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[center [size15 [b [i Not All Angels Have Their Wings. Some Have To Earn Them.]]]]

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[center [i ___________________ is an angel and has been for a long time. They had been one of the less serious. They liked to party, drink, and overly have fun. Imagine the move 'Michael' and that was what the angel, _________________ was. And had yet to earn their wings.]]

[center [i ______________ didn't care if they earned their wings or not. Or that was until they were called in and talked to. If their wings were not earned in the next three months _______________would either be sentenced to become a fallen angel or they would be sent back as a human on earth. To give them a chance, _____________ is assigned to a human that had been being watched closely by the other angels. ]]

[center [i And it becomes apparent to ______________ that ______________ is just like them. One who doesn't like to follow the rules and have fun. They also realize that their assignment will be a handful.]]

[center [i The angel and human challenge the other. At first they hate the other but then it's like no matter what they are drawn in.]]

[center [i Can they change the other for the better? Does ____________ get their wings and leave their human? Or do they end up together in the end?]]

[center [b Never Know Unless You Join 'The Guardian']]

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This was the closest and most open she had allowed herself to get and be with another person in so long. Most only saw and knew the girl who liked to party, dance, and to get into trouble. Not many realised there was more to the blonde than happened to meet the eye. But then most only wanted one thing from her and she would push them away and lock them out before they could even get to know the real her. And truth be told it did hurt. But it was so much easier to be the troublesome, attention seeking party girl than to leave herself open to being destroyed again. It had taken her along time to come to where she was that she would be damned to let it all be for nothing. Yet here she was talking to this perfect, almost angelic stranger and letting down her gaurd.

Was this a bad thing? Oh possibly the worst but she couldn't be bothered to care. Or rather she could not be bothered to care for the moment. It wasn't like Brooklyn knew the difference between the sassy girl she met and the Tali that now sat at her side. It was not like she knew which was real and which was fake. And she would never admit it either.

[b "Not sure what kind of a game. But I'm sure we're both more than capable of making up the rules as we go."] She purred as her tongue oh so slowly brushed over her bottom lip and she gave a wink. But then again her cheeks lit up and she looked away to hide it. [b "I work tomorrow night, but you're more than welcome to come."] Talia said as she slowly looked back at the brunette beauty at her side. What the hell was it about her that had her both so open and "her" but also a bit shy?
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Brooklyn tried to push thoughts of her home from her head. Thinking back on it never did any good and she had been caught off guard by how honest Talia had been when she had spoken that the words had come out of her mouth before she could realise. Talia would have hated her home, the girl seemed to enjoy the attention, the parties and drink. Her home was so empty with no entertainment other than what they made for themselves. Even now, Brooklyn wasn’t sure that she could go back to living like that. Despite her love for her people and her family, she was used to entertaining herself in a way that would have gotten her sacrificed to the gods.

The next time she spoke she saw the blush spread across Talias cheeks. It was almost enough to make her heart stop beating. How could someone so beautiful need saving? Brooklyn bit her bottom lip and promised to herself that she would find out how to save Talia from living a life so similar to hers, one that would end her in limbo or struggling to earn her wings, just as Brooklyn had.

[b “A game? What kind of game?” ] Brooklyn asked, looking away from the blue eyes next to her to the night's sky once more. Why was it so hard to think straight when she was looking at those eyes?
[b “What if I told you that I wanted to see you again tomorrow? Would that be too much?.” ] Brooklyn asked, sighing softly as a light breeze passed over the two girls. It wasn’t that she needed to rush, she had three months to change this girl, no, Brooklyn wanted to see Talia again
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There was a genuine sadness in Brooklyn's voice when she had mentioned her home. A sense of longing in a sense and a sense of loss. Of course she couldn't say how she had picked up on the emotions in the voice. Talia was not known for being "kind" or "caring". Hell she wasn't known to really think about others or that she could pick up on the emotions of others. She had spent SO long trying to push that down and to keep the image everyone knew of her. But before she could stop herself, Talia's hand moved over Brooklyn's as her eyes had moved to the night time sky again. [b "Your home sounds like it was beautiful. So simple...but so much better than the way people here behave..."] Her words were quiet and thoughtful as she spoke them.

And then silence fell again between them. If she didn't know any better, Tali would have guessed that the beauty at her side was thinking on what to say. It was kind of funny to an ironic sense. Because even if she was part drunk, the young woman was starting to see that MAYBE they weren't so different in a sense. Was that her being clear headed or was that the alcohol that made her think that? Hell she didn't know anymore.

The silence seemed almost endless and finally the soft voice was heard from beside her again. Crystal gaze once more fell on Brooklyn as it took a moment to register what was said. And again her damn cheeks had to light up in a blush. [b "Well you know where to find me. We could always make a game of it. Like I said I don't share well and it's been fun."] Those were the words that slipped her lips and came out in an almost purr. Bold on her part but there was just something about the other.
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Brooklyns eyes stayed on the blonde as she took her seat next to her. It was a few moments before she spoke and when she did, Brooklyn had been so caught up in looking at the girl that she almost forgot that she had asked a question. Talias answers were sweet, not enough that Brooklyn could use them in any way but she still absorbed the information like it was water in the desert. It was always a good sign when people loved animals, it showed an understanding and empathy for something that was not a mimic of them.

The other information, the fact that she watched the night sky, made Brooklyns heart constrict in her chest. As a mortal, she had spent many nights looking at the sky, wondering what was beyond those shining lights. Of course, at the time, Brooklyn had believed it was the gods of her village. She was soon proven wrong.

Know a little bit about herself? That wasn’t something that Brooklyn had prepared for. Everything she could say about herself would either be a lie or she would blow her entire cover. Brooklyn turned her gaze from Talia to look at the sky again and drew in a steady breath.
[b “I’m originally from a small village, it’s a little behind the times but it is… or was home. Everything was made in the village, our clothes or food, it was just one big family. A bit different to the city.” ] She said laughing. Brooklyn didn’t mention that her village was now a city itself, or that it hadn’t been her home for hundreds of years. The sadness that had crept into her voice felt foreign. Why had she mentioned her home? She had spent so many years forgetting her time there.

[b “I suppose I should tell you something else as you did tell me two things.” ] Brooklyn laughed softly and kicked her shoes off, stretching her legs out in front of her. [b “I want to see you again. After tonight, I mean.” ] She said, looking back at Talia. It was a bold move, but it was also a fact about herself. Something that wasn’t a twisted truth or a fabricated lie. It was an honest comment because Brooklyn did want to see Talia again, not just because she was interesting and beautiful but because she was the key to getting her wings.
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The soft breeze of the night had long blonde hair dancing gently and the coolness felt absolutely perfect after the heat of the dance floor and having been inside for so long. The music was still lound enough to reach them where they happened to be, but there was still a calmness that seemed to wash over the young woman beneath the full moon's light. It was a clear night, not something they happened to get often and so crystal blue gaze had been drawn to the sky. A beauty and wonder in itself really. And one of the only things that gave her a sense of calm and true happiness. Not that she would say those words aloud though.

It was a few moments before she had even realized that she was even still holding Brooklyn's wrist. She didn't know why but she had honestly been reluctant to even let it go. Only when she was looked at and their eyes locked did her cheeks colour and she let her wrist go. Butterflies seemed to be fluttering in her stomach and her heart pounded in her chest. Almost did it seem her throat grew very dry and she could not speak. What the hell was happening? No ONE had EVER made her feel this way before. Okay...only ONE other person but they were gone. And she had not let it be like this since. So it was confusing and terrifying to say the least.

For a moment she was frozen, blue eyes following Brooklyn as she lowered herself to the grass and sat. And soon, Talia did the same though perhaps in her outfit it wasn't one of the smartest of ideas. She had heard the words spoken but it took her a moment to register the words and to think about what else she could tell her. Or rather what else she WANTED to tell her. For it was not usual for Tali to be open with others. And especially not those she had only just met. But just something about the brunette at her side was so different and almost safe. Maybe she could let her in a little bit.. [b "I have a thing for animals...sometimes they are a lot better than people. Less judgey..loyal too. And I guess you might say every so often I like to get away and watch the night like this."] Neither thing was a lie and it really didn't give too much away either.

For a couple moments she fell silent and then turned to look at the other. [b "That was two things.. So how about I get to know a little about you too? Only fair don't you think?"] She asked as she pulled her legs up and had her head resting on her lap. Lightly she licked over her bottom lip and kept her gaze upon the other, curious if her own question would be answered.
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Brooklyn let Talia take her wrist, leading her outside. The cool air kissed her cheeks and she tilted her head to the sky, bathing her skin in the moonlight. Though the music could still be heard it was much more peaceful outside. A few people wandered by, finding secluded spaces together, but it was mostly empty. The navy sky glittered with stars and the moon was full and bright, Brooklyn thanked the heavens it was a clear night.
[b “I forgot how beautiful it can be here.” ] She whispered under her breath. It wasn’t that where she was from wasn’t beautiful, it was perfect in every sense, but there was something about Earth, memories from her days as a mortal, that made the night sky intensity every feeling in her soul.

Remembering that Talia was beside her, Brooklyn shook her head and looked over at the other girl. Her hand was still on Brooklyn’s wrist and as their eyes met, Brooklyn could feel her heart speed, thrumming inside her chest, as if waking up from a deep sleep.
[b “So, I know you don’t share, you take classes, you like strong drinks and dancing and that guy Brandon is not your boyfriend. Tell me something else about you.” ] Brooklyn said, slowly lowering herself to sit on the grass.

This was not just recon on the girl. Although she did need to find out enough about the girl to help ‘save’ her in the next three months, Brooklyn found herself actually wanting to know more about Talia. She had captured her interest, though she could not actually pinpoint why. Brooklyn had met many girls, some beautiful, some clever, some wild. Yet, none of them had intrigued her as Talia had.

As a mortal, back when the world was much newer than it was now and women didn’t wear tiny dresses and have mobile phones, Brooklyn had thought herself in love with a man. He had been protective and kind, a friend whom she valued more than anything. When she had died, her last thought had not been of him. It had not been of any other human, it had simply been that she would miss the summer festival because she was dead. Over the years she had formed relations with other angels, each one only holding her interest for a few years before Brooklyn threw them away like a used toy. It had come clear to the girl that love was not on the cards for her, and so, she settled for lust.
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Talia had never been known for her disgression or being a "good girl". If she saw someone or something she wanted then she would go for it. One of her BIGGEST pitfalls as it was a reason why the young woman of nineteen was nearly always in trouble for something. Those who knew her and knew her well could say this had been her since she was about thirteen and as tume went on it only became worse. Or Talia thought of it "You only live once so you gotta own your life. Make mistakes, have regrets, be you."

The young woman when dancing with Brooklyn was actually the freest that she had ever been. She was happy, genuinely happy. There was no touches that made her skin crawl and when they did touch, it felt of electricity. A feeling that the young woman jad never felt before. And since she was a bit drunk, the blonde only thought of it as a feeling intensified by the alcohol. After all, there was no such thing as true love. No such things as bonds and soulmates. She had her heart broken too many times to believe in shit like that. So now she was the one who did the heartbreaking. Who had her fun and did what she was going to do. But to her there was still fate. Everyone appeared in your life for a reason. And that was good enough for her.

Talia was one who could dance the night away. The music simply flowed through her and she lost herself to it quite easily. To her, hours could seem like mere minutes. Or that seemed the case until the dull aching in her feet could be felt and the brunette beauty leaned in to speak to her. That was what REALLY broke her away from the music and the dancing. And when she heard what had been said, a smirk again graced pretty pink lips. [b "You know it is getting a bit warm and the hounds are starting to get annoying. They've not left either of us alone since we joined the dance floor. So a little time away should be fun. Oh and to let you know, I'm not a fan of sharing well either."] She purred with a wink as she again gripped the young woman's wrist and began to push and shove passed others on the dance floor so the pair could go to the spot outside that Brooklyn had motioned to.
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Brooklyn watched as the girl blushed, the colour creeping across her cheeks. It was adorable and Brooklyn almost said so but remained quiet. It was almost a relief when Talia said that Brandon was not her boyfriend, playing the part of ‘friend’ was much more difficult to do in three months than a love interest. Brandon, boyfriend or not, would have to go. Brooklyn didn’t need any distractions, she was working on a time limit.

The dance floor was busy and Brooklyn soon found that dancing so close to Talia made her heart beat faster. It was not a feeling she was used to and it could hardly have been due to the attraction between the two. Brooklyn had lived a long time and had her fair share of beautiful people share her bed. Every time her arm brushed the blonde’s skin, it felt like electric. Her first thoughts were that it was Earth. Living amongst the mortals had its side effects and feeling things more intensely must have been one of them.

In reality, it was the unspoken connection. Something that Brooklyn was not aware of at that time. Perhaps it was why the judges had chosen Talia for her test, or maybe it was just luck. Either way, for an Angel who didn’t believe in true love and had seen her fair share of heartbreak, she didn’t think much of the fire that burned her nerve endings or the loss of breath every time Talia smiled.

Brooklyn felt like she had been dancing only moments, but the heat against her back from the bodies pushing against her and the ache in her feet was telling her otherwise. Leaning forward, she spoke close to Talia's ear, trying to speak over the noise of the music and talking.
[b “Want to go get some fresh air?” ] She said, moving her gaze to a quiet area outside where she would be able to hear what the blonde was saying to her. It wasn’t that the heat or the noise was bothering her, it was just that she wanted to get Talia alone, long enough to talk to her. The girl was quick and witty and it was refreshing and intriguing.

[b “As much as I love dancing with you, I wouldn’t mind having you to myself for a bit. I don’t share well.” ] The angel said, her eyes sliding over the men who were practically pushed up against Talia like dogs in heat.
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Enchanting and damn alluring were two of the first words that came to mind when looking at the brunette beauty. And she was bothered because NO one had EVER drawn her in the way the other woman had. It was irritating and mystifying. Two things the blonde was not used to feeling in the same time. A bit much but she was able to keep her composure just as it seemed the other did as she downed her wine.

[b "Very well played. So touché. Though if I don't have a name to the face I may just end up calling you Beauty or Angel. Both of which are pale in comparison to you're being such a goregous woman. But if you think it's more fun not to give a name, then we can do that."] Again she purred her words and gave a wink as she picked up another red cup filled with whisky and downed it. Oh she would be feeling it soon, but the brunette beauty just seemed to have a spell of sorts on her.

When the other spoke and told her her name and also said she remembered hers, a smile came to her lips. It was not a fake one she offered many of the men and women around but the first genuine she had given in a long time. [b "Brooklyn is very pretty and fitting for you. And it seems that you don't."] She said and just the faintest of blushes could be seen creeping into naturally rosy pink cheeks when the other woman had stepped closer. She didn't know if the blush was because how close the other had gotten or if it was from the drinks she had had. IF it happened to be because of how close Brooklyn had gotten then Talia would still blame it on the drinks. Nearly NO one made her blush.

Crystal gaze went back to the man she had been dancing with and the other men who still stood around. A smirk soon came to pretty pink lips and she shrugged. [b "Brandon's not my boyfriend. Just a fun fuck every so often. He can go pout if he wants. Hell all of them can. I rather dance with a beautiful lady."] She said and winked at Brooklyn, soon pulling her to the dance floor to dance with her.
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Brooklyn could feel the eyes follow her as she walked over to the table. Whether it was because of her alluring aura, long brunette hair and liquid chocolate eyes, the tiny top and tight pants or because she had just walked away from Talia, she wasn’t sure. Picking up a cup she started to pour red wine into it until it was almost overflowing, before she managed to lift the drink to her lips, the blonde appeared. Brooklyns hand stayed on the cup, though she really wanted to reach out and touch the girls hair, it looked like spun gold and Brooklyn could almost bet her future wings that it was softer than silk.

[b “My name? Well, you left so quickly earlier I didn’t have a chance to tell you.” ] Brooklyn said and lifted the wine to take a sip. Her eyes never left Talia as she watched her down the whisky. The angel lifted an eyebrow and smiled. [b “Plus, Isn’t it more fun if I don’t tell you?” ] She tipped the cup back and proceeded to empty the contents of the wine into her mouth, not spilling a single drop. Brooklyn placed the cup back on the table and filled it again with the red liquid.

[b “I’m Brooklyn and you are… Talia right? See, I never forget the name of a pretty girl.” ] Brooklyn didn’t mention that she had known Talias name before even meetings her, or that the girl stood in front of her wasn’t just a pretty girl but in fact the angels only way of getting her wings and getting back to heaven. Without Talia, she would never get home and would be stranded on Earth. Possibly her own version of hell.

Brooklyn to a step closer to Talia, maybe because the music was so loud or maybe because she felt a pull that moved her body towards the beauty. [b “I would ask if you wanted to dance but it looks like you already have a few people in line first.” ] Brooklyn laughed softly and glanced over to the irritated male who had been dancing with Talia before Brooklyn had turned up. [b “I don’t want to upset your boyfriend, he looked pissed.” ] She ran her tongue across her lower lip. She wasn’t really concerned with the male being upset, she just needed to know if Talia had a boyfriend because it would change her game plan.
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It had not been hard to find a dance partner at all for the "blonde beauty". There were no lack in choices and over half the men in the place seemed drawn to her. It was amusing to say the least but disgusting all the same. They were like half wit puppies who just couldn't take a hint. She had turned down multiple men and still they came back and began the game again. Boring, they were so boring.

As the night wore on and she danced, Talia was starting to get discouraged. Sure some of the men and women in the place were of interest but they were still very full. Her mind as much as she hated it kept going to the brunette she had seen that morning. Or more like "saved". There had just been something so uniquely different about her and something that would NOT let her stop thinking about her either. Tali was almost getting to the point where she was going to stop hoping that the woman would appear. It would be the first that ANYONE had not taken her invites, but hell she would not let herself get down. She couldn't. She had a role to play. An image to keep and so she would merely pick herself back up and find new toys to play with.

It wasn't until the small crowd of drooling males began to part did crystal gaze go the way they were looking. And as they did, the brunette beauty whom she had just been about to forget about appeared. And in her hand were two drinks. [b "Thanks..really needed it."] Were the words she spoke and rolled her eyes when the man she had been dancing with got too close for her liking. She was about to say more, but she was dimissed and the woman was off towards the table of drinks. A faint smirk crossed her lips as now it appeared the other was toying with her in the same fashion she had been toying with her that morning. No ONE had ever before and it actually was interesting and alluring. [b [i "Well played ma'am.."]] She muttered and began to push her way through the dancers to soon end up at the table next to the girl.

[b "You know I never got your name. It's rude to give a girl a drink, but not your name."] Talia said with a purr as she grabbed up a red cup with whisky in it. She was quick to down it and crystal eyes were on the woman again. This would be of some interest she was sure.
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Getting ready was much easier when she was alone. Brooklyn had the gifts of manifestation, something most angels have due to no longer needing to waste time in heaven on things such as ‘getting dressed’ or ‘going to the grocery store’. Back in her apartment, Brooklyn stood in front of the floor length mirror, assessing her hair, clothes and makeup. She had made a first impression on Talia. Enough of one to get invited to a party, at least. The angel closed her eyes and imagined what she wanted to look like for the night, then with a sharp clap of her hands, opened her brown eyes again. Her hair had been straightened and pinned back from her face and the black leather jeans that had been sat on her bed were now hugging her legs like a second skin. The silver top hung off her, barely covering what needed to be covered, but caught the light every time she moved.

Brooklyn had never looked like an angel. Where the others had been dressed in whites and golds, hair billowing about them and smiles as far as the eye could see, Brooklyn had always worn more lavish clothing and worn her hair in more extravagant styles. Maybe it had been because of who she was before she was an angel, or maybe it was just that she didn’t belong with the rest of them.

Giving herself a once over in the mirror, the angel decided she was ready, but instead of walking to the door of her apartment she walked to the kitchen. Brooklyn poured herself a glass of red wine and sat on the counter, eyes watching the clock. She would need to be late, enough that Talia had either forgotten about her coming – so she would be a surprise, or that the girl had given up hope. Minutes turned into an hour, and then two. Finally, after three more glasses of wine, Brooklyn hopped off the counter and made her way onto the street.

The party was much louder than the ones she had attended before. Girls were stumbling around in little heels and guys swayed from side to side as they tried to impress. Brooklyn tilted her chin up and drew in a deep breath. She would need to stay on the path, not get distracted by the music or the alcohol.

It was easy enough finding Talia. She had a following of adoring men, all who were dying to dance with her. Brooklyn rolled her eyes and dissolved her plans of playing ‘hard to get’ instead, she grabbed two cups of something pink from the side and walked straight up to Talia, ignoring the male eyes that were now assessing every inch of her body, and smiled.
[b “I believe I owe you a drink.” ] She said, holding out the cup to the blonde. [b “I just wanted to stop by and return the favour from this morning, I can see you’re busy.” ] Brooklyn looked the guy who was dancing with Talia up and down with irritation and then back at the blonde and smiled. [b “I’ll let you get back to dancing.” ] and with that, Brooklyn turned and made her way over to the table that had bottles of alcohol on it, the pink icky stuff in the cup wasn’t going in her mouth, that was for sure. She needed wine and lots of it.
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She was good at walking away from people. Even if they were as beautiful as the young woman whom she had called on her bluff. Staying was more the problem for Talia as she could not find anyone who could handle her. So instead of getting all hurt and overly sensitive, the girl just made a game of it. And that game was to see how long a person was willing to try with her before they decided that she had pushed them too much. Awful but what was a girl to do? You only had one life to live right? Or that was how she thought of it.

A smirk came to pretty pink lips as crystal orbs fell on the woman before her. [b "If we have that coffee date. Sure I could tell you a few of the 'fun' professors. Even the ones who are hell and make your life hell."] She said with a purr to her words before again she turned to go.

Honestly she was running late for class and she would be at the party. Her saying what she had was a VERY mild form of her flirting since the girl had been cute. Wasn't like she couldn't have fun. And soon she was walking into her Art Class with all eyes on her. She couldn't help but to give the guys little waves and flirty kissy faces. Or she couldn't until Mr.Basco had called for order and made her be the first to show off what she had been working on. God she could swear that the man was out to get her. And she was quick in her explanation because she HATED being at the front of the class. A party and the spotlight she could deal with but NOT presentations in class.

Once she sat, the others were called on. It was too funny to see how many of the guys had decided to make her their piece of art. And she had to try hard not to laugh either. By the time class was over, Talia was rushing out and back home. She had a party to get ready for and she didn't want to disappoint.

So when she got home, the blonde stripped from her clothing and got a nice hot shower. Thougj while she was showering, Talia could not seem to get the girl from that morning out of her head. She had been drop dead gorgeous and even more so than she herself was. So that had her hate her already. After a little longer, she was out of the shower and drying her hair and brushing it to where it fell in golden waves down her back. When her hair was done, Tali did her makeup and then went to her closet pushing the clothing back and forth on the hanger. FINALLY did she decide on a black strapless dress that came mid thigh and hugged her in all the right places. She even decided to match it with her black heeled sandals. When she was dressed, Talia looked to the clock and saw that SOMEHOW she had wasted all her time and was running late for the party. So she pet her cat good-bye, locked up her appartment, and hailed a cab to take her to Ball Rd.

It was when she got there was she offered a drink immediately and found a dance partner. But her mind CONTINUED to think of the brunette. Would she be coming?
  ~Guardian~ / SheDevil / 157d 21h 56m 23s
Brooklyns mouth popped open as the blonde spoke. How had she known that forgetting her money had been a trick? It had to be coincidence, or maybe the girl was joking. Either way, Brooklyn just smiled sweetly and shook her head softly. At least the girl had introduced herself now, so Brooklyn didn’t need to worry about slipping up and using the girls name before she had actually been told.

All too quickly the girl started to make her excuses to leave. The Angel ran her tongue across her bottom lip and blinked a few times. Class? Right, that made sense, why hadn’t she enrolled in the same classes? It would have made things much easier. The coffee stand had seemed quicker and Brooklyn had hoped she could get it over and done with over a cup of coffee, but Talia was proving to be evasive and slightly uninterested. Something Brooklyn was not used to.
[b “Ball Rd? I’ll see if I can swing by.” ] She said, trying not to sound desperate. It was rare that someone would just walk away from her, in fact, Brooklyn couldn’t remember ever having someone just walk away from her and now this girl was doing it for the second time.

[b “I actually was thinking in enrolling for some classes myself, you know, once I’ve found a job and got settled. Maybe when we get coffee you can tell me who the good teachers are.” ] Brooklyn said, ignoring the fact that Talia hadn’t actually accepted her invitation of coffee. [b “Maybe see you at this party then.” ]
Brooklyn let the blonde walk away from her and she lifted the coffee to her lips, smiling. In a week she would have this girl wrapped around her finger. In a month this girl would be as good as an angel. She would earn her wings, no problem, and maybe she could have some fun with this girl whilst she was on Earth.

A party was just what she needed to welcome her debut to human life. Brooklyn walked down the rows of shops, trying to look for something that would draw enough attention to her. She entered one of the shiny shops, the rows of clothing neatly lined up like toy soldiers. Brooklyn picked up a few items, including a silver top and skinny leather trousers for the party. She had money, that was something arranged by her judges but she didn’t need to pay. Batting her eyelashes at the boy who served her she managed to walk out the shop without spending a single dollar. If Talia walked away from her at the party then she would be the only person on heaven and earth to have ever done so.
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She was easily sharp-tongued and independent. Known for games and to be a risk-taker and that suited her fine. It honestly was what kept both men and women coming back and made thinhs all the more fun. She had stopped following her parents' ryles when she was thirteen and had always been in and out of trouble. Quite often she used her 'angelic" features to get her out of trouble or to just get what she wanted. And by now, Talia had perfected the trade and knew how to use it. She also knew when someone was lying and using theatrics.

[b "The being new here I can buy.. But the forgetting your money.. That part seemed too convient. Have to admit that I'm impressed though to pull that. But then I've done it too. I'm Talia."] Yup she was not going to beat around the bush and had to admit the woman who had caught up with her, the same woman she had helped intrigued her. It was like something out of the movies that she watched in a sense. But what was it?

She shook her head as crystal blues traveled along the woman again. Her beauty,
the dark hair and eyes were alluring. TOO damn alluring and had her distracted. [b "Look I have class.. but I'm sure we could meet later if you'd like. There's a party not far from campus..Ball Rd. Actually. See ya around, angel girl."] She said as again she began to walk. Talia had NO idea about what the woman was but only called her that because of the uncanny beauty and draw she seemed to have on those around them.
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