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[center I sighed as the sound of glass shattering echoed through the room. It didn't seem to matter how loud my music was or how many times I told them to stop, shit kept going. Finally rolling my eyes, I turned my music up as loud as it would go, the lyrics ringing through my ears, and grabbed my backpack, slinging it over my shoulder.]

[center I don't know why I felt the need to actually show up today. I hated school just as much as I did home. But everyone I knew was already too busy to bother with me tagging along, so school it was.]

[center Leaving the room, the slammed the door shut behind me, hoping that it would at least make my mom and her boyfriend shut up, even if it was just for five minutes. Walking past the kitchen, I glanced over to see him screaming in my direction, and though I could hear his voice, I couldn't make out a word he was saying. Rolling my eyes, I flipped him off and hurried out the front door.]

[center I wasn't sure why my mother stayed with the bastard. It wasn't like they loved each other. Every day, they fought over something new, and I would end up caught in the middle if I wasn't careful. Perhaps it was the fact that he brought money into the house. She was too lazy to do it herself, so why not rely on someone to do it for her? I scoffed at the thought as I walked down the side walk. Yeah, screw that.]
  Charlotte (Real) / Burning_Heart / 63d 22h 18m 58s
I yawned and moved to roll out of bed as I heard my mother scurry past my room, hearing a quick knock on the door as I heard the small woman move past my closed door. I was definitely late for breakfast. That was the only time my mother scurried around the house knocking on doors. My mother is deaf, but the way she hollered when she was upset about something, you would never know.

Shuffling my feet down the hallway I slid into the seat across from my father who was looking at me despairingly.

[+blue "Sorry,"] I mumbled. If I didn't get up on time, my mother would be in a tizzy and it would all be released on my father.

As my mother walked in, her hands were flying a mile a minute, ranting about how she made a perfectly good meal and now it was getting cold due to SOMEONE not being able to set an alarm and get up on time.

I sighed and bowed my head as my father began to pray. My mother would be signing the prayer herself. I didn't mind prayer, I has prayed before every meal and before bed since I came out of the's just the fact that when my mother is in a bad mood, all I wanted to do is be as far away as humanly possible.

As soon as I ate the last bite of my meal, I quickly placed my dishes in the sink and rushed off to finish getting ready. The faster I got ready, the faster I can get away from my mother.

I try to be a good kid, I really do. I don't do anything rebellious, my mother still tells me how I can cut my hair and has to approve of any purchases I make clothing wise. Part of me wishes to be out of the grip of my mother, but the other part of me knows that she only wants the best for me...but sometimes that best feels suffocating..
  Esther / Moridoria / 66d 2m 56s

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