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Apollo chuckled as his friend nudged him, giving him a skeptical eyebrow raise when he said he could win any game. He finished up his rum and coke before following Dorian around to look for a new game. The words "dance dance revolution" made him frown. There was no way he was going to beat Dorian at that. When he played the game at home as a kid that was different. No one was ever watching, with the exception of Selene, so it was fine. But in public?

[#123456 "I'm not bad at ddr but I'm not good. How cruel. Making me dance in front of I just made you do,"] he pouts playfully, stepping up to the game. Even though he would be more comfortable playing something else he was a bit excited. Rhythm games were fun and once he got over the fact that people might be watching, he would have a good time.

Apollo looked over Dorian's shoulder at the song list, chewing on his lip thoughtfully. [#123456 "Hmm, just pick a fast one that has a catchy beat. That should be good enough."] He stepped over to the dance pad and did a couple of squats in preparation. Not that it would be all that helpful. Still, it was something to shake off his current nerves. [#123456 "I hope you go easy on me with the dare,"] he joked with a smile.
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When his hair was ruffled Dorian pouts playfully. [i I’m not your little brother.] He thought and chuckles to himself. The last remark by Apollo caused Dorian to gasp. “Oh you’re mean.” He said and playfully nudges his friend. “I can win in any game. I just wasn’t playing my best is all. Hey you should be happy I lost. You got to see me dance.” After drinking some water Dorian walks around. He stared at a few different games, he wanted to pick the right one. Dorian just had to win so he could make Apollo do a dare.

“Let’s do dance dance revolution.” He said with a smirk. He knew Apollo wouldn’t be able to do all the dance moves. He didn’t seem to be the type to have that much coordination and hen there was the possibility of Apollo getting embarrassed since he had to dance in front of people. [i this is perfect! I’m going to win. I just have to.] He thought as he walks over to the game.

“I hope you can keep up my friend.” He hands Apollo two quarters. Dorian began to look through the songs they could choose to dance to. “Which one seems like a good one?” He wanted Apollo to help pick so he couldn’t use the excuse ‘I didn’t like that song.’
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Apollo watched as his friend whispered something to the bartender, who gave him a shot. He watched as Dorian took the shot and then began to remove his sweater. [i Uh, why he is removing clothing? That wasn't part of the dare.] Despite his confusion he still took the sweater when Dorian handed it to him.

Apollo watched as he climbed up onto the bar, feeling a mixture of amusement and embarrassment for his friend. Dorian wasn't bad at dancing at all. The way he stayed composed while completing the dare was admirable. Apollo knew that if it was him up there he probably would have thrown up from nerves.

When Dorian returned to him he was smiling, though his cheeks were a little red. [i Hah, he looks really cute.] Apollo chuckled and ruffled the shorter male's hair. [#123456 "Not too bad, shorty. If that was me up there I probably would have died from embarrassment.] He continued to laugh as he held the sweater out for Dorian to take. [#123456 "Hopefully you'll have the chance to get me back. Maybe you should pick a game you know you can win?"] He challenged the other with a determined look in his eyes.
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Dorian blinks a few times when he hears the dare. He couldn’t believe that Apollo wanted to embarrass him like that. [i Oh it’s on...too bad for you though. I love music and I love to dance to music.] He thought and walks over to the bar. He whispers into the ear of one of the bartenders. The guy smirks and gives Dorian a shot. He then walks off to change the song. With a deep breath Dorian downs his shot and takes off his stylish sweater. “Hold this please.” He hands it to a Apollo before standing on the bar. As the music played Dorian began to dance. He wasn’t a bad dancer either and soon people began to cheer for him.

[i I can’t believe I’m doing this.] He thought as he moves his body to the beat. His hair moved along gracefully as he moved his head. After about a minute Dorian gets off the bar and people clap for him. The bartenders laugh and tell him that he did a great job. “Yeah Yeah...” He said with a smile and red cheeks. He glanced at Apollo. “Happy?” He chuckles and sits next to him. Dorian was feeling a bit hot but he knew it was because of what he had just done. “I hope enjoyed the show. I don’t think I can do that again with being completely drunk.” The young male pushes his hair back, he was definitely in a good mood.
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A few more minutes passed before the game ended. Apollo had survived without losing any more men, but apparently Dorian hadn't been as lucky. He had wanted to win so much so that he hadn't thought up a dare for the other male if it actually happened. His cheeks turned slightly pink when Dorian joked about a stripping dare. [#123456 "No, that would be mean. And an unfair dare to start off with. If you stripped right now there would be no other dare that could top it,"] he teased back, trying his best to smile flirtatiously.

Apollo tapped his chin for a couple seconds before an idea finally came to him. [#123456 "I dare you to get up on the bar and dance. Any kind of dance will do."] The dare seemed fun and embarrassing enough without being too crazy. He was just glad it wasn't him that had to dance up there.

Smiling, he walked back over to the bar and ordered himself a rum and coke. The bartender served the drink quickly and Apollo leaned against the bar sipping at his drink while he waited for Dorian to complete his dare. He felt surprisingly comfortable in such an unfamiliar setting. [i I'm glad he brought me here. I usually don't have much fun when I go out to bars but this is different.]
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Dorian couldn’t help but laugh when Apollo said he was a distraction. “Oh I can be a very good distraction if I need to be.” He chuckles and focuses on the game. This was perfect for Dorian, he was having a blast with his friend. [i We should of cane here a long time ago. This is too fun.] He thought and moved his his hands skillfully to try and win the game.

After a few more minutes the game finally ended and Dorian was pouting. “Cannot how did you win?!” He asked since he thought he was going to win. Dorian didn’t know what kind of dare his friend was going to have him do. “Heh don’t make me do anything wild like strip for you.” He teased his friend. He chuckles and pushes his hair back. “Alright so what is my dare Apollo? Are you going to make me take another shot or make me do something embarrass myself?” What fun would a dare be if they didn’t dare each other to do something crazy and embarrassing. The place was filled with people so this would be a perfect place to do such a dare. Dorian moves closer to his friend and looks at him with his dark blue eyes.
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Apollo couldn't help but smile with Dorian as the music and lights started up. [i He's right. This is gonna be really fun. Ah, his smile is cute...] As the game began Apollo took a deep breath and focused all of his attention on the screen, pushing away his thoughts about Dorian. It had been awhile since he played a classic arcade game, but muscle memory was definitely on his side.

Most of the sounds around him became nonexistent as he focused on navigating through the game. The only thing that tore away his attention was Dorian crying out "I can't let you win!" Apollo glanced to the side, laughter bubbling within him. [#123456 "I'm glad you're competitive too,"] he chuckled. His chuckles soon turned into laughter which caused him to lose one of his own men.

[#123456 "Ah, shit! I have to refocus. You're quite the distraction,"] he joked and glued his eyes back to the screen in front of him. The bright colors flashed before him, drawing him back in. He could win this. [i Just keep your eyes glued to the screen. You're not drunk enough to do any dares right now.]
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“Oh you don’t like the shot.” Dorian could read Apollo easily when it came to the taste of the shot. [i Now I know his weakness.] He thought and chuckles playfully to himself. Once at the game he listened to his friend. “Perfect. Same here too. If I lose I will complete any dare you come up with. I can’t say no.” Dorian wasn’t sure if hat was a good idea but both were already in the game. There was no turning back at this point.

Dorian began to put the quarters into the machine. The machine began to light up and music started to play. The pack an theme song filled Dorian’s ears which caused him to smile. “This is going to be so much fun.” He glances at Apollo and then the game began. Dorian’s eyes didn’t leave he screen at all. He was so focused and determined to make Apollo lose. The dares would be a way to get Apollo out of his shell and to just relax without worrying about embarrassing himself.

When Dorian finally lost one man he curses softly to himself. “I can’t let you win!” His competitive side began to show but it was all in good fun. He wasn’t a sore loser.
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Not liking the taste of limes he left the wedge untouched, fighting through the awful taste that burned his mouth. He shook his light colored locks and scrunched his face until the flavor was mostly gone. [i Maybe a shot of tequila was a bad idea.] He watched Dorian order a shot of tequila for himself and listened to his proposition. First one to lose all their men had to take another shot... Apollo was already competitive but the fact that winning would prevent him from doing another shot was extra motivation.

His grey eyes watched as the shorter male downed the shot with ease, no coughing whatsoever. [#123456 "Alright, I'll bite. I love a challenge. Hopefully I won't lose,"] he chuckled. Apollo waited as Dorian exchanged a fifty for quarters, looking at all the possible games to play. The flashing lights and familiar sounds felt very calming.

Once they were at the game, Apollo stretched his fingers against each other making his knuckles crack loudly. He was ready. [#123456 "A bet for each game? Like what kind of bet? No...that doesn't really matter I guess. I'm totally in. If I lose any game I will take a dare...any dare you throw my way."] Part of him wanted to retract the statement, but the alcohol and environment was encouraging him to be daring even if he might regret it later.
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Dorian watched as the bartender handed Apollo the shot of tequila. [i Oh he’s starting off strong. I can keep up Apollo. Just you wait and see.] He thought and smiles at his friend. “Let’s go play that pack man game. It can go up to four players. First one to loose all their men has to take another shot.” Dorian said. The young male looked at the bartender. “I’ll take a shot of tequila as well.”

Once the shot was given to him Dorian downed it with ease. He sucks on the lime wedge and then puts it in his glass. “Alright I’m ready.” He smirks at his friend. Dorian knew they were going to have some fun tonight. There was no way the two would be so tense and awkward here.

The game wasn’t too far or hard to find but Dorian went to the coin machine first. He placed a 50 dollar bill inside and got it returned to him in quarters. “We are going to be playing a lot tonight.” He smirks and puts the quarters in his jean pockets. Soon the two were at the game and Dorian puts in three quarters for each of them in the game to start it. Exctinebt was definitely rising in Dorian. “We should bet for each game.”
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One cab ride later and the two were at the arcade bar. Apollo was still musing over the idea of mixing drinking with video games in a public space. It was brilliant. He couldn't believe he had never been. When they arrived at the bar he nodded in agreement with Dorian's comment and smiled for their selfie. [#123456 "I hope you like getting destroyed in video games,"] he teased.

When they made their way inside and to the bar Apollo's eyes darted everywhere. There were so many familiar games there, nostalgia bubbling inside him. [i This place is absolutely perfect. And I love that I'm here with Dorian.] Snapping his attention back to the shorter male, he considered the question. [#123456 "A shot of tequila,"] he told the bartender decisively. This seemed like a good time for such a strong drink. He wanted to loosen up so that he could have fun without worrying too much about his words or actions.

[#123456 "What should we play first? There are so many choices...I feel like a kid in a candy store,"] he chuckled. The bartender slid the shot glass of the liquid amber across the bar. Apollo gazed into the glass before gathering the courage to shoot the whole thing back. The liquid burned his throat and he couldn't help himself from coughing.
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Dorian was caught off guard by Apollo’s actions. “Oh you’re sneaky.” He teased and smirks when the waiter left with the check and Apollo’s card. “Next time I will pay for dinner or whenever we get food again. Deal?” He asked and smiles. “Thanks though.” He was glad that Apollo was being so nice to him. He would definitely buy him drinks tonight for it.

When Apollo decided on the arcade bar Dorian smiles even wider. “It’s going to be really fun. My band mates and I go there all the time. Prepare to get your ass beat in some games.” He teased and stands up. The two take a cab to the bar. He would have his band mate pick up his car and drop it off st his condo for him. When they arrived the night was just getting started.

“Let’s have a fun night.” Dorian takes out his phone and takes a selfie of them. Once carded and allowed inside Dorian goes right to the bar to start them off with a good drink. “What would you like to drink Apollo? Get whatever you want. Some drinks will be all on me.” He pats his shoulder and looks around really quick. The place wasn’t too crowded which Dorian liked. He could play a lot of games with Apollo.
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Apollo noticed that Dorian also set his card out. This wasn't a date, but it kind of felt like one since he had been the one to bring up getting food together. With a mischievous smile he snatched the other male's card and dropped it down the front of his shirt. Just as he did this, the waiter appeared to take the check and his card. Smiling, Apollo removed Dorian's card from his shirt and slid it across the table to him after the waiter disappeared. [#123456 "I'll be paying for dinner."]

With the check situated he had time to think about the options for where they should go next. [#123456 "Uh, yeah, you don't want to see me try to dance,"] he said with a chuckle. [#123456 "I'm very interested in the arcade bar you mentioned. I like games, which, I guess you already know that. And maybe we can walk around by the lake afterwards?"] His mind worked overtime trying to prepare him for the rest of the night. He could imagine walking by the lake and telling Dorian about his feelings, but definitely after he had drinks. The lake seemed like a cute place to tell someone about your crush on them. Like something from a movie.

The waiter brought back Apollo's card and he slipped it back into his wallet. [#123456 "So, the arcade bar then?"]
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Dorian rolls his eyes at Apollo’s comment about nudity again. He couldn’t help but smile at the fact that Apollo was flirting with him. [i i wondr If He even realizes what he’s doing. Bad Apollo, if you have a crush and you’re flirting with someone else who’s not your crush.] He thought and smirks softly to himself.

“Well my friend there’s a lot to do down town. We can go see a movie, we can go to a museum or art gallery. There’s an adult arcade place that sells drinks and small plates while people play the old arcade games. It’s a cool ha g out spot if you like games.” He smiles. “We can walk around by the lake and just relax, we can shop too. There’s a lot of little boutiques and what not down here. Of course there are bars and clubs but you don’t seem too much of a dancer.” Dorian teased his friend.

[i I can just picture him not trying to dance or running away. So cute.] Dorian thought and noticed he bill placed down on the table. Before he could get his card put Apollo places his card on the check. Dorian then does the same since he wasn’t expecting Apollo to pay for his meal. Dorian had enough money for his food obsession. He made sure he did.
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Dorian seemed to take his joke well, even teasing him back. Even so, the dark haired male's response managed to make his cheeks turn pink. [i That kind of seems like flirting? I guess I flirted first maybe with my nudity comment. So he was just getting me that flirting?] Apollo nodded upon hearing that he could wear whatever, chuckling at the mention of wearing nothing or just his underwear. If he had more confidence he would actually take his friend up on the offer but just the thought of doing such a thing made him nervous. [#123456 "Hmm...I'll probably come in sweats but I could come nude. It will be a surprise,"] he joked.

His plate was all but empty at this point, a few pieces of rice hiding in the leftover sauce. Apollo leaned back with a satisfied smile. Everything was delicious as usual. When Dorian asked if he had any plans he immediately shook his head to say no. Thinking he might seem too eager he tried to play it cool. [#123456 "I mean...uh. I was planning on going home and doing nothing really. But if you want to do something else I would really like that,"] he stammered. He was foolish to think he could play it cool. [#123456 "Although what's to be done downtown besides drinking?"]

The waiter came by their table to scoop up their plates and leave the check. Without hesitation Apollo grabbed the check and opened his wallet. He placed his card against the receipt and waited to hear what they should do next.
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