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Slowly Dorian noticed how Apollo began to loosen up. The male even seemed exited about being his model. [i Perfect Apollo. I promise the painting will come out amazing.] He thought and sips on his drink. He almost choked though when Apollo joked about not wearing any clothes. Dorian composed himself and then chuckles at the comment. “Be careful what you say Apollo. I might take you up on that offer.” He teased and smirks at his good friend.

Dorian wasn’t sure what his friend should wear. [i Should I dress him up? Maybe he should wear something casual. He looks good no matter what he wears in all honesty.] With a small smile he looks at Apollo. “Just come as you. You can wear whatever you want. A t-shirt and some sweats. Either way I’m going to give you an amazing painting but if you want to wear nothing or just some underwear that would be perfect too.” Dorian chuckles and finishes his meal.

When they both were done they talked for a few more minutes. “Any plans now?” Dorian asked curiously. Dorian was going to go home and do nothing but if he could spend some more time with Apollo he would take it.
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Apollo breathed a sigh of relief that Dorian didn't hold his awkwardness against him. The male even teased him which made the tension he was feeling slowly fade. If he was dealing with anyone else he would have shut down, not speaking for the rest of the dinner. But he wanted to speak more with Dorian. He truly enjoyed his company. Although he wondered if he could ever make a move or if his words would continue to get lost. [i Hopefully one day I will tell him about my crush. Maybe I should plan something? Something he'd like...]

Apollo scooped another helping of rice and chicken into his mouth. He shook his thoughts away upon hearing Dorian's suggestion. [#123456 "Use me for art? Oh...I've never had anyone paint me before. That honestly sounds like a lot of fun and it would be cool to see you paint. I'm in."] He smiled and struck a pose in his chair, giggles pouring from his mouth. [#123456 "Should I wear anything special or should I just wear nothing at all?"] he joked with a goofy smile. It seemed like a funny thing to joke about although Apollo was curious about what being a model for a painting would entail.
  mephistopheles / 1y 6d 14m 37s
Dorian could tell Apollo was nervous and wasn’t sure what to say or how to carry himself at the moment. [i I feel a bit bad for putting g him on the spot like that. I mean...what was I expecting him to say?] He thought and sighs softly. He places his chin in the palm of his hand and looks at his friend. Dorian chuckles with a small smile. “Yeah it sounds a little crazy but I like a little crazy.” He teased and sissy up straight. “You don’t owe me an explanation. I understand Apollo. I’m sorry I put you on the spot like that.”

The food was delicious. Dorian couldn’t help but continue eating after their little awkward moment. [i I have to come back here again. This is perfect for me.] He thought with a soft smile by he quickly stopped eating when he thought Apollo was going to tell him who he had a crush on but he cut himself short. “Damn.” He said softly and closed his eyes. Dorian was cursing even more on the inside since he wanted to know.

When he opened his eyes he smiles a bit. “Well at least you have a crush. Hopefully one day you can tell me.” He chuckles. “New topic. You should let use you for art. I can make an amazing painting of you or a sculpture. It’ll give me something fun to do.”
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Apollo chewed his food more than was needed, as if his life depended on it. He was mostly trying to focus on not saying something stupid. Saying the wrong thing was one of the talents he couldn't seem to shake. He listened to Dorian offering to help him find a date, his discomfort rising. The only thing his brain could think of were the feelings that had built up for his friend over the course of their online correspondence. The words were on the tip of his tongue but he couldn't say them. Why were words so hard?

His silence continued, the only sounds coming from him were the soft chews from his closed mouth. [i God he thinks I'm hopeless because I can't even express myself. Of course I know what having a crush feels like...I just can't act on my feelings.] He swallowed his food and gripped the fork in his hand until his knuckles turned white. [#123456 "I-I'm sorry. There's no alcohol this time to help me. I just felt a little on the spot because sometimes it takes my brain longer to think of a response but I feel pressured to respond quickly because that's what society demands. So I end up getting anxious which makes it harder to think of what to say. And then I overthink what I plan on saying and it's just a vicious cycle. Maybe that sounds crazy? It probably is a little crazy."] He took his time trying to explain himself, nervously glancing up at his friend every few seconds to gauge his reaction.

Usually he didn't bother trying to explain himself to people, but he felt that he owed Dorian a small explanation. They had been talking online for awhile and of course it was easier for Apollo to type. It gave him time to think and plan what exactly he would say. It was safe, unlike real life interactions.

[#123456 "I mean what if I told you that I-I-"] he cut himself off and ran his fingers through his hair. [#123456 "Forget it. But, uh, I don't need your help finding a date. I do have a crush. I'm just hopelessly stupid."]
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Dorian wasn’t expecting things to get took awkward but that’s exactly what happened. The question he had asked seemed to really put Apollo on the spot. He was just curious as to who Apollo might be interested in. [i Guy talk...I guess it was too much for him. I would of answered the questions right back if he had asked me.] He thought and played with the straw in his glass. Dorian knew he would t get a straight answer from his friend when the waiter arrived with more food. With a small pout Dorian ate as well while trying to figure out something to say.

“Sounds really sad Apollo. Wouldn’t you want something more with your life though? Dating can be fun. I’ll even help you find someone to date.” He chuckles. “You’re not bad looking. A little bit awkward at first when it comes to having a conversation but that’s not bad. You’ll be a great date ya know?”

When their entrees arrived Dorian happily ate his food. “Also I’m sure you will know when you have a crush on someone. It’s an undeniable feeling.” Dorian added. [i Maybe I’m not the one he has a crush on or he really could be telling the truth and doesn’t have one at all.] With a soft chuckle Dorian looks at his friend. “I won’t asked anymore weird questions. Sorry to put you on the spot like that Apollo.”
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Apollo was happy to hear that Dorian had a good day. He knew almost nothing about art and he was horrible when it came to painting or drawing, but he definitely admired the craft. [#123456 "Getting paid is always a plus,"] he said with a chuckle. The waiter returned and set a glass of water in front of him and tea in front of Dorian. When asked about his own day he sighed and leaned back in his chair. [#123456 "I got roped into wedding decoration stuff. But it was fun...or interesting at least. There's never a dull moment with Selene."]

The next question that came caught him completely off guard. Instantly his cheeks began to turn pink. He wished that the food had come so he could at least try to blame it on his spicy meal. And worse than his pink cheeks was his complete silence. How was he supposed to answer such a question? [i I could try to be smooth and hint that maybe I like him but I'm literally the worst at being smooth. Should I just say I'm not interested in anyone at all? That sounds very closed off...I don't want him to think I'm unapproachable. Although maybe he doesn't mean anything by this question and I'm overthinking it...] He stared at his friend, a blank expression on his face as he chewed on his lip and tried to think of what to say.

[#123456 "Uh, um, what an odd question. No, I'm not seeing anyone. And I'm very bad at admitting that I have a crush on someone so...I'm not even sure. I might like someone?"] Apollo's face turned a darker shade of pink and he averted his eyes from Dorian as he spoke. Luckily the waiter provided a short distraction, setting their meals in front of them and setting the appetizer to the side. Apollo immediately stuck a fried potato from the appetizer into his mouth. Delicious. Plus it was calming and distracted him from his embarrassing thoughts.

After chewing for a few seconds he swallowed and rested his chin in one hand. [#123456 "I'm not very good with relationships. Remember how I said I'm destined to die old and alone with 80 cats? That really wasn't an exaggeration."] He tried to laugh even though he felt awkward talking about such things.
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“Chicken and potatoes is always appealing.” Dorian said and chuckles. He listened to Apollo talk about the food he liked which caused him to smile. When the waiter came Dorian chuckles softly when he hears that the waiter remembered exactly what Apollo usually orders. “How funny.” He said and smirks he then looks at the waiter. “I’ll take the shrimp tikka masala and some tea.” The waiter nods and leaves them be.

Once alone Dorian began to eat his naan again. [i I wonder what else we should talk about. Just relax. It’ll come to you.] He thought and looks at his friend. Apollo mentioned his art and Dorian smiles. “My day was great. Spent the whole day in my studio painting and making ceramic pieces. I even got paid so I’m happy.” The waiter returned with their drinks and then left the table. “How was your day Apollo? Had fun with your sister?” Dorian sips on his warm tea. He hummed softly since he enjoyed the warmth and taste of the tea. “I have a question. Are you seeing anyone Apollo? I think I remember you saying you weren’t dating anyone but are you talking to anyone that you like a bit more than a friend?” Dorian looks at him. “I’m just really curious.”
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Despite the menu being in front of his face he still noticed when Dorian entered the restaurant. Still telling himself to play it cool he continued to "scan" the menu until the other male had actually reached the table. He chuckled at his comment about the food smelling good. [#123456 "It's really hard not to order everything. I always end up getting the chicken vindaloo. Every time I say I'll get something else but there's something so appealing about chicken and potatoes in a spicy sauce. They have really good curry too though."] He chuckled and slid his menu to the edge of the table. [#123456 "And I usually get the aloo pakora as an appetizer because I guess I really love potatoes?"]

When the waiter arrived with the naan he pulled out his small notepad and readied himself for their orders. Although when he took in Apollo's appearance he smiled, [b "Ah, lemme guess. Aloo pakora as an appetizer and chicken vindaloo--spicy?"] Apollo looked shocked. He didn't visit the restaurant [i that] much. Although he did recognize the waiter. He was probably his waiter just about every time he did come. Apollo laughed and shook his head. [#123456 "Yes, I'm a creature of habit."] The waiter smiled and turned to Dorian to take his order.

Apollo tried to think of conversation topics while the waiter took Dorian's order. There was no alcohol to help him this time, although he hoped that things would come naturally once again. Still it was always better to prepare or stupid words would come out of his mouth.

After the waiter left the table with their food orders, Apollo smiled at his friend across the table. [#123456 ""] His smile faltered from his stupidity. [i Wow I'm actually a dumb ass.] Apollo ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. [#123456 "Uh, by that I mean, how did painting go today? How was your day?"]
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Dorian was messing with his hair in the mirror in his car when he felt his phone vibrate. He quickly picks it up to read the text message that he knew was from Apollo. “Sweet.” He said and gets out of the car. After locking it he goes inside happily. [i Play it cool. We are just friends and this is t a date or anything like that.] He thought. Dorian was constantly mentally telling himself to relax. Once inside he looks around the restaurant but quickly spots a tall male with light colored hair. A small smile forms on his face as he makes his way over to his good friend.

“Hey Apollo.” He said and pats his shoulder before sitting down across from him. “Thanks for having dinner with me. I’m starving.” He chuckles a bit and looks down at the menu. “The food smells so good here. I don’t know if I’ll be able to pick just one thing off the menu.” Dorian scanned the menu closely, he liked curry so he was happy to see all the different types of curry dishes on the menu. “Hmm.” He pushes a hand through his hair. “Do you know what you want to eat?” He looks at his friend. [i He looks good. I like his shirt.] He thought and then scans the menu over again as he waited for Apollo to respond.

Dorian knew that the waiter would arrive soon so he wanted to already have his meal picked out. After a few seconds go by their waiter arrives with the naan for them. Dorian glanced at the naan and smiles, the last time he had Indian food he really enjoyed the naan that his mother had ordered.
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Apollo went ahead and ordered naan for them to share. Who didn't love naan? In his opinion any kind of bread was a good kind of bread. While he waited for the waiter to come back and for Dorian to arrive he observed the other tables around him. The restaurant wasn't terribly crowded. There was one small family in the corner but the other few tables were occupied by couples. Or at least they seemed like couples to him.

Hearing his phone made him jump, causing him to bump his knee under the table. He winced as he pulled the phone out of his pocket though the knee pain was easily forgotten when he read that Dorian had arrived.

[b I'm already inside :) Just ordered some naan.]

Trying to play it cool he reached for the untouched menu in front of him and pretended to browse it. He always looked through the menu but always ended up getting the same meal and appetizers. Now definitely didn't seem like a good time to try something new but the menu was a good way to distract himself so that he didn't glue his eyes to the door. [i Keep it cool, Apollo. You're calm and cool.]
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Dorian’s cell phone lit up on the kitchen counter top. He stopped searching for a snack and quickly picks up his cell phone. “Ah Indian. Sounds really good to me.” He mutters as he types away at his cell phone. “Alright I’ll see you there Apollo! :)” he sent and then he grabs a light jacket. Dorian was excited to meet his friend again. He couldn’t get enough of face to face conversations with Apollo. Not only is he easy to converse with he’s good looking as well. That was a double plus for Dorian but he knew he would do his best to keep it cool. He didn’t want to scare him off by flirting too hard.

Once in his car he drives off to the Indian restaurant. The directions I. His cellphone got him there with no trouble. “Alright I wonder if he’s here.” He sends Apollo another quick text. “Hey, I’m here. I just parked. Are you inside or should I wait for you outside?” He relaxed in his car as he waited for a reply. The smell of the food being cooked inside of the restaurant filled the air and Dorian couldn’t help but feel like Apollo made the right choice for dinner. “I’m starving.” He whined even though he knew he wasn’t really starving. Dorian was just a fan of food, more so than most normal people. He just wished he had the proper cooking skills to make the delicious foods he enjoyed eating.
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After many wedding related shopping trips, Apollo and Selene eventually ended up in a small coffee shop. He ordered the largest cold brew possible because he was starting to feel the effects of staying up so late the night before and not being able to sleep in. Feeling his phone buzz he slid the device out of his pocket, a pleased smile on his face when he read the contents of the text from Dorian.

[b Actually there's this really good Indian place that I try to go to every time I'm downtown. It's called Sapphire. I will meet you there!]

[+green "Polly...did you hear anything I just said?"] The voice of his sister wiped the dumb grin from his face and he looked at her stupidly. He really hadn't heard her. Sighing, she twirled a blonde lock around her finger and raised an eyebrow. Waiting.

[#123456 "I'm having dinner with Dorian. Do you think my outfit is okay?"] Selene burst into laughter, setting down her coffee cup so as not to spill any liquid. [+green "Wow it's not often that you care about your appearance so much. Hm, you look better dressed than normal. Classy but not too classy. Kind of like a young, hot professor."]

Apollo wasn't sure if that was a good thing. When Selene assured him that it was a good thing he breathed a sigh of relief. Finishing the remnants of their coffee the siblings exited the cafe and parted ways. Apollo's drive to the indian restaurant was short, only spanning a couple blocks.

After he parked his car he fussed with his hair a bit in the rear-view mirror. He felt stupid for caring this much about his appearance. Why was he acting so dumb? Sighing, Apollo clambered out of the car and entered the restaurant. He was led to a table for two. The low lighting and gentle music helped calm his already anxious demeanor.
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Dorian was happy that he would be seeing Apollo again. He smiles as he replies to the text he had received. “Alright I’ll text you when I’m done. See you later Apollo.” He said with a soft chuckle. Dorian began to work hard since he wanted to go out to eat as soon as possible.

Hours go by and Dorian had met with his last client. He goes over his list of things to do and starts checking things off. “Hmm. Looks like I’m on schedule.” He mutters and sets the paper down. Dorian goes to the bathroom in his studio and cleans up. Paint covered the exposed parts of his body. Dorian was happy that he always had some spare clothes here and that his studio did have a bathroom with a working shower. Wiping the paint off wasn’t good enough so he hopped into the shower.

After his shower he sends Apollo a text. “Hey I’m down to go eat now. Is there anything speck I you have a taste for? I can meet you some where.” He sent as he dries his hair. It didn’t take Dorian long to get ready. He wasn’t dressed as fancy as he was the other night but he still looked stylish. “My hair needs a quick trim.” He mutters as he tries his best to style it. His dark hair was parted a bit and pushed from his eyes. Satisfied with how he looked Dorian went into the mall kitchen area to see what he had to snack on. His stomach was growling and he was ready to stuff his face with food.
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The conversation in the car was more enjoyable than Apollo expected. Selene talked to him about how much she loved the website he had put together for her wedding. It was definitely a confidence boost since his sister was beyond picky. She also talked to him about small details about the big day. Normally this kind of talk would be a bore, but he could feel how excited she was which made him excited too.

[+green "So I think the shades of purple color palette is really working out. The bridesmaids have all picked out their dresses and they're all beautiful. Half of them have a plum color and the other half have a dusty lavender. Oh, it's such a perfect color palette for fall. By the way, since we're heading downtown, do you want to help me make some center pieces. I know the wedding is a few months away but I like to start things early. Plus, there are going to be at least two hundred people in attendance so there will probably be about thirty tables."]

Apollo tried to take in all of the information the best he could. Before he knew it Selene had roped him into a shopping trip. They scanned the aisles looking for specific colors of vases and other odds and ends. While Selene held up two vases to compare the colors, he pulled out his phone to check it. Seeing that Dorian had texted him back made him smile.

[b Apollo: Lunch or dinner? Hm, let me know when you're finished with work and I'll take you out for food. I'm downtown helping Selene pick out...things? I'm not quite sure what we're looking for anymore.]

He sent the text just as his sister turned her attention to him. [+green "Are you maybe texting...Dorian? I forgot to ask what you two ended up doing last night after leaving the party."] A devious grin lit up Selene's face and Apollo tried to busy himself with an object on a shelf to avoid her eyes. [#123456 "We went to a club and talked. I can tell what you mean by your grin and nothing like that happened."]

Selene chuckled and reached up to tussle his hair. [+green "Oh my sweet, precious baby brother. I'm not surprised. Well, I hope you two get together soon. He seems very nice."] She gave him an encouraging smile and turned back to the wall of vases. [+green "Alright, now help me put thirty of these into the cart."]
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Dorian yawns softly as he drives into the city. It was always such a long but enjoyable drive when the weather was nice. “Hmm it looks like it might rain.” He mutters as he glanced up at the sky. When he finally reached the city he groans since there was so much traffic. “I just want to ge down town to my studio...” he whines to himself. Twenty minutes go by before he was able to park in front of the large building that held his stupid. Dorian had the top two floors all to himself. That was something he could thank his mother and father foor, they didn’t mind spending money on him if it would benefit his art career.

Once inside he looks over his agenda for the day. “Ok finish up He nature painting, start and finish the portrait, make a tea pot set but only with the colors gold and black.” He mutters softly. Dorian didn’t mind working late, he actually lost himself in his work quite a bit so staying late didn’t phase him. [i I actually have a few customers coming by as well. Hope they don’t mind my boring old clothes.] He thought since he wasn’t really dressed nice enough to meet people. With a shrug he starts setting up and when he finished he sits on his chair staring at the painting before him. His eyes scanned the canvas, just taking note of what he could touch up on before calling it quits. “Oh he might of replied.” He remembered that he had sent Apollo a message so he quickly checks his phone. “A text huh? Nice.” He couldn’t help but smile at the message.

“As much as I hate denying food I must. I’m too busy with work to eat breakfast...I know it’s devastating. Buuutttt I’m available for lunch and dinner.” After typing away at his iPhone he sends the message happily.
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