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[center [size15 [b [i Not All Angels Have Their Wings. Some Have To Earn Them.]]]]

[center [pic]]

[center [i ___________________ is an angel and has been for a long time. They had been one of the less serious. They liked to party, drink, and overly have fun. Imagine the move 'Michael' and that was what the angel, _________________ was. And had yet to earn their wings.]]

[center [i ______________ didn't care if they earned their wings or not. Or that was until they were called in and talked to. If their wings were not earned in the next three months _______________would either be sentenced to become a fallen angel or they would be sent back as a human on earth. To give them a chance, _____________ is assigned to a human that had been being watched closely by the other angels. ]]

[center [i And it becomes apparent to ______________ that ______________ is just like them. One who doesn't like to follow the rules and have fun. They also realize that their assignment will be a handful.]]

[center [i The angel and human challenge the other. At first they hate the other but then it's like no matter what they are drawn in.]]

[center [i Can they change the other for the better? Does ____________ get their wings and leave their human? Or do they end up together in the end?]]

[center [b Never Know Unless You Join 'The Guardian']]

[center [size20 [#f90120 RULES]]

We know them.


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