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I’m New York, there are new heroes on the block, one a stranger to America, and the second has little known about them. But they are about to be unlikely partners in the future


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“Yeah...I guess so...” she said, looking around the room, being a bit uncomfortable because she was the first person they eyed, since she had advanced alien tech literally mounted on her back. “Ever since we got here, half the crew has been eyeballing makes me extremely uncomfortable and it puts me on edge...” she told him, peering out into the hallway. “They better keep their word...or it’s not gonna be pretty...” she promised him, hating being lied to. Soon her suit retracted, forming the three colored pack on her back
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Kovaks was a man who looked like he was in his late thirties to early forties. He had long black hair kept back in a ponytail, and a gaze that spoke of many military campaigns. His face wasn't adorned by the same surgically precise scars like Kade's was, but his neck had similar ones. He didn't exactly seem pleased to be escorting the three Earthlings through the ship either. And it was a big ship! Not as big as The Collector's, but the ship was built to carry lots of people and cargo. The area he shows the three seems to be secluded from the rest and mostly used for storage, but there were rooms for them to stay in.

“I'm sure you have no end of questions.” He says as he motions to where they will be staying. Vic takes one of the rooms.

[b “You can say that again.”] Vic responds. He was trying to understand the situation and where Kade was coming from. A war and possibly a key to winning the war was a lot bigger than taking three strangers home... He was just butt hurt they didn't get to go home yet.

“I'm sure the Commander will be happy to answer them when shes done with her duties. Shes a creature of habit, but she can be very kind.”

[b “Is she now?”] He tried not to make himself sound doubtful, but the looks Kovaks gave Vic made it apparent he wasn't convincing.

“She saved you from The Collector didn't she?” That was true. That sure was kind of her. “Don't get on her bad side. Its hard to get back from there. If you need anything like food or supplies, ask the crew. I have things that I have to attend to as well.” And without so much as a goodbye, Kovaks leaves them. This was going to be annoying.

Not long after they were settled in, Vanessa shows up in Vic's doorway, most of her Embryo suit on. Vic mirrored her, his suit mostly on the exception being the helmet. When she voices her concerns, Vic giving her an acknowledging nod. [b “I don't know if I trust her either... But I also don't not trust her. She [i did] go out of her way to save our hides despite her people being in the middle of a war, right?”] Something to think about at the very least. He taps his chin. [b “Maybe the least we could do is lend her a hand at this research station she's going to. It might make us even then.”] That being said, he was going to keep his ear to the ground. War made people do strange things, and he assumed Kade's people weren't exceptions to that.
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Vanessa’s suit formed on her body, with the exception of her helmet, meaning she wasn’t sure if she could trust the commander or not, and she could definitely tell she wasn’t exactly human by the way she acted either, since she was emotionless for the most part, and she didn’t give off a hear signature, or at least not much of one. After they were shown to their rooms, Embryo visited Vic. “I don’t trust that woman...she’s not...human...and she’s acting really shady...” she told him, hating what they were being forced to do
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[h3 Saved?]
Once they entered the ship, an energy field appeared through the entrance they came through. The ship then detached from the wall of The Collector's ship and the bulkhead doors closed. Soon they were speeding away in the much more nimbler ship and to safety. But just as Mad Jack inquired,where was 'safe'?

As Jack had become more personable and Vanessa's Embryo suit folded in to its pack, Vic followed suit, his helmet folding back and dropping down until it was indiscernible from the rest of his armour. His face was revealed, again, so without using words he could assure his new comrades he was human and establish trust. This also gave him the opportunity to look more closely at the Commander now that they weren't in battle. Her skin was fair, her hair white, and her eyes were an unnaturally light blue. Since they weren't fighting anymore, he noticed the surgically precise lines on her face that started at either side of her mouth, went back a bit, up a bit, and then back behind her hair line. They were barely noticeable, almost the same colour of her skin, but it told Vic she wasn't human.

Her eyes narrowed slightly when she noticed Vic staring, and suddenly the floor and ceiling were much more interesting to look at. [+8A2BE2 “You're in the Delti Star System, thousands of light years away from Earth's Solar System.”] Kade responded to Mad Jack. [+8A2BE2 “I could tell you were from there because of your distress frequency.”] Answering Vic's next question before he asked it.

[b “Great, you know where we're from, so you can take us home, right, Kade?”]

[+8A2BE2 “Commander.”] She corrects.

[b “Sorry. 'Commander Kade'.”] He says and some of her men wince. She doesn't look impressed by Vic.

[+8A2BE2 “Commander [i Vulcia]. And I can't bring you three back to Earth just yet.”] That alarmed Vic and his arms uncrossed. It took all of his composure not to snap at his rescuer.

[b “Why the hell not?”] He asks, a little harsher than he meant to. She didn't seem to notice.

[+8A2BE2 “You wouldn't know it, but my people are in the middle of a war with the Kree Empire.”] The [i who]? [+8A2BE2 “Our star system borders theirs and it seems they would like to expand their empire. We were actually out on a mission to a research station that could hold the key to our victory.”] She didn't sound convinced, but she almost seemed reminded again, taking stock of the three new people in front of her. [+8A2BE2 “Although, I could use all of your particular [i talents] for this. We lost contact with the facility a few hours ago and we might need the back up. If you help us and help us with the war, I'll happily bring you back to Earth.”] It didn't sound like much of a choice to him, and before he could speak for the rest of his team, she turned her back on him, beginning to walk out of the large cargo bay. [+8A2BE2 “In any event, think it over. We're a few days out anyways so you have time. Kovaks will show you where you're staying.”]

Vic's eyes narrow. He didn't like this at all.
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Mad Jack grabbed Embryo and started to hop toward towards the ship, making haste, and he put her down before they entered the door to the ship. “We better hurry, because even though I love crushing bots, I can’t do it forever...” he told them, and used his master to slice he remaining enemies in half, after all Kade’s men returned to the ship. “So where exactly are we...?” Jack asked, his voice kind of distorted from the fight with Mantis two times now. And Vanessa’s suit unfolded and compacted into a pack on her back.
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[h3 The escape]

Once he was done being distracted by Kade, The Mantis joins in on the fun, dismantling robots with his fists and legs, keeping pace with his allies. Soon enough, the furthest wall from them bursts open and a battalion of men and women burst in with weapons that looked like they belonged in the latest sci-fi films, and began to help in the slaughter.

They large engine room was suddenly crowded with ally and enemy alike. Vic spins in the air, tossing small metallic balls that flatten and stick when they hit an enemy. A split second later they deliver an electric shock, downing dozens of robots at a time. However, whatever they did didn't seem to thin the numbers; more just replaced them.

He fights his way to the centre, which happens to be where the white haired woman was. He punches a robot out of the way. [b “Captain.”] He says as he kicks another.

[+8A2BE2 “Commander.”] Kade corrects and blasts a few bots with her automatic plasma pistol. [+8A2BE2 “How'd you know it was me?”]

[b “The hat.”] He responds. [b “Appreciate the help.”] The Mantis takes the sword from her other hand and cuts down a wave advancing at them. She doesn't seem to mind as they begin a super mad dance of battle together, being surprisingly efficient side by side and back to back.

[+8A2BE2 “Don't thank me yet. We still haven't got out of here.”] And that seems to remind her, she brings her wrist up to her mouth to speak. [+8A2BE2 “Take it away, boys!”] And where the ship had attached itself to The Collector's more of Kade's soldiers came out sporting plasma Gatling guns and started to shave down the numbers towards her ship clearing a path. She knew that her ammunition and manpower was finite but The Collector's was not. The guns create a small lull in the combat which would enable their escape. [+8A2BE2 “If you want off this ride, everyone head back to the ship!”] She yells, her voice surprisingly enhanced so it could be heard over the battle.

[b “Lets get the hell out of here!”] The Mantis agrees, tossing more of his devices in to the crowds to create more space. He then hurriedly follows Kade back to her ship, coaxing his allies to follow suit. There was nothing left for them here.
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Mad Jack was still busy with smacking and breaking bots like how the hulk would, but even more violent, and he even had to warn their new allies that he was going to use his laser. “Out of the way!” He shouted, and his laser cut through over half the army of drones that stood before them, which reduced the attack by a lot, but more were still coming. “Don’t these guys ever give up?!” Embryo shouted over the noise, and jack told her they most likely didn’t. “Maybe once we clear them out, we can leave!” He shouted back
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[b “You know, I think I'd prefer if we partnered up rather than you trying to kill me.”] The Mantis responds back to Jack, roundhouse kicking a robot as he makes his distress call. One hand was preoccupied on one side of his helmet, as he side-stepped and absentmindedly took down the robots that were lucky enough to get passed Mad Jack's wrath. There was a lot of static as they tried to get a frequency.

The frequency they picked up on wasn't Earth's. They were far, far away from Earth, he didn't even know if they were still in the same galaxy. They were FTL travelling for too long to be remotely close to Earth. However, their distress beacon did get a ping from somewhere, but it wasn't a planet.

[+8A2BE2 “This is Commander Kade Vulcia of [i The Celestial Sword]. We've picked up a distress signal, does anyone read?”] A woman with an accent asks over the comms. [+8A2BE2 “Your ship is drifting.”]

[b “Yes! We're aboard The Collector's ship. We could use any and all help to escape.”] He pauses for a moment. [b “And yeah, we kind of broke the ship to stop it.”]

There was a long pause over the channel. [+8A2BE2 “We've locked on to your position, prepare for breach.”]

[b “Wait, what does-”] And before he knew it, the ship was shaking again, more violently than before.


“We can't help them! That's The Collector!” Kovaks, Vulcia's second in command exclaimed. She knew the risks. The Collector was a powerful individual with unfathomable riches and weapons on his ship at his disposal, but she couldn't just leave these people here... Not like [i that time]

[+8A2BE2 “You have your orders, Kovaks. Do as I say.”] She says, her steely blue eyes locking with his. He relents and heads back to his seat in the bridge as Vulcia stands at the command post, a holographic star chart in front of her.

“Fire!” Shouts Kovaks, and they send plasma torpedoes at the ship, locking on to the distress beacons exact location and then scanning it for heat signatures. She could see the blobs of heat through that part of the ship through their sensors. The torpedoes hit the behemoth of a ship, causing their shields in that area to go down, and quickly [i The Celestial Sword] makes it way to the breach.

The Collector's ship was vast in comparison to Vulcia's ship. It was like the difference between the sea and a skyscraper. However, that afforded her ship more manoeuvrability and speed, which she used to stop right beside the breach, slam the flanks of her ship in to it. Immediately she's moves form the bridge and down to the hull where a large door in her ship opens up, attaching itself to The Collector's ship. Some of her men then begins cutting in to the ship, creating a hole in to their adversaries ship for them to enter... And when they do, Vulcia was not prepared for what she saw next.

A giant toy in a box, a robo man-bug, and a woman in a strange exo-suit were fighting off The Collector's servitor droids. It took her and her men a second to comprehend what the hell was happening, but a second later, they joined the fray, Vulcia and her men fighting with their plasma guns and plasma swords.
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She nodded and set up her com link to send out an SOS to earth, and soon they heard some of the bots rush into the room, but Jack had them covered. “Oh no you don’t!!!” He shouted, swatting and smashing them all quickly, doing his best to hold them off and keep them away from Mantis and Embryo. “Y’now, I might just help you instead from now on if I get enough action!” He shouted to them, continuing to smash the robots as they came into the room by the hundreds. That gave Vic enough time to set up a distress signal to earth
  Mad Jack / DoomGuy123 / 1y 25d 19h 34m 38s
[h3 Under distress]
The room they were lead in to was huge, bigger than any of the other rooms they were in. It was filled with tons of weird looking things, wires as wide as tunnels, pipes, and many things that glowed and sparked. He moves ahead of the group to take a closer look at everything, inspecting the devices and machines carefully. Once he's finished looking at everything, he nods to himself. [b “Just as I thought,”] The Mantis addresses the room. [b “I have no idea what I'm looking at.”] But thanks to Embryo, they had the robot servitors knowledge. [b “Can you point to the FTL driver for me?”] He asks, and the robot points at a large humming orb with many of the gigantic wires attached to it.

Once shown to him, The Mantis reaches on to his belt and tosses a different looking disk at the FTL drive, it attaching itself magnetically before glowing. [b “Everyone cover your ears!”] He shouts and the disk explodes, taking out the FTL drive with it. The ship suddenly begins rocking violently, things that should be attached coming unattached, and lots of cursing over the PA system from The Collector. They now weren't travelling through space at the speed of stupid, but they would still need to find a way off of this behemoth. He points to Embryo. [b “Do you have a comm link? Try broadcasting that distress signal, I'll tune myself to your channel and do the same.”] He says, turning on his own comm-link and doing what he said he would.
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“Let me see what I can do after we wreck the engines.” She told him, and Mad Jack agreed that taking out the engines would be the best idea they had. Soon she had he robot up and running while she had mad Jack melt he door shut so that the guards couldn’t follow them. The single robot they had hacked took them down a series of corridors and rooms, finally getting back to the engine room, which was massive in comparison to everything they’ve already seen. “This place makes the toy factory look like a playground...” Mad Jack said
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[h3 Continue on]
Vic fought fiercely, keeping up his own kill count with his comrades as he tore through robots with ease. He punched and kicked them in to oblivion, and every now and again assisting his partners or lining up an enemy for a kill assist. The three of them together were truly a force to be reckoned with, and soon enough, the room they were in was clear, but it was only a matter of time before reinforcements came and they would have to start all over again.

He walks up next to Vanessa to watch her work. Hacking in to a robot would be the easiest way for them to find the engine room or navigation room or whatever. [b “Do you think you'd be able to send out a distress beacon once we've stopped the ship? We might be able to get some outside help.”] It was worth a shot, and it saved them some time from taking over the entire ship.
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Embryo smirked under her helmet, and fired off a few shock shots, hitting each target with flawless aim. “I’m going to start hacking this one!” She shouted, referring to the one that survived the shock. And soon she was rewiring it’s inisde to help them, and mad jack was busy smacking the bots around like pinballs. “This is more fun than I expected!” Jack said, chuckling a bit while trashing the robots, and then he went into his box and crushed about ten of them with a satisfying crunch under his box
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[h3 Surprises]
Apparently today was full of surprises. Got abducted by aliens, partnered up with a girl with alien tech, ran in to a very alive Mad Jack, and now partnered up with Mad Jack. A lot to write home about. [b “We can use all the help we can get.”] The Mantis tells Embryo, but there was a little bit of lingering doubt in the back of his mind. He was sure this was going to bite him in the ass in the end.

The robotic guards pounded on the door, and finally, they broke through. [b “Leave one intact!”] He shouts as he jumps and kicks one, causing it to break in to pieces. He only needed one and then they could find the engine room and get off this ride!
  The Mantis / Renegade / 1y 25d 22h 8m 44s
Jack thought about it. “You know...I think I’ll take you up on that really isn’t my kind of thing.” He said, and the lights returned to full power. The robotic jack-in-the-box returned to being visible again, and he looked at Mantis. “Consider this a favor...” he said, and he looked around. “Considering how far I can stretch my arms, you could use me for a catapult or as a battering ram...” he continued, but he heard the sound of the robotic guards pounding on the door. Those are the things that brought me here to begin with!” He said, his one eye glowing bright red as he charged up his laser
  Mad Jack / DoomGuy123 / 1y 25d 23h 32m 52s

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