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I’m New York, there are new heroes on the block, one a stranger to America, and the second has little known about them. But they are about to be unlikely partners in the future


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The female nodded to the mantis’ words, and she switched her ammunition to a shock round, which should be able to scramble the robots’ circuitry. “I set my ammunition to shock rounds, it should help with their programming.” She told Vic, and she got ready. “This place is more disorienting than Brinstar...” she said, and she sighed as they made their way through the maze, but what they found next was one that Vic thought he had dealt with long ago. A large scratched up box was sitting in the middle of the floor of a room, and it was the box of Mad Jack, but it seemed to have gotten bigger.
  Embryo Suit / DoomGuy123 / 16h 18m 16s
Vic watches as the suit begins to move about Vanessa's body and create the Embryo suit. It seemed similar to the nano tech of his suit but more refined. When it was finally done forming around her, The Mantis nods at her. Like she had said, they needed to get off this ship, but they would have to stop it first. It seemed Vanessa might know a bit more about alien tech than he did, or he'd have to learn fast.

He leads them out of the large cargo area and in to a large, long corridor that splits off multiple times in to different corridors that look the exact same. Vic lets out a heavy sigh. [b “This place is a maze!”] They just had to find the bridge which would take them a bit unless they oriented themselves. Or found some kind of map or schematic. However, those thoughts are put to bed when a sound comes over some kind of PA system.

“Ahhh, I see you have escaped my collection, and even found yourself a partner. You truly are resourceful. However, I can't have such impudence on my own ship, either return to your pods or I'll be forced to have you put back in pieces.” Vic doesn't respond, he looks directly at one of the cameras, raises his hand and sticks up his middle finger at it. A laugh resounds over the PA system. “So be it... Seize them, I'm allowing the use of deadly force.” And the PA system clicks off. Now they really needed to get out of here.

[b “I have an idea, but we need to find the engine room.”] He says. And to do that, he would need one of the guards to be conscious.
  The Mantis / Renegade / 18h 10m 48s
She looked at him, and the multicolored pack on her back began to cover her body, creating her power suit. “My name is Vanessa, but I go by Embryo.” She said to him, and her one arm became some kind of cannon. “I’m ready when you are.” She said, looking at him as he took them out, and she came out of hiding, and she got her cannon ready. “So what now?” She asked, the green face shield making it only possible to see the outline of her face. “I say we hurry and find a way off this tub.” She said to him, and she looked at her new companion.
  Embryo Suit / DoomGuy123 / 1d 15h 5m 26s
Catching the woman from almost falling out of the pod, he steadies her before taking his hands off of her. She looked human for the most part, but her outfit looked alien to him, not something he's seen on Earth before. His own outfit might look a little alien because of the praying mantis motif, but the nano plating could be identified ask Stark made upon inspection.

[b “Not surprising. I had that experience as well.”] He told her, but he hadn't been knocked out due to his suits fancy re-breather. The plating around his mouth shifts back out of the way and the visor around his eyes go more transparent. He was showing her his face to let her know he was human. [b “The names Vic, but I'm mostly known as 'The Mantis'. Do you happen to have a name, or do you prefer 'Embryo'?”] He points at the dilapidated pod she was just in. He was assuming this woman had to have some kind of special abilities to be collected, so he wasn't going to have to carry the team in order for them to escape.

Suddenly, there was a small whirring sound and the sound of pressurized air. Vic quickly turns to look at the door on the far side of the large room. The small red light above it turns green indicating someone was opening it. He quickly grabs the girl, and hides them both behind some of the large cargo. He glances out from behind the cover to see two bipedal guards in high-tech armour looking stepping in, no doubt to take The Mantis and Embryo's pods to be displayed. He turns to look at the woman and places a finger over his lips with a silent 'shh', his visor growing dark again, and the plating moving back around his mouth.

The Mantis leaps over his cover just as they are distracted by the empty pods. He lands on one of them, taking them out instantly, before rising up, his fists pounding the guards body as he rose in rapid succession until he got to the head, which he finished with a palm thrust, putting that guard down as well. He picks up one of their plasma rifles and tosses it to Embryo. [b “Do you use guns?”] He asks. He didn't, he relied on his fists mostly, and some times melee weapons or gadgets. [b “We need to stop this ship so we can escape. Its still in motion.”] And he assumed moving t the speed of light or faster. If they wanted to get off the ship, they'd need to stop it or they'd be vaporized.
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Vanessa almost fell out of the pod, her head hurting, but otherwise alive. “Ugh...what the hell did that freak do to me...?” She said, rubbing her forehead. Her suit looked like something from off planet, and she had a red, orange, and green pack on her back, which was where she got the nickname Embryo. When she heard the Mantis talking, she looked up at him. “Y-yeah...I hear ya...and all I remember was getting gassed by some weird robot...” she told him, stumbling for a moment as she got her bearings.
  Vanessa DeSilva / DoomGuy123 / 2d 1h 32m 22s
[h3 All new, all different!]

Its been about three weeks since their battle with Osiris and Osiria. After The Mantis and Anubis stopped the reemergence of a God, news of their deeds spread through SHIELD and the superhero community like wildfire. New up-and-comers taking down a God and his organization of evil zealots so early in their career. That was something that was something that turned a lot of heads. Suddenly they were in news paper articles, talked about on TV and the news. Everyone wanted to know about these two new heroes, and that's how Vic ended up in this mess.

The Mantis was out on the streets, patrolling in his spiffy new suit that was made by Stark Industries. The things tripled his strength already great strength and durability, and gave him a few other advantages. Vic was eager to test it out, to make sure he knew how hard to pull his punches and kicks, and to see what cool new things he could do with it. However, while out for his 'joy ride', what looked like an advanced robotic drone ambushed him. He took it down, but then more came, and then some. Eventually he was transported up through the clouds and on to a gigantic spaceship. He was put in a stasis pod labelled 'The Mantis'.

“I've been hearing a lot of news about your exploits, Mantis.” A tall man with white hair, white eyes, and strange markings says to him. “I'm known as 'The Collector', and I like to collect unique and different beings from across the universe.” Vic doesn't respond and The Collector grins. “A man of few words, I like that, its no matter though... We're departing Earth as we speak, and we'll be in another part of the galaxy in minutes. You'll be asleep for that of course. A docile figure for my collection.” And as he says this, green gas begins to fill the pod, The Mantis slumping backwards as much as he could, but still up straight to be displayed in the collection. “Make sure he is secure before moving him with the rest of my collection. I have matters to attend to.” He spoke to his robotic servants and departs.

Vic waits a few more moments, his eyes still open under his visor as he watches the robots. This new Mantis suit of his had a built in re-breather, and whatever The Collector tried to douse him with didn't have an effect on him. Acting like it had was just a clever ruse on his part so he could carry out his escape. Through the glass of the pod, he couldn't see very far out, just whatever came in close proximity to him. There was only one way to fix that issue.

[i Smash!]

The Mantis' fist breaks through the containment glass and he jumps out of the pod, grappling a robotic servitor and ripping it in half. Quickly, he jumps and hurricane kicks another robot before it can sound some kind of alarm, and once he's finished, Vic takes a look at his surroundings. Right now he was in what looked like some kind of futuristic cold storage; crates, containers, a few pods, and other things to fill the massive space. From what he saw as he was being brought here, the ship was enormous, but if this guy was collecting things from all over the universe, it would have to be.

About to look for a way out, something catches Vic's eye. In this enormous room, it just seemed to be him. All other pods were empty and unlabelled. Except for one. He approaches the pod, seeing a woman inside. She was blonde and wore a strange looking suit he couldn't place. Obviously she wasn't from Earth, and the only identifying marker was the label on the pod which read 'Embryo'. [b “Weird.”] Vic states, and begins fiddling with the pod. He didn't know how to work it, so he ends up digging his fingers in t the sides and prying the door of the pod off, tossing it off to the side. He couldn't tell if she was awake or not yet. [b “Can you understand me? Do you remember what happened to you?”]
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The god held or his hand, throwing he sword away from them, and caught the scepter, which grew to match his size. “Thank you Vic...” he said, and he turned to the now startled and slightly nervous god of the dead. “Now your time ends now Osiris...back to the afterlife with you!” He bellowed, and used his own powers to use the scepter, and soon osiris was being repelled by the Magic off Anubis. “I cast you into the realm of the afterlife for all eternity, and never to be freed again!” He shouted, and as soon as Osiris was thrown into the light, all was silent except for the cheering of the SHIELD agents
  Anubis (true form) / DoomGuy123 / 2d 8h 35m 13s
It was harder to fight Osiria one on one and when she had the advantage of flight. She would blast bolts of magic at him and when she saw an opening, she would take a swipe at him with her swords. At some point he had also dropped the sceptre, solely relying on unarmed combat against the sorceress as she yelled and cackled at him. She was keeping him on the defensive, but like the praying mantis, he was patient.

His patience paid off when Vic went for the sceptre on the ground again, and Osiria moved to intercept. It was a feint, and the second she closed in on him, he was able to grab one of her swords and grounded her with a quick chop to the back of the head. She recovers, but The Mantis makes short work of her, the Seven Star Kung Fu having many sword forms he could draw from to overcome his less skilled adversary. He disarms her, gets behind her, and puts her in a sleeper hold, knocking her unconscious within second.

Vic looks up to see Anubis putting Osiris on the ground. It seemed now was the perfect time. [b “Anubis!”] Vic shouts, throwing the sceptre with all of his might for his companion to catch. It seemed finally things were going to come to an end.
  The Mantis / Renegade / 2d 11h 12m 42s
Anubis managed to land on his feet like a cat. “Yet you betrayed your fellow god!” He shouted, and he managed to block all his attacks, even though one hit imhim in the stomach. “I cannot allow you to be among the humans!” Anubis shouted, and when Osiris left himself open, he immediately swept his legs out from under Osiris, knocking the god down. “I am the true god now, and you are just one who calls himself still a god!” He said, and he kicked Osiris in the face, then he grabbed two khopesh and approached the former god. “Whatever you sow...I shall reap...” He said
  Anubis (true form) / DoomGuy123 / 2d 14h 2m 38s
Osiris matched Anubis' onslaught with his own, both wounding each other with sword cuts, laser burns, bruises from fists and kicks. The entire altar shook, stone cracking and then reforming, the shockwaves of each connected blow being felt by all in attendance. However, Osiris' impatience got the best of him, and Anubis was able to land a decisive blow.

The sword pierces Osiris' stomach and it looks like the final blow for a second. He goes limp, but then he quickly grabs hold of Anubis, slamming his forehead on to the jackal's nose and kicking him away. He rips Anubis' sword from his side and tosses it off the altar to the ground below.

“You forget, Anubis” he begins, his eyes opening and his wounds closing. “I am also the god of rebirth and I am far more powerful than you are!” He rushes Anubis as the god had him, and begins his own devastating onslaught on the jackal-headed deity.

In the background, The Mantis and Osiria duel, the sorceress being more powerful in the presence of her master and the underworld.
  The Mantis / Renegade / 2d 14h 7m 55s
The god growled a bit, but he immediately began to defend as much as he could, and attacked every chance he got,and every time he striked, he landed a nasty hit on the former god of the dead. “You are not welcome in the mortal realm Osiris!” He shouted, and began to press the attack harder than he ever had, making Osiris unable to fight back at all, only to defend. As soon as he could, the god of judgement rammed Osiris, bashing him a few times with his shield and soon was slashing at him, leaving many wounds, but the god remembered Osiris could use his eyes to harm him. “It is time for lights out!” He told Osiris, before hitting his eyes so that he could not see nor use his attack. “I am the god of judgement...and I find you guilty of crimes against the human race!” Anubis said before dealing what he thought to be the final strike
  Anubis (true form) / DoomGuy123 / 2d 14h 38m 7s
Vic watched as the two gods struggled against each other. It was quite the spectacle to see two giant beings of power duke it out. He couldn't tell who was going to win, and he had to do his best not to jump in to the fray to help Anubis. He knew that he would just get in the way and it would surely be his end. Two Gods of the afterlife and a guy dressed like a bug, the size of a bug to them would definitely get crushed in between. Instead of joining, he kept his eyes open for Osiria and also watched the fight with Anubis for an opening.

And it seemed his opening came they both disarmed each other, the sceptre flying off the top of the altar and landing near him, shrinking to a usable size. The Mantis picks up immediately and aims it at the two gods, trying to get a bead on Osiris. Anubis had him pinned in what looked like a crushing bear hug, but he was still struggling to get free.

The end of the sceptre begins to glow with a divine light, he takes aim, and-

[+red “I don't think so!”] Osiria seems to come out of the sky, two Egyptian swords in her hands. She got the drop on The Mantis, but he was able to move backwards just enough where he was only afforded a superficial wound to the chest. However, he also dropped the sceptre. [+red “You won't interrupt my master!”] She shouts and lunges at The Mantis.


Gritting his teeth and struggling with all his might, Osiris saw what he thought was his end, but Osiria's appearance at the pivotal second saved him some pain. It seems his fury also grows at Anubis' words, he looks down, suddenly not struggling.

“And now I shall judge you with the rest of the dead!” Energy beams fire out of his eyes at Anubis at point blank range. Hes able to get free and knock Anubis back, retrieving a sword, and begins firing more energy beams at the other god.
  The Mantis / Renegade / 2d 15h 2m 15s
Anubis growled and his shield merely stopped the beams of light, but then he proceeded to charge the god, ramming into him with the shield and soon the two began to fight with swords, both with their Khopesh, am Egyptian scimitar. “I am no false deity Osiris! I used to judge all who had died, and now you have betrayed your own duties to the souls of the afterlife!” The jackal headed god shouted, knocking the scepter away, and it landed by Vic. The scepter itself shrinking to where it was big enough for Vic to handle. “I will not allow you to destroy what I have come to protect and are now the false god amongst us all!” He said, and began to press the attack, pushing Osiris back, and he kept fighting, eventually disarming Osiris and had him pinned to where Osiris was completely unable to defend himself by any means
  Anubis (true form) / DoomGuy123 / 3d 4h 6m 15s
Vic was surprised to suddenly be on Anubis' shoulder, but he didn't do anything as they ran in to the temple. It seemed as they passed through the archway in to the temple, it was like they briefly walked under a waterfall, the air in front of them shifting like water. The world on the inside didn't seem to make sense; they were inside of what looked like a dried up bog but at the same time still in the temple, lots of the architecture shifting in and out of view like shadows on a wall.

When told to deal with Osiria, Vic nodded, hopping off of Anubis' shoulder. [b “Good luck, big guy.”] Vic says and turns to look through the bog and temple that shifted with itself. He could see a figure as big as Anubis way up ahead, and up some steps on to what looked like an altar in front of what seemed to be the source of the magical light. That must be Osiris, and where Anubis would no doubt do battle. But Vic couldn't see Osiria.

Not yet at least.


Once Anubis ascends the stone steps and on to the large platform, he could see Osiris' back. In front of him was a large pillar of light shooting up in to the sky/ceiling. This place he recognized to be the Afterlife, but at the same time it was still present on Earth for some reason. It seemed Osiris wasn't able to walk the planes of the material realm yet.

“You've finally come.” His familiar and chilly voice says, and he finally turns around to face Anubis. “I was hoping to have you killed before you ascended back in to this form, but I can see I chose poor servants.” In one hand he was holding a khopesh and the other he was holding the sceptre, however it seems to have grown to Osiris' enlarged size, and the end now bore a head. It was the head of a jackal.

“Prepare to take my place in the afterlife, false deity!” He says and a blast of blue energy comes from his eyes directed at Anubis.
  The Mantis / Renegade / 3d 12h 26m 15s
The god grew in size to about 10 feet tall, then he picked up the Mantis and placed him on his shoulder before charging into the light, but what they were met with was the sight of the very place Anubis had performed his ancient duties. “Well fuck...” he said, readying his weapons, his eyes radiating his power like no tomorrow as well. “If you can deal with Osiria, I will deal with Osiris...” the jackal headed god told his companion, hoping that he would be able to stop the god of the dead from finishing his plans
  Anubis (true form) / DoomGuy123 / 3d 12h 56m 30s

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