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It has been a few millennia since many believed in the gods of Ancient Egypt. But those who still have some belief that they still exist don’t know that the god Anubis has reincarnated in a human body. Stripped of most of his powers, he is limited in magic abilities. But he knows he cannot become a god once more. But once he meets a girl who is highly interested in Egyptian Mythology, he sees that not all people don’t believe, instead he talks with her and even tells her things that she wouldn’t know about the ancient traditions of Egypt.

To Join: please send me a PM titled [b Egypt] and character information, but please have the character around 17 - 20

Please tell me when you are losing interest or if you won’t be able to post for a while

If you’re still reading after all that, I can’t wait to hear from you

Side note: please use either an illustrated or anime pic, real pics do creep me out


Additional info:


Name: Anubis
Age: 19
Bio: once the god of judgement and the gatekeeper of the afterlife, the gods of old had been forgotten. But Anubis was one of the gods who had reincarnated as a human, and he does not remember his own past, but there is a possibility he will regain some memories of his past and possibly regain some powers as well
Likes: kind hearted people, jackals, being outside, being active
Dislikes: liars, rude people, having to stay inside, boredom
Additional info: can tell if someone is lying, after getting angry again, unnatural strength for his age, ability to speak to the deceased


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Anubis woke up startled, all he could remember were the memories his human form had while living in Egypt, but his body seemed to remember more than that, as it easily guided him outside and through Cairo, even though it was more modern than his days as a god. [i Why do I feel like I know this city like the back of my hand...?] he thought, confused and soon he was at the market, where people were saying hello to each other and he said hello back. One thing Anubis hadn’t noticed was a black jackal following him with a gold collar similar to his own. When they young man heard everyone murmuring, he stopped and looked around, and eventually saw the strange jackal, who was sitting on the sandy ground, watching Anubis, but it wasn’t doing anything that told him it was cautious, in fact, it was acting like his pet. “Well hello there...” he said, kneeling down to take a closer look at the creature, and the Jackal approached, as if it knew him
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