him. But somehow the human was able to cut past the haze and fog clouding his mind to get through to him. While the other was faced away, the demon pressed a hand to his face and took a deep breath, trying to ground himself. Make sense of any of this. For now, Solomon's presence was the only thing keeping him sane. Providing comfort despite experiencing something that might have sent him in a fit otherwise.

[i [#dd9518 "Tomatoes and mozzarella. Got it."]] Dragging his hand down his face, he made his way to the sink and turned on the water to wash his hands before dealing with food. Germs didn't bother a demon like Ruvyn, but he figured the gesture would be much more appreciated from his cooking partner. As his eyes rested on his hands, he saw them as they were, not as the humans saw them. Pitch black hands with long sharp claws turned over palm up as the man observed them. Slowly, blood began to bubble up from his palms, spilling over his hands and pouring into the sink below.

With wide eyes and a pounding heart, Ruvyn quickly turned to glance at his companion, seeing his busy with the food as normal. But something was off. From his neck, the demon could see blood starting to trickle down the blond's body, pooling under his feet on the floor. His mind was playing tricks on him. Closing his eyes tight, he turned away and shoved his hands into the water and scrubbed ferociously at them with soap and water, willing the visions away.

Somehow, he knew what his mind was trying to tell him. Warning him that what he saw would happen if the demon followed what the voice had told him. He knew. He knew all too well that if he listened, he would very well lose Solomon forever. Somber eyes opened to thankfully find his hands were back to normal. The plain, black, demonic ones from before clean and free from the blood of the man his heart was bound to. A breath of relief left his throat and a forlorn smile took its place on the man's lips.

At least for now, the other was safe. That's all that mattered to the tall man. Cooking with the other succeeded in lifting his spirits and distracting him from the foreboding voice. It didn't take long for the two to have their meal ready and placed at the table. The food looked delicious and the wine was a welcomed sight. Thank Lucifer, he needed to get some alcohol in him. Watching the other take a seat, he followed suit and took the place at the other end, eyeing the plates before eyeing the snack sitting across from him.

[i [#dd9518 "The food looks almost as good as you do. Since I can't know for sure yet though, I guess I'll start with tasting this meal first,"]] he quipped with a confidant grin, reaching out to grab the wine, pouring himself some as well, downing the glass in one quick gulp. Letting out a sound of satisfaction, the demon licked his lips and went to trying the food, feeling a purr rumble in his chest. It [i was] good. Having a bit of bias for the swiftly disappearing chicken on his plate, Ruvyn took a few more bites. The tan hands did their best to keep the food coming slowly, not wanting to shovel the food down as he normally would. While Ruvyn attempted to have manners, it was obvious he wasn't used to the customs of date etiquette.

Taking a short break, he poured a bit more wine for himself, limiting himself with this half filled glass, not wanting to hog it all. Leaning back and taking a sip of the wine, deciding to savor what little he had left, he locked eyes with Solomon. [i [#dd9518 "So, Solomon, tell me more about yourself. What kind of things do you like, what do you hate, what's your life like? I figure since we both seem to wanna make this a thing between us, we should probably know more than just... Me Ruben you Solomon, right?"]] Ruvyn chucked to himself. Part of him felt bad for telling Solomon a name that wasn't his but.. surely it was close enough.
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[im+fell+english [size16
The trading of compliments between themselves made Solomon’s heart jump. He simply chuckled and shook his head before slipping an apron over his own neck. This one sported the words “Kiss the chef” which held a whole new meaning now that he wasn’t cooking alone. There were other aprons to choose from but he wanted to entice the other male, eager to feel his lips again. Even though Solomon knew resisting temptation would be harder with Ruben in his apartment it was hard for him to care. Desire filled dreams had tortured him since their first encounter at the club.

Feeling a hand slink around to his back, the smaller male didn’t realize what was happening until there was barely any space left between their bodies. His heart began beating so fast that he could hear the pounding echo inside his head. Solomon peered up at Ruben, green eyes producing a sultry look beneath his long lashes. Sparks shot through his body at the sensation of the thumb against his cheek. He hoped the other didn’t realize that he was turning into putty, willing and ready to do whatever the other had in mind. Words tumbled clumsily out of his mouth, [#6495ED “Sorry, its just food...really good food. Uh, I like the sound of you calling me baby so now I’ve lost my train of thought and I can't think of how to describe what we'll be eating.”]

Standing so close to the other male made it easy to really take in his features, which were perfect. Those golden eyes that captured him every time he so much as glanced in their direction. The smooth, playful lips that beckoned him to move in just a bit closer. How was it possible for another human to be so captivating? Solomon knew that his pale face had to be completely red at this point because there was no part of his body that wasn't currently on fire. Lust. A sin for any person, but an even bigger sin for a priest. Somewhere in the back of his mind a voice was yelling at him to snap out of it, alerting him of danger.

[i No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.] The verse started as a whisper but got louder the longer they touched, eventually making the priest uncomfortable. He so wanted to believe the verse from Corinthians, but the thumb running across his bottom lip was definitely more temptation than he could endure.

A relieved sigh escaped him when Ruben finally stepped away. Control over his body returned and he pressed his hands against both cheeks, trying to hide his embarrassment despite the fact that he had been red for quite some time. Seeing Ruben blush as well did bring him some comfort. [#6495ED “Its okay. I could say the same thing. You have this effect on me that I can't explain,”] he stammered, his breathing trying to return to normal. Solomon was surprised at how easily he wanted to give in to temptation. He had done a better job at resisting under the influence of alcohol. Though he was disappointed with himself, feeling Ruben’s fingers through his hair provided a calming effect.

Beaming, he looked up at the affectionate male.[#6495ED “ I'll start seasoning the chicken for the cacciatore. Can you slice some tomatoes and mozzarella for the salad?”] Solomon talked as he bustled around in the kitchen, preparing a pot to boil water while also setting a skillet on the stove to heat. The priest hummed to the smooth music that still filled the apartment, swaying around the kitchen in a joyous state. Sometimes he stopped to guide Ruben, always happy for an excuse to push his body closer or place a kiss on his tan hands.

No more than half an hour later and a small feast was laid out on the dining table. Two plates of noodles covered with baked chicken, mushrooms, and a semi-spicy sauce sat across from each other. A caprese salad and bread topped with pureed tomatoes took up the space between the plates. Clapping his hands together, clearly satisfied with the spread, Solomon slid into a seat. He resisted the urge to make the sign of the cross and say grace, something he had done before every meal ever since he could remember. Instead, he poured a glass of red wine and took a sip. A sweet smile rested on his face as he twirled noodles around his fork. [#6495ED “I hope everything is to your liking. I love cooking and cooking with you makes this meal even more special.”]
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 Nothing could break Ruvyn's remarkably good mood right now. The antics of the human far too amusing and adorable to let any bad thoughts enter his mind. And the quip that he smoothly sent back his way from before did nothing to turn him away from Solomon. Following the other back to the apartment, the demon couldn't help but steal a few glances here and there. Thankfully the walk was short or else the other might have eventually caught on to the man's inquisitively lingering eyes.

Entering Solomon's home felt like a right of passage, stepping in and taking in everything around him. His eyes rather swiftly took note of the cross and the bibles, but just as quickly as they found such things, they left to move on to the next, not wanting the other to notice his distaste for religious paraphernalia. The home had a very classic feel to it. An older soul perhaps. Not many people he had seen these days on earth were like that. Most humans Solomon's age seemingly only wanted anything to do with the next popular thing.

Once the vase of water was brought back to him, he carefully unwrapped the flowers and slipped them into the water, hearing it slosh a bit. Finally he could get rid of these bags. They were more annoying than heavy, having to hold them in such an awkward way. Decidedly setting them on the tables surface, he was able to pull his arms out of the stretched plastic handles and let out a relieved huff.

[i Italian? Fuck, I don't know anything about Italy. I'm gunna look like an idiot.] He began to panic a bit but as the music began to play, the voice seemed to soothe him. Perhaps using his ignorance to seem smooth would work in letting him keep at least some of his dignity tonight. But as the human began to sway his hips, no amount of secrecy was applied to Ruvyn's blatant staring. [i [#dd9518 "Hoh, damn.."]] he breathed out in a whisper. That shouldn't be allowed. The demon wanted so badly to take this slow and easy and as innocent as someone like him could manage before breaking, but something like that wasn't helping his case at all.

Shortly the man returned and Ruvyn mouthed the words before letting out a hearty chuckle of amusement. [i [#dd9518 "Shouldn't this one be yours? I mean, from what what you seem to think of me, I guess I fit the bill, but I think it suits you better."]] Shifting his shoulders to let his leather jacket slide off of his arms, the tall male hung it over the back of one of the chairs. Promptly removing his hoodie as well and placing it over the jacket, the apron was then hooked over his neck and tied loosely around his back.

Listening to all the fancy words escape the other's lips brought back that stupid feeling that Ruvyn felt before. Time to work his magic. Slinking a hand around to press against the small of Solomon's back, the other reaching up to cup his cheek, the sly man pulled their bodies together. With a thumb caressing the shorter male's cheek lovingly, a devilishly toothy grin parted Ruvyn's smooth lips, the heat from their bodies only intensifying the spark he could feel between them. [i [#dd9518 "Baby, I don't have any idea what you just said but damn do I love the sound of it.~"]]

As he waited a moment, trying to ascertain the success or failure of his move, the demon found himself a bit lost as he was now face to face with the man he decidedly would spend the remainder of his life with. The hand on his cheek shifted so Ruvyn could run his thumb back and forth across his partner's bottom lip, almost transfixed on the man.

A deep growl seemed to roar to life inside of him.]][East+Sea+Dokdo [i [size25 [center He's ours. He's yours. He's mine. Mine. Take him take him. Quickly he must be ours. Run away, bring him with us. Hide and keep him away. They can't find us. You will live and fight. Fight. Fight and stay alive. Survive. You must survive. Survive and take him! TAKE HIM NOW!!]]][Josefin+Sans [center [size15 The scream in his head broke him out of his trance and shook him to the core, realizing he was still so close to Solomon. Letting go and taking a step back, Ruvyn blushed and cleared his throat, a bit embarrassed. [i [#dd9518 "Sorry, you're just breathtaking that close up. Got a bit lost there,"]] the shaken man spoke, and it wasn't a lie.

He felt completely confused and lost. Was that himself speaking or someone else? Remembering what the voice said scared him. The demon knew that those thoughts, if left to fester could end up making him hurt Solomon, or worse. As if he needed one more thing to worry about right now. At least this was even more incentive for him to keep his hands to himself and play it innocent for Solomon.

Hoping to reassure him further, he reached out again and ran a hand through Sol's hair gingerly. [i [#dd9518 "So.. cooking?"]]]]
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