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[center [b Person A] is a demon that got ‘suspended’ from Hell, roaming around towns to find a way to fit into the world of humans. At a bar one night they meet [b Person B], a human, who they can’t help sweeping off their feet. They treat B like a god, and B treats them like royalty. Ironically, B has just recently finished schooling to become a priest. Both are unaware of what the other is.


[i [ Oh Lord, Oh Lord, what do I do?]
I’ve fallen for someone who’s nothing like you
He’s raised on the edge of the devil’s backbone
Oh I just wanna take him home]

~PM me if interested. I was thinking this could be m x m but I could also do f x m!~

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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 Watching as the blond male nuzzled into his hand, Ruvyn felt something inside himself snap. This divine human had to be protected at all cost. No matter who or what this man was, the demon felt a protectiveness that nearly rivaled that of his brother. So little was known about this being, yet it hardly mattered to the tall man as he gazed into the other's green eyes. The desires that filled him only moments ago were now replaced with such an overwhelming desire to make this person know how great he was.

If he and his brother were picked on before in hell, he dared not think of how much worse it'd be if those demons could see him now. Here in this place full of drunken humans, falling victim to this beauty's spell. Death had it's due date for him when we returned to hell, but Ruvyn imagined no greater death than at the hands of Solomon.

Hearing the man's request made a light, airy chuckle escape from the demon's lips. Though he was a bit shocked at the sudden shyness that Solomon seemed to exude now, he was more shocked at how he himself was willing to go along with that idea. Usually the black haired man was the type to take things fast, enjoy life in the moment. He wasn't used to taking his time and planning the future.

Perhaps knowing how fast his clock was ticking provided him the new perspective of holding onto whatever catches his eye no matter the cost. Ready and willing to accept the proposal, Ruvyn had but a moment to process what Solomon last said before he felt the gentle press of the other's lips against his. The sensation sent a jolt through his nerves, his senses going wild as all of the world around them became insignificant. Every smell, sight, touch and sound shared between the two was branded into the demons mind. No matter what hell he ever faced, this moment would remain as the guiding light that would see him through it.

But all too soon, the other pulled back and a desire for more touch, even of the most innocent type overtook the tall man. If he didn't have at least an ounce of pride left in his shaken soul, he could have nearly let out a whimper of dissatisfaction. A bit of a frown and disappointing eyes was all he let himself portray of disappointment on his features.

When he looked down at his hands as if by instinct, Ruvyn felt as if he could see and feel the weight of chains around his wrists. While nothing was there, he knew there was no escape from this one. He had the demon in his clutches for better or worse and all the man could do was hope that Solomon would never wish him away. Because that was the one thing that Ruvyn knew he could never do from here on. Deciding that the proverbial chains could have been more of a blessing for him than a curse, the man stood with Solomon and rested a hand on the small of his back for support.

The giggling that came from his new friend sent a warmth through him that rivaled the feeling of alcohol and he chuckled in response. Letting his free hand take the one that was shaking a finger at him, he brought it to his lips, kissing it chastely. Ready to leave, Ruvyn remembered that both of their drinks needed to be paid for. Aggravation set in as he turned, still keeping a steady hand behind Solomon to make sure he wouldn't topple over and swiftly pulled out a wad of cash. He had well over whatever the cost of their drinks were but was too eager to get out of the bar to waste time getting the exact cost out.

One final time the barkeep locked eyes with him, the look in the young man's eyes almost desperate. A final plea to chose him over the drunken mess in his arms perhaps? A futile plea if anything. Tossing the other his wad of cash, a malicious grin painted over his lips. Hoping Solomon would be too drunk to either take in his words or remember them the next day, he let venom drip from every word he spoke, [i [#dd9518 "Keep the change. You'll have plenty of extra cash to fill your freezer with ice cream tonight since you won't be seeing me around here again."]] With that, he turned away, deciding to add one final jab at the guy for having the nerve to even look at Solomon wrong. [i [#dd9518 "Oh, and desperation is a fucking hideous color on you, sweetheart. Try to work on that."]]

Finally, he felt like they could be on their way. Leading his companion away from the bar and the dumbfounded barkeep, the demon looked down at him, still half in awe at how he was holding onto such a perfect person. Once they were on the much more quiet city sidewalk, he spoke up, his tone much softer, holding an essence of concern and care, [i [#dd9518 "So, doll... Where do you live? And like you said, no funny business. Unless you count that cute little finger wag you did earlier."]] Ruvyn smiled and lifted his hand to mimic the same waggle of his finger that Solomon had done.
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Skin to skin contact. Solomon was caught off guard by the warm knuckles of the other stroking his cheek and even more so by the devious grin. His eyes widened as he listened to Ruben speak. The words sounded every bit seductive, but he realized that his earlier statement had been taken out of context. Perhaps he had reached his alcohol limit. Had it been five shots of whiskey now? The warm open palm of his radiant conversation partner offered support for his head. A good thing, considering it was starting to feel like it was going to spin off of his neck and land across the room. He closed his eyes, nuzzling into the hand that cupped his cheek, enjoying the gentle touch of the thumb tracing his jaw. It would be so easy to give in, to disregard the oath he had made. To enjoy himself for once…

Steamy thoughts snapped him out of his delirious state and his green eyes fluttered open, connecting with the pair in front of him. By this point his whole face was red from embarrassment. Solomon placed his own hand over the other’s and smiled shyly. [#6495ED “I’m sorry...I didn’t, uh, mean it in that way. The sandwich comment. Not that I don’t find you attractive and, um, I’m sure you’re delicious, but I’m not used to this. Your flirtatious suggestions make it hard to say no but…maybe would it be possible to get to know you better? I mean--I’d like to see you again if possible."]

The inward struggle he currently faced against temptation was apparent by the expression on his face. He wanted to leave with this man and do whatever, wherever. But, he couldn’t, not in good conscience. If he did there would just be guilt and consequences to deal with in the morning. Not to mention that he had never slept with a complete stranger before and the idea made him extremely nervous. His count of partners was understandably low and the fear of disappointing Ruben also loomed at the back of his mind.

Solomon really hoped that Ruben didn’t think he was blowing him off. Making lame excuses for why he wouldn’t go home with him. Slowly, the priest leaned in closer until his nose was just touching the others. [#6495ED “I hope this is okay?”], he whispered before pressing his lips against the perfectly sculpted lips in front of him. The interaction lasted longer than he had intended because he found himself not wanting to pull away. When he finally did, his lips formed into a drunken, goofy grin. Saying that the kiss had been one of the best he’d ever experienced was an understatement. Something inside of him...sparked. The feeling was hard to explain but somehow he knew that this decision would impact him in some big way. As if his destiny had just been rewritten.

[i Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. ] There were so many ways to be cast away from the kingdom of God and he wondered if he had just sealed his fate. Kisses and encounters had occurred before this moment but he had repented. Though, he doubted that penance counted if you continued to repeat your actions. Even with the fear of losing his place in heaven dancing around his thoughts, for once he wasn’t worried. Nothing could take away the happiness that bubbled inside of him in this moment.

The slender male slid off of the bar stool, stumbling like a fawn as soon as his feet touched the floor. He struggled to put on the bulky coat he had worn to the bar. The armholes didn’t want to cooperate and his arms felt like wet noodles, making the simple action take much longer than it should have. [#6495ED “I would like it very much if you could escort me back to my apartment, but no funny business, handsome.”] Stern faced, he waggled a thin finger at the other but it didn't take long for him to start giggling.
  Solomon / mephistopheles / 13h 59m 42s

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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 [i "Dull? Now that makes sense."] Ruvyn let out a puff of air in disagreement. About ready to argue with what lies Solomon was spewing, the demon felt his eyes widen at what the man said next. When he first saw the human, he honestly hadn't pegged him as the type to talk like that. Though with a bit of alcohol, humans could change like the flip of a switch. Still, he wasn't quite sure if the joke was meant to be simply a joke or if the other was going for a provocative flirt. The laugh he let out afterward led him to believe it was only a joke, but the dark man wasn't about to let that one go without touching on it at least a little. Just had to wait for the perfect timing.

Noticing that the young man behind the counter seemed to be giving Solomon a bit of a stink face, the demon growled inaudibly and glared at him when he wasn't looking. Ruvyn would decidedly pay the selfish human no further attention, focusing only on the beautiful creature before him. It was sadly amusing how if a human was outdone by someone else, their whole demeanor towards that person could change in an instance. Smirking as he watched Solomon down the shots, he followed suit, practically inhaling one after another and slamming them down next to his companions, narrowing his eyes at Solomon a bit daringly. As if saying that these drinks were far too easy for him.

He had to remember that at some point, he needed to stop drinking. It wouldn't look too good if hours after drinking, he was barely even buzzed while poor Solomon was laid flat on the floor, passed out and probably a few good years closer to death than he should be. Earth alcohol wouldn't ever effect him like what they had in hell, so he had to be careful not to be too suspicious. Even though he'd love nothing more than to drink the whole place dry and leave nothing for any of the other customers, just to feel that unholy warmth that filled his body with each drink he took. [i Perhaps I should try to at least act a little drunk.] He considered doing so but the other caught him off guard yet again.

[i "-a shame we don't have bacon to pair it with.”] There it was. Perfectly lined up for him to take the shot. A wide, devious grin spread across his lips as he stretched an arm out to stroke the backs of his knuckles against the humans soft cheek. [i [#dd9518 "Y'know beautiful, there's plenty of other meats that are perfect for any meal of the day.~ Maybe then you could decide if I'm as delicious as a sandwich."]] he hummed out seductively, opening his hand to cup the other's cheek, his thumb tracing the line of his jaw softly.

Golden eyes studied Solomon's face intently. He wanted to know just what the other felt from that. To take it all in as a sign to know where to go next. His chest was tight and for a moment he felt like he couldn't breathe in enough air. If his dirty innuendo turned this man away from him now, he might as well just fly into the heavens and let himself fall back down to earth. This person was too good for a demon like him, he could tell, but Ruvyn had decided that even so, if Solomon reciprocated his affections, then he wouldn't let himself get too hung up over it. There was obviously some sort of self resentment that the human had towards himself, that was easily picked up on. Yet somehow, Ruvyn wanted to give him so much more. To treat him better than anyone else ever had. To treat him better than the man likely treated himself.
  Jotunn / 16h 12m 51s
[im+fell+english [size16
This man’s laughter was one of the most beautiful sounds Solomon had ever heard. Comparable to the sound of church bells in the distance, one of his favorite sounds. Depending on the time of the day church bells either sounded uplifting or extremely ominous. The ringing in the evening always sent a chill down his spine, much like the chill he was getting from this conversation. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he shouldn’t be here talking to this man but he remained on the stool, not leaning back to his original position. Wanting to be closer to this stranger.

A stunned look settled on his face as Ruben reflected his compliment in the smoothest way possible. It took every fiber of his being to keep his mouth from hanging open. That wasn’t the response he was expecting. He assumed that the other would take the compliment and that would be that. Now his pale cheeks gave off a rosy glow, though it was probably hard to tell if the compliment or the alcohol was the culprit. The speed of his heart rate tripled at the smile that followed. Surely his heart was ready to implode. Another smile like that and he was done for. He would either die from a heart attack or be completely captured by this alluring man. The latter didn't sound too bad.

[#6495ED “I must say, I’ve never heard these claims you’ve made from anyone else. Are you sure your eyes are working? Astounding. Not the adjective I associate with myself. Replace the word astounding with...jejune? Dull? Now that makes sense.”] Solomon dragged his finger through a leftover ring of liquid on the bar counter. His words sounded as playful as they had earlier, but there was the smallest touch of sourness. Even so, he still wore a smile on his face. The real sour words about himself spun around in his mind, though this time he did a better job of keeping his thoughts to himself. [#6495ED “Ruben..I like that name. It reminds me of the sandwich. Do you taste as delicious?”] He couldn’t help laughing at his own joke, his cheeks growing pinker by the second.

Solomon knew his alcohol tolerance was no match for Ruben’s, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to try to keep up. The room wasn’t even spinning for him yet. He could drink more. Needed to drink more, in his opinion. His dark green eyes followed the golden pair that appeared to be wandering his body. Snickering, he held up his hand to get the attention of the barkeep who seemed less than friendly with him now. Not that the priest cared at this point. He ordered two Irish Pancake Breakfast shots, one for him and one for Ruben. The shot was composed of an ounce of Jameson whiskey, an ounce of Butterscoth Schnapps, and was served with a separate chaser of orange juice.

The shots were placed in front of each of the men and then a second glass of orange juice for the chaser followed. [#6495ED “My tolerance is nothing like steel, but I’ve decided to drink tonight and I intend to do just that,”] he declared, an unnecessary amount of determination in his voice. Picking up both shot glasses, he threw the whiskey-schnapps concoction back and quickly followed with the OJ chaser. A smile lit up his face as he slammed both glasses down onto the bar. [#6495ED “Just like a pancake breakfast. It’s surprisingly wonderful, but a shame we don't have bacon to pair it with.”]

[i Shit. What am I doing? Isn’t this kind of behavior unbecoming for a priest? I’m not in school anymore. I’ve taken an oath...but god, nothing about this feels wrong.] Solomon’s conflicting thoughts aside, deep down he already knew that he was in too deep. There was no turning back because he didn’t want to.
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 Receiving such a humorous yet most likely true answer from the man, Ruvyn let out a hearty laugh. Already, the demon was hooked. His instincts were screaming at him to get away. Telling him that this man, this [i human] was somehow a danger to him in one way or another. But it was far too late for him. The ship had sailed so far from shore that only the vast expanse of sea that was this man's eyes and soul remained. Even if this person were to swallow him up, he was completely positive that he would love every second of it. This man didn't even know how wrapped around his finger Ruvyn already was. For now though, he decided to keep it that way.

As the other leaned in closer to speak, the demon let a slight breeze blow past the human so that he could catch his scent with his normal breathing without having to be so obvious. Even his scent held an odd, almost completely foreign smell to it, flags and bells triggering his instincts further. Something told him that whatever the smell was, it should concern him, but he was too enthralled with the closeness and the words of the other to give even the slightest of fucks.

The compliment he received from the other felt so much more genuine coming from this human than from any other. It hit him deep and managed to make blood creep to the surface of his tanned cheeks, looking away and shaking his head. Not that it lasted for long as his eyes quickly went back to the blond. [i [#dd9518 "See, I don't know about that, doll. Cause from where I'm sitting, I'd have to say that compliment should go to you. So unless I'm made of a mirror and you were just lookin' at yourself, I'd have to disagree with you, Solomon,"]] he began, flashing a smile of enjoyment.

[i [#dd9518 "Either way, maybe I just came over to see if you're really as astounding as I thought you were at first glance. And damn, wouldn't you know, my eyes are still working just fine.~ You can call me Ruben."]] Though it took everything he had, Ruvyn ripped his eyes away from Solomon and took a few good sips of his drink before allowing his eyes to reconnect with his newfound object of affection.

[i [#dd9518 "I'd offer you a drink, but.. not everyone has an alcohol tolerance made of steel like I do,"]] he joked, letting his eyes wander a bit to get a nice healthy view of the other. Not letting his eyes linger too long, he looked back up into Solomon's eyes to not appear as too much of a freak.

Ruvyn wanted this man. He didn't care how or when. He just wanted him. Ideas sprung to life left and right but he knew he would only ever win his true affection by playing it slow and safe. Even if he was ready to travel at the speed of light with this human, he was willing to go through whatever it took to gain his trust and get close to him. Not just to score or to get anything out of him in particular. Simply because he felt that Solomon deserved that. Whatever he wanted that was. Solomon deserved anything he wanted. And the demon was ready to give him just that.]]]
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[im+fell+english [size16
There was something comforting about the burn of whiskey in his mouth and in his throat. Solomon imagined that it felt somewhat similar to the fires of hell that were so often used as a scare tactic to elicit pure behavior. Well, tonight he would welcome those flames because he was determined to drink until he could drink no more. He could hear his father’s voice lecturing him about the dangers of drinking, [i Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.]

Did getting drunk on whiskey instead of wine count? The Spirit was with him on a daily basis, he was not lacking when it came to the presence of God’s love. And tonight a little debauchery was just what he needed. Lord knows that certain priests in his parish were up to debauchery more than could be considered acceptable. He scolded himself at his thoughts, knowing it was not up to him to pass judgement, but that didn’t make things any easier.

Solomon’s eyes landing on the attractive male a couple of seats down from him pushed all religious thoughts from his mind. He felt safe taking in the man’s appearance now that he was busy ordering drinks from the bartender. Saying that the man was beautiful was an understatement. There was something otherworldly about him, he felt like he was in the presence of royalty. A prince from some foreign land. This was not the first time Solomon had felt a strong attraction to another man before but this attraction was...different. Although he couldn’t explain why. Not with words.

Listening in on the conversation between the the beautiful man and the flustered bartender caused the priest to chuckle. Some words were blocked out by the pounding music but he filled in the gaps when he saw the bartender set three drinks in front of the man. A bold request. His interest was piqued. Trying to control the amused expression on his face failed when he saw two drinks chugged in record time.

Once the bartender walked away from the other, Solomon motioned to his empty glass, requesting another. The drink didn’t take long to pour and soon he coddled a shot glass full of the amber liquid. He stared into the glass, into his current salvation, before throwing it back. This one burned more than the last, though it didn’t keep him from ordering another.

Movement to his left made him turn his head to see who had taken the seat next to him. God, he wished he hadn’t looked. Now he couldn’t look away. The sigh, those words, that chuckle. All like music to his ears. Solomon would surely drown in this man’s golden eyes if he didn’t look away soon. Yet, his eyes stayed locked on the pair next to him. The previous intimidation he felt earlier had morphed into intrigue. [#6495ED “Perhaps they wish to regulate how much they’re killing us so that we die slowly. If we die too quickly how will they make money?”] Peeling his eyes away from the man, Solomon faced the bar once more and took the drink that was placed in front of him. The third shot of whiskey didn’t last long and soon he was leaning back in his seat, a content expression on his face and a strong burning in his throat.

Three shots and he was feeling good. All thoughts from earlier were forgotten and now there was a handsome man to talk to. [i Just a teeny bit of debauchery in my life can’t hurt.] The blonde leaned in closer to the stranger, speaking in a low voice, [#6495ED “So, can I ask why you moved to the seat next to me? I guess you don’t have to answer that question...but I’m curious. I don’t think of myself as particularly interesting or special. But you, well to be blunt, you’re probably the most magnificent person to ever enter this establishment.”] A trickle of laughter spilled out of his lips. Somehow his thoughts had escaped his mind. [#6495ED “Sorry, that uh, came out strange. I’m Solomon and I have a hard time keeping my thoughts contained.”] A bright smile followed his spontaneous introduction.
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 Ruvyn found no reason to pussy around his drink anymore, tossing his head back to let the fiery drink wash down, popping the glass on the bar and letting out a content sigh. Might as well go hard or go.. well, no home to go back to so he might as well go hard. With a lift of his finger, a small gust of wind blew the bartenders hair, making him glance around bewildered. Lifting a hand once the man's eyes rested on him, the demon grinned invitingly. Shuffling over, obviously embarrassed to be face to face with Ruvyn again, he managed to open his mouth to speak as his fingers brushed a strand of hair behind his red ears. [i "Another drink already?"]

Waving a dark hand dismissively, the tall man chuckled in amusement. [i [#dd9518 Trust me babe, one drink ain't nothing. In fact, give me two more and a Zombie,"]] he spoke decidedly. For a moment the other didn't know if we was serious, ordering three more drinks at once. Quirking an eyebrow up at the bartender not making a move, a look of question and concern painted over his features, Ruvyn rolled his eyes and leaned over the bar a bit. [i [#dd9518 Look, I have a high tolerance and I'll likely order even more after that, so don't get so concerned. Sides, if I black out, you can just have a bouncer peel me off the bar and toss me in the alley right?"]] Ruvyn nearly purred the last part. He'd love to see any bouncer even attempt to force him somewhere he didn't wish to go.

Taking the hint, the young man nodded in defeat and got to making the drinks, not taking long, curiosity taking over, wanting to see if this guy could actually down these as fast as he did the last one.

Arms stretched out over his messy hair in a nice, well needed stretch, the demon groaned a bit and rested his hands back on the bar. Glancing to his side, his eyes caught the sight of something.. someone divine. Instantly feeling a bit of a spark inside himself, it were as if a whole section of possibilities had been unlocked in his mind. The guy was beautiful for sure, but something was so.. off about him and it was so alluring to the demon. As if there were bright warning signs blaring brightly around the man. He had an aura about him that was nearly blinding.

Unable to stop a wide, toothy grin from spreading across his lips, Ruvyn turned back just as the drinks were placed on the bar. His pride was growing and now he had something to prove. Unfortunately for him, the presence of the barkeep still watching him from the other side of the bar was more than apparent. Waiting to see what he did. A soft growl escaped his throat as he grabbed a glass of Black Russian, chugging it down and lightly slamming it back down before repeating the action with the second. Fiery golden eyes locked with the other's surprised orbs, seemingly challenging him.

Only shortly, the boy gave in and walked away, eliciting a relieved sigh from the demon. Finally, he was able to turn his attention back to the man two seats away. Picking up the tall glass, Ruvyn moved to place himself next to the one in question, the signs seeming to fade away with the closeness they now shared.

After three Black Russians it'd be nice to chase it down with something more fruity. The warmth inside him was spreading now through all of his limbs. One of the best sensations he could feel. Next to getting the attention of the cutie next to him. Though perhaps his little show had already done so. Taking a sip of the Zombie, he leaned forward on his arms that rested on the edge of the bar and let out a long sigh. [i [#dd9518 "Funny how they serve us drinks that kill us but then want to regulate exactly how much they're killing us, huh?"]] he chuckled, looking to his side, stomach in knots as he waited impatiently for first eye contact with this man.]]]
  Jotunn / 2d 21h 56m 11s
[im+fell+english [size16
[b [i But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.~ 2 Corinthians 12:9-10]]

Thin fingers traced over the verse as if trying to pull the words off of the page. The scripture in theory sounded powerful. Uplifting. The problems always arose when you tried to apply the message to real life. How were you to tell someone to delight in their weaknesses because they would in turn strengthen them? Such a response to a person seeking solace lacked compassion. A soft sigh escaped the lips of the blonde male. He shut the worn bible and slumped his shoulders, a wooden rosary loosening from his grip and lingering above the floorboards. Hours had passed and the solution he was looking for still evaded him.

Rising from the armchair he began to pace the small living room. The air felt heavy. Everything was too close, like the room was closing in. He could feel the air escaping his lungs and fear began to rise. Shutting his eyes quickly he whispered a prayer to himself as he focused on his breathing. It had been a rough week to say the least. Not to say that his first year of priesthood had been a walk in the park.

Here he was in an unfamiliar city, an unfamiliar state. Arriving bright and starry eyed to a parish that didn’t practice what they preached. Not that he was surprised. Nothing could be done about the actions of others, but that didn’t mean he felt any more comfortable in this unfamiliar place. Although the other members of the clergy were the least of his worries.

No, the real trouble lies in the confession booths. As a priest he was ordained to act [i in persona Chrisi], in the person of Christ, to hear and forgive sins. In a way it almost felt as if he was a therapist. Church patrons expressing how free they felt after discussing their innermost thoughts or actions they regretted was empowering. He understood the importance of confession. That, however, did not stop the awful thing he had heard from playing on repeat in his mind. Something sick. Sins committed by another member of the parish. Was he to turn a blind eye? What he heard in that booth was not meant to be uttered to another soul. Discussing what was on his mind would break his oath, but god did he feel sick. The sleepless nights were starting to get to him.

[#6495ED “Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”] These words usually made him feel ready to take on the world, but the way he whispered them now made him feel small and pathetic.

Opening his eyes after taking a moment to regain himself revealed a completely normal living room. The furniture looked normal and the walls no longer looked like they were closing in. He needed to get out. Just for tonight. That’s what he told himself every time. There was no hesitation as he pulled on a thick coat over his dark turtleneck.

Shuffling along the snow sprinkled sidewalks, Solomon tried convincing himself that there was nothing sinful or wrong in going out for a drink. Even if it meant drinking until he forgot all of his worries. His true concern was how he would interact with other bar patrons or where he might find himself in the morning. The fear that someone would see him talking or perhaps even flirting with another male. That they would get the wrong idea and he would be out on the street. A fear that had clung to him since his early youth. He paused to look in a nearby store window trying to decide if he looked priest-like. His fingers reached up to tossle his hair, an attempt to make himself look less put together.

Eventually he found himself in front of a club. A small pub was more preferable but at this point his face was cold and he would settle for anywhere as long as they served alcohol. He needed a drink before the thoughts from earlier crept back into his mind.

Entering the club, he was enveloped by the beating of loud music. It was nothing that he had ever heard before but he didn’t mind it. This club was the escapism he was searching for. The setting was so different from that of his daily life that he felt he could sink into background and fade away, if only for a little while. Solomon’s lips twisted into a small smirk as he thought about how he was seeking solace in a club rather than at church. Ah, if only his parents could see him in this moment.

Shouldering off his coat, he took a seat at the bar and placed his drink order, [#6495ED "Johnnie Walker Black Label served over ice, please.”] He always started with whiskey, not really caring all that much for other drinks. As he waited for his drink to be poured his dark green eyes surveyed the rest of the club. There were others seated at the bar though none of them caught his attention quite like the impossibly attractive man with dark hair. Quickly he averted his eyes, not having the courage to talk to such a person without any alcohol in him.

The bartender said something to him as he slid the drink in front of him but Solomon didn’t catch it over the music. Instead of saying something and looking foolish he simply smiled at the man and thanked him for the drink. The whiskey went down nice and smooth. Like liquid magic it warmed his body from head to toe. Soon he would be too preoccupied to worry and he was grateful.
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[Josefin+Sans [center [size15 [i "Until the date of your trial, you will be held on earth for safekeeping. You will stay there and when the time comes, we will come for you. Running or hiding will be futile and would only hurt your case. If I were you.. I would stay out of trouble and wait patiently until we are ready.. Good luck out there, Ruvyn. You'll need it."]


Slowly being drawn out of the memories of that day by the ever growing sound of deep bass and the beating of loud [ music], the dark haired male looked up and realize that he had zoned out. As his breath left his lips, he could see it in the air, the frigid temperature visible but not effecting him nearly as much as it would for humans. While the demon could tell hot from cold, his tolerance for both was a lot larer than for humans. Looking around to try to gather his bearings, it figures his legs would carry him mindlessly towards another club tonight. Weighing his options, he stared at the glowing neon sign above the establishment. Two clubs in two nights. Was he ready to make it three?

Threading a hand through his head and letting out a sigh of resignation, he reached his hand out to push open the door, stepping through the threshold of the club.

Coming to these places started out being fun when he first arrived on Earth, but each time it was the same. These fragile creatures drinking themselves ill. They were killing themselves essentially. How dumb the human race was. Entertaining to say the least, but still so very dumb.

Thankfully, drinking was one of his favorite pass time here with the humans, though fortunately for him, not even the strongest drink would effect him the way it did to the people around him. The drinks on earth couldn't hold a candle to the shit they had in hell. The most he could hope for was the warmth that filled his body when drinking, and that was the part he loved most. Especially with the chilly air outside tonight.

Walking up to the bar and taking a seat, he noticed the bartender already taking note of him. Or staring at him, more like it. He was used to these looks, as if people were surprised by his good looks. To the humans, Ruvyn's true appearance was concealed. Or rather, they were simply too unequipped to see it on their own unless he specifically wanted to make a person see. To them, he just looked like a rather flawless human with smooth, warm tan skin, silky blackened hair and intense, golden brown eyes.

It was amusing to him how easily the humans would fall over themselves for another good looking person. If they saw half the monstrous creatures that his kind saw as beautiful in hell, they would surely die in fear. A grin formed on his face. Whether it was the thought of a human passing out from seeing a 10 foot tall monster of a creature or the ego boost from being appreciated for his looks, Ravyn found himself in much better spirits.

The man had never thought before about laying with a human, but if the bedroom eyes the bartender was giving him as he approached had anything to say about it, he sure was considering it now.

[i "Can I get you anything, sweetie?"] the man nearly purred at him over the blasting music. If he didn't have excellent hearing, he might have struggled to hear the other.

Leaning forward so the bartender could hear him, and also to see what reaction the other would have from him being closer, he replied with a toothy grin, [#dd9518 [i "I'll take a Black Russian, love."]] The human's cheeks darkened a bit despite him obviously trying to keep himself composed and nodded, giving a wink before getting to make his drink.

They were so easy to fluster. Such simple creatures. A nice face and some sweet words and they were like putty in his hands. Too bad most humans were sub par in his eyes. The beings in hell had so much more depth and most humans to him seemed like they all walked the same path. But when they lived such a short lifespan compared to demons, is it any wonder they all seem the same to him?

The drink was set on the bar, the hand placing it down for him lingering on the wooden surface next to the glass as if hoping for skin contact with him. Were some really this desperate? Complying, he took his drink, his hand lightly touching the others, noticing the slight shudder the man gave before nodding and quickly hurrying to another guest. Damn. What was at first amusement towards that behavior was almost laughably sad now, chuckling and shaking his head as he took a sip of his drink.

A soft warmth lined his throat and stomach as the alcohol went down, setting down the glass and giving a pleased sigh. Glancing around at the dancing bodies behind him on the dance floor, the demon couldn't help but wonder how much longer he'd be kept here on earth. Taking another sip of his drink, he decided it best to just enjoy the warmth and the pounding beat of the music and try to forget those things for now.]]]
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