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In the futuristic world of Earth it hasn't been long since the xenos species known as the "Verhalta" first made contact. Despite the world being that of the future with its cybernetics and advanced technology, none are still as advanced as the Aliens. They don't make very much contact with Earth, only occasionally, making their technology and the Aliens themselves very valuable.

What happens when two people in very similar lines of work are exposed to this strange Alien technology from the stars? Only time will tell what their destiny and perhaps their fate will be.


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[h3 Sewers]

And they made a break for it, the woman bursting through the door first, Wei quickly in pursuit. The second they exited, there were two of the enforcement personnel waiting for them, but they were both gripping at the goggles on their helmets. It would be the most prudent option to run passed them, but the one on his left was able to rip his helmet and mask off. However, he was only able to remove it just in time too receives a flying knee from Wei. The two continue on, and unfortunately outside of the safety the cover of the building provided.

“Hold it right there!” Someone shouted over loud speakers, but the two professionals obviously knew better and kept running. Whoever wasn't currently distracted by the heat readings began opening fire on the two, but they were able to make it to the next building. And right where Wei had said it would be was the manhole cover. He quickly opens it, ushering the woman in before descending himself, pulling the cover shut behind him.

Once down, they land on a walkway, the tunnels being dark, but glimmers of light from strange substances in the water and the light from other covers enables them to see. He begins walking, checking his coat pockets for anything before he tosses it in to the dirty water of Fair City.

[b “We should keep moving.”] He tells the woman, his voice echoing in the void. [b “They'll follow us down here soon enough. He motions on ahead. [b “That should take us back to the city and we can figure out whats happening then.”] He meant they'd figure out if they were going to part ways or kill each other.
  Wei / Renegade / 227d 4h 37m 10s
[center Onyx gritted her teeth. What good did it do the two of them if they couldn't come up with a stupid idea? Anything at this point would be welcome! Checking the clip, she cursed. She was just as low if he was, save for the one extra she had over his. But at this point, that didn't matter. She knew that whatever their enemy had, they would outdo them in a heart beat.]

[center Glancing at him, she raised a brow. She had to admit, he was pretty clever, though she may have guessed that with enough time. There'd been a time when she'd worked with people like this, though she liked to think those days were in the past. She frowned at his question. [b "I really don't think-" Her sentence was cut short as the bottles shattered. Now she understood. [b "Oh."] She was impressed.]

[center She took a deep breath as she glanced at the doors. Could she really just him to let her walk out of her without putting a knife in her back? She [i had] tried to kill him after all. Unfortunately for her, she really didn't have the time for what if's and but's. It was now or never.]

[center Watching the flames erupt, she made a run for it, only glancing back for a second to see if he would follow. Truthfully, she didn't care if he made it or not. But a part of her was almost screaming that she had to make sure he was okay. Perhaps it was because he wasn't just tossing her to the people outside, but she couldn't really be sure.]
  Onyx (Real) / Burning_Heart / 234d 26m 37s
[h3 Run]

Wei simply hums at her response. For the moment, no, he didn't have any bright ideas. In a tactical sense, this was a nightmare for them. Two versus an army. And one that was armed to the teeth with the latest weaponry and tech. Not to mention they were trapped inside a building with the minimum amount of entrances and exits... Yeah, this was definitely a nightmare, and probably the shortest one in recorded history.

[b “How many bullets do you have left?”] Wei asks, unloading his magazine and looking at the bullets. [b “Christ.”] He chuckles, mildly amused. Only three bullets left; one in the chamber and two in the clip. It definitely didn't put the odds in their favour, but to be fair, even if he had a full magazine, their pistol were pretty much pea-shooters in comparison to the weapons and armour their enemies outside had. They had to get creative.

Looking around the warehouse, Wei couldn't exactly think of a way out of this other than in a body bag. Other than the scrap of alien tech around them, there wasn't anything of use or illegal in the facility with them. Most of the boxes and crates were just here for storage when their other avenues of interest needed replenishing... Like the bars and clubs.

Now he had a bright idea. Who knew alcohol might actually come in handy. And the reliance on high-tech devices. [b “They're more than likely using infrared to track our movements on the inside.”] He says, cracking open one of the crates. [b “Any minute, they'll probably blow the bay doors, toss in some gas or smoke grenades and kill the both of us. If they want the alien tech, they can have it for all I care. I knew this was a bad idea.”] Out of the crates, he pulls out two very expensive looking bottles of tequila. [b “Up for a drink?”] And he tosses the two bottles so they break and their contents spread in front of the bay doors.

Their only option for escape seemed to be the way the woman came in. They'll more than likely have the minimal amount of personnel coming that way in favour of the bay door. But they'll all be using infrared to watch them inside, so that meant Wei and the woman needed to give them something to look at and to mask their movement.

[b “When I give the signal, run.”] He points to the door after tossing lots more bottles. The place reaked of alcohol. [b “There's a sewer tunnel that leads back in to the city a couple of metres from our exit. If we move fast enough, we might just make it out alive.”] He pulls out a torch lighter, and tosses it at the bay door, the area covered with the alcohol going up in a mass of flames.

That was the signal for them to run.
  Wei / Renegade / 235d 2h 55m 19s
[center For a moment, Onyx debated trying to shoot him again and leaving. But whatever was in those canisters was really messing with her and she knew that if she tried firing her gun, she'd just waste ammo instead of actually putting it to good use. In her state, it was better to just let this one go. If the time came, she'd try again. But right now wasn't it.]

[center Flinching at the bright lights, she shielded her eyes with the hand that held the gun, mentally cursing. Were these friends of his? She was already screwed. Why would he call for more people? More importantly, when had he done it? She couldn't think of a moment when he would've had the opportunity.]

[center Her questions were quickly shooed away with his next words. She wished she could tell him that they were, but she wasn't that lucky. A majority of the time, she worked alone. [b "Unfortunately no,"] she replied, taking a few steps back towards him. Sad as she was to admit it, she had to agree with him. Whoever they were and whatever they wanted, it wasn't them.]

[center Holding the gun up, she glanced at him. [b "Any bright ideas?"] They were clearly out numbered and any chance they had of getting out was slim. She'd fought groups of people before, though never anything this big. However, he was impressive and she had no doubt that they could make a small window for themselves. She just hoped he'd be willing to work with her for the moment to guarantee they got out alive.]
  Onyx (Real) / Burning_Heart / 236d 19h 50m 52s
[h3 Surrounded]

Honestly, Wei didn't even know how many bullets were left in the gun. For all he knew, it could've been one or it could be empty. He usually kept pretty on top of counting his shots, even had his pistol modified to hold two more bullets in case someone was counting for him, and it would give him two more chances and surprise. That said, he lost track during the chaos and focus he needed during this fight. Usually his adversaries were less... Impressive.

When the woman didn't leave immediately, Wei scowls at her. Killing her would be the best option for this situation, but in his slightly deluded state, he let her pick up her weapon, effectively evening them up. But she had also been surrounded by the strange alien gas, so she was more than likely experiencing the strange fugue state that he was. It didn't seem to be very hallucinogenic, but it definitely made him feel a lot less capable and sound of mine than he usually was. What the hell was in those canisters?

He was about to bark some more orders when there was a loud noise on the outside of the warehouse. Suddenly there was blindingly bright light pouring in through the high windows of the building, and there was movement on ground level, just barely rendered in audible by the sound of one or more aircraft's. Wei might have assumed that this was the woman's backup, but it seemed pretty clear that she came here solo, and if these were her pals, she would've had them come in, in the first place and kill him. The fight for their lives wasn't something that the both of them seemed to have expected, but considering what was happening [i now], perhaps that hadn't been the fight of their lives. This was going to be.

[b “Not friends of yours I'm assuming.”] Wei says, backing up from the woman but still facing her. He moves to one of the bay doors that had a bullet hole and looks through it. On the outside, it looked like some kind of militarized version of the local law enforcement was set up outside... But why? And how did they know to get here so fast? [b “Some kind of localized military. I can't tell if they're FBI, CIA, or the Coast Guard, but they have us surrounded and they don't look interested in talking to us.”] He tells her. It looked like they now had a common enemy for the moment... He knew having this alien tech was a terrible idea.
  Wei / Renegade / 237d 19h 38m 15s
[center Halfway through the fight, Onyx wanted to scream in frustration. She'd dealt with some tough people before, but never someone as good as he was. It was beyond irritating. Something had to give, and soon, before she lost her mind.]

[center Staring down the barrel of the gun, Onyx almost laughed. She had lost count of the amount of times someone had had a gun pointed in her face. However, all those accounts had given her plenty of practice when it came to keeping the bullet from entering her body. Bringing her arm up, she hit the inside of his, pushing the gun out of her face and to her side.]

[center When the gun went off, her ear immediately began to ring, causing her to flinch. No matter how many times it happened, she would never get used to the sound of a gun going off right beside her ear. Seeing the particles float around her, she placed a hand over her mouth, trying, and failing, to keep from coughing. [i What the hell?] What was this stuff?]

[center Keeping her mouth covered, she glared at the man before her, slowing crouching down for her gun. Whether she liked it or not, she knew she was outmatched. Grabbing it with her free hand, she stood back up, her legs shaking. Whatever he'd released into the air, it was really screwing with her.]
  Onyx (Real) / Burning_Heart / 239d 50m 5s
[h3 Done deal]

The gun fell out of her hand which gave Wei the advantage. She kicked out at his chest and he moved enough where it hit his shoulder. It hurt like a bitch, but at least she wasn't wearing stilettos. She was fast and accurate, he'd give her that, but it looked like she had fallen prey to the allure of weapons like most professionals. Wei himself liked to be up close and personal which tended to be quite a surprise to most people, especially in a firefight where the goal was to keep and kill the person as far away as possible.

They fought hand to hand, the woman's gun on the ground while Wei's was still in his hand. The whole fight turned in to trying to gain or keep control of the gun, the two of them masterfully grappling each other and striking at pivotal intervals and areas. The gun even switch hands a few times before switching again just as fast, neither of them being able to get a bead on each other. However, it seemed that the fight was finally coming to a close as both of them began to slow down.

The gun was in Wei's hand again and he brings it up, the muzzle right between the woman's eyes. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, she deflects his arm, the guns goes off with a deafening [i blam!], and the stray bullet punctures one of the canisters. There's a sudden whine from the canister—almost like the sound of a kettle boiling over—before there's a sudden burst of glowing blue particles that clouds the area they're in. Wei in turn begins coughing and sneezing, backing away from the woman as the gas dissipates in to the air.

The world suddenly looks fuzzy, as if the edges of everything flowed like water, including the woman in front of him. He begins coughing in to his sleeve, but points the gun at the woman. [b “Get the hell out of here.”] He commands. He was pretty sure he was going to pass out.
  Wei / Renegade / 256d 5h 35m 9s
[center Onyx walked quietly between the crates, aiming her gun in the direction of his voice. Unfortunately, no, he couldn't. She was a determined little shit when it came to her job. The only time she would ever leave without finishing said job is if she was dead. And obviously that hadn't happened yet. [b "Doesn't work that way, love,"] she said, pulling the trigger. She couldn't see him, but she wanted to keep him on his toes. Perhaps she would get him to slip up that way.]

[center Standing beside the canisters, she gripped the gun a little tighter. For a moment, she couldn't hear anything. There was no telling where he was, and that bothered her a little more than it should have. She had known from the first shot that she wasn't dealing with any ordinary citizen, but she'd suspected that when she'd arrived to begin with.]

[center She stumbled back at his sudden appearance, the gun falling from her hands. Bringing her hands up, she brought her leg up, kicking out at his chest. At this point, she didn't care if she hit him. She just had to keep him away from any vital parts of her body.]
  Onyx (Real) / Burning_Heart / 257d 6h 32m 32s
[h3 Equilibrium]
Her bullets punctured crates and barrels as he sped by them, each shot getting closer to their mark until he took cover, firing his pistol blindly over top of where he took cover to keep the woman off of him and keep some distance. He only fires three shots in quick succession before bringing his hand back down. He quickly takes stock of his surroundings before taking a look at himself. There was a small gash in the shoulder of his coat from one of the bullets, not very deep, but an inch or so over and that would have been the end of the firefight. Wei wasn't exactly sure why, but he found that to be slightly amusing and grinned at abrasion in the material. Maybe it was the adrenaline pumping in his veins. This woman was dangerous and it showed.

[b “I'm guessing there's no way to persuade you to leave.”] It was more of a statement than a question, and since that was the case, he'd have to kill her. Once he speaks the words, Wei begins moving from cover to cover; he didn't want to be a sitting duck after all, and it was a way to make sure the woman didn't pin him down. The last thing he wanted was to turn from cover and be looking down the barrel of a gun before the lights went out forever. Wei might be one of the most dangerous men in the city, but he was still a human-being, and anyone could get off a lucky shot. Why he was still alive was because he never gave anyone the chance.

The warehouse was quiet in between the gunshots, and it made Wei and the woman locating each other a little easier. She was quieter than he was, but he must've been lucky, because peering around one of the crates, he could see that she was now where he began, right near the alien canisters. He had finite bullets and at this point in their gun fight, he was running particularly low, so instead of getting out of cover and going for a lucky shot, Wei vaults over the crate, landing directly in front of the woman. He parries her gun with his own, and the two begin a vicious hand to hand fight, the victor being the one able to pull the trigger first.
  Wei / Renegade / 268d 4h 41m 43s
[center Onyx studied him, looking him up and down like she was sizing him up. He was definitely bigger than her, but most people were, and though she was strong, she was sure he'd be able to take her down. So keeping her distance from him felt like the safest option for her. That didn't seem like it would be hard, though. He didn't seem to have any interest in getting close to her.]

[center She smirked at his words. [b "Well, I like a man who keeps his word."] Perhaps she could stun him with her reaction, but maybe not. She'd always had different things she would try with people, and she never had an idea on how they would react.]

[center Getting shot at, however, had not been on top of that list. She cursed at his reaction before ducking to the side, narrowly escaping the gun fire. [b "You've made a really big mistake,"] she said, her voice cold. Standing up, she aimed and fired in the direction he had gone. She wasn't going to give up that easily.]
  Onyx (Real) / Burning_Heart / 269d 21h 47m 0s
[h3 The hard way]

It seemed like they were at a Mexican stand-off now. He had initially hoped whoever this person was would leave, and was surprised when she had turned the corner to face him. So surprised that he didn't pull the trigger immediately when he saw her. If he had a chance to have killed her, it would have been then, and he missed it. Now he'd have to find another way to end this without getting himself shot. One wrong move from either of them and they'd both kill each other.

[b “Trust me, Miss, I'm a man of my word.”] Wei responds back to the woman. He gauged her initial response to his threat. Her voice was calm, her weapon drawn and steady, and her eye went down the sights of her weapon without squinting. His eyes narrow slightly. This woman was a professional, so keeping her alive might be useful if they wanted to find out exactly who hired her. Other than that, he didn't know who she was and he couldn't place her accent. It was also evident she didn't know who he was. Or perhaps didn't care.

When given the option for either the 'easy way' or the 'hard way', Wei's usual calm and aloof demeanour cracked, the ghost of a grin gracing the bottom half of his face. [b “Guess.”] He says and pulls the trigger as he jumps off to the side to avoid her gunfire.
  Wei / Renegade / 270d 2h 53m 22s
[center Onyx closed her eyes for a moment, letting out an irritated sigh. She had really hoped this would be easy. Take care of a few guards, retrieve what she needed, and leave without much of a problem. But she should've known better. Nothing was ever easy when it came to her.]

[center Turning, she narrowed her eyes on the stranger, pointing the gun at him. She didn't want to have to shoot another person, but she was willing to if necessary. The only reason she hadn't pulled the trigger yet was because he hadn't shot her first.]

[center [b "You talk big, but one has to wonder if you would actually keep that promise."] Her voice was laced with a slight accent and sounded a little too calm for the situation. But she'd been trained to put her fears and emotions to the side when it came to her job, and she'd used that part of her training to her advantage.]

[center Keeping the gun trained on him, she glanced around him. [b "We can either do this the easy way or the hard way, and to be honest, I'd rather do it the easy way."] Why she was giving him the option, she didn't know. She knew how this would probably go. But there was no harm in trying.]
  Onyx (Real) / Burning_Heart / 271d 22h 29m 34s
[h3 Words of caution]

Wei still say near the glowing canisters when he heard the shouting followed by gunshots outside the door. He opens his eyes and gets himself to his feet, stretching his legs and his arms as he watched the door. He wasn't supposed to be here, but Han would be glad that Wei didn't listen. He may not be in the role of the leader, but he did believe he knew more about this business than his current boss. Success breeds success. Violence begets violence.

A pistol is in hand, and he has enough time to check it and ready it. Wei preferred good old-fashioned fisticuffs over guns, but he was still just as proficient with them as he was with the rest of his body, that's why he was one of the most feared men in Fair City, and the single most feared man in the Triad. That fear was often leverage, but whoever was here now wasn't aware that he was inside waiting for them. However, that in itself was an advantage.

The building that they were housing the alien tech was a very small warehouse complex. They owned the whole complex but often only used one or two of the storage buildings at a time and for very short amounts of time. It was used mostly for holding for when particular things changed hands; nothing stayed here longer than a week. The particular building he was in only had two entrances. One was a loading dock, and the other was the entrance, and since the two guards posted outside were just gunned down, it was safe to assume the front door was where the thief would come in. So when the door opens, he fires a shot at the wall next to it as a warning.

[b “If I were you, I would turn around and leave. The only prize you will find with me is the inevitable.”] He says. He often found grand statements shook people the most.
  Wei / Renegade / 274d 1h 55m 31s
[center A lot of words had been used to describe Onyx Lauristen. Quiet. Beautiful. Deadly. Of course, there had been many more, but she had only guessed at those times what the rest of the words were, considering she'd always silenced the person speaking the word before they could finish it.]

[center Though she was more notorious for being a bounty hunter, she used her skills as a former assassin to help track down her targets and get what she needed. It paid well enough, depending on what the target [i was], but she'd always felt that it led to the same old boring things; find the target, fight the target, take the target in and collect.]

[center This time felt like it was the same. Walking down the hall, she stopped as a couple of men held their weapons up to her, demanding she stop. Raising an eyebrow, she pulled out a gun, taking aim and firing off a shot for both. She was really coming to hate this part of the job, but she knew that casualties were necessary to get it done.]
  Onyx (Real) / Burning_Heart / 284d 17h 44m 11s
[h3 New Dangers]

Its been a long time since the Triad got a hold of Alien technology. Usually it was rare for anyone to get their hands on the tech, especially with how hard the Aliens held on to it. The government could barely keep hold of it without having to forfeit it back because of the uneasy agreement the two have. But the Triad doesn't follow the rules that the government has put in place, which is why they were lucky enough to get their hands on the tech. The black market was abuzz with the prospect that the Triad had some Alien tech for sale, but that meant that their enemies and probably the government knew as well.

It must have been some kind of research vessel that had crash landed. Pilot dead on impact, and the small Alien ship nearly smashed to pieces. However, its cargo and fuel cells were still intact somehow which made them ripe for the taking, as well as some of the strange metal the ship was made of. Scrap metal from alien ships were extremely desirable for people in cybernetic chop shops and they fetched themselves a high price.

This was the moment that the Fair City Triad was waiting for. No longer did they have to rely on this low level arms dealing leg-breaking garbage to line their pockets, no, now they were going to be in the big leagues. After selling this merchandise, everyone would want to be their best friend, buying and selling to and from them. Success only brought more success...

At least that's what Han had told Wei.

Wei had always believed that Han, their defacto leader was a bit of an optimist. Wei himself was simply an enforcer for the Triad, being considered a great martial artist and expert in weapons. Tales of his exploits were often told and they were told all over his body in the form of scars and tattoos. None in Fair City were his equal, and Wei often didn't even have to fully introduce himself for whatever intended effect he needed. That's why Han needed him. He had only gained control of the Triad after his father's death, being bequeathed the syndicate and in turn, Wei.

This opportunity only bolstered Han's opportunistic nature, and he failed to see what sort of trouble this bred for them. Sure, people of much more importance might want to deal with the dregs who operated out of Fair City, but that meant they would have to deal with much more dangerous people as well. Organizations much more dangerous than the Fair City Triad. But perhaps they would be recognized by the other Triads and would be protected as such... Another thing Han believed.

Either or, disregarding orders given to him, Wei sat around the tech, particularly the glowing blue canisters. Someone would be coming for them eventually, friend or foe. Only time would tell.
  Wei / Renegade / 285d 23h 26m 39s

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