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Hello, subjects. My name is Saw for the few of you that don't know. I have some very fun games prepared. Will you play with me?

*You wake up in a moderately dark chamber. You can make out several other silhouettes. As you stand up, lights as intense as the sun flash on. You shield your eyes until you get used to it. "Hello?" you ask. "Is anyone there?" someone else shouts. You hear 5 other voices responding. Everyone gathers up in the middle of the room. "Does anyone know where we are?" a shrill voice asks. It's a little girl, no more than 7 years old. You kneel down in front of her. "What's your name?" You ask calmly. She sniffles. "I-I don't remember. I'm scared." She starts crying. You put your arm around her. "C'mon," thou tells her. You grasp her arm and stand up with her. "Does anyone know wherever and who we are?" you ask. Everyone shakes their heads. Suddenly a static noise is emitted out of a plasma screen TV. You along with everyone else turn to look at it. A puppet looking thing with red swirls on its cheeks appears on the screen. The little girl whimpers. "Hello, subjects. My name is Saw for the few of you that don't know. I have some very fun games prepared for us this week. Will you play with me?... Oh. That's right. You have to." he said. A loud laugh rang out over and over and over again. The world was fading from view. Dark. Everyone fainted and fell to the floor...

1. You MUST talk in the first person
2. If you don't respond within one week, I will give you a warning. If it comes to the second time I will PM you asking if you have quit. If you don't answer I will give up your spot to someone else. If you will be gone for a while than PM me that you will be leaving for a bit. Also, if you want to quit, PM me so.
3.*Most Important* Please don't just join to not Roleplay.

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