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Feel free to vent you will not be judged by me on just in a state of mind that needs an outlet I hope whoever else needs that can let it out here if needed.

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I guess it's all a.matter of perspective. You can adore someone your whole life and in an instant realize that it was all a smoke screen to keep you from breaking inside.
All I want now is answers I will never get. My anxiety is on high alert and somehow I'm managing not to lose it all at the drop of a pin. I guess I just need to forgive you and move on from that 3 year old girl that lost her mom only to find out I was given up on. Because your career was more important. Like your daughter wasnt good enough to fulfill that space in your heart that was missing something. And what more startling is I'm stuck with your hair your face a constant reminder I wasnt enough for you. I dont understand I'll never really understand but the least I can do is to finally let go of it. It does me no good to dwell on it anymore.... I guess this is it mom, my final goodbye to you. I dont forgive you but it's fine because I'm a better woman than you could have ever been. I'm going to great things and prove I was worth the trouble and wherever you're looking up or down from i hope you see me succeeding no thanks to you.
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