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Brooklyn hadn’t even finished her sentence before the cluster of men that were behind her started offering to pay for her drink. It would have been flattering if not for the fact she had been trying to get the attention of the blonde. Just as she opened her mouth to tell the men she had found her purse, the girl appeared at her side. It was the first time she heard the girl speak and she did so with a cool confidence that almost made Brooklyn raise her eyebrows.

Brooklyn removed her hand from her bag and closed it, picking up the coffee. It smelt like heaven, well not actual heaven as they smelt like fresh cut grass, but it smelt good and was just what she needed to shift her hangover. She had only taken a sip of the liquid before the blonde bombshell turned on her heels and walked away.
[I Are you kidding me? ] Brooklyn watched her walk a few steps before she rolled her eyes and sighed. It looked like her plan to bait the girl had only gone so far. Damsel in distress usually always worked. The Angel thanked the man, Palo, and started to catch up with Talia.

[b “Miss, sorry to bother you.” ] She said, letting sweetness drip from her words. [b “I just wanted to thank you for saving me back there.” ] Brooklyn gently placed a hand on the girls arm and beamed a smile at her. She tucked a strand of her brunette hair behind her ear and then, as if she hadn’t noticed her touch, took her hand away with a soft chuckle.
[b “I’ve just moved here and I’m still a bit jetlagged. You are a total angel for helping me, is there any way I can make it up to you? Maybe I could buy you a coffee sometime?” ]

Using the word angel was risky. Though it was unlikely the girl, Talia, would ever find out she was an angel it was supposed to be a well-guarded secret. But like with most things, Brooklyn enjoyed pushing the boundaries. It was easier up close to see how pretty the girl was, her hair was a beautiful shade of gold and her eyes sparkled like sapphires. Brooklyn supposed she was the kind of beautiful that people painted when they imagined angels. Not like her, she was dark haired and dark eyed with a wicked smile and a sharp tongue. Hardly the post-girl for an angelic saviour.
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Cryatal gaze never seemed to leave the woman who had been across the way. But it appeared that the young woman had not only gotten her attention but the attention of near everyone around the stand. And why shouldn't she have? She was almost sculpture perfect and one could even call her angelic and VERY pleasing to look at. Talia had to remind herself that this moment was NOT a moment of playtime and she had some place other to be. But everytime she tried to look away it was as if her eyes snapped straight back to the brunette beauty. Her eyes seemed to be in love with her or something. And it was really starting to annoy the hell out of her because NO one had ever caught her attention like this.

The blonde slowly ran black manicured nails through her hair and brushed it back over her shoulder as she had taken to sitting at a small green table set for two by the coffee stand. And it was a moment after she had taken her seat did the woman get into line and then start to "freak" because she had forgotten her money and couldn't pay for her drink. At least five people, all creeps that she had slept with jumped at the chance to buy the woman her coffee. With a roll of her eyes and a sigh, the girl of nineteen got to her feet and brushed past the men who were all but beginning to crowd the beauty. [b "Heel boys, the lady won't want you breathing down her neck. Besides how would your wives and girlfriends feel about this?"] She asked with a darkness underlying her words as she gave each a smirk. And that REALLY had gotten them to back off. The girl knew and and she would do it too.

[b "Palo, can you just put it on my tab? It'll be easier and I think better than letting the creeps do it."] Her words were kinder, almost sweet when talking to the man who ran the stand. He had actually helped her out at a time she had needed it and so there was a respect for him. Palo didn't talk much, but nodded and rung the coffee up and had put it on the girl's tab like she had asked. After the man had, Talia turned on her heel quite literally and began to walk away. The girl had done what she had but now she wanted to see if the other would make any other moves. A small game of cat and mouse. Why not since there was still an hour before class?
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Even if Brooklyn hadn’t seen a picture of the girl, she probably would have picked her out of the crowd. Whilst all the others at the coffee stand were dressed in suits and looked fully awake, the blonde looked very much how Brooklyn felt. Hungover. So she had to get the girl to stop drinking? That seemed far too easy and unlike the tests, she had heard of in the past. Angels who helped humans were called Guardians. It was one of the highest honours and Angel could have. To become one, you had to do something extraordinary and stopping a girl from getting drunk seemed too easy and useless.

The blonde, Talia, was now looking straight at Brooklyn. Her pretty blue eyes sparkling even from across the street.
[b “Wish me luck.” ] She mumbled to herself and then drawing in a deep breath she crossed the street to stand in line for a coffee. Her plan was to get the girl to approach her. It shouldn’t have been hard, people tended to draw towards Angels. If she had been assigned to a male it would have been much easier, a flutter of her eyelashes and a flip of her hair and she would have them under her spell. Women were not as easy, they needed personality, something that Brooklyn had always struggled with.

Reaching the front of the line, Brooklyn asked for a coffee and reached into her bag and her fingers felt the material of her purse but instead of pulling it out to pay the man, she started to rummage.
[b “Oh no, I’m so sure I picked up my purse this morning. I’m sorry sir, I seem to have left my money at home.” ] She said, speaking loudly enough that the rest of the humans who were lined up behind her could hear. A few people whispered to each other about the pretty girl who had forgotten her cash.

It was a cheap shot, pretending she couldn’t pay for her coffee to draw the attention of the girl. If it worked then she would have an opening, a reason to talk to the girl. If it didn’t work… well, then her coffee would land on the girl in another ‘accident’.
It might have been a better idea for Brooklyn to try a less dramatic approach to meeting Talia. Other Angels would have seen it as unnecessary and risky to draw so much attention within hours of being on earth but Brooklyn loved the attention and if she was going to spend the next three months playing the part of ‘good-girl’ then she needed her own fun.
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As slowly and quietly as she could, the girl of nineteen got out of the bed she had been in. She had spent the night partying and drinking and apparently had ended up in some guy's bed AGAIN. This wasn't anything new for the blonde with the bright blue eyes but it seemed like it was happening more frequently. As were the hangovers from hell. But hey at least she had a good time before it came back and bit her in the ass.

Slowly the girl began to pad her way across the cool wooden floor. Only did she stop when the door creeked open and the man on the bed and brown eyes were suddenly on her. [#9251c1 "Where you going, beautiful? It's still early and I wanted to cuddle."] Pete, Nick, no this one was Brian mumbled sleepily. It was clear he was still pretty messed up himself from the night before.

[b "Sorrt Ni-- I mean Brian. But this girl has to bail. Class and can't be late again. Mr.Basco would have a fit and start to belittle me in front of the whole class again. Buuut you have my number and known how to get ahold of me. Toodles!"] Talia chirped as she quickly left the appartment and the still "zombified" male. If she were honest she was DISGUSTED by him and only said all that to get him off her back. She had actually given him the number to an old ex of hers all because she NEVER gave her own number unless she liked the guy or girl she spent the night with. It became her rule two years ago when she had gotten a major ass stalker.

[b "That was annoying as hell. Hopefully some coffee and a baggle can make this hangover better. If not at least I won't be hungry and will be awake for class."] The young woman muttered as she had finally made her way down the stairs of the building and out the front. She smiled to a couple she walked passed and offered as friendly a "morning" as she could but only because they had first. All she really wanted was coffee and a baggle.

When she finally got to the coffee stand accross from another appartment building, Talia was quick to get a coffee and baggle. But it felt funny to her in a sense. Almost like she was being watched. When she turned around there was a brunette, a very pretty one at that accross the street. Now she knew she had never seen her before, but she was VERY alluring and easy on the eyes. She was just curious how this would play out.
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Brooklyn - or so she called herself for her angelic name made her feel like a biblical being, someone good, which she was not – lifted the goblet to her mouth, letting the last few drops of wine spill onto her tongue. There were only a few angels left in the room, all sprawled across lavish sofas and fur rugs. It could have been a scene from a painting, drunk angels, either asleep or dazed from the party Brooklyn had thrown. There had been too little alcohol and too many people, it always seemed to work out that way. The brunette angel stood from her armchair and walked across the floor, her bare feet skipping over empty bottles and discarded cups. She lifted a bottle from the table and tried to look through the glass. It was empty. These young naive angels had drunk her stock dry.

Flipping her hair over her shoulder, she picked her way through the bodies until she reached a door that would take her to a quiet space, somewhere she could nurse her hangover in silence. When she stepped through the door, the world spun for a moment and she found herself standing in an overbearing room, decorated with gold artefacts and garish velvet drapes.
[+blue “Brooklyn, nice of you to join us.” ] A familiar voice sounded from behind her. The angel spun and dropped slightly in an awkward bow, as she rose, her head swirled and her vision spotted. She had definitely drunk too much wine.
[b “I didn’t realise I had been summoned, Sir.” ] She said, her voice chiming with only the slightest hint of sarcasm. The two men before her had been a constant in her life for as long as she could remember, her judges, the men who would grant her wings when she finally decided to bother being tested for them.

[+blue “Brooklyn dear, we’ve some rather shocking news.” ] The taller man spoke again, his white hair falling in his face as he spoke. Brooklyns fingers twitched, wanting to push it from his eyes but the male stayed as still as a statue.
[b “Can it wait until I am sober, or at least dressed?” ] She asked, motioning down at the thin robe she had on. The men looked at each other for a brief second before looking back at the female angel.
[+blue “We have been patient child, we have waited and tried to teach you and push you to earn your wings. Our patience is wearing thin.” ] Brooklyn ran a hand through her own hair and ran her tongue across her lower lip. Wherever this conversation was going couldn’t be good, the judges had never spoken to her with such a force before.

[+blue “You have three months child. Three months to earn your wings or we will be sentenced to live out your time as a human on earth.” ] Brooklyn gasped, the air not filling her lungs enough. Had she been human, she may have passed out. Her hands dropped to her side and when she spoke, the anger in her voice was clear.
[b “Three months? You have to be kidding me. I can barely even complete one test in three months, let alone the final test!” ] She started to pace the room, torn between crying and hitting something. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the judges spoke again.
[+b “We have discussed it, the tests do not seem to work on you child. You are smart and yet you treat them as though they are a chore, not a path to your future as a full-fledged angel. We have decided to send you to earth. There is a human who needs your help. [I If ] at the end of three months, she is a better person, then you can return and gain your wings.” ]

The unspoken threat was there. If she did not succeed then she would remain on earth, tied to a life of sickness and sin that she could never outrun. The judges did not wait for an answer, instead, they handed her a picture. Brooklyn’s brown eyes scanned over the girl. She could have passed for an angel herself, with her golden hair and blue eyes. Maybe it would be easier than she thought, this girl looked harmless enough.

Brooklyn lifted her head and faced the judges. [b “I will go to Earth, I will not fail and when I return you will apologise for making me waste my time on this human.” ] The judges gave her a brief outline of the girl, her name was Talia and she was nineteen. Brooklyn would travel to Earth, there was an apartment set up for her already and she would need to intercept the girl. The only rule, not to reveal she was an angel. It seemed simple enough.
[hr ]
Earth felt stuffier that she remembered from the last time she had been there. The air was warm and there were too many people, all ignorant of the fact every decision they made would affect their future. Brooklyn had arrived at the apartment, turning her nose up at the brick walls and plain furnishings, so different from her home which was a mix of furs and velvets, pinks and blues. This apartment was as though someone had drained the colour from it. Her situation seemed as bleak as her apartment and after changing into a casual black dress, enjoying her ability to wear something other than white or gold, a standard back home, she closed her eyes and summoned an image of Talia in her head. Within minutes she knew where the girl was, a perk of being assigned to her. She was surprised that Talia was so close to the apartment and she made her way down to a small coffee stand across the street. Spotting the blonde almost instantly, she decided there was no better time to meet her assignment that now.
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