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“Hey being tall is a good thing. I think it’s sonething that most people find attractive.” He said and shrugs. “I think it’s a good quality.” Dorian smiles at his friend and finishes his glass. [i He’s has quite a bit of champagne. At least he’s not so nervous. He’s actually really easy to get along and a bit adorable.] Dorian thought and finishes up his cake. “This is really good. I’m going to have to find out where your sister got the cake from.” With a soft chuckle he moves his plate to the side so nothing was in the way of him facing Apollo.

As Apollo talked why his mother tries to play match maker with him Dorian nods his head. “Well at least you know she’s doing it because she’s cares. My mother wants me to find someone and settle down. I’m took young though. I don’t mind dating but I’m not ready to get married and all of that right now. I want to focus on my schooling.” Dorian looked at the girl known as Becca. “Oh she’s pretty.” He said and smiles. “Well at least you guys are friends.” He added.

What caught Dorian a bit off guard was when Apollo pointed to a handsome male that he had dated. [i So he likes guys too?] He thought and instantly felt a bit happy. Maybe he did have a chance. Just maybe. “Ah so you like men and women?” Dorian couldn’t help but smirk. “So do you think I’m cute, hot, sexy, handsome?” He just had to tease Apollo since he knew his friend would get embarrassed easily. “I date women and men as well. My last relationship was with a woman. It didn’t end well. It was just a mess though. I don’t think we took each other seriously, I caught her cheating and it didn’t bother me really. She caught me cheating and it didn’t bother her either.” Dorian sighs. “I think we just used each other when we felt lonely or something. Anyway enough about that.” He chuckles. “Well the guy you had your fling with is really good looking.”
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[i His hands are soft,] was the only thought that rang through Apollo' s head after his close call with the table. [i No stop. You're being weird.] He was pleased when they headed to a table to sit. It would make it harder for his mom to find him if she was plotting to matchmake. A chuckle escaped the white haired boys lips at the mention of food. [#123456 "I guess I [i can] bring you food now. I can't use the lack of knowing where you are as an excuse anymore."] Swiftly, he downed the glass of champagne he still held. Was that number four for the night? He had some drinks in the kitchen but it was hard to remember now.

As the time passed Apollo could feel himself relaxing. He couldn't tell if it was the alcohol helping or the fact that talking to Dorian wasn't hard at all. Probably a bit of both. At the mention of his height he ruffled his own hair and smiled smugly. He liked being tall, though sometimes his lack of being around people made him forget. [#123456 "I'm 6 feet tall and no good at basketball,"] he joked. Hearing Dorian's question, he scanned the room curious as to who he would find.

[#123456 "Well the better question would be who haven't they tried to set me up with? They mean well. My mom thinks my awkwardness is her fault because she never made me do team sports or whatever."] He smiled at how ridiculous his mother could be. A tall brunette woman on the dancefloor caught his eye and he pointed to her. [#123456 "I was tricked into a blind date with that woman, Becca. Our parents work in the same department at their university and they were so set on us dating. Neither one of us were interested in each other like that but we do play games online sometimes."]

An attractive male with neatly combed hair stood near his sister and a group of family friends. Apollo pointed again, though this time his point was less obvious because he really didn't want to draw the attention of the other. [#123456 "Selene set me up with him. The son of her boss or something. He's cute but really pushy. Kind of an asshole."] He shuddered at the thoughts of their time together. They had never been official but had a brief fling over the course of a few months. Apollo's eyes returned to Dorian, [#123456 "There are probably more but hopefully I don't see them."]
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Dorian could tell Apollo was really nervous, he was kind of hoping that the male wouldn’t be so nervous since they talked all the time only. They were really good friends over the internet. It shouldn’t be this hard for them. When Apollo finished his first glass Dorian arched a brow. [i Heh he’s funny. I don’t mean to make him so nervous.] He thought. Dorian was hoping the alcohol would calm his friend down but that would take some time.

“Thanks. We work really hard. It’s nice to hear people praise our work.” Just then Apollo stumbled and Dorian reached out to help him. One of his hands had caught Apollo’s arm. He gently lets the male’s arm go before smiles softly. “Yeah I live outside of the city but I do have a work studio for my art down town. It allows me to do more since I have a huge area.” He looks at Apollo. “So now that we’ve met I’m going to hold it to you to bring me food.” He smirks and puts his free hand in his jean pocket. “Let’s sit down. I want to eat some of that dessert your sister got.” Dorian loved food, all food.

The two talked for a good hour, Dorian was definitely comfortable with his friend Apollo and he was hoping that Apollo felt more comfortable as well. “You’re a lot taller than I thought you would be. That’s not a bad thing though.” Dorian takes a bite of the slice of cake he had. “So anyone here that your parents have tried to set you up with?” Dorian has heard countless tales from Apollo about how his parents always try to set him up with people to date or to be friends with.
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Selene rose an eyebrow upon learning that her brother was somehow already acquainted with Dorian. From what she knew about her brother he barely talked to anyone outside of the internet. Though she was interested to learn more she was pulled aside by a family acquaintance who wanted to catch up. She waved to the two boys and wiggled her eyebrows at Apollo before walking off in conversation. An eyebrow wiggle. Their sibling signal that meant 'give me details later'.

Apollo rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. He was completely caught off guard in an unfamiliar place and a small part of him was freaking out. [I Chill out. Take a deep breath. We talk all the time this shouldn't be hard.] He was relieved when Dorian suggested to get drinks. More alcohol would help him feel less weird. As long as he didn't go overboard with it. He didn't drink often so he could only assume himself to be a lightweight.

Taking the glass, Apollo immediately downed the whole thing. [#123456 "I can't believe we didn't figure this out before hand. Sorry if I' really not good talking to people in real life."] He chuckled at the comment about his sister. [#123456 "Selene is pretty great when you don't have to live with her. I'm happy that she hired your band, you guys are really good."] He tried to lean against the alcohol table but his hand just missed the edge, causing him to stumble. Cheeks slightly red, he tried to play it off and scooped up another glass if champagne. [#123456 "Uh, so do you live in the downtown area? I live a bit outside of the city but only about thirty minutes away."]
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Dorian was enjoying his time talking to people. His band members walked over to their table. Once they sat down they began to eat happily and sip on their drinks. Dorian was just going over there to join them when Selene approached him. “Hey.” He said and listened to her talk. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was pleasure.” He smiles and then noticed the male standing next to her. As soon as she introduced Apollo to him Dorian knew it was his Apollo. The picture that he had received was the spitting image of his friend. He was wearing shirt and everything. [i He did mention going to his parents anniversary party. Wow...I’m shocked I didn’t put two and two together.] He thought and chuckles a bit shyly. “Yeah I guess it is.” Dorian said and then glanced at his band mates.

“Wasn’t expecting to meet you like this. Well...even to meet you st all.” He said and puts his hands in his pockets. [i He’s taller than I imagined. He’s better looking in person that’s for sure. Don’t be weird...] Dorian decided to keep things like they were. “This is great man. Let’s get a drink?” He said trying to be welcoming. Dorian walks over to the table with the champagne glasses. He picks one up and hands another to Apollo. “This is crazy. I can’t believe we are meeting like this.” He chuckles. “Your sister is great by the way. She’s nice.” He sips on his drink.
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Selene smiled at the comment that came from one of her bridesmaids. [+green "It was just luck. I actually went to the singer for a gift commission and when i learned he was in a band everything fit in place."] The rest of the conversation around the table was friendly, everyone having some idea of who each person was. Even Apollo didn't feel uncomfortable. He was enjoying the sound of the music and when he turned to watch the band play he couldn't help but feel he had seen the singer somewhere before. His eyes squinted as if that would somehow decrease the distance between their table and the stage.

At the end of the band's set, people from all over the room approached the stage. Not wanting to be near a bunch of people at once Apollo hung back at the table. Selene eyed him suspiciously. [+green "You seemed to like their music, Polly. Is there anything else you like about them?"] He playfully pushed her arm and Selene shot him a devilish grin. [+green Come on, I'll introduce you."] Apollo tried to protest but his sister was already dragging him towards the stage.

[#123456 "Selene, you really don't have to introduce me. It's fine. I can introduce myself...later."] He tried to turn back around but they had already reached the stage and the band was right in front of them. Selene continued to smile and Apollo thought about how she was almost worse than his mother when it came to making him socialize. [+green "The music was divine. I'm so happy that you guys could be here! By the way, I don't think you've met my brother. Dorian this is Apollo, Apollo this is Dorian."]

The name Dorian set off many bells inside Apollo's head and he whipped his head around to face the band, forgetting about escaping fron Selenes clutches. He was at a loss for words. Dorian was standing right in front of him. It couldn't be his Dorian...right? [#123456 " It's nice to finally meet you."]
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When Dorian spoke with Selene about getting ready to preform he nods his head happily. “Alright. Thanks for letting eat as well.” He wasn’t expect her to allow them to really stay and mingle but she was so he was happy about that. Also he knew his band mates would be happy for the food that she was giving them. Dorian walked off to his friends and told them that their time has come to perform. “Alright guys. Let’s do this.” He said and walks over to the stage. Dinner was being served and people were enjoying the food and wondering who would be performing. When Dorian and his band members got on the stage everyone started to cheer. One of Selene’s bride’s maids smiles and looks at her. “Where did you find these cute boys?” She asked and giggles softly.

Dorian stands in front of the mic. “Good evening everyone. Just wanted to say happy anniversary to the lovely couple. Selene Really our done herself, this party is amazing. Anyway we hope you enjoy your food and our music.” Dorian smiles a handsome smile. Soon music began to fill the room, he had made sure to pick sounds that fit the occasion. The soft music paired with Dorians amazing voice caught everyone’s attention. It was clear that Dorian was passionate about his music, the way he played his guitar and sung let everyone know that it cane from the heart.

When they finished their set everyone began to clap. People even stood for them. Dorian smiles and nods his head gratefully. As they began to walk off the stage people approached them to talk and even get their information.
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By the time Apollo left the kitchen his sister was texting him to let him know their parents were in the building. The ballroom was already full of people, some that looked familiar and others that were strangers. The lights dimmed and a hush fell over the room. When the large doors opened, Selene appeared with their parents leading them into the room. A spotlight fell onto them and Apollo saw his mother start tearing up. Selene looked very pleased with herself and he couldn't help but chuckle. She loved doing stuff like this.

After the entrance, their parents moved around the room to mingle. They stopped when they found him, his mother fawning over how nice he looked and thanking him for assisting Selene for throwing such a marvelous party. [b "Look at my little Apollo all dolled up. I really can't believe Selene was able to hide this from us. Your father and I have been so busy we weren't planning anything big for our 30th anniversary. Oh honey, can I introduce you to Professor Benhorn?"]

While Apollo prepared himself to be introduced to a slew of people, Selene was socializing. A caterer informed her that dinner was ready to be served and she made an announcement. People moved towards the tables and Selene approached Dorian and his band. [+green "Everything seems to be going well. I can finally breathe. I figure you guys can play during dinner and then eat when you've finished your set?"] She waved and rushed off to the table where mother, father, fiance, and brother were seated as well as their grandparents.

Apollo didn't see his sister approaching since he was facing away from the stage so he didn't have time to dodge the playful smack she placed upon the back of his head. [#123456 "Mommmm, Selene hit me."] They both chuckled and Selene stuck out her tongue as she plopped down into the seat next to him.
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When Selene hugged him he smiles and hugs her back. [i She really is a sweet girl. I’m glad I could make her happy.] He thought and watched her hurry off happily. Dorian decided to go help is hand members with whatever else they had left to do. “Make sure the cords are in properly.” He said and then had everyone to do a sound check on their instruments. Dorian listened carefully and smiles. “Alright it all sounds good to me.”

Soon people began to fill the room. Everyone was nicely dressed and looked quite happy. “This is really cool of her to throw her parents a surprise anniversary party.” He drummer said. “Yeah her parents must be really nice to deserve something like this.” Dorian said knowing he probably wouldn’t throw his parents a party. Not that he didn’t love them but the pushy behavior concerning his career choices have been making him feel a bit distant from them. It was his life right? Didn’t he have a say so on what he wanted to do? It wasn’t like he was failing at life, he had his own place and paid it all himself.

“I’m going to get something to drink.” Dorian said and walks off he stage. He made his way to the large table that had drinks on it. He took one and sips on it realizing it was champagne. [i Fine by me.] He thought and sipped on it. His band mates began to socialize with everyone easily. Dorian made his way back to them and talked with them about life and what not.
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Apollo stared at the cases of alcohol that awaited in the kitchen. He started opening the boxes and loading the bottles onto a cart, making it easier to transport them from the kitchen to the party room. Feeling his phone buzz he paused his work and checked the message from Dorian.

[b [u sonofzeus:] Sorry, I got very distracted with something I've been working on and kind of disconnected from the world lolol

[u sonofzeus:] Thanks though :) Yeah, I guess most of the party will be family but also friends and acquaintances of my parents. Hopefully my mom will get to drunk to try to match make me with her colleagues kids.]

Soon after responding, a knock came from the back door of the kitchen and a group of people wearing matching uniforms walked in carrying trays and pushing carts of food.

With Apollo in the kitchen overseeing the food and drink preparation, Selene was able to focus solely on the decorations. She bustled around the room ensuring that every string of lights was in place and every flower centerpiece was arranged to perfection. A bright smile lit up her face at the arrival of Dorian with his band and the gift. She followed the artist over to a table to check out the finished vase. Her eyes sparkled at what she saw. It was even more perfect than she imagined it would be. [+green "Oh my god! This is beautiful. Seriously, thank you so much Dorian. I can't wait the make my mom cry. Can I hug you? I'm gonna hug you!"]

The bubbly blonde wrapped her arms around Dorian and squeezed. When she pulled out of the hug she surveyed the room, looking for her brother so that he could see the gift before the party started. [+green "Polly? Come see the gift I had commissioned!"] Her voice easily carried itself through the grand room but Apollo did not appear from the kitchen. Selene figured he was dealing with caterers and shrugged. [+green "I think my brother is handling the food. I can introduce you two later, though.]

A ding of her phone alerted her of a message which she checked almost instantly. [+green "Oh that's my fiance! My parents are on their way, they don't know about the party. I'm going to go make sure that the front desk has the guest list. If you need anything feel free to bother my brother in the kitchen, but I should be back soon."] And with that the petite blonde hurried out of the room, typing speedily on her phone.
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The day of the party Dorian made sure to get an early practice rehearsal in. Everything was perfect, he knew their porofamce would please Selene and the guest. Dorian then made his way to his studio to finish up packing the vase. He made sure to place the large vase into a nice secure box that he had approved by Selene. He places a nicely decorated bow on the box and set it aside on his table. “She’s going to love this. I can’t wait to show it to her and see her face light up in pure awe.” He mutters and takes the box to his car.

Once home Dorian started to get ready. He and his band members already discussed what to wear. They didn’t have to wear the same clothes but the colors needed to relate with one another. After a hot shower he dries his dark hair and changes his piercings to black. He styles his hair while wet and then changes into a dark grey button up with black designer slim fit jeans. He puts on a black vest and leaves it open. Satisfied with his look Dorian grabs one of his cologne bottles and sprays some of him.

The blue light from his phone caught his attention. When he saw the picture of Apollo he found himself staring quite a bit. “He looks good...” he mutters and then replies back to his friend.

Dorian: long time no talk. I thought you forgot me. You hurt my feelings *pouts* :p I’m just messing with you. You look nice! Own it! I’m sure you’ll be fine. You’ll be around family right?

Once he sent the message he grabs his wallet and keys before heading to his car. Dorian made sure to get there a bit early with his band members so they could set the stage up the way they wanted. He also wanted Selene to get a preview of the gift. The hotel was easy to find, Dorian parked and walked inside with his band members. They had their instruments and gear, he had the gift in his hands. “This is a nice hotel.” His drummer said as they walked to the rented or room. There he saw Selene, he smiles at her and walks over to a table with her to show her the finished vase. “It turned out quite nice. It was a fun piece to make.” He said and showed her the beautiful piece. As they talked his band members got the stage ready. The party was going to start soon.
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The day of the anniversary party was upon him. Apollo had forced himself to go to bed early the night before, knowing that he wouldn't be able to sleep in because of frantic phone calls from his sister. Even though the party started in the evening he agreed to help set up beforehand, ensuring that everything would run smoothly. His prediction was correct, the first phone call being a complaint about the time the cake would be ready. To make life easier for the both of them he quickly agreed to pick up the cake on his way, to take a bit of responsibility off of his sister's plate.

Now he stood in front of his full-length mirror wondering if his shirt looked better buttoned all the way or left with the top button open. He felt uncomfortable in the attire, used to wearing whatever he wanted for work and never going anywhere that required classy clothes. Sticking his tongue out, he snapped a picture on his phone and sent it to Dorian.

[b [u sonofzeus:] party is today and I'm ready to be the most awkward person there]

Apollo had been slightly absent from the internet for the past week, working hard to get a website together for Selene's wedding. He had finally finished it and received a heartfelt thank you from his sister over the phone. It was one less thing on her long to-do list. Still, he had missed talking to Dorian regularly and was looking forward to chatting again.

With one last look in the mirror, the white haired male straightened his tie and slipped on the hardly worn dress shoes before heading out to get the cake. A thirty minute car ride and he was in the city. He hardly had a reason to go downtown and got lost when looking for the cake shop.

Once the cake was acquired he headed for the venue of the party. A hotel ballroom in some luxury hotel he had never heard of. Leave it to Selene to go above and beyond for an anniversary party. Cake in hand and a smirk on his face he entered the hotel, unsure of what to expect.

Selene was already present, wearing a purple chiffon dress and heels that made her at least four inches taller, standing on what appeared to be the dance floor talking to a man holding a string of lights.They both turned when they heard him enter the room. [b [#123456 "I've got the cake,"]] he said with a smile. His sister rushed over and hugged him as best she could without knocking the cake from his hands.

[+green "Look at you! You dyed your hair white again, it really suits you. As does the outfit. Ugh, I can't believe you live thirty minutes outside of the city and never come to see me."] She continued to speak as she took the cake from his hands and carried it over to a table that featured a large wedding photo of their parents. [+green "We just have some more decorations to put up before the caterers get here. I think the entertainment will be here soon too! And then the guests. I'm hella nervous."] Apollo chuckled as his sister fanned herself, assuring her that he would lend a hand wherever was needed. Hearing that, Selene immediately sent him into the kitchen to get the alcohol ready for the bartender.

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When his band members arrived he happily allowed them into his studio. “Don’t break anything. Don’t even touch.” Dorian said knowing how his friends liked to touch things they should and play around when they really have no room to play. “So picky.” His lead guitarist said and smirks. “So tell us about this new gig you got for us.” “Alright it’s for an anniversary party. Something new to add to our bio right?” “Seems fine enough. I’m sure we all can ageee that we just want to play.” The lead guitarist said. When Dorian told them how much they would be getting paid they were even more happy to play for the anniversary party. “The woman is really nice so I don’t want to disappointment. Tomorrow we will practice. We only need to play about four songs maybe. Not too long of a performance but just enough to get our name out there.”

As they all talked Dorian felt his cell phone vibrate in his pocket. He smiles when he realizes it was front Apollo. The message just made his stomach growl even more. [i Now I want cake. Thanks again Apollo.] He thought and began to reply.

Dorian: I’m going to take you up on that then one day. >< a whole cake?! Oh you ha e to share because you’ll get sick of you eat a whole cake on your own so I’m waiting for half of that cake ;p. The gig is next week Saturday so I will be practice really hard until then. It’s going to be sick!

“Yo Dorian lets go get something to eat.” His drummer said. “This is a very late lunch.” Dorian said and grabs his coat. He made sure to the rub off of the lights before locking up his studio to go celebrate and eat with his band members. Next week Saturday is something that’s Dorian needed to but a fire back into his love for music. Performing in front of people always got him excited.
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After his meal Apollo walked back to his apartment. As soon as he opened the door a call from his sister came through. He hesitated for a second before accepting the call. [+green "The gift for mom and dad is being created and I also booked the entertainment for the party! I got your money but uh, I'm going to ask you for more. I hope that's okay?"] Apollo chuckled, [#123456 [b "Sounds fine to me. I had no clue how much to send, but of course I can send more. I appreciate your planning everything even though I didn't say it earlier."]] The two continued their conversation, talking about how her wedding planning was going and recent events she had planned for work. He could tell that she was stressed by the tone of her voice and was disappointed in himself for not noticing it earlier. Eventually the phone call ended and Apollo settled in at his desk.

Cracking his knuckles, the white haired male got back to work though his phone soon distracted him. He was eager to hear back from Dorian, wondering what he had been up to after class. The message made him smile because of the others request for food and the fact that he booked a gig.

[b [u sonofzeus:] I'd totally bring you food lol. I bought myself a whole cake on the way home and I'm probably gonna eat it all by myself :P
[u son of zeus:] that's such good news!!! I'm excited for you :) When is the gig?]

Returning to his work Apollo was pleased with how much he was starting to accomplish with this current project. It didn't particularly interest him which usually made him drag his feet. Although he now felt a bit more motivated. He wanted to finish up work for the day as quickly as possible so that he could work on the website for his sister's wedding. She had mentioned wanting to make one that had details, pictures, and a spot to rsvp all in one place, but not having the time or skill. So, he secretly started working on a website for her. Hopefully he could finish it up and send her the link as a big "thank you" for letting him slack on caring about the anniversary party.
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Dorian was really happy that he actually got his band a gig. This would allow them to show more people their work. [i She’s awesome. Thank you so much.] He thought and watched her stand to leave. “Thank you so much Selene. Your gift will be ready and my band and I will not let you down.” Dorian said and smiles. When she finally left he happily locks his door and dances around his studio. “I have to tell the guys.” He instantly began to send it a group text message to his band mates. “Hey guys, I just got us a gig. Meet me at my studio in an hour or so. I gotta let you guys I. On it.” He sent and then relaxes in his chair.

The blue light from his cell phone caught his Trenton again. “Apollo.” He said and picks up his cell phone to read he message that was sent to him. Instantly when he saw the picture of food he frowns. “No fair...I love pho. Now I’m hungry. Thanks man.” He mutters and starts on his reply to Apollo.

Dorian: You lucky bastard. I wish I had food right now. It looks so good. You should bring me some food. :p. I just got a gig for my band. I’m really excited to play my music and the lady is paying us very well. :)

Once he sent the message began working on his new project. He found the right clay that he wanted to use and the right colors. “This is going to be one of my best works yet. I can just feel it.” Dorian loved this feeling when it came to his art. If he could feel like this all the time he might consider making art his full time job.
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