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He was thoroughly impressed by the echidna’s feats and skill. “I’m very impressed with that. Had I known anything about that, I would have helped.” He said with a smile. “But I would like to know if I may be allowed to rest in your abode for a while, at least until I am well rested?” He asked politely, being a gentleman.
  Darren the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 1y 35d 3h 9m 8s
"Well, yeah...let me explain it to you." She told Darren, before going into much more detail for a few minutes of her adventure and what feats she had to perform to accomplish her goal. Every enemy, monster, and even Erazor himself, all explained well enough for the male to understand. "It was a very interesting experience...and I've just gotten back to my hometown to get some rest from doing all of that." Ali-na said with a chuckle.
  Ali-na the Echidna / AskTheStaff / 1y 35d 3h 11m 39s
He looked at her. “You...stopped a Djinn from destroying history?” He said, a bit taken aback, yet not too utterly surprised. “That’s quite an adventure if you ask me...the most I’ve dealt with have been bandit gangs and petty thieves...” he said, happy to talk to a fellow adventurer for once. “Maybe you can tell me about it. I’m actually quite intrigued to hear what happened.
  Darren the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 1y 35d 3h 15m 35s
"Stories to tell? Well, I think I already have one for myself. Who'd ever think defeating a Djinn and keeping him from destroying history would be so difficult, right? Cause...I've done that." She explained, smiling a bit as she thought about her adventure yet again. "But I do see how continued exploration and journeying can be quite useful to get a name for yourself and to earn some pride, along with different ordeals." Ali-na told him.
  Ali-na the Echidna / AskTheStaff / 1y 35d 3h 18m 22s
He was surprised when the female approached and spoke. “I am not from here, hometown lies among an oasis close to the jungle, that is where I come from.” He told her, making sure to put a cork in the glass bottle so it wouldn’t spill. “I am a traveler, I mostly move around to see what I can during my life, that way I have stories to tell if I ever had a family to care for.” He said passionately, smiling a bit.
  Darren the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 1y 35d 3h 21m 45s
When the male looked towards her, Ali-na simply stared back, wondering if he'd approach. After a moment or two of nothing occurring, she took a step towards him and started a conversation herself. "Hello, you don't look like you're from around here in the desert." She told him, chuckling a little bit and waiting for a response.
  Ali-na the Echidna / AskTheStaff / 1y 35d 3h 25m 2s
As the male stood up, Ali-na could see that he was not like most people, he was armored as well. As soon as Darren had filled his bottle, he took a drink from it, feeling a little more energized than he was before he stepped into the town. From the looks of the people, everything was all well, but then he noticed a strange echidna with two white stripes going down the center of her head.
  Darren the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 1y 35d 3h 28m 16s
Ali-na glanced around, taking in the sight of everyone doing their daily duties. Things were definitely going well, and visitors came by sometimes as well...including Darren. "I'm not sure what to do with myself now that I've completed such a task." She said to herself, still thinking about her adventure.
  Ali-na the Echidna / AskTheStaff / 1y 35d 3h 32m 47s
Darren had been wandering the deserts for a while, occasionally dealing with sandstorms or bandits, but nothing he couldn’t handle for a hedgehog. [i I hope I find a town soon...I grow tired...] he told himself mentally, and pressed onwards, catching sight of the same town that Ali-na lived in. “Finally...” he told himself, his armor muffled by cloth and the sand as he approached the entrance. [i This Town seems small, but rather humble...] he mentally noted, and he approached the source of water and filled a small glass bottle with the clear liquid.
  Darren the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 1y 35d 3h 39m 45s
A purple echidna with light blue and lavendar clothing walked through a small desert town she called home. It was comfortable, had a water source, a few plants here and there...basically everything that was perfect to live in such an environment. It was a small town, but the people there flourished in their work...especially herself, since she just recently took out a Djinn known as Erazor. It was an...interesting adventure as a whole for her, and she was still pondering it a bit before she sat down under the shade from her roof. "Now that Erazor is gone, things should go smoothly." She told herself with a voice that was on the deep end, especially for a female.
  Ali-na the Echidna / AskTheStaff / 1y 35d 3h 47m 17s

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