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[center Stealing things from other's was never something one [i wanted] to do. Taking something that wasn't rightfully yours was something Roveya had had a problem with for the longest time. But growing up in a thieves guild had been the only thing she'd really known, and to survive, she had to throw away her discomfort and suck it up.]

[center As often as she could, the young rogue would keep her eyes and ears open for the more frivolous nobles that would frequent town, not seeming to mind if they flaunting their coin in front of those that didn't have the luxury they did. She hadn't thought all nobles were that way, but she'd only ever seen the ones that were.]

[center Today was another one of those days. Roveya currently sat on the roof of a nearby building, watching the street below. In her head, to battle the oncoming boredem that came with waiting, she made up little stories in her head about those below. Those that may possibly be creatures in disguise, those that could be plotting out murders, etc. Her mind was always filled with something.]

[center Something finally caught her eye, taking her away from her ridiculous thoughts. The mix between purple and gold was an interesting combination, and one that finally gave her something to do. Climbing over the side, and scaled down the wall, dropping into the small alleyway between the two small buildings. Pulling her hood up, she slid into the crowds, keeping her eye on her next target.]
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