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[size12 Oh the heavens is this a shameful display. His outspokenness took an unpleasant turn, and now she's suffering the exact same sentiments too. Of course that is what happens when someone has forgotten their filter... [i 'XXXX X! That language is so crude for a high-standing gentleman such as yourself. Please try and speak more kindly.'] The forsaken advise of a bygone interval is intolerable, and that is why he buried it someplace where only the most grievous memories can flourish among themselves.]

[size12 Lowe shook his head for this wasn't the time or place to lose his ideal image. Especially when Miss Rae is far more important. Plus she's alive, though she is just as curious as someone else used to be⸻and there he goes again. Perhaps it'd be best if he focuses upon her intrusive questions for a while.]

[size12 Before answering, the fiend ran a hand through his hair, and his luminous pupils having never actually left the young woman, took the longest gander up towards the sky. [b [i "It is my punishment, Miss Rae."]] He sighs, then, [b [i "I committed a repulsive crime against a fellow companion. One that I am not ready to describe."]] Hopefully, she'd take the hint and they could continue onto something less strenuous on his mental health.]

[size12 His gaze is soon back upon her, and he regards her change of posture with a lift of his right eye ridge. Did all humans breathe so harshly? Or is this just her thing? Whatever it might be, he decides on concentrating on her following inquiry.]

[size12 Explanation? About him being a fiend? If he had a nose, it'd be scrunched up right now as he begins pondering a way to explain this without confusing her too much. [b [i "I suppose... I am quite similar to a demon. The strength and immortality."]] He pauses before quickly adding, [b [i "However, I can perish from particular wounds."]] At least she isn't well-versed with their class system. Oh that can of worms would be godawful to explain.]

[size12 [b [i "Miss Rae,"]] Lowe began, elegant tendrils of black smoke swirled from between the curves of his mouth. [b [i "Why do you have blue hair? I thought all humans would have golden hair."]] He already knew the more human-like creatures held different hair colors, but they weren't human.]
  GOM / Saroshi / 1y 260d 6h 25m 42s
The human girl watched as Lowe seemingly face palmed to her statement. Had she been nieve again? The girl furrowed her brows slightly as she listened to his rant, her cheeks turning a light pink as she looked away from him. But not before she noticed his face somehow turning a slight pink as well, [b "A-Ah sorry! I just–"] The girl trailed off as she chewed nervously on her lower lip, [b "I'm not fully with it right now...it's been a long day so far, ya know..."] She muttered as she shoved her hands into her pokets of her pants. She kicked a rock around for a minute, refusing to look at him. Man, that was quite embarrassing. How could she not have known what he meant?

Rae sighed, [b "You haven't spoken to anyone in years?"] Her gaze was once again resting on the big guy, [b "But why?"] There she goes again, being curious. Did people really think she was his slave? Or that they were...having sex? Could he even have sex?

This wasn't something Rae wanted to be curious about at the moment. The girl mentally cursed as she went to sit on the ground with a sigh. She needed to sit for a minute and just [i breathe]. She felt as if it had been years since she was able to just breathe correctly, due to being so petrified for the past thirty or so minutes. However long it's been, [b "Well...if you don't mind me asking...whst exactly are you...? With explanation?"] She questioned as she staired up at the man with her blue eyes. She pulled her hat off and ran her fingers through her blue hair with a small sigh.
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[size12 [i Rae?]]
[size12 What a suitable name for such a peculiar human female. Plus her laughter bought out another venture into his smiling, even more so when she finally began explaining how she ended up here. A foolish dare. So does that signify she's has a wild personality? Or just terrible judgement? For now, and because the wound must still be fresh, he thought better than to prod her any further on this topic.]

[size12 Thankfully, she already had him covered on the front of potential conversation material. Cause holy shit did she not comprehend his last statement at all! Lowe places a hand over his face, which could vaguely be akin to facepalming. [b [i "You misinterpreted, Miss Rae."]] He removes his hand from his face and strangely enough, his ashen bone-like skin is colored with the faintest of pink. He's embarrassed.]

[size12 He clears his throat. [b [i "What I meant is... You know how beings get together and-No. That'd be so crude."]] There's probably a millions examples he could employ right now, instead, the fiend deliriously begins gesturing between them. [b [i "Everyone will assumed we're fornicating! Or that you're my slave and could have their way with you! I mean, I'm quite pleased to hear you feel safe around me. Really, I do."]]]

[size12 After his mini rant, his shoulders sag and he felt completely empty. It's been such a long time since he spoken with anyone. And without realizing it, that's something he mentioned aloud. [b [i "Perhaps I'm losing it. You're the first person I've spoken to in years, Miss Rae."]]]
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Jae watched as he bared his teeth and blew smoke through his mouth, once again. It must not be hostile? Creepy, yes...but hostile, no. After all if he was hostile towards her, she would've been dead by now. She watched as he took a bow, as if saying 'no problem' to her thank you. The girl couldn't help but crack a small smile..after all that wasn't something you'd commonly see. For a slight second she felt as though she was a princess.

Rae let out a small sigh, so his name was Lowe? At least she now had a name to put the his...erm...face?

[b "My [i permanent] name is Rae..."] She said, as she let out a small chuckle. It was odd that his name changed. There had to be a reason behind that...perhaps she would find out. In all honesty, it made the girl quite curious, [b "I–Um... Well..I was dared to enter this old House that was rumored for centuries to be haunted...when I entered I was surrounded by a blinding light...and here we are."] The human answered, pain piercing her words. If only she hadn't taken that stupid dare! The girl chewed on her lower lip before letting out a frustrated groan, [b "I'm an idiot for doing it too!"] She added to her last statement.

[b "What do you mean I haven't been purposely marked?"] She asked, a curious look taking over her face. Curiosity will literally be the death of this girl, [b "Hey, man, that's alright! You saved me after all. I don't care if anyone or anything thinks I'm with you...truth is, I'm probably safer with you then myself at the moment."] She said with a shrug.
  |Jae| / normalpeoplescareme / 1y 261d 1h 45m 3s
[size12 Lowe acknowledged the human's gratitude with another attempt at a smile. Sadly, the result is painfully similar to what occurred earlier. Clouds of smoke and two rows of jagged teeth. Hence his subtle but brisk turnabout of something else. Something that's honestly too gaudy.]

[size12 He does a sweeping bow.]

[size12 This was not done in a mocking manner. Far from it actually. He undeniably meant this solemn action. When he stood up straight again, Lowe folded his hands behind his back and resumes staring her down. A silent conflict tosses around his mind. A debate of sorts. On one hand, she's something new, fresh. On the other hand, his reputation is something downright atrocious. When it's broken in that way... The choice is obvious.]

[size12 [b [i "My current name is Lowe,"]] his baritone has made a grand return, along with the slight echoing effect and plumes of dire smoke. Soon he's entering another level of conversation. Or at least that's how it felt for him. [b [i "May I inquiry on your own name, human?"]] There's a brief pause, then, [b [i "Furthermore, if I could be so bold with you... How did you teleport into our plane of existence? It should be unachievable."]]]

[size12 There's another pause. [b [i "Well, to be honest with you. There is one way. But it just cannot apply here. You haven't been purposely marked."]] Lowe bought a hand to his face and lightly coughs into it. [b [i "I do apologize for holding you so. Now everyone will believe you're with me."]]]
  GOM / Saroshi / 1y 261d 1h 59m 1s
Jae hardly heard what the fiend had to say when a howl rang though her ears. The other guy wanted her and it seemed he was willing to kill. Was this really the supernatural? Was this really how it is? She couldn't have just fell in the arms of a wickedly handsome vampire or something of those sorts? Instead, here she is stuck inbeween these two creatures. She had so many emotions rising in her. Anger, sadness, guilt. Was she stuck here forever? She suddenly had a urge to punch the wall and kick and scream...just through a full out tantrum. But alas, she did not.

The human girl was torn away from her thoughts when a her very own hat was pushed over her head and eyes..now that shook her to her core. Her face quickly lit up in a bright red color from anger and embarrassment due to her being suddenly picked up bridal style by the big guy. That was her first time ever being held, period, by anyone, [b "H-Hey!"] She tried to protest, but didn't try to get away..

In the end, she knew he was trying to help her, at least that's what she hoped he was only trying to do. A small gasp exited Jae's lips as she felt furious winds hit against her. They must be moving? Before she knew it, the winds stopped and the big guy said they reached sanctuary.

Jae gulped slightly and with a trembling hand she reached up and peeked out of the hat. Her blue eyes taking in her new location, [b "Thanks, du-erm....what's your name anyways?"] She asked as she was finally put down. She stepped away from the man and pulled her had back on correctly. Her eyes taking him in even more now, since she was away from that dark ally and could see better, [b "Thank you.."] She quickly added as she rubbed the back of her neck, sheepishly. Her eyes adverted away from him now. She never thanked anyone much, she's only ever really had herself to depend upon...so no point.
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[size12 What a wretched human. Are they always this difficult? To forever fathom their positions, to not immediately recognize that [b HE] is her only refuge now. And so color him beyond astounded when the human female scurries towards him. She actually chose him. Even as her fear against him is incontrovertible. However, there is nary a moment for him to relish her decision. As the whole situation transcends into something greater when the other belligerent fiend calls out from the darkness.]

[size12 Its faintly rancorous demand divulges the upmost of crucial information. For Lowe is promptly capable of identifying its species, and his initial instinct is an onslaught, yet he equally cannot do so. Not when there's a hapless human clutching onto his arm.]

[size12 [b [i "Human,"]] his voice is only a whisper, scarcely loud enough for her to hear. [b [i "Your Dread is seducing it..."]] A thunderous howl drowns whatever else he might've said. The other fiend is restless and desperately desired the human. To crush her bones for the marrow inside, to sing along to her sweeten screams. [#e40f0c [b "Gimme her! Now! Now! Now, you dirty pest!"]] Through the void before them, multiple pairs of white eyes could be spotted now, peering at them. At her.]

[size12 Meanwhile, understanding the weight of things, Lowe had started taking steps to ensure their safety. Or rather her protection. First: he momentarily torn his arm away from her and quick as a flash, placed the unwanted hat back upon her head, but in such a way that her eyes were covered. Second: he, against his better judgement and possibly something she wouldn't favor, lifted her up bridal style. Third: he whispered once more, [b [i "I won't allow it to devour you, human."]] Fourth and finally the last step: he did something, something that made the other snarl in absolute ferocity. ]

[size12 A rush of gale would've thrashed against the young woman's face then, but only for a handful of heartbeats until, [b [i "Sanctuary, at last."]]]

[size12 When she removes the fabric covering her eyes, their location would be somewhere else entirely. A decrepit courtyard full of dead vegetation, fractured statues, and a ginormous fountain of rust. Perhaps in another time this place would've been deemed beautiful. Now it's lifeless. Well, besides the fiend and human of course. Speaking of which; how long is Lowe planning on holding her?]
  GOM / Saroshi / 1y 261d 9h 17m 41s
The blue haired girl watched as the huge thing bared his teeth at her, it looked almost as if he was trying to smile but instead it just frightened the girl a little more, [b "I-I insist! I don't need the hat..give it to someone!"] She said, watching his every movement. The nervous girl chewed on her lower lip. She couldn't have just gotten stuck with a ghost or something? It had to be this big guy? At least with a ghost she should walk right through him... Right?

[i "A fiend? What the hell is that?"] Rae thought, a puzzled look taking over her face as she racked her brain for what type of mythical or supernatural creature that would be. When he said someone was coming from the other side the girl tore her glance away from him for the first time to look behind her. Sure enough there was someone coming straight for her. The girl gulped slightly. Her back was now facing the ally wall while her eyes darted back and forth between the two creatures.

She flenched when she heard the big guy say to trust him. Easier said then done, that's for sure. Before the other creature got too close and as he was just about to walk up on her Rae sprinted towards the 'Fiend', [b "I-I'll trust you."] At least for now... She added the last part in her thoughts only. Her hand gripping the bag that was hanging off her shoulder. Curiosity rang over her, however, about the creature that was on the other end of that ally. What was it? Was it trying to save or kill her? Her eyes trailed back to the fiend, waiting for his next move.

[b [+red "I want her, you dirty pest..."]] The voice, that was still somewhat hidden by the shadows, spat out almost venomously...and with that Rae felt like she made the right choice, for now. Her hand reaching up to grasp what she could of the big guys arm as if begging for him to get her out of this situation.
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[size12 [i Keep it?]]
[size12 How peculiar and generous! Is the impression he wanted so terribly. But that wouldn't symbolize his actual perception of such a state of affairs, nor would it justify the panic seeping off her. Unfortunately, he's not a creature of obtuseness. Lowe understood quite well why she's edging away from him. His appearance is ghastly. He knew this and didn't blame the human for her reaction.]

[size12 He should have predicted as much.]

[size12 The Fiend attempted to smile, unintentionally revealing more of his serrated set of teeth. Then for some dramatic flair of something he saw another creature do once; he pulled an expression that should've been impossible with his facial structure. One of his eye ridges lifted up, meanwhile the other narrows until the radiant pupil is barely visible.]

[size12 [i 'You Kidding?']
[size12 And for something a bit extra, he even began gesturing between her hat and his own spiky mane. This levity isn't meant to last however. Her next utterance is imposing. And his expression is quick to return into its standard neutrality.]

[size12 [b [i "I am a Fiend."]] His voice is unchanged and more plumes of smoke rose from his mouth. Lowe's gaze has evolved into something unwavering. Those pupils never left her face. Well, actually, it did once. Just for a second. Which leads into the unraveling events of now.]

[size12 There's a sudden shift in his disposition. For the flood of smoke has begun radiating from his eyes too. He tentatively lowers his arms and then, [b [i "Human."]] Unlike the other times he spoken, Lowe's tone is more unyielding. [b [i "There's another Fiend closing on you from behind. Come here. Slowly."]] Afterwards, almost on a prefect cue, the sounds of something slithering from the alleyway's darkness could be noted.]

[size12 What occurs next is a first for the fiend.]

[size12 [b [i "Trust me."]]]
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As Rae hid like a coward in the ally she let out small breaths, trying to calm herself down. She quickly pulled her phone from the bag that was still draped over her shoulder. She couldn't still have service, could she?? She chewed nervously on her lower lip as she unlocked the phone, only to find out it had no service, [b "Great!"] She somewhat yelled as she threw her phone to the ground, causing the screen to split in many ways.

Rae was never good at handling any of her emotions. They were always over the top. Her excitement, her anger, her sadness...everything. in fact, she was delared to be bi-polar. The girl let out a frustrated sight as she ran a hand through her hair. She bent down and picked up her phone, trailing the broken pieces with her finger. A pinge of regret tweaked in her heart, [b "This blows..."] She pushed the phone back into her backpack and sighed as she crouched down on the ground.

Suddenly the human girl was taken out of her thoughts when she heard a deep voice speak to her from the enterance of the ally, [i "F-Fuck.."] Her heart began to race again, what was this humongous creature? It looked almost like....a robot of some sorts, [b "I–Uhhh...You keep it."] She said in a small voice, now walking backwards slowly, deeper into the ally. Never has she seen somebody or something that huge, [b "What are you?"] She said, without really realizing she was speaking what she was thinking. Hopefully that question doesn't make the big guy angry. That's the last thing she would want...
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[size12 If you could see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower⸻How could this viability be so monotonous. The same throng everyday. Their monstrous features blurring together. Hundreds of colors blending into something different yet unremarkable. It's a never-ending cycle of chaotic peacefulness. That not even a story-bound princess could revive this place, nor the edges of his fleeting spirit.]

[size12 Of course, in the machine of recoil and grace, an abnormality is known to arise. Whether through a cliched event or something more unique. The sweeping conclusion is worth the wait.]

[size12 At least, that's his muted desire.]

[size12 Now to begin: Lowe, a robust fiend, has suddenly found himself apart of a crowd. His blight, etiolated bone-like [i skin] is trembling. His smoldering crimson pupils have grown considerably, and even though he's incapable of breathing, it almost feels as if he's short of breath. This rush of emotion is intoxicating and everyone's feeling it. And it's all because of a human.]

[size12 A simple female one too.]
[size12 She appears oh-so...delicate. A young child could probably break her without any effort. What an exquisite treat or [b object] for any respectable monster, eh? And such a obvious thought it was, everyone began claiming the girl. Poor thing went from being ogled as a person to just another toy. Luckily, when the sheep mentality has devoured all else, people become completely blind and escapes can be made if you're nothing. Nobody quite noticed as she fled, well, a [b certain] fiend did, however, his attention had fallen onto something left behind. Her hat.]

[size12 Lowe advances forward, avoiding the clashing bodies of his fellow creatures. He soon bends over and picks up the human's abandoned hat. Between his fingers, the material is soft and there's strands of blueish locks tucked inside. [i What a strange color for a human.] His glowing pupils lull over in the direction of where she escaped. A silent resolution is building the fiend trudges away, the hat tight within his grasp.]

[size12 It didn't take long to locate the frail-appearing human female. His flicker of pivoting emotions have calmed, therefore his regular thoughtfulness shine through, and he announces his presence to her.]

[size12 From the shadows of opposite wall before the young woman, steps out a towering beast of person. The two dots that marked his eyes were staring down upon her. And when his mouth is opened, a plume of ominous smoke elegantly rose from the curved corners. [b [i "I believe this is yours, human."]] His voice is expectantly deep, holding the slightest of echoing effects.]

[size12 After speaking, Lowe reveals the hat and holds it out for her to take.]
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A frustrated sigh escaped Rae's lips as she held the bag over her shoulder. It had a change of clothing in it and the charger to her phone, even though she assumed it wouldn't work in the old house she was dared to stay a night in. [i "Man, these people are taking for ever"], she thought as she puffed her cheeks out a bit in frustration. Rae has always been curious about supernatural things. Mostly vampires, but hey, what nineteen year old girl wasn't? She found all supernaturals fascinating.

A few minutes passed and she finally heard the kids from her school coming down the side walk, [b [+red "What're y'all waiting for?"]] One said. [b [+red "Go for it!"]] Another one said. She never really had and true friends, in fact these are just assholes who dared her to do this at a party.

[b "With pleasure."] The rebellious girl replied as a smirk came to her lips. She turned to face the rather large house. There was a huge gate in front of it that cut out the outside world. She would have to hop the fence if she wanted to get to the other side.. The fired up blue haired girl pressed her lips together and pulled her bag onto her shoulder as if to secure it and then began to climb the fence with ease. Once at the top she stared at the ground on the other side, the side that nobody dared to step foot on. [b "Here goes nothing..."] She mumbled, her heart beating faster the closer she got to the house. 

Finally she jumped down. Of course pain shot through her leg, but she pushed it away. She felt as if something bad was about to happen as soon as she stepped foot on that old dead grass... But she pushed it away and then turned the handle of the door and pushed it open. Once she was inside the door slammed shut behind her, as soon as that happened a blinding light surrounded Rae.

Spencer fell to the ground shielding her eyes from the light, [b "Wh-what's happening?!"] Her heart was pounding faster then it has ever in her life. A few minutes passed and the bright light finally went away. The stunned girl opened her eyes and blinked a few times to get used to the sudden change of lighting. Something was wrong. Instead of being inside of a house, she was outside on the streets..only..the people she saw weren't people. They had wings, tails, they were drinking blood, and even flying. Many would call if weird, some would fall it scary, but Rae..she called it, [b "The Twilight Zone..."] Her voice came out in a mumble. Many thoughts zoomed through the girls mind as she slowly but surely got recognized and noticed by the unhumanly creatures. Some had began to gather around her.

Rae, who was now crouched on the ground, allowed her eyes to dart around. She was trying to find an exit, some place to run. Thats when she locked eyes with ally between two buildings not far away. She let out a small sigh, not realizing she had been holding her breath. Before thinking twice she darted off, zipping through holes in the crowd that began to form around her of people fighting over whom she was gonna come with. Rae didn't look back, she just ran. Her hat flew off her head as she ran, allowing her shortish blue locks to be free. She took a sharp right and ended up in the ally, her back against the wall, trying to get a hold of her breathing and fast beating heart. Her hand was placed over her chest where her heart was, [b "What've I gotten myself into?"] She mumbled to herself, mentally noting that she's a huge idiot and a screw up.
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