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In the futuristic world of Earth it hasn't been long since the xenos species known as the "Verhalta" first made contact. Despite the world being that of the future with its cybernetics and advanced technology, none are still as advanced as the Aliens. They don't make very much contact with Earth, only occasionally, making their technology and the Aliens themselves very valuable.

What happens when two people in very similar lines of work are exposed to this strange Alien technology from the stars? Only time will tell what their destiny and perhaps their fate will be.


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[center A lot of words had been used to describe Onyx Lauristen. Quiet. Beautiful. Deadly. Of course, there had been many more, but she had only guessed at those times what the rest of the words were, considering she'd always silenced the person speaking the word before they could finish it.]

[center Though she was more notorious for being a bounty hunter, she used her skills as a former assassin to help track down her targets and get what she needed. It paid well enough, depending on what the target [i was], but she'd always felt that it led to the same old boring things; find the target, fight the target, take the target in and collect.]

[center This time felt like it was the same. Walking down the hall, she stopped as a couple of men held their weapons up to her, demanding she stop. Raising an eyebrow, she pulled out a gun, taking aim and firing off a shot for both. She was really coming to hate this part of the job, but she knew that casualties were necessary to get it done.]
  Onyx (Real) / Burning_Heart / 6d 4h 10m 6s
[h3 New Dangers]

Its been a long time since the Triad got a hold of Alien technology. Usually it was rare for anyone to get their hands on the tech, especially with how hard the Aliens held on to it. The government could barely keep hold of it without having to forfeit it back because of the uneasy agreement the two have. But the Triad doesn't follow the rules that the government has put in place, which is why they were lucky enough to get their hands on the tech. The black market was abuzz with the prospect that the Triad had some Alien tech for sale, but that meant that their enemies and probably the government knew as well.

It must have been some kind of research vessel that had crash landed. Pilot dead on impact, and the small Alien ship nearly smashed to pieces. However, its cargo and fuel cells were still intact somehow which made them ripe for the taking, as well as some of the strange metal the ship was made of. Scrap metal from alien ships were extremely desirable for people in cybernetic chop shops and they fetched themselves a high price.

This was the moment that the Fair City Triad was waiting for. No longer did they have to rely on this low level arms dealing leg-breaking garbage to line their pockets, no, now they were going to be in the big leagues. After selling this merchandise, everyone would want to be their best friend, buying and selling to and from them. Success only brought more success...

At least that's what Han had told Wei.

Wei had always believed that Han, their defacto leader was a bit of an optimist. Wei himself was simply an enforcer for the Triad, being considered a great martial artist and expert in weapons. Tales of his exploits were often told and they were told all over his body in the form of scars and tattoos. None in Fair City were his equal, and Wei often didn't even have to fully introduce himself for whatever intended effect he needed. That's why Han needed him. He had only gained control of the Triad after his father's death, being bequeathed the syndicate and in turn, Wei.

This opportunity only bolstered Han's opportunistic nature, and he failed to see what sort of trouble this bred for them. Sure, people of much more importance might want to deal with the dregs who operated out of Fair City, but that meant they would have to deal with much more dangerous people as well. Organizations much more dangerous than the Fair City Triad. But perhaps they would be recognized by the other Triads and would be protected as such... Another thing Han believed.

Either or, disregarding orders given to him, Wei sat around the tech, particularly the glowing blue canisters. Someone would be coming for them eventually, friend or foe. Only time would tell.
  Wei / Renegade / 7d 9h 52m 34s

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