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She giggled slightly and teased. "The curse of fame."

Mikhail kissed Anna's shoulder as she brushed her hair. "My sister is making breakfast."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 258d 19h 49m 29s
[b "Like to have until the last minute..but have to sometimes get up WAY before I want to."] He admitted with an almost childish pout
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 259d 6h 7m 57s
She smiled and nodded. "What about you?"
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 259d 6h 20m 39s
Jayson laughed and nodded to her. [b "So old habits die hard?"] He asked her
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 259d 6h 22m 44s
"same routine even as kids." She said and shrugged. "I always tried to sleep until the last minute."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 259d 6h 24m 51s
A soft smirk came to her lips as she kissed his cheek. "That sounds good to me."

The man chuckled softly and kissed her head. [b "Sounds like you know what he does pretty well.."]
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 259d 6h 26m 51s
Mikhail kissed her forehead and whispered. "How about a nice warm shower and see how awake we feel?"

"Mikhail is probably waking up." She said and yawned. "knowing him he's probably laying in bed waking up and then he'll be up soon to take a shower."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 260d 7h 10m 35s
"Don't want to be up.. Rather stay in bed with you.." She muttered softly with a yawn.

[b "Think they'll go for the bugging?"] Jay asked her with a smirk
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 260d 7h 37m 12s
"about seven..." He groaned rubbing his eyes tiredly.

She smiled and said. "Let's make some coffee and bug my brother."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 260d 20h 32m 26s
Anna looked to him when he checked his phonr and gave a tilt of her head. "What time is it..?" She whispered to him softly.

Gently the kiss was returned and he smiled. [b "Morning.."] He whispered to her.
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 260d 22h 58m 58s
Mikhail grunted slightly and checked his phone when his alarm went off.

Circe smiled and kissed him. "Morning baby."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 261d 11h 15m 8s
Anna nuzzled against his chest in the morning. She didn't want to get up and liked being in his strong arms.

Gently he kissed her head. [b "Morning beautiful.."] Jay whispered.
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 261d 16h 35m 39s
He kissed her back happily and laid back. "Have you ever done this before?"

She smiled kissing him back and said. "i love you."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 263d 10h 36m 8s
"I wouldn't expect anything less.. But I think they would look good." Anna teased back as she kissed him again.

Jayson kissed her again and brushed his fingers through her hair as he hovered. [b "God you are gorgeous.."]
  Jay Sanders / SheDevil / 263d 13h 47m 39s
Circe fell back onto the bed and smiled up at him.

Mikhail smirked and teased. "Good. But when we're done, you might have a few hickeys."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 263d 21h 43m 35s

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