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Vanilla looked down as the other female spoke, talking about the girl who had messed with her. Then...she said something else...that made the blonde's mind brighten a little bit. "Honest..? You...d-don't hate me like everyone else does? You're not j-jealous, or...disgusted, or...anything like t-that?" Ms. Cohen asked gently, looking towards Hotaru before wincing, realizing that the student was cauterizing the cuts she had made on her arms a couple minutes ago.
  Vanilla Cohen / AskTheStaff / 278d 7h 29m 38s
"I'm sorry Vanilla... I just got carried away... but then when I saw you get hurt I just knew that I had to help or you would've been severely hurt and I'm glad I did or she might've killed you with her dumb ass power. Like seriously, why did she get it?" she said without breathing. "And you very wrong. Not everyone hates you. I surely don't."

Hotaru Rose picked Vanilla Cohen's arm up gingerly. She snapped her fingers and a flame sparked into a blaze on her pointer finger. She hovered her finger over one of the open cuts to cauterize the wound. The blood began to evaporate and the cut sealed up a little.
  Hotaru Rose / FarrenReynard / 283d 8h 51m 15s
"I...understand that, but if it so, then...w-why have I not even met 1 of those 7.5 billion p-people during my lifetime?" Vanilla asked as a reply to the other student's words. She sighed for a moment, calming down enough that she wasn't sobbing but tears were still flowing from her eyes at a decent rate. "You know how...people always say that if you can build up the courage to ask for help...and go through with'll be supported and encouraged...right? How asking for help will get you the help you need, the love you need, right? W-well...I did a couple t-times...I did what those people said and...a-and...I was rejected. Judged. Told I was c-crazy for doing what I was doing to myself...told so many more r-rude I didn't even matter." As she continued, she was beginning to cry more again, which was when Hotaru pulled her closer. "S-so...after trying...and failing...I c-couldn't deal with it. My friends...they were my l-last hope for...keeping myself from doing this...but they rejected me or played it off as a j-joke, thinking I couldn't have been serious. T-that's why I...don't have any f-friends anymore...and tend to isolate m-myself from most p-people. The only way I c-could deal with the emotional p-pain anymore was to...harm myself...with these cuts. I'm...s-so sorry..." Vanilla began sobbing again, and simply nodded whenever Hotaru asked a question.
  Vanilla Cohen / AskTheStaff / 284d 8h 30m 30s
"D-depression...anxiety...and having no one and nothing to go to...besides h-hurting myself…" she heard her say. "Come on girl. Not everyone in the world hates you. There is 7.5 some odd billion people in the world. Some are very much like you." she said, attempting to comfort her. She put her arm around her shoulder and brought her closer to her. Hotaru holds up Vanilla's arm. "May I?" she asked.
  Hotaru Rose / FarrenReynard / 285d 10m 58s
Vanilla saw how her roommate ran over and sat down next to her quite quickly, asking questions one after the other. "Y-yes..." Was all she could muster to say at first, fearful of how Hotaru would react to it. Her eyes were teary again and she was starting to cry once more, but she tried to keep composure. "D-depression...anxiety...and having no one and nothing to go to...besides h-hurting myself..." Ms. Cohen was able to admit, looking at her arms with the fresh blood on them.
  Vanilla Cohen / AskTheStaff / 285d 17m 30s
Hotaru had spotted the still bleeding cuts on Vanilla's arms. "Oh My Gosh Cohen-san." she said, rushing over to the bed. She sat down on the bed and put her hand on Van's knee. "What happened? Did you cut yourself? Why'd you cut yourself" she asked, quickly…………………………………………………………………………………………………………...
  Hotaru Rose / FarrenReynard / 285d 32m 50s
Upon suddenly hearing the other female's voice, Ms. Cohen quickly used a portal to teleport the cutter back into her bag like it was never there...but there was no denying that Hotaru had definitely at least seen the marks on the blonde's arms. "Y-yeah...?" She asked, a bit startled as she looked up towards the girl, still crying. She did not know what to say and did not know what her roommate would say either, which worried her greatly. "W-why'd you...follow me?" Vanilla managed to ask, curious despite the anxiety coursing through her at the moment.
  Vanilla Cohen / AskTheStaff / 285d 41m 22s
Hotaru Rose stood there as Vanilla lay on the marble floor. "On the first day of school and I'm already a disgrace...a failure..." She overheard a female voice murmur. She cocked an eyebrow and tipped her head to the right. Rose saw the girl walk off, her duffel in hand. She left the audience and soon she could hear it fading away. Following Vanilla, she discovered she was heading to their dorm. She stepped up the oak stairs to her room, 310. . Inserting the passkey into the lock, she turned the key until she detected a click. Hotaru shouldered the door open softly and closed it behind her. She could hear a light crying from the bedroom so she went to investigate. She found Vanilla Cohen sitting on the bed with a small silver object in hand. "Hey Vanilla?" she asked carefully.
  Hotaru Rose / FarrenReynard / 285d 5h 10m 47s
When the blonde-haired female initially saw the other student approach, she calmly looked at her and listened to her words, wondering why someone would just walk up like that. "Uhm...thanks, miss." Ms. Cohen had gently smiled, before hearing the part about 'cellulite manipulation' and asking about it actually just being fat manipulation. Soon enough, things had already escalated as a couple other students had went up to Vanilla and she looked at them awkwardly. "I wasn't trying to be rude, I was just-" But before she could finish, a giant fist collided with her face and she was sent straight to the ground. The tall woman's vision was blurry for a few moments and she felt the pain in her face, along with blood flowing from one of her nostrils. She barely noticed Hotaru interrupt the jerks and shoo them off after setting the one girl's hair on fire, but afterwards she stood up and realized what had happened. Students were clapping for Hotaru, apparently. "Thanks..." Vanilla gently said, but with some gratitude that could not be missed. Although Ms. Cohen still had a calm appearance, she whispered to herself, not realizing the student who had helped her would hear. "On the first day of school and I'm already a humiliation...a failure..." Her mind flashed back to her duffel bag and one of its contents, before she simply grabbed it and walked off, leaving a light trail of blood on the floor and something else that looked like tears. Soon, she arrived at her dorm, having a good amount of time until she would need to head to whatever class was next. Closing the door, she opened up her bag, pulling out the wrist cutter she had hidden in there a long time ago. With tears still in her eyes, Vanilla pulled up her sleeves, where many marks could be seen from past cuttings. She was just about to slide the cutter across her right wrist to relieve the emotional pain and replace it with physical pain. [i I need it so bad...] The blonde cried to herself in her mind.
  Vanilla Cohen / AskTheStaff / 285d 7h 26m 43s
Out of the corner of her eye she swore she spotted a girl with her hair a perfect braided crown walking towards Vanilla. She tapped Cohen's shoulder and Vanilla spun her head around to look. "Konichiwa Brob·ding·nag·i·an Newbie. You're really pretty." she said, sounding genuine. The girl had her fingers crossed behind her back. " (1)" Vanilla said. "I'm Abbè Moreau and I have the power of Cellulite Manipulation." she said, a smirk forming on her face. "Umm.. doesn't Cellulite mean fat?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow. The smile faded and a thin snarl took it's place. " Ok. You just made me mad, and now your'e gonna pay." she growled. She snapped her fingers and her underlings snapped into attention. Vanilla They stood face to face, toe to toe, their noses almost touching. The bitch was the first to fight. She caught Vanilla off guard when she used her magic to make her fist very large. She swung a punch. The fist collided with Vanilla's face, but luckily it was soft because of the fat. Vanilla's nose started to bleed though. The whole cafe looked and stared. Hotaru stood up and walked over. "Hey bitch. Leave her alone." Rose screamed. She set Moreau's hair on fire. "YOU FREAK. NOW LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE." She ran away screaming "MY HAIR IS ONE FIRE!" shrilly. An awkward silence came over came the room. One person started clapping. Then a standing ovation. Vanilla got up and walked away calmly.
  Hotaru Rose / FarrenReynard / 285d 7h 52m 24s
When Vanilla went to the cafe, she got the meal of the day, along with some chopsticks to eat it with. "Fair enough." She told herself, finding an isolated spot to sit and eat. She took a couple bites of her meal and savored the flavor, contemplating things for the day so far. A couple things had gone well but there was no denying the fact that the day wasn't going so well in more areas total. "I'm sure things'll...get better eventually...right?" The blonde-haired girl asked herself, thinking about the cutter in her duffel bag again for just a short moment before shooing her thoughts away and going back to eating. Soon enough, she had finished, putting things away where they were meant to be placed. "At least the food here is actually pretty good so far." Vanilla chuckled just a little bit to herself.
  Vanilla Cohen / AskTheStaff / 285d 17h 15m 16s
Rose was about to write her essay when the teacher said it was the end of class. Everyone got up, including her self. It was time for lunch so she headed to the cafe. She grabbed a white plaster bowl filled with udon noodles steeped in broth and scallions on top. Hotaru also grabbed a cup of hot green tea. She brought it to an empty table and started eating her noodles with chopsticks. She drinks her green tea as well. When shw is done she puts the sticks back into its paper covering. She puts her tray in the used tray bin.
  Hotaru Rose / FarrenReynard / 285d 20h 49m 2s
Ms. Cohen listened to the assignment listed, sighing inside of her own head as she began to brainstorm on what to write. [i Well, if I can write at least 150 words per day, I'll be able to break up the work and have plenty of time to get it done, along with being done a few days early.] She thought to herself, nodding as if agreeing with her own thoughts before pulling out a pencil and sheet of paper. After a minute or two longer of thinking, the blonde-haired girl finally began writing, explaining who she was, how she was from Japan and born in it, her few family members that she had left, and so on. It wasn't too difficult for her to fluidly explain each component that she needed to, and after a while she finished a paragraph and decided to check her work. [i Alright, let's see what we have so far.] Vanilla thought, reading the essay over and seeing how many words she had put there so far. [i 247 words? Looks like I already have a head-start on my assignment then, perhaps I'll be able to finish even earlier than I first believed.] She told herself mentally, realizing that class was about to end.
  Vanilla Cohen / AskTheStaff / 286d 5h 9m 14s
"You are going to write an essay about yourself. It is due in two weeks. It must have a minimum of 1500 words and a maximum of 6000. Good luck. You'll need it." He said. I groaned inside my head. We started writing. At the beginning of it you have to write who you are, where your from, where you were born, who's in you family, who lives with you and your favorite food in great detail. Then you write about your personality and any and everything you can remember about yourself and your childhood. The last part is the trickiest. You have to write where you think that you will be in ten-twenty years and what you want as a job. Then you write a goodbye part with your favourite quote at the end. Who new magic school would be so hard.
  Hotaru Rose / FarrenReynard / 286d 8h 19m 30s
Vanilla had noticed the boy out of the corner of her eye right as his hand was near her hair, before seeing the female student burn his hand. She turned towards Hotaru a few seconds later. "T-thank you for that, miss." The blonde-haired girl said, actually smiling a little bit, although something still seemed off about her. It wasn't that her smile wasn't genuine or that her thanks weren't genuine, but again with her eyes...they just seemed a bit dull in a way. Ms. Cohen then waited for the class to begin, the English teacher coming into the room. Everyone stood up and bowed respectively, as they were all getting used to, before the teacher began to explain the assignment for the class.
  Vanilla Cohen / AskTheStaff / 286d 19h 3m 40s

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