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Dorian was still in college so he still enjoyed this vibe. When his friend began to talk Dorian smiles softly. “I’m glad you think so. I’m enjoying myself a lot. It’s about damn time we met. Besides you look better in person.” He said by then he shakes his head. “I mean that you just look different. It’s a good thing...” he clears his throat a bit embarrassed by what he said. He was just hoping Apollo didn’t think too much into what he had just said.

Just then the waitress returned with their drinks. [i Perfect timing. Hopefully he won’t respond. That would be He best option.] He thought a bit nervously. He takes his cup and sips on it. “This is exactly what I needed.” He said and drinks some more. “We are going to have a fun night.” He chuckles.

As they talked Dorian noticed he was starting to feel tispy. This is where he wanted to be so he didn’t rush to order another drink. “Hey there’s a girl staring at us from the bar.” Dorian sadly calmly since he didn’t want the girl to know they were talking about her. “She could be checking you out.” He smirks. Dorian was one to enjoy a bit of flirting. He still didn’t know the relationship side of Apollo yet. It wasn’t something they really spoke about. “Don’t tell me you’re too shy to talk to her? I won’t make you talk to her though. I can just keep you here to myself for some time.” He shrugs. “I don’t mind that.” Dorian smirks. He didn’t realize it but he was flirting playfully a bitnwith Apollo. This was something he wouldn’t dare do if he was sober.
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Apollo had definitely had too many drinks to drive. He wasn't stumbling or anything but his cheeks were burning and he could tell by his thoughts that he was a little more than tipsy. Getting his car later would be easy. He could always have Selene drive it back for him at some other time and then get her cab back into the city. It wasn't like he needed his car to get to work.

After dropping Dorian's car off they caught a cab to the bar. Apollo listened to the other male talk about the bar, smirking when he mentioned food. [i Of course this bar would have good food if Dorian likes it.] He rarely hung out at bars so he was curious to see the place. Most of his outings were to the grocery store, small restaurants, or coffee shops.

When they arrived at the bar Apollo noted the amount of people. It seemed like a popular spot. Everyone seemed to be having fun, although most of the people they passed on their way inside seemed to be beyond drunk. Apollo followed Dorian up the stairs, taking in the sight of the dance area and stage below them. [#123456 "For some reason this place reminds me of my freshman year of college,"] he said with a chuckle.

The waiter arrived to take their drink orders, catching him off guard. He did not expect to have a waiter although it made sense if the bar also served food. [#123456 "Um, I'll have a cosmopolitan please."] The cute waitress nodded and bobbed away from their table, weaving through the throngs of customers. Apollo's eyes wandered around the club taking in all of the sights. People dancing and talking. Drunk bickering. It really did remind him of college. He had only been graduated for a year and a half and it already felt like ages. [#123456 "Not to sound cheesy but this night has turned out really well. I always enjoy talking to you and it's so nice to talk to you face to face."]
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Dorian’s face lit up a bit when Apollo said he wanted to hang out with him more. He could t help but smile at his friend since he was excited to spend some more one on one time with him. “Awesome. This is great.” He said and chuckles. “I know of a few good bars to go to. I’ll take you to my favorite one.” Dorian stands up and looks at Apollo. “Well how about I’ll keep you up pass your bed time.” He teased and walks with him towards the door. Dorian waved goodbye to Selene and a few guest before leaving with a Apollo.

“I do plan on drinking a bit more so let’s drop my car off at my place. I don’t mind taking a cab or something unless you’re going to drive?” He suggested. When they did finish the car situation Dorian happily talked about the bar they were going to. “It’s pretty big, has good music. They even serve some small plates of food. Their loaded fries are amazing. Especially when you’re drunk.” He chuckles softly and relaxes in the car. It didn’t take them too long to arrive at the bar. It was a very popular bar so Dorian knew they would have a good time.

As they walked inside he went up stairs to his favorite area and snagged a table. “From here you can see the small dance area from down stairs and the stage. I’m not sure if they have anyone performing tonight but maybe they do.” A cute waiter walked over to them, her hair was in a high ponytail and her smile lightened up the room. “Hi guys, can I start you off with something to drink?” “I’ll take a Moscow mule please.”
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Sweet wasn't quite the word that came into his mind when he thought about his mother or Selene. Eccentric or energetic, maybe. He chuckled and nodded, [#123456 "She must have had a lot of alcohol. I'm glad she had a good time. Her and Selene are always so busy and stressed."] The suggestive smile his sister gave them made him scowl at her, pink tinging his olive-toned cheeks. [#123456 "Sorry about that...she's just being uh...I'm not really sure why she said that."]

Apollo did want to hang out longer with Dorian. They had been talking online for such a long time that it was nice to chat in person. Part of him wished he had been confident enough to ask himself without the meddling of his sister. The fact that Dorian was looking at him wasn't helping him come up with a response. The words were stuck in his mouth. He snapped out of his word funk upon hearing the rest of what Dorian had to say.

[i You have to say something. Just play it cool...even though you're horrible at that.] Apollo cleared his throat and smiled despite his nervousness. [#123456 "Nah, you wouldn't be forcing me. I'd love to hang out more. Besides it isn't even close to my bed time."] He was proud of himself for speaking instead of just shutting down like he usually would. Maybe it was good his sister had meddled. It forced him out of his comfort zone. [#123456 "I don't really hang out downtown though. So do you know any good places? I guess we could always look up somewhere to go if you don't."]
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Dorian couldn’t help but smile when he saw Apollo’s and Selene’s mother. Selene looked just like her. [i Heh she must of had a good time. I need to be on her level.] He thought and stood up to shake her hand. “It was my pleasure to make your gift. Happy anniversary.” He said and then he sits back down. “Your mother is sweet, like Selene.” He chuckles softly. “She must of been enjoying herself. I need a few more drinks in my system to feel as good as her.”

When he finished his drink and his cake Selene returned. Dorian felt his cheeks grow a bit hot from the way she smiled at Apollo as if she was hinting something that he wasn’t supposed to know. “Your sister is quite the character.” He looks at Apollo wondering what he might say about his sister’s suggestion. “I’m down to go somewhere to talk more or even a bar of you are.” Dorian didn’t take his eyes off Apollo. Truth be told he really wanted some more one on one time with him. He had high hopes that maybe things might turn into more of a date than just friends hanging out. [i Don’t be stupid Dorian.] He thought and ran a hand through his hair.

“I mean if you don’t want to I totally understand. I wouldn’t want to force you to hang out with me. We can always hang out another time. I don’t expect this to be our last hang out now that we’ve met.”
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Truthfully, Apollo wasn't much of a drinker but he didn't protest. In social situations it was typical to find him clutching some kind of alcoholic beverage. Going without alcohol in a situation such as his parent's anniversary party sounded like a torture he did not wish to experience. Apollo laughed when Dorian said that most people called him cute, including his mom. [#123456 "You enjoy teasing me, don't you?"] He stuck his tongue out at the other in a playful way.

[#123456 "Yeah, I guess I'm lucky to have Selene. She has such a big personality it allowed me to just slip into the background and observe rather than interact, which I prefer over socializing,"] the white haired male chuckled and finished the rest of his drink. At this point in the night the crowd started to thin out. Apollo checked his wristwatch. It was late but not late by his standards. He watched the interaction between Dorian and his bandmate and smiled. [#123456 "Ya know, it's pretty cool that you're in a band. Kind of [i sexy],"] he said, a silly burst of laughter escaping from his mouth.

Apollo's laughter had just died down when Selene, his mother, and father approached them. His mother was clearly drunk and Selene and his father were keeping her from falling to the ground. Selene and her mother were the same height, looking pretty similar in the face while Apollo's father towered over them both. [b "I just wanted to thank the artist for this lovely vase! Wow! I'm amazed! And look he's friends with my little Polly. Anyways...we love the arts in this family. I hope to see you again, Dorian."] His mother kept wiggling her eyebrows at Apollo and she winked as Apollo's father walked her away.

Selene chuckled as she watched their parents walk away. She looked a little tipsy herself, but nowhere near the point of their mom. [+green "Mom is totally toasted. I'd say this night was a success. I'm gonna give some directions to the cleaning crew. You two look like you're having a nice chat though, why not go out to a bar or something? We are downtown after all. Just a suggestion~"] Selene shot a flashy smile at them before walking towards the kitchen.
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“Alright then. I’m down to go cake tasting with you and your sister.” He said and chuckles. He knew his band members would be jealous that he would be tasting all sorts of expensive delicious cake. When Apollo wouldn’t take the check Dorian nods his head. “Well I can’t say no to it no.” He smiles. “I’ll put it towards some new art materials.” Dorian could always use new art supplies. He enjoyed going to the art store, it was like going to a buffet with all different types of food that he didn’t have to pay for.

“I didn’t expect you to be much of a drinker.” He said and liking that he could socially drink with Apollo. “Anyway I don’t mind that you think I’m cute. I understand where you’re coming from. Most people call me cute anyway. Like my mom.” He teased knowing Apollo would feel a bit bad for calling him cute. “Don’t shut up. I’m having fun talking to you.” The dark haired male chuckles and takes a bite of his cake slice. “That’s great that you have a sibling that cares so much about you. Sadly I’m an only child but I swear my parents spoil me with things that they want for me to have.” He said and chuckles. “Like when it came to music they never really bought me anything for it but for art I had everything.”

After awhile people began to leave. It was getting late but Dorian didn’t want to leave Apollo just yet. He was having too much fun. “Yo, Dorian we’re heading out.” His drummer said and waves. Dorian waves back and smiles.
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Apollo chuckled knowing that Selene would be more than happy to get multiple opinions on cake flavors. [+green "I'm sure she wouldn't mind you tagging along. She'll be so thrilled that I have a real live friend and she will definitely want more than just my opinion on the cake."] Selene worked on parties and weddings all the time so he could only imagine how over the top and perfect her own wedding would be. It was one social event he was actually looking forward to. When Dorian handed him the check, Apollo rose his eyebrows in confusion. He shook his head and handed the check back to the shorter male. [+green "Nah, she won't take this back. I gave her the money to pay for the gift so please, I'd like you to keep it,"] he said with a smile.

The appearance of the server asking if they needed food or alcohol reminded Apollo that he should probably drink a little more. Just a little. He waited until Dorian put in his request, chuckling when he ordered another piece of cake. [+green "Can I have a vodka sunrise, please?"] The woman nodded at him as well and was on her way.

Another blush creeped onto Apollo's cheek at Dorian's reaction to his 'cute' comment. [i Is being cute bad? I mean I didn't want to blurt out that I find him attractive or anything because that seems...weird. There's no way I could say something like that especially here.] Apollo shook away the thoughts and laughed awkwardly. [+green "Depressing? I'm sorry...I didn't mean it in a bad way. I think that people shorter than me are cute. People that are typically referred to as sexy are intimidating and I don't find you intimidating...but,no, uh, that's not to say that you [i aren't] sexy. I mean what does sexy even mean? I think of myself as cute and not that bad? Okay. I'm going to shut up now,"] he stammered, failing to find the right words.

As if on cue, the server returned with their drinks and Dorian's slice of cake. Apollo sighed, relieved that he had been interrupted. He sipped at the vodka sunrise and the drink quickly disappeared. He pondered what else Dorian had to say about his last relationship. [+green "Yeah, I guess it is okay to be lonely. Although my sister would argue that I should never be lonely because I have her,"] he said chuckling.
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“Ah! I would love to go. Do you really think she would let me tag along? I mean I know I’m not really a friend to her or anything but Selene is sweet and I hope she has the wedding of her dreams.” The thought of being a part of the wedding cake taste testing made Dorian smile. He honestly wanted to try all the cakes and he wanted to help Selene pick one out. The woman had been an amazing client and she was the sister to his good friend Apollo. If I would of know she was his sister I would of done it all for free. He thought and glanced over at Selene. Dorian takes thecheck he was given for the art work out of his pocket. Since it was just for him and not his band mates he could do whatever he wants with it. He hands it to Apollo. “Gives this back to your sister. She doesn’t need to pay me for the gift for your parents.” He said softly.

The subject of his up tight mother was not something he cared much about. “Yeah I’m only twenty-two. She has a vision for me and she wants me to follow it. I can’t though. Don’t get me wrong I love her and I know she and my father just want what’s best but they really don’t know what’s best.” Dorian chuckles softly. A sever walked by to ask if they needed anything from the food section or even the bar. “There’s a bar?” Dorian asked. “I’ll have one cranberry vodka tonic.” He said and she nods her head. “And another piece of cake please.” Dorian smiles and the woman leaves.

Hearing Apollo say he was pretty cute caused Dorian to laugh just a bit. “Pretty cute? Awe that sounds so depressing.” He smiles. “I like to think in sexy on some level but I guess I do have one of those baby faces.” Apollo’s dray like eyes caught his attention for a moment. He stares into them and then averts his eyes after awhile. “Yeah But we were both young. Didn’t know much or cared for much. I more mature now. I know what my mistakes were. It’s ok to be lonely. You don’t have to use someone to fix that. I get that now.” Dorian sighs and glances back at Apollo’s ex. Now He’s sexy. I see what’s his type. Tall, strong looking, great features, nice smile, beautiful hair and eyes. Definitely not me. I’m average height and look like a high schooler. Hehe! He thought. “Ah so he’s sick in the head? I knew he looked too good to be true.” Dorian noticed his band members talking with girls or dancing with them. He figured they had all found some fans.
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Apollo didn't know what to make of Dorian commenting that being tall was a good quality. [i Something that most people find attractive? I guess so...but wait is he saying that I'm attractive. Augh!] Instead of responding he nodded his head, trying his best to hide his pink cheeks. At the mention of the cake his ears perked up. [#123456 "Oh! The cake is from a shop called Lizzy's Bakery. She's getting her wedding cake from there too. You should come with us when we go to taste all the cake flavors,uh, I mean you don't have to but I know how much you love food."]

Listening to more about Dorian's mother made the tall man frown. While his own mother seemed hellbent on him being in a relationship she never pushed marriage. She only wanted him to be happy, always worried that he was depressed because of all the time he spent alone. [#123456 "Your mom wants you to settle down? Wow. I mean I'm twenty-four and haven't even thought about that and I assume you're younger than me. That's crazy."] He even thought his sister getting married at twenty-seven seemed bizarre, although she had been with her soon-to-be husband for the past five years so it made sense that a wedding was in their future.

[i “So do you think I’m cute, hot, sexy, handsome?”] The question from the other male sent Apollo over the edge. His cheeks instantly turned red and nervous laughter spilled from his mouth. [#123456 "Um, yes I like both. And you''re pretty cute, Dorian."] He turned his head away from Dorian and looked out onto the dance floor. There was no way to hide his embarrassment which Apollo absolutely hated. Still, he listened as Dorian talked about his last relationship. [#123456 "Yeah, I guess cheating and not caring is a good sign that you're both not that crazy about each other. I'm sorry that you both felt lonely in some way though."]

His grey eyes fell on his old fling. Yes, he was good looking but he was crazy. [#123456 "Looks can be deceiving. He's a sadist. Loves causing pain to others and can be very controlling. Being with him was kind of scary."] Seeing his ex notice his stare he quickly turned back to Dorian. [#123456 "I guess some people are in to that, but I'm definitely not."] Apollo was surprised how easily the words flowed from his mouth. Talking to people was never this easy, though the fact that he technically talked to Dorian almost everyday was obviously helpful. That and the champagne he was starting to feel.
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“Hey being tall is a good thing. I think it’s sonething that most people find attractive.” He said and shrugs. “I think it’s a good quality.” Dorian smiles at his friend and finishes his glass. [i He’s has quite a bit of champagne. At least he’s not so nervous. He’s actually really easy to get along and a bit adorable.] Dorian thought and finishes up his cake. “This is really good. I’m going to have to find out where your sister got the cake from.” With a soft chuckle he moves his plate to the side so nothing was in the way of him facing Apollo.

As Apollo talked why his mother tries to play match maker with him Dorian nods his head. “Well at least you know she’s doing it because she’s cares. My mother wants me to find someone and settle down. I’m took young though. I don’t mind dating but I’m not ready to get married and all of that right now. I want to focus on my schooling.” Dorian looked at the girl known as Becca. “Oh she’s pretty.” He said and smiles. “Well at least you guys are friends.” He added.

What caught Dorian a bit off guard was when Apollo pointed to a handsome male that he had dated. [i So he likes guys too?] He thought and instantly felt a bit happy. Maybe he did have a chance. Just maybe. “Ah so you like men and women?” Dorian couldn’t help but smirk. “So do you think I’m cute, hot, sexy, handsome?” He just had to tease Apollo since he knew his friend would get embarrassed easily. “I date women and men as well. My last relationship was with a woman. It didn’t end well. It was just a mess though. I don’t think we took each other seriously, I caught her cheating and it didn’t bother me really. She caught me cheating and it didn’t bother her either.” Dorian sighs. “I think we just used each other when we felt lonely or something. Anyway enough about that.” He chuckles. “Well the guy you had your fling with is really good looking.”
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[i His hands are soft,] was the only thought that rang through Apollo' s head after his close call with the table. [i No stop. You're being weird.] He was pleased when they headed to a table to sit. It would make it harder for his mom to find him if she was plotting to matchmake. A chuckle escaped the white haired boys lips at the mention of food. [#123456 "I guess I [i can] bring you food now. I can't use the lack of knowing where you are as an excuse anymore."] Swiftly, he downed the glass of champagne he still held. Was that number four for the night? He had some drinks in the kitchen but it was hard to remember now.

As the time passed Apollo could feel himself relaxing. He couldn't tell if it was the alcohol helping or the fact that talking to Dorian wasn't hard at all. Probably a bit of both. At the mention of his height he ruffled his own hair and smiled smugly. He liked being tall, though sometimes his lack of being around people made him forget. [#123456 "I'm 6 feet tall and no good at basketball,"] he joked. Hearing Dorian's question, he scanned the room curious as to who he would find.

[#123456 "Well the better question would be who haven't they tried to set me up with? They mean well. My mom thinks my awkwardness is her fault because she never made me do team sports or whatever."] He smiled at how ridiculous his mother could be. A tall brunette woman on the dancefloor caught his eye and he pointed to her. [#123456 "I was tricked into a blind date with that woman, Becca. Our parents work in the same department at their university and they were so set on us dating. Neither one of us were interested in each other like that but we do play games online sometimes."]

An attractive male with neatly combed hair stood near his sister and a group of family friends. Apollo pointed again, though this time his point was less obvious because he really didn't want to draw the attention of the other. [#123456 "Selene set me up with him. The son of her boss or something. He's cute but really pushy. Kind of an asshole."] He shuddered at the thoughts of their time together. They had never been official but had a brief fling over the course of a few months. Apollo's eyes returned to Dorian, [#123456 "There are probably more but hopefully I don't see them."]
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Dorian could tell Apollo was really nervous, he was kind of hoping that the male wouldn’t be so nervous since they talked all the time only. They were really good friends over the internet. It shouldn’t be this hard for them. When Apollo finished his first glass Dorian arched a brow. [i Heh he’s funny. I don’t mean to make him so nervous.] He thought. Dorian was hoping the alcohol would calm his friend down but that would take some time.

“Thanks. We work really hard. It’s nice to hear people praise our work.” Just then Apollo stumbled and Dorian reached out to help him. One of his hands had caught Apollo’s arm. He gently lets the male’s arm go before smiles softly. “Yeah I live outside of the city but I do have a work studio for my art down town. It allows me to do more since I have a huge area.” He looks at Apollo. “So now that we’ve met I’m going to hold it to you to bring me food.” He smirks and puts his free hand in his jean pocket. “Let’s sit down. I want to eat some of that dessert your sister got.” Dorian loved food, all food.

The two talked for a good hour, Dorian was definitely comfortable with his friend Apollo and he was hoping that Apollo felt more comfortable as well. “You’re a lot taller than I thought you would be. That’s not a bad thing though.” Dorian takes a bite of the slice of cake he had. “So anyone here that your parents have tried to set you up with?” Dorian has heard countless tales from Apollo about how his parents always try to set him up with people to date or to be friends with.
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Selene rose an eyebrow upon learning that her brother was somehow already acquainted with Dorian. From what she knew about her brother he barely talked to anyone outside of the internet. Though she was interested to learn more she was pulled aside by a family acquaintance who wanted to catch up. She waved to the two boys and wiggled her eyebrows at Apollo before walking off in conversation. An eyebrow wiggle. Their sibling signal that meant 'give me details later'.

Apollo rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. He was completely caught off guard in an unfamiliar place and a small part of him was freaking out. [I Chill out. Take a deep breath. We talk all the time this shouldn't be hard.] He was relieved when Dorian suggested to get drinks. More alcohol would help him feel less weird. As long as he didn't go overboard with it. He didn't drink often so he could only assume himself to be a lightweight.

Taking the glass, Apollo immediately downed the whole thing. [#123456 "I can't believe we didn't figure this out before hand. Sorry if I' really not good talking to people in real life."] He chuckled at the comment about his sister. [#123456 "Selene is pretty great when you don't have to live with her. I'm happy that she hired your band, you guys are really good."] He tried to lean against the alcohol table but his hand just missed the edge, causing him to stumble. Cheeks slightly red, he tried to play it off and scooped up another glass if champagne. [#123456 "Uh, so do you live in the downtown area? I live a bit outside of the city but only about thirty minutes away."]
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Dorian was enjoying his time talking to people. His band members walked over to their table. Once they sat down they began to eat happily and sip on their drinks. Dorian was just going over there to join them when Selene approached him. “Hey.” He said and listened to her talk. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was pleasure.” He smiles and then noticed the male standing next to her. As soon as she introduced Apollo to him Dorian knew it was his Apollo. The picture that he had received was the spitting image of his friend. He was wearing shirt and everything. [i He did mention going to his parents anniversary party. Wow...I’m shocked I didn’t put two and two together.] He thought and chuckles a bit shyly. “Yeah I guess it is.” Dorian said and then glanced at his band mates.

“Wasn’t expecting to meet you like this. Well...even to meet you st all.” He said and puts his hands in his pockets. [i He’s taller than I imagined. He’s better looking in person that’s for sure. Don’t be weird...] Dorian decided to keep things like they were. “This is great man. Let’s get a drink?” He said trying to be welcoming. Dorian walks over to the table with the champagne glasses. He picks one up and hands another to Apollo. “This is crazy. I can’t believe we are meeting like this.” He chuckles. “Your sister is great by the way. She’s nice.” He sips on his drink.
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