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This story takes place thirty years in the future, a virus had broken out killing several people. Though those who had survived had strange mutations and began to change gainings new "gifts". Things like ESP or control over fire or enhanced speed. Muscle tissue changing brains altering and such, as the world fell to discord taking most of the population thirty years ago. Electricty was even knocked out during the great "collaspe" one theory being an asteroid with strange matter had hit the earth. Because of this all the nations fell back in some tech while advancing in others the nations merging together for protection. Many weapons were lost such as warheads or nukes. Humanity now warring against one another freely the age of deterence being over. The merged nations being refered to now as "Kingdoms"

As the war raged on some were born with this virus due to perhaps their parents. These children/young adults are taken to a lab. Where they are tested in harsh conditions to become mindless soldiers for the cause of that kingdom.

I was thinking our characters would be stuck in this lab trying to find a way out. As they do experiments and such on our characters.

Experiments are classified in three ways.

Fighters: These get less experiments for the cost they must fight other fighters in combat. At first the battles aren't so bad till they are forced to the death. Fighters can only have up to two gifts. Mostly their gifts revolve around the body over the brain. Though that isn't always the case. They are free to choose the gear wanted for the battles they face in the arena against other fighters.

Secret Weapons: More rare and their lives a bit more valued, they are not thrown into battle. Instead they go through many experiments and are drugged and tested and prodded at perhaps the most of all three classes. A secret weapon has anywhere from 3-5 gifts and any shape of healing cannot be one. Including regenaration. Same goes for fighters they cannot have healing or regenaration.

Healers, these are people that focus on healing of others or self. Their test revolve around suffering fatal wounds and healing them. Or if they focus on healing others they must other subjects that are dying. Say a fighter who barely survived his match and ect. Having the most stressful task as others lives can rest on their shoulders.

A healer can only have one or two gifts. It is noted that the more offensive or powerful the second gift the weaker the healing gift tends to be. Those that only have a healing gift tend to heal the best. So those with a second gift can only heal themselves OR others not both. So for an example one with just a healing gift, can regenerate very quickly. However when they cut themselves and get that blood on others it can heal their wounds.

with the story out of the way I would like to also include I don't like one liners I understand brain farts but i'm not asking for a whole lot when i say 1500. This way we get the most out of each post. also no meta gaming you don't know what you don't know you can't read that some character off somewhere else was doing who knows what but then they come talk to you and you already know they did said thing unless the signs are there.


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