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[Font Cormorant+Unicase [size23 [b A group of four friends split the rent of a 2 bedroom beach house, confident that their summer will be a success. Will they make it through with the lack of space, or will things change? Love blossoms and enemies are made.]]]

[size20 [b [center Skelly]]]
Name: [i First name and last name]
Age: [i 18-23]
Personality: [i Just four good characteristics about your character and four 'bad' ones]
Short bio: [i Just a bit about your character. Be sure to include any medical/ mental problems, but having one is not required.]

[size20 [b [Center Rules]]]
ES rules apply.
Time skip if it comes to anything sexual or take it off site.
Will have mature content. Fighting, alcohol, ect.
Post at least 1,500-2,000 characters. More is welcomed, but I understand when there isn't much to go on or if you have writer's block.
Let's try to not go past 5 days of no posting, please. If you can't post just let me know and we can skip you, or something along those lines. :)

[b [center Characters]]
[b Username]: Normalpeoplescareme

[b Name]: Scarlett O'hara

[b Age]: Nineteen

[b Gender]: Female

[b Personality]: [i Good traits]| Honest, reliable, imaginative, dedicated. [i Bad traits]| Hard headed, impulsive, curious, gullible.

[b Short bio]: Scartlett is known to be 'brutal' with her honesty sometimes. She tends to be very rash and impulsive when it comes to her feelings about something. Perhaps it has to do with her being declared bi-polar. Although, she can stand up for herself, she does find herself to be rather gullible. Always falling for pranks, or tricks that her friends play on her. Always falling for the 'bad boy' then getting dumped because she doesn't have sex at the snap of their finger. Her childhood was rough, extremely rough..she has plenty of hidden scars from it...which also caused her to become imaginative. Always putting herself in a different world, thinking [i 'what if?']

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