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[b "Say what you gotta say. It doesn't matter who hears you or for how long.. Just use it to get it out there."] Jayson said quietly, thinking back to some advice he had been given when he started out. And a smile came to his lips. [b "Mind if I see one?"] Around her he felt normal...something he hadn't felt in so long. It was..refreshing and freeing.
  Jay Sanders / SheDevil / 346d 4h 22m 5s
She listened to him and smiled. "I use mine to say how i feel... What i think... My brother has helped me make music videos and some people like them.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 346d 4h 24m 55s
The etcetera etcetera and etcetera in her words made him have to very nearly choke back a chuckle. For a moment, Jayson thought back to when he had been ten and watched "The King and I" with his grandmother for the first time.

[b "I promise I'm not laughing at you."] He said and held his hands up. [b "Your words made me think of my grandmother. She would have liked you. She always did like people who choose to say 'screw the world, this is me'.."] He explained and then gave a nod. [b "And you aren't weird...Music is about hearing and feeling...not what people want from you...but what you get from it.."] Those words came softer, more thoughtfully.
  Jay Sanders / SheDevil / 346d 4h 27m 16s
"it depends on my mood.... I go from classical, to rock, to pop, and etcetera etcetera etcetera." She said and sat on the couch near him. "most people think I'm weird for it but oh well, you know? "
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 346d 4h 34m 23s
She wasn't like the others he had met. Seemed nicer and to actually care. Maybe he shouldn't be making such assumptions, but she didn't jump at his offer like so many would have. She didn't question why he needed the help, just did it. Yeah, a rare gem in a crazy world.

[b "You said that your tastes vary.. So what is it currently?"] Came his next question as he sat back in the chair he had taken a seat in. A small smile gracing his lips.
  Jay Sanders / SheDevil / 346d 4h 44m 16s
"mm-hm. I've always loved music, although my tastes vary." She said and smiled at him. She shook her head to his comment and said. "don't worry about it, seriously."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 346d 4h 48m 9s
Song book..Right. He remembered that most of his songs had started off in song books too. [b "You like music?"] Dumb question for sure. She had just admitted to having a song book. But he was curious and since he knew would be here a while figured maybe talking would be okay?

And when she asked if he wanted something to eat or drink, Jay shook his head. [b "No, it's okay..though would love to be able to pay you back for this."]
  Jay Sanders / SheDevil / 346d 4h 52m 12s
"it's okay. I understand why you were in a rush." She said and paused at his second question. "It's my song book." She admitted and smiled at him. "you want anything to drink or eat?" She asked and checked on her pet snake.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 346d 5h 2m 40s
The maze of alleys the girl led him through had him think of a labyrinth. It amazed him just how quickly she got them through it. The building she stopped at and unlocked the door of had him raise a brow but she had just saved him. [b "Thanks...And uh..sorry for bumping into you like that."] Came his slow and awkward words. Famous as he was, Jay wasn't always the greatest of people person and could be awkward. His eyes did go to the book she set up to dry. [b "Can I..ask what that is? It seemed important to you when you fell.."]
  Jay Sanders / SheDevil / 346d 5h 9m 18s
Circe nodded and took his hand leading him away quickly through a series of alleys. Soon they arrived at a crappy looking building and Circe unlocked the door quickly leading him inside. "You can hang out here until the chaos dies down." She said kindly and set her notebook up to dry.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 346d 5h 30m 50s
Why did this stuff always have to happen to him? He TRIED to just go out for a normal meal and the next thing he knew there was shouting, pointing, and then people coming up to his table. No, not coming up to, surrounding it. And the idiot he was, JS as he decided to go by on stage had decided no security today.

He was quick to grab his hat and sunglasses from the table and run out a side door. Where it would lead him, the star didn't know, but the paparazzi was hot on his heels. Before he knew it, he had bumped into a girl not much younger than him. His hand took hers. [b "All good...and yeah, Jay Sanders...can you help me?"] He asked, giving a nod over his shoulder.
  Jay Sanders / SheDevil / 346d 5h 42m 1s
irce was walking down the street humming one of her songs and held her song notebook close. she closed her eyes and spun around dancing to the music. she gasped bumping into someone, her notebook falling into a puddle and sat up rubbing her head. "ow..." she said and grabbed her notebook quickly. "i'm sorry i wasn't looking while i was walking..." she looked at the person she bumped into. "you're... ____?"
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 350d 16h 35m 29s

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