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“It is, but at least I get my daily dose of exercise done!” He said, in a good mood, and he began to tell her about what he did as a job, which was being a waiter at a high end Italian restaurant in the middle of the city. “I don’t really work a long shift, but it pays well.” He told her
  Ace Weston / DoomGuy123 / 288d 1h 29m 37s
The Shy Gal listened to her customer, and nodded in understanding. "So you're from all the way down there? Must take you at least a little while to get here each day, huh." She smiled, although her mask hid it. However, even with the mask, her voice showed that she was in a good mood.
  Sherry the Shy Gal / AskTheStaff / 288d 1h 33m 27s
He smiled a bit. “I am glad that I’m not the only one who enjoys Royal Mushroom Tea. It’s the very reason why I come to Toad Town everyday from Mew Donk City.” He said, and he sighed as he smiled gently
  Ace Weston / DoomGuy123 / 288d 1h 36m 10s
"If you're talking about the tea that is this Kingdom's specialty, then of course!" She decided to reply, since after closing shop each day she'd always grab herself a cup of the beverage. Sherry did not understand why the male was asking so, but she wasn't going to question it since he seemed like a nice guy.
  Sherry the Shy Gal / AskTheStaff / 288d 1h 39m 1s
“I have a question miss, I was wondering if you are interested in a cup of tea?” He said, curious as he normally would be sitting near the tea stand, quite bored as he normally didn’t have anyone to talk to while enjoying his tea
  Ace Weston / DoomGuy123 / 288d 1h 40m 51s
Sherry chuckled a bit and took the coins happily, putting them in a locked container so only she had the key to open it. "Thanks for your purchase." She told him, happy to see that he was enjoying the appearance and texture of the suit jacket.
  Sherry the Shy Gal / AskTheStaff / 288d 1h 42m 30s
He carefully looked at the suit jacket, which was made from a very soft and very nice material, which made him quite happy. “It’s very soft and quite nice...I think I have enough to pay for it.” He said, fishing around in his pockets, and soon handed her 100 coins, smiling politely and tried it on, finding it fit perfectly. “A perfect fit!” He said with a joyful tone
  Ace Weston / DoomGuy123 / 288d 1h 47m 8s
The female looked towards where Ace was pointing, noticing the suit. "You can buy that suit jacket for 100 coins." She explained, reaching up and grabbing it so he could get a closer look at the fabric and its design. She held it out for him, so he could truly look it over before deciding.
  Sherry the Shy Gal / AskTheStaff / 288d 1h 50m 22s
“Interesting.” He said, and he happened to notice a rather nice looking suit jacket. “How much would you like for the suit jacket?” He asked kindly, hoping it was a decent price. [i maybe I could get her a cup of tea later or take her for lunch...] he thought, and he soon was back to paying attention to her so that he could hear her answer
  Ace Weston / DoomGuy123 / 288d 7h 15m 13s
When the male approached and introduced himself, Sherry smiled from behind her mask a bit. "Hello!" She said enthusiastically, before hearing his question. "I sell clothing for all different kinds of inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom, and even for some other Kingdoms too!" The Shy Gal explained to him, pointing to the different types of clothes.
  Sherry the Shy Gal / AskTheStaff / 288d 7h 17m 29s
The boy decided to put off getting his tea for the time being, and decided to see what she had to offer, and to see if she actually was a shy gal or not. “Hello...” he said, hoping that she would talk to him. “May I ask what you have for sale?” He asked politely, looking at her with curiosity
  Ace Weston / DoomGuy123 / 288d 7h 24m 56s
Sherry glanced around, seeing everyone walking around and buying things from all the booths. Soon she would need to close down shop for the day, but for now, she'd keep everything up and keep selling what she could. Although she needed the money, the girl also did it because she loved to see how well anyone could get along in the Mushroom Kingdom, no matter their race.
  Sherry the Shy Gal / AskTheStaff / 288d 7h 29m 5s
After a few hours of walking, the human boy walked into Toad Town, and as he walked by, some of the Toads said hello, which he gladly responded to with a friendly smile. But one thing he couldn’t help but notice was the female with the shy guy looking outfit. [i I can’t believe I’m saying this, but...she’s kinda cute for a shy gal...] he thought, being curious and intrigued
  Ace Weston / DoomGuy123 / 288d 7h 33m 13s
A female that appeared to have on some kind of outfit like that of a Shy Guy's was sitting inside of one of the mushroom-shaped booths where different things were being sold. She did not seem have an expression due to the mask she was wearing, but her movements made it obvious that she was having a good time. Most of the items in her booth were different articles of clothing, which were made for many different people and creatures. A happy Koopa was strolling away from her booth with a newly bought shirt.
  Sherry the Shy Gal / AskTheStaff / 288d 7h 38m 6s
Ace had just gotten off work, which had been very busy for a Saturday, and when he had clocked out and left the building, he looked at the skies, and smiled. “Well, at least today will be sunny.” He said, and began the long walk towards the Mushroom Kingdom. He traveled to the Mushroom Kingdom once a day just for their delicious Royal Mushroom Tea, which kept him going for the time. “I hope they’re still open.” He said, glancing at his wristwatch, which said 12:45.
  Ace Weston / DoomGuy123 / 288d 7h 49m 7s

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