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jayson nodded to Anna and watched as Circe again had Charlie yawning on command.

"Oh wow!" Anna squeaked, eyes sparkling
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 61d 12h 43m 37s
circe nodded and had charlie yawn on command.

mikhail chuckled and smiled.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 61d 16h 48m 4s
Jay chuckled and nodded. [b "Yeah she showed me some of what Charlie can do. I was surprised to see it."] The man admitted.

Anna blinked. "Wait, really? Snakes can do tricks?" She asked, seeming shocked.
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 63d 7h 50m 23s
circe smiled and hugged her brother.

"showed his tricks?" he asked and smirked.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 63d 12h 3m 31s
Anna nodded with a laugh. "You did say that."

Jayson nodded. [b "One amazing snake"
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 64d 11h 29m 52s
Mikhail smiled and said. "Told you she was showing her snake off."

Circe stuck her tongue out and smiled.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 64d 11h 47m 0s
Jay kissed her back and then folliwed her, eyes falling on the other two in the ball.

"Wondered where the two of you ended up." Anna said with a shake of her head
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 64d 12h 43m 36s
She smiled and kissed him. She led him out and paused seeing the other two. "Hi."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 65d 30m 31s
The young man had not expected for Charlie to actually do it. But as before, he found himself surprised as the snake yawned with the given signal. [b "That is something else.."] He mused
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 65d 6h 22m 38s
she nodded and smiled. she made a hand sign and charlie yawned.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 65d 12h 18m 47s
[b "He can yawn on command?"] Jayson asked with a raised brow
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 66d 15h 5m 9s
"He can yawn on command." She said and smiled.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 66d 16h 8m 6s
[b "So they really can be trained like cats and dogs can."] Jay mused as she told him how she had done it. And he smiled to her more. [b "Any other tricks he can do?"] He asked as the door from down the hall could be heard opening.

Anna followed Mikhail inside. "Jay! Circe!" She called just to warn tje other two just in case they somehow walked in on something they weren't meant to be seeing.
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 67d 10h 48m 37s
"a few months. i had to hang his favorite snacks on the string and he figured it out from there." she said and smiled.

Mikhail smiled and led her inside.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 108d 13h 16m 59s
Jay was more interested in what she had been able to teach her snake. The turning on and off the light had been the thing that had amazed him the most. [b "How long did it take to teach him all of this?"] He asked, dark eyes falling on Circe.

Anna smiled to him and soon her hand moved into his. She figured they had made the other two wait for them long enough
  Jayson Sanders / MourningGlory / 108d 22h 37m 16s

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