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a girl aspiring to be a singer is working at a fast food restaurant in a bad part of town and enters a competition to win the grand prize: meet the hottest star in the music industry and get signed with a record label with the star as your mentor. she works hard to get all the money she needs for the competition and practices after work. one day, a week before the competition she bumps into someone, the star that's supposed to be meeting the winner of the competition. it turns out he was running from the paparazzi and she offers to hide him. it also turns out he's really nice and they get along really well.

well, he sees her at the competition the next day and sees that she has what it takes to become an amazing star and that she does it just for her love of music. she wins and he becomes her mentor and during that time, the two of them fall in love.

need a male celebrity please?


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She looked up at him curiously while he spoke and shrugged slightly. "My father was a drunk asshole most of my childhood... And my mom died when I was sixteen so no." She answered his last question and gestured to her living room. "Make yourself comfortable, RJ."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 55d 1h 46m 5s
It took a second for RJ to process what had happened. Did she bring him to her personal apartment to hide? He was a stranger at best and here she was, opening her home to him. A flash of worry clouded his eyes as he walked through the doorway, closing the door with a soft click behind him.

"You are... Awful trusting," he pointed out, talking with slow caution. He was standing rather awkwardly right in front of the front door, unsure if he should proceed further inside and risk falling deeper into the rabbit hole. He watched as she started separating the pages of her notebook, working at drying the soggy paper. The pages were covered in words, but he was too far away to make out what exactly they said.

"My name is RJ," he repeated, leaning his back against the door. "You might actually, uh, know me..." He pushed the hood off of his head and slipped his sunglasses off, revealing his hair, his face, and, most importantly, his eyes. His eyes were heterochromic, one eye green and one eye blue, and it was his most prominent feature. If she knew anything about the current gossip of the town, she would surely recognize him now.

RJ smiled uneasily, looking around at her apartment.

"You really shouldn't bring strange boys home, you know. Didn't your parents ever teach you about stranger danger?"
  RJ / Cursed_smile / 55d 22h 39m 5s
Tell me in a bit." She said and gave him a smile before leading him to the shabby apartment complex she had been staying at. She lead him to her apartment and unlocked the door calmly. She stretched lightly and went inside leaving the door open for him. "You can hang out here until things settle down." She said and went to work drying her notebook and songs.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 56d 10h 30m 30s
RJ allowed Circe to take his hand, the contact gentle and almost calming. He kept up easily, his long legs keeping stride as she lead him through the streets. As much as he felt he knew about the layout of the town, she appeared to know more - she lead him without stopping or considering her path. It somehow felt natural, holding this stranger's hand. Those who attempted to follow were quickly left behind, but not before a few long distance pictures captured RJ holding hands with a mysterious woman whose identiy would soon be the newest question plaguing the gossping town.

"Circe" he said while he was being lead along. "I am very grateful for your assistance. I swear, I can explain..." After such a long day, he felt wary. And, if nothing else, he owed this woman an explaination after knocking her down out of the blue. He caught a glimpse of her face as she looked back and he was struck suddenly with how beautiful she actually was... Who was this stranger?
  RJ / Cursed_smile / 56d 16h 47m 47s
Circe blinked slightly when her hand was grabbed and kept up with his pace. "My name is Circe. Do you want some help?" She said and watched him curiously. She peeked behind them and saw some people with cameras trying to follow them. She took his hand gently and said. "Follow me, I know a place you can stay at until they leave you alone."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 56d 17h 43m 58s
It had already been a long day when RJ exited the restaurant to a flurry of flashing cameras. He had been meeting with some of his friends, the people who were there for him long before he was famous. It had been a relaxing afternoon after he spent so long running around for the company, but he had been ready for bed hours ago.
“Shit,” he murmured under his breath, hiding under his jacket hood. He had already covered his face with a large pair of sunglasses, so the pictures would be mostly useless, but it was irritating nonetheless. Turning his back to the cameras, and the countless questions about his life, RJ took off in a sprint down the road. He was thinner and in better shape than most of those who held cameras, so he was able to lose them with relative ease – that was, until he ran into someone, knocking them down.
“No, no, that was my fault…” RJ looked over his shoulder, spotting a few of the more dedicated members of the paparazzi making their way toward him. He grabbed the girl by the hand and pulled her to her feet, dragging her down the sidewalk in a brisk walk.
“My name is RJ,” he said from underneath his flimsy disguise, “and I’m sorry, but I’m running from someone. Forgive me!” RJ let her hand go and started jogging, darting down one of the many alleyways with practiced ease.
  RJ / Cursed_smile / 56d 18h 3m 59s
circe was walking down the street humming one of her songs and held her song notebook close. she closed her eyes and spun around dancing to the music. she gasped bumping into someone, her notebook falling into a puddle and sat up rubbing her head. "ow..." she said and grabbed her notebook quickly. "i'm sorry i wasn't looking while i was walking..." she looked at the person she bumped into. "you're... ____?"
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 64d 14h 21m 58s

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