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The idea is that in Kennecott Alaska there is a predator. This predator has been killing innocent tourist that visit the abandoned 'copper company town'. Your character is a supernatural hunter. It's their first real hunt without an older guide with them. They've been given a backpack full of supplies, a map, and a cell phone to report back with.

Kennecott is a collection of old red buildings next to the Kennicott Glacier. The biggest building is the old mill building which stands fourteen stories above the glacier. There was a dairy barn with an outside garden. A recreation hall, and a school house. A glacier lodge housed staff and management along with their families. Other buildings were cottages, a bunkhouse to the west, a refrigeration plant, company store and post office, sawmill and carpentry shop, train depot, a national creek bunkhouse, assay office, a bunkhouse to the east, a hospital, general manager's office, ammonia leaching plant, concentration mill, power plant, machine shop, and electrical shop. The technology there is from the 19th century, but somehow works just as well as the day it was built. No one knows who takes care of the town. Any attempt to set up cameras has failed or to set up any overnight surveillance has failed.

The reason your character is being sent is because the suspected supernatural being that's there is thought to be low on the hierarchy scale. The rest is open for plotting and twisting. I have several secrets up my sleeve to keep things interesting. The general rules apply: follow ES rules. Other than that the goal is to have fun with it. Take it as light or as dark as you'd like. PM me with the subject title of Govtch to let me know that you've read everything. I can tell you more about the hierarchy scale and the other finer details of the world when you message me. If you'd like to make your own that's fine. I'll ask questions later. The role I plan on playing is the predator, but if you have a character in mind I'm willing to trade. I'm waiting to hear from you. :)


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[google-font][raleway As the woman walked, she watched as the houses became more and more damaged. Some of the windows were broken, and a lot of the trees were dead, or slowly dying. She shuddered lightly wishing she had at least some company with her. She then turned her gaze away from the homes. They were making her uncomfortable, and making her head spin with what they held. She kind of wanted to enter one, and see if it was as run down as the one she was staying in. She made a mental note to check them out later on. Maybe when she felt more comfortable with the strange silence.]

[google-font][raleway This whole place gave her the creeps, but she had taken on the challenge. She had to prove to everyone else that she could do this. As she made he way to the town, the sun started setting. It did get a bit more chilly as well. She bit the inside of her cheek as she entered the town. The buildings were rotting from the inside out pretty much. Her heart broke seeing it. [#C4788E "What happened here?"] she breathed out. She wanted answers, and she knew she wasn't going to be getting them any time soon.]

[google-font][raleway How could she? The only living person was her, and she was alone. Or at least she thought she was alone. She sighed a bit, as she walked into one of the buildings. The creaking of the floor boards, was the only other sound around her. She ran her fingers lightly along one of the counters, and she pulled her fingers away covered in dust. [#C4788E "Creepy.."] she muttered lightly, knowing no one would hear her. She kept walking around the small room, hoping something would catch her eye.]
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Abraham stood looking out of the window overlooking Kennecott. The sun disappeared behind the window frame so he could comfortably look out. He stood motionless watching the clouds float by overhead. Scavenger birds picked at forgotten trash. Their sharp beaks ripped discarded food bags open, littering the ground with trash. One lucky bird found a half eaten sausage. It gripped the piece of meat between its beak and flew off with it. The other followed cawing after it. The sun glinted off of their black feathers. Abraham turned away from them. In the corner a spider spun her web, rats ran alone the studs in the walls and the wind whistled against the building’s supports. The air around him was chilly. He sat down in his chair and pulled a book from a pile. The cover had a woman with a long dark dress staring out over the ocean. He traced his finger along her face. After a moment he put the book down.
The stairs spiral as they lead to the lower floors. Most were dark with shadows. The woman’s smell on the wind drove him to move. Once outside he moved through shadowed areas. A sudden change in direction blew the scent of decaying bodies his way. He wondered if she could smell it like he could. He paused and listened. He couldn’t hear her moving or exploring. That was a bad thing. With his back pressed against the shadowed wall of the ice shack he waited. The sun dipped lower and took the last harmful pieces of light with it. A few weeks of light were left before the month of darkness descended on them. He picked an old game trail that lead into the forest. It ran behind the lounge and up the side of the mountain. The deeper he traveled into the forest the quieter it got.
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[google-font][raleway As Oakland watched out the window, her mind turned to what her so called family was doing. She hadn't felt so alone like she did right now. Maybe this was a bad idea. She couldn't do anything alone, and now that she was she just wanted someone else right there with her. That was always a weird thought to her. Her father trusted her enough to do this, and she was going to do everything in her power to make him proud. She finally moved away from the window, and walked about the small house. It was really creepy, and she wondered what kind of memories it used to hold.]

[google-font][raleway That's when she started to get a bit tired. She might as well try to get some sleep, and then do some exploring around town when it was day time. She moved back to the room she had chosen, changed into her pajamas, and then crawled into the bed. She laid there for a couple more minutes, before her body started to fully relax, and her mind shut down. She closed her eyes, and pretty soon she was out. Her dreams were filled with blackness, and in a way it was like a breath of fresh air to the woman.]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u ~*~ The Next Morning ~*~]]]]

[google-font][raleway When the sun rose, she rose with it. She had slept pretty good the night before, even if it was weird sleeping in a place like this. Knowing that a family used to live here. She rolled out of bed, and she found some clean jeans, and t-shirt. She then slipped them on, and ran her brush through her hair, and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Today she would be exploring the city, and seeing what it had to hold. There had to be some other kind of life force here, she couldn't be the only one. She let out a small sigh, as she pulled her shoes on.]

[google-font][raleway When she was ready, she gathered up her things, and made her way out the front door. She walked down the stairs, and out onto the street. There was no sound at all. It was hella quiet, and it made her skin crawl. She shook her head, as she made her way into the town even more. She had a job to do, and she was kind of curious to see what secrets this place held.]
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Abraham watched the night turn to the grey colors of morning. The light started to burn his eyes and he retreated to his home in the old mill building. When he entered the bats in the rafters barely stirred and the rats in the walls squeaked at him. Inside his light proofed room he is forced to wait. He couldn’t look out of the windows until the evening, when the sun had dipped lower in the sky and he wasn’t looking directly at it. He wished he still had those dark glasses he’d picked off of a hiker. He was sure they had fallen out of his pocket when he was patrolling the area. In the meantime he picked up a book he’d been translating from English to French and began working. The generators would run all winter. The constant drone of the generators had become a friend to him. He wasn’t sure how far the world had moved on, but he knew he was behind quite a bit.
Part of him wondering what the new caretaker was doing. Naturally he wanted to dispose of her quickly, but he had to restrain himself. He would watch her, figure out if she was somehow communicating with one else, slowly isolate her. His instincts told him to proceed with caution.
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[google-font][raleway As Oakland made herself comfortable, and got all of her things set up, she had a really weird feeling about being watched. She shuddered lightly wondering if anyone was really here. No one had been inside of this house, and she could tell. She bit the inside of her cheek as she reached for the walkie talkie she had been given to keep contact with home base. She pressed the button on the side and spoke into it. [#C4788E "Oakland here checking in. Everything's almost set up, and I'm gonna be honest here, feels like I'm not the only one here"] she let the button go, and waited for someone to speak. Then the radio came back with a man's voice.]

[google-font][raleway [b "That could be your target. He's always lurking in the shadows, so make sure you keep your distance for the time being. Make sure you don't get too close, because he will kill you in an instant"] then silence. That made her feel even more nervous. [#C4788E "Is there anything else I should know about him? Or am I pretty much winging it?"] she asked back. Silence a moment longer, [b "There's really nothing more to tell you. You are going to have to look around, and see if you can find anything. Over and out"] then dead silence. She was alone once more. She sighed lightly, placing the radio down.]

[google-font][raleway So if she wanted to know more about this creature she was sent to find, and most likely kill, she would have to do some digging around. Something she wasn't used too. She bit her lip once more, as she looked around the small house. That's when she heard the whirring noises. She pushed herself up, and moved towards the window and looked out. She saw some lights coming to life, and her heart pounded inside of her chest. She she wasn't alone after all. Would the lights in the home all of a sudden come on? Or was it just the one's she could see from here? Whatever it was, it kind of worried her.]

[google-font][raleway She was kind of coming in blind, but she was good at figuring things out. She then decided it was time to explore her new home. She walked away from the window and looked around the space around her. She could tell the house had been well kept when people were living here. At least without all of the dust and everything. She bit the inside of her cheek as she mounted the stairs and went to the second floor. She couldn't do much of anything else tonight, so she might as well make herself at home, and see if she could dig anything up about this creature, and where he had come from.]
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Bright lights split the darkness blinding small rats and foxes that hid under the abandoned cottages. Abraham watched their eyes flash and then disappear. One of those gas powered carriages stopped before the gate which now hung a crisp white “CLOSED FOR THE SEASON” sign on it. Winter was the hardest part about living here. When the people disappeared he had to rely on hikers braving the Alaskan cold. Teens didn’t come as much in the winter either. A woman got out of the carriage, gathered a few things from the back, and walked through the gate. She picked a cottage at random and brought her things inside. He watched her from a distance in the safety of the shadows. He couldn’t see what she was doing inside of the cottage, but he could hear her opening things and shutting them. He thought he could hear her putting things together. After awhile he moved on from watching her. He had a lot of territory to patrol. He wondered if she was the winter caretaker.

Abraham stayed in the shadows. He went through his normal routine of turning on ancient electric lights. Some of them had to buzz for a few minutes before they turned on. Each light glowed a dim orange. Insects instantly swarmed the lights, their shadows flitted across the ground like ghosts. A generator roared to life in the basement of the hospital. The lights flashed as he waltzed down the empty halls. The walls were brick and the rooms were made of sheets hung from bars attached to the ceiling. Most of the old hospital beds were removed a long time ago. One stayed in the corner with an empty medicine cabinet at its side. The floor was mud stained and patches of blood were seen where beds used to be. Miners would be hauled up from the depths with horrific wounds.

The hospital had a small chapel that had been gutted. The pews were dragged out of the room scaring the hardwood floor. Books of every genre, age, and topic had replaced the hundreds of bibles that used to line the chapel’s shelves. Abraham had collected the books from the people he killed. The books were piled a few feet high in the corners and were organized by genre. A single chair that he found in the lounge was brought to the chapel so he could sit and read by candlelight. He resigned himself to quietly reading in the chapel. Hours ticked by like minutes. His enhanced abilities allowed him to read a five hundred page book in a few hours, whereas it would take a human several days to weeks.

Abraham had barely picked up the book before he was closing the back cover and setting it down. He blew out his candle and exited the hospital through a forgotten back door. Cool air greeted him and he lifted his nose to the wind. The scent of goat and winter floated on the breeze making his mouth water. He drifted toward the northern part of town. He passes the post office and drifts into the refrigeration plant. The building was a skeleton of what it used to be. Moonlight streamed down through a hole in the ceiling leaving a silver circle in the center of the lobby. To the left and right were doors lining the room. Each room was an office where workers would make sails and deliver ice. A set of stairs spiral to the basement. There was a faded red generator set in the wall connected to fans and ice boxes meant to keep the room frigid. Abraham knelt beside it and attempted to start it. It sputtered, shuttered, and then quieted. He pulled the panel off and looked at the corroded wires. Somehow water had gotten to it and rotted the wires, meaning it had gas, but not juice. After a moment of studying the wires he stood. His next stop was the workshop in the lower part of the old mill building. He kept tools, radios, strange pieces of technologies, containers of gas, knives and hammers, anything that could be used to repair something inside the locked workshop. He finished a rusted set of keys to all of the buildings in his jacket pocket. He stayed there until the early morning taking apart radios and anything with wires in it. He tested the wires with a lightbulb to make sure of their functionality. He would spend the next night fixing the generator. Until nightfall, he returned to his room, making sure to lock the door behind him.
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[google-font][raleway [b "Are you sure you are ready for this Oakland? This is your first real mission, without having someone with you."] the male asked the black haired female. Light grey/blue eyes looked towards him and she nodded lightly. [#C4788E "Honestly I'm more than ready. I need to prove that I can do this, and what better way, than this one?"] she asked. The male walked over to his daughter and held his arms open towards her. She walked over to him, and wrapped her arms around his waist, and his arms encircled her, drawing her into his chest, taking in her smell, a small sigh passing through his lips.]

[google-font][raleway [b "You are so much like your mother. You don't take things lightly, and you always go in with a head on your shoulders. Just please, make sure you take care of yourself, and report back every night with whatever you find. Doesn't matter if you find something small, or nothing at all. I just want to make sure you are safe"] the male said. Oakland pulled back and looked up into her father's eyes, her own filling with tears for the male in front of her. She nodded a bit, and bit the inside of her cheek lightly.]

[google-font][raleway [#C4788E "I promise I will call and check in every night. Doesn't matter if I find anything at all. I'll always make sure to put your mind at ease. Just you have to trust me as well"] she whispered. The male looked down at her and nodded. [b "I do trust you Oak. More than you know. Now, get moving"] he said. The female smiled lightly and pulled out of the man's embrace. She reached up and wiped the tears from her eyes, as she turned back to packing her bags for the trip. She was kind of nervous though, but she wasn't about to tell him that.]

[google-font][raleway She was finally breaking away from her small circle of hunters. They finally trusted her enough to let her go out on her own. She was kind of surprised when they told her what kind of case she was taking on. That's the one thing that was making her nervous. She didn't know much about the town of Kennecot. No one really knew much about it. There wasn't anything you could find out online, and that's something that really irked her. How was she supposed to prove she was worthy of this?]

[google-font][raleway She shook her head lightly clearing it, and then she was finally finished. She took a deep breath, and she then moved out of the small room she was in. She had her bags in tow, and she felt like she was ready to take on the world. Her father came back towards her, and put his hands onto her shoulders. [b "Alright Oakland, this is your chance to prove yourself, and to make your family proud of you. Remember if you need to come home, you can."]]

[google-font][raleway [b "No one is going to think any less of you"] he said lightly. Oakland looked up into her father's eyes and smiled lightly. [#C4788E "I promise you I will prove myself, I got this handled. I'm not going to a scared little girl, and I won't be coming home early"] she said. She didn't know how well he believed her, but she hoped he did. The male nodded lightly. [b "Alright, you'll be arriving in the small abandoned town first. Make yourself at home while there"] he said with a small smirk. The woman shook her head lightly.]

[google-font][raleway A small sigh passed though her lips as she walked out of the small house and went to a car. She slid inside, and she was taken away. As she was being driven out of town, and to her new place, a walkie talkie went off. [b "Can you hear me Little Eagle?"] her father's voice came through loud and clear. She then picked up the walkie talkie, and pressed the button. [#C4788E "Loud and clear Bald Eagle. Over and out"] she said. Nothing came back through, and she felt slightly better.]

[google-font][raleway The ride was quiet, and for that she was grateful for. Pretty soon she was out of the car, and looking at the abandoned gates. [b [i "You got this Little Eagle. We have faith in you. Be careful, and make sure to check in every couple of hours"]] the younger male said. She looked towards him and nodded lightly. [#C4788E "I will"] she promised. She picked up her things, and walked away from the only safety net she had left. Her heart hammering inside of her chest.]

[google-font][raleway The small town of Kennecott was abandoned, and it was really quiet. A small shudder ran up her spine as she found a house. She looked around, and realized there was really nothing here. She walked into the house, being careful not to do more damage to the door. She bit her lip lightly, as she looked around the place. It was really creepy standing right here, inside of someone's home. Someone who could very well still be alive.]

[google-font][raleway At least that's what she told herself. She took a deep breath, and pulled the walkie talkie out, and pressed the button. [#C4788E "I'm inside a small abandoned home. I will be doing more exploring tomorrow. Right now I'm going to get my things set up, and go from there. Little Eagle out"] she said, and put the walkie talkie down. No one came back over the small box. Was that a good thing? Or was she already in trouble? She hoped it was a good thing.]

[google-font][raleway She took a breath, and started unpacking her things, not knowing what had just happened down deeper away from where she was. She went about acting like she wasn't alone, as she set everything up. She then started testing out the camera's, and set them aside. She was in for a long ride, and she just hoped the other's were paying close attention, and hopefully she'd be able to prove to them, that she'd make an amazing hunter. It was time to put herself to the test.]

[google-font][raleway The night was just starting for the woman, and she was already on edge. She just hoped nothing would pop out and scream at her to leave. Her heart hammered inside of her chest, as she made herself comfortable in the abandoned, creepy house.]
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Time had passed slowly before. Now years passed like minutes. Abraham stood overlooking Kennecott. Just on the horizon to the west he could see the last of the people visiting the old bunkhouse. He waited until the lantern was put out to turn his back to them. The sun was dipping behind the tree line and he could feel it disappearing. Since 1938 Abraham had lived, and thrived, in the abandoned buildings. When everyone packed their things and headed to the more populated areas of Canada, or even back to the States, he stayed. The Alaskan government forgot about the Kennecott mines for a few years. Until they remembered Abraham spent his time searching the mines for copper and learning to take care of the equipment. Now that the present age had caught up to him, he found that he didn’t understand the new technology the tourist carried around. He hated their flashing things and the noises they made. He didn’t understand half of the things they said either. This only cemented the idea that he should stay hidden in his abandoned mines feeding off of those that wandered in places they shouldn’t. The most fun he had now was when children would hike the glacier and decide to spend the night in one of the bunkhouses. Abraham was always looking for a quick meal.

The room that he looked out from was faded and worn. The wooden panel walls were dark with water damage and the floorboards were loose. Spiders crawled between the cracks where there was a draft. The room he watched from was bare wood all around. The rafters could be seen. Abraham had made this collapsing room his when the people decided it was too dangerous to take visitors to it. He kept an old bible by a collection of clothes he turned into a bed. Even though he didn’t need to sleep he liked to lay on something soft and read. It didn’t matter how many times he’d read the bible cover to cover, it was still his favorite story. He hated when it rained because the water would soak the floor and walls. There was a small area in the corner of the room he could stand to stay dry. Other than his makeshift bed, the room was empty.

Descending the stairs he ducks into the first door on the right. A young woman hung from the ceiling by a pair of manacles that he’d found in the basement. Her dark brown hair was matted and ended at her shoulders. Her face was pale and gaunt. Abraham’s advanced eyesight picked up immediately on the pink stains on her neck and chin. There were also stains around her wrists where she struggled against their hold. Some of her fingers were turning a darker purple. He could hear her heart beat slower in her chest. She was fading and that was okay. The girl didn’t open her eyes when he entered, or when he sunk his fangs into her neck. He drank until her heart stopped. Fishing a key from his wool jacket, he unlocked the manacles and let her drop into his arms. She was another girl that had gone missing around the glacier. Her lifeless body weighed nothing to him as he carried her down the stairs and out of the back door. By now the people would be long gone and he could move around in peace. He took the body to the deepest mine. The mine had been empty for decades and he used it to dump the bodies of his victims. The bright yellow caution signs and danger signs kept people from wandering down the treacherous mine. Several of the support beams had shattered to the ground or were cracked, adding to the danger. Abraham returned to his home, taking the route that crossed the bridge, passed the dairy barn, school house, cottages, and recreation hall. He continued on his path, patrolling his territory.
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