The Night Of The Living Toys

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It had been the saddest day of their lives, two young children had to bury their broken toys in the Toy Cemetery, but what they didn’t know was that the Toy Cemetery was made on a patch of cursed land, which caused the toys to become corrupt and it even caused them to come to life and gain supernatural powers. Mad Jack used to be the favorite toy of Michael, the young boy who had buried his favorite jack-in-the-box because it stopped working while he was playing with it one day, and the other child buried their toy in secret, meaning only they knew what the toy was.


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Michael had been sad for over a week now, ever since his favorite toy, a jack-in-the-box, has broken, since when he wound the box, the jack wouldn’t pop out, it’s spring was pressed together too much, making it lose its spring. He loved that toy like his parents loved him...with all his heart. Now the one thing he loved most was gone forever. He would never see it again, or so he thought.
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