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He smiled and pulled her into one more quick kiss.

"Thanks for making sure..and for the record I love most animals."
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 232d 22h 10m 23s
"i promise." She said and smiled.

"Circe owns one that's why i asked. I didn't know if they scared you or not." He explained and smiled at her.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 232d 23h 35s
The faintest of smirks crossed his lips. [b "Promise?"] He asked and kissed her nose.

Anna nodded. "My uncle had them as pets and they were fun to play with and hold"
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 232d 23h 17m 14s
He nodded and smiled at her. "Do you like snakes by the way?"

Circe nodded and kissed his cheek. "I know, baby. We'll do more when they go home."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 239d 21h 30m 8s
Blue eyes slowly peeked over to him and she gave a small smile. "It might be a good idea and keep us all out of bed." She said with a teasing wink. The woman knew that there could and would be so much wrong with her words but was leaving it open ended and letting him take it how he would.

The softest of sounds did come from him as her fingers tangled into his hair and he kissed her more. Jayson did wish that they had more time and was internally throwing a fit. [b "Maybe we should rain check this? Because I almoat don't want to stop."] Came soft words when he was able to pull back.
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 239d 22h 40m 32s
Circe melted into the kiss and tangled her fingers into his hair.

Mikhail smiled and peeked at her. "After we all eat we could do a little work?"
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 245d 20h 35m 10s
He pulles her closer, kissing her as deeply.

Anna smirked but kept her mouth shut.
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 246d 1h 10m 7s
He nodded after hanging up and smiled driving. "Yup."

Circe nodded and kissed him deeply.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 249d 10h 49m 44s
Anna gave him a smile. "So are they up too?" She asked with a tilt of her heas as her hand moved into his.

Jayson was thankful for the help. [b "So see them soon then.."] He said and kissed her again.
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 249d 11h 15m 25s
Mikhail opened her door politely and smiled. He called his sister and smiled.

Circe helped him readjust himself as her phone rang and answered. "Hey Mikhail. Yeah, we've been up don't worry. See ya in a bit."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 249d 11h 21m 13s
Her hand moved into his and she followed him to the car. She admittedly was looking forward to breakfast after their little fun.

Fingers brushed through her hair as he kissed her back.
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 249d 13h 25m 53s
He smiled nodding and took her to the car.

Circe smiled and kissed him when she was done for now.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 250d 22h 3m 17s
"We will..but just remember later I owe you." She said with a purr.

Circe was amazing and he would make sure she knew it later
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 250d 22h 8m 19s
He smiled and nodded. "We should head out soon."

Circe smiled and happily took her first helping of "breakfast"
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 250d 22h 10m 22s
Anna nuzzled against him with a soft smirk. "Or I can have a turn?"

Jayson nodded to her slowly and did as she asked him.
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 250d 23h 48m 15s

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