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The older man looks at the girl with his blue eyes, studying her for a moment. It was hard to tell if he saw through the fact that she was avoiding his questions or that perhaps he was making sure she was okay. His features were hard to discern, even for crew, including Wei who has been around him for many years.

[+blue “We're pirates, yes, and you're on our ship. We're a few hours away from land.”] The Captain responds to her two first questions. However, when she inquired about other clothes, Mormont and Wei stiffened and quickly glanced at the others without moving their heads. This could be an issue.

Most of the men stared hungrily at the female who's only protection from their gaze was the Captain's jacket upon her delicate shoulders. They eyed her, some rubbed their hands together, and some tried their best not to drool. Wei, Captain Mormont, and a very select few of the crew didn't have the same flash of yearning desire that most if the others had. However, despite that, Wei stepped forward, his feet slamming loud on to the deck. He gets in the way of the two as if to shield them from an incoming attack.

[b “I found her, she belongs to me! I am laying my claim.”] He jabbed a thumb at himself. He turns, grabs the woman by the bicep and lift her to her feet with force. [b “If anyone has a problem, we can deal with it once I'm finished.”] And with that, Wei drags her below deck, bringing her to his separate room, afforded to him because of his position.

The room was a small one, but it had a bed and desk, as well as a packed bookshelf. Once inside, he shuts the door and releases the girl's arm, locking the door as he does. [b “Please forgive me if I hurt you.”] Wei says, his eyes fixed for a moment on the door before they moved back to the girl. [b “I may be a pirate like them, but there's lines even I won't cross. I'm not a savage.”] He stated. The most of them, saved for Mormont and a number you can count on one hand, they viewed this girl as a entertainment or cargo. He didn't partake in such savage amusement.

Swiftly, he moves passed her and to a trunk at the foot of his bed. It was full of clothes, and he motions to it. [b “Do you happen to have a name? I'm Wei.”]
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The last thing Luna could remember was a rather nicely build man heading toward her as she was in a panic. Her crystal eyes drited closed, her breathing slowing, and soon enough stopping completely. This was it, this was how she would die..all because she wanted to have an adventure. She should've listened to her father...too late for that now.

The next thing she is concious of is sputtering up water in the face of a man...the man who had saved her. The mermaid gasped for air as her crystal eyes darted around the men whom stood by and near her, watching the 'show'. She was sitting up when the 'captain' came up to her and put a jacket around her nude body. Her very long silver hair was drenching wet and was hiding her breast, luckily. When the captain put the jacket around her she flenched, after all this was her first encounter with humans, [b "A-Am I on land?"] The girl questioned in quite a raspy voice do to almost drowning. Her face was a bright red color due to her being stared at by all these people. She pulled the rather large jacket tighter around her, hiding more of her as she looked around.

Her crystal eyes finally coming to a huge flag on the boat, it was a general pirate flag, one she had seen before under the seas.. She had heard of pirates before, thanks to her father, [b "You're pirates?"] She questioned, still ignoring his questions. Pirates are supposed to be god aweful humans that prey on young women and drink a lot of rum. At least that's what she was told. Her father also told her that decads ago pirates would try to capture mermaids, that is until mermaids hid so deep under water and away from humans that nobody ever found them again.

Her gaze grew rather harsh and she became weary of their every move, [i "Well, this will be quite the adventure..."] Her eyes began to, once again, burn and slightly tear up. This time it was do to the fact that she forgot to blink. Under the water she didn't have to do that and the only reason she knew to do that now was because when she closed them to try and make them stop hurting, they did, [i "Am I leaking?"] She thought to herself as she brought a hand up to her cheek and brushed away the drop of water that had fell from her eye due to them drying up a little. So many things were happing right now, [b "Is there anything better then this?"] Luna asked tugging at the jacket that was placed over her shoulders, sheilding her. At least they were nice enough to give her that...although she had to admit, she was scared as to what they would do to her.
  Luna Nebulia / normalpeoplescareme / 223d 19h 4m 55s
The sea was a cruel mistress, but not to We Li Hong Kuang. The young pirate Quartermaster and sometimes Sailing master of [i The Ravager] was almost born at sea! When he was young, Wei was orphaned while at sea, and in order to survive he quickly joined up with a bandit group when he washed up on shore. Soon after, Wei found himself desiring more than simply living on the scraps of people he could rip off. He wanted power, respect, and he wanted money. The spice trade seemed like a very profitable way to go, and Wei eventually ended up as a very feared and respected pirate. However, Wei was aware that being a pirate wasn't exactly the most sustainable career, but it wasn't like he had anything or anyone to tie him down or make him want to give up his life of adventure. Plus, it paid quite well.

[+blue “You have that far away look in your eye again.”] A voice broke through his imagination and brought him back to reality. The waves against the ship, the seagulls overhead, and the hustle and bustle of men on The Ravager became nothing but white noise after a while, often times his sailing even became second nature like breathing. Captain Mormont stood next him with a small smile on his face.

Captain Mormont was a tall man with a working build. He had blonde hair with grey streaks, and a bald patch on top that he kept covered with his Captain's hat. His eyes were blue, and creased with crows feet because of his advanced age. He wore fine clothing befitting of his station, and carried a heavy pistol and cutlass at all times.

Wei himself was a few inches shorter than the man, but starkly different in his appearance due to his heritage and what he chose to wear. Wei's hair was dark, which contrasted his light eyes, and complimented his sun kissed complexion. Unlike Mormont, Wei's attire was more fitting for a warrior. Gauntlets and more mobile clothing, and he kept his muscular chest bare as a form of pride and challenge. He carried a lighter pistol and a Dao with his at all times.

[b “I was just reminiscing about my life.”] Wei responds. [b “I was also thinking about how boring life would be if I was anywhere but here.”] He adds with a stark grin which his Captain returns.

[+blue “We should be docking soon. Our last caper brought us many riches.”]

[b “We should celebrate.”] Wei says, and the Captain smiles but shakes his head. The young pirate frowns. He hasn't been joining the crews merriment for a while, something that hasn't escaped his notice, nor the crews.

[+blue “Maybe next time.”] He says with a quick smile, and before Wei can respond, a call for help cuts through the usual sound of the ship and sea. Immediately the two are looking over the side to see a women who seemed to have materialized out of the water drowning and calling for help. Without thinking, Wei was overboard, swimming and grabbing hold of the woman. Not soon after, a rope was thrown his way and he and the woman were pulled back aboard.

“Whats a women doing out here?” Someone asks.

“Did anyone see any wreckage?” Another one asks. Soon there was a crowd around Wei and the woman, but it seemed she wasn't coming to or breathing. Quickly Wei begins pressing rapidly on her chest, and breathing in to her mouth.

“Shes dead. She can't be alive after all that.”

“That's too bad. We might've been able to fetch a good reward or ransom from her.”

Ignoring the others, Wei continues his work until finally, the woman coughs and water ejects itself from her lungs on to his face. The crowd gasps and laughs at the scene. Wei wipes his face and stands up as Captain Mormont takes the younger pirates place.

[+blue “Are you alright, love?”] He asks, putting his jacket around her shoulders. [+blue “How did you end up all the way out here?”]
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A soft, beautiful humming noise came from Luna as she swam through her deep blue sea. Her unhumanly crystal blue eyes looking at everything with excitement. Her hands hitting against the seaweed that was on the bottom of the ocean floor. Many different fishes of all size and color swam around her and by her. She never got tired of this, although she had to admit she was interested in the world above water. She wondered what it would feel like to walk in the sun, toes in the sand, hair blowing in the wind.

Her father, the "king" of the ocean hated her being so adventurous. He always taught her the land was evil, humans were evil. In fact, he's told her many horror stories. Humans have hunted them for years, just like they did with many other supernatural beings that her father also told her about...but who knows if that's even true. Luna always takes what anyone says with a grain of salt. She was a care-free soul.

She sung a soft melody as she made her way through the blue sea, passing by other mermaids and mermen. Today she planned on going futher then she's ever gone away from her home. Today was going to be quite the adventure.

Eventually the little mermaid made it to an area she had never been before. There was a huge boat laying at the bottom of the ocean. Her eyes became full of excitement as she swam towards it. She placed her hand on the side of the ship as she peeked inside. There were picture frames, forks, half statues of men, so many human things. Luna sqealed with excitement as she quickly entered the boat. Her fingers tracing the outline of the statued mans face, [i "Men...How can such weak creatures run the outside world?"] The girl thought as she let out a small sigh. Of course they were rather beautiful creatures, but they'd be better as pets rather then rulers...

Before she could think anything else she felt something shake the whole boat. When her eyes shot over to the side she saw a huge shark smashing his way through the boat and over to her. Her eyes widened, excitement but also a tinge of fear spreading throughout them. She quickly began to swim away, taking sharp turns as if she was trying to confuse the overgrown fish.

Once she escaped the boat she eventually found herself in a dark underwater cave in order to dodge the shark. A small sigh of relief escaped her lips. She pushed a strand of her silver hair out of her face before glancing around the cave, it was rather dark but she could see a small light in the distance. Of course, her very soul urged her to move forward in the cave. Before she knew it she felt a net capture her whole body, [b "What the hell!"] She expressed as she looked around, struggling to get out of the net.

A evil chuckle could be heard from the shadows, [+red "It seems I've caught myself a curious little princess..."] It was a raspy, dark sounding voice. The mystery person came out of the shadows just enough for Luna to see the person's face. It was a sea witch!

[i "I've really done it now!!"] The girl thought, her excitement and curiosity exiting almost immediately, [b "I-I demand that you let me go!] The princess declared, a fit of rage obviously on her face.

The sea witch only laughed, [+red "Poor little princess...how about we play a game instead? I'm going to take this tail away–"] The sea witch pulled the bottom of her tail, a menacing look on her face, [+red "–I'm sending you to the man's world...you can only return once you kill your true love in cold blood, dearest little princess."] Before Luna could say anything or retort the horrible and wicked sea witch she found herself not being able to talk. In fact she found herself hardly able to breathe. The sea witch pushed Luna out of the cave and gave her a boost at least half way up to give her a fighting chance.

Luna's crystal eyes were clouded with fear and they burned from the salt in the sea. They never burned before. Her tail felt tingly. She fought her way up to the top of the ocean. Once at the top she gasped for air only to began going under again and once again struggling to get back up for air. She was drowning. Her new legs kicked in the water, trying to push herself up, [b "H-Help!!"] She managed to rasp out between gasps of air as she slowly but surely drowned. This was how she was going to die..at least that's what Luna thought.
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