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Apollo's fingers glided across the keyboard as he worked on the software for his employer's client. The mug of coffee didn't last long and he was determined to get as much done during his caffeine induced state. He paused his work when the chatroom flashed.

The message he read made him frown. While Apollo's own mother could sometimes be overbearing she never dictated what kind of work he did or how he spent his free time.

[b [u sonofzeus:] Hmmm that's unfortunate. Money isn't everything Be sure to make some time for yourself. You'll get burnt out if you're overworked :( If music is what you really want to do don't let anyone keep you from it! I haven't heard any of your music but I bet you're really talented because you seem like a passionate person that gives 100% in everything you do. I'm not there in person to cheer you on but I'm cheering from you over here.]

Hopefully his message sounded encouraging. He wasn't the best with providing advice and he wanted to say much more but he didn't want to bombard Dorian with a wall of text. Apollo's attention was quickly turned away from the computer and to his phone. Selene was begging for his attention again. At least this time she wasn't calling.

As he skimmed through his sisters texts more and more kept coming through. She wanted to inform him that she had booked the caterer and was currently look for a band to serve as some form of entertainment. They didn't have to play for the whole time but she wanted live music before dinner. Apollo didn't see why it mattered much and rolled his eyes at how extra his sister was being. He texted her once, ignoring most of the details from her texts. [b ->Post an ad online. I'm sure you'll find someone before the weekend<-]

Just as he was getting back to work more texts flooded his inbox. Selene needed to know about the gift. The gift was important blah, blah, blah. Apollo wasn't sure what kind of gift suited a 30th anniversary. [b -> Idk. I'm not good with this type of stuff. Get whatever and we can go halfsies on it. I'll paypal you<-] He sighed and pushed his phone away, already expecting the next flood of messages. Maybe if he ignored them he could actually get some work done.
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Dorian had arrived at campus when Apollo had replied to his message. He couldn’t help but chuckle softly to himself. [i Of course He would love be jacket.] He thought and began typing a reply to Apollo.

Dorian: My amazingly cool jacket will stun everyone that dares to stare at it! Lol.

Dorian: A party? I wish I could go to a party this weekend but my mom has me working more than I would like. She’s always telling her friends about my art and showing them things. Now they want custom pieces which is great because that’s more money in my pocket by then again I would rather work on my music. I swear she knows how to keep me from getting to it...she hates the idea of me being a musician as a career choice. :/

The music idea didn’t seem all that bad to Dorian. He was talented but that didn’t seem to matter to his parents. As he got to his first class he turns his cell phone on silent. He sets his bag down and grabs an apron to cover his clothes. He didn’t want to get any paint on them. Class was quite relaxing to Dorian. All he had to do was paint, it was something he was good at and enjoyed. [i At least I can let my creativity flow this way.] He thought as he brushed a few strokes of blue on his canvas.
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The shrill sound of his phone ringing stirred Apollo from his deep sleep. He reached around the table next to the bed until his hand bumped into the phone and pulled it under the covers to him. His eyes squinted at the bright screen. The caller id picture showed his smiling sister. Of course it was his sister. Apollo was convinced she enjoyed calling him in the morning to wake him from slumber. [#123456 "Whaddya want, Selene?"] The bubbly voice assaulted his ear and he groaned upon hearing her words. She was going on and on about their parents 30th anniversary party and wanted his opinion on catering options. [#123456 "You woke me up to talk about a party? Seleneeee I don't care. Get whatever sounds best."]

Apollo checked the time when he finally got off the phone. It was a little after 11. A notification from the chat room flashed across the top of his phone. He instantly smiled at the picture from Dorian. [i Aw, he looks cute. I He looks very cool.]

[b [u sonofzeus:] Oooh look at you in your leather jacket :P Good luck in class! Intimidate everyone with your cool jacket!]

[b [u sonofzeus:] I wish I was still sleeping. My sister woke me up to talk about planning a party.]

Apollo took a picture to send along with his messages. His hair was sticking up in various places and he was nuzzled against his pillow. Despite his silly looking hair he sent the photo anyway.

Sleep still called his name but he forced himself out of the bed. First, his tooth brushing routine and then coffee. He desperately needed coffee before he started working on anything. Apollo padded to the kitchen, resting his hands in the front of his hoodie while his cat weaved between his legs.

Once a mug of coffee was procured, Apollo settled at his desk. He turned on both monitors and opened up the current project he was working on. Using both screens was helpful to run the program while he coded. His eyes kept glancing to the chat app to see if he had a response from Dorian. [i I'm pathetic. He's busy. He has class and I have things to do for work.]
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When Dorian got he message he quickly replied since he wanted to sleep as well.

Dorian: Goodnight Apollo.

He sent and closed his own eyes after closing his lap top. When morning finally came around Dorian got up to get ready for school. He took a warm shower and made a light breakfast. [i I should eat more but early morning is just not my favorite time to eat.] He thought as he made a small amount of scrambled eggs and put them on a sesame seed bagel. He quickly ate since he didn’t want his more to come into the kitchen to lecture him about eating more. The thought of having his parents visit him longer than what they had told him was something he was dreading. “Please keep your promise and leave today.” He mutters to himself as he picks out some clothes for school.

The outfit he ended up coming up with consisted of a pair of dark grey jeans, a form fitting black v-neck and a light leather jacket. After playing with his hair a bit he grabs some of his art supplies and his backpack. Dorian left his parents a note and heads out of his apartment to his car. “Hmm I better take a picture for my bands page.” He said since he did have quite a few fans and they seemed to enjoy seeing him and his band mates in their normal day life.

Once he had a picture he liked he uploads it. He brings up the chat room that he has with Apollo and sends him the picture. [i Isn’t it weird that you send pictures of yourself to him. He doesn’t care what you look like. Doesn’t care to see.] it was too late to change his mind. The picture had sent.

Dorian: I hate early mornings. Wish me luck in class. :)

Dorian felt a bit stupid as he drove to school, waiting for Apollo to reply. Dorian wasn’t sure what exactly he felt for Apollo. Then again maybe he just didn’t want to admit his feelings. [i Friends. I like him. He’s a good friend. That’s it. Besides you have never met him and probably never will]. Dorian chuckles softly at the thoughts running through his mind. Deep down he would love to meet Apollo but then again he was scared since he wasn’t sure if they would even act like they do over the internet.
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[press+start+2p [size10 Apollo was looking at a picture of a cat in a knit sweater when a notification popped up that he had a new message from Dorian. The male didn't hesitate to tap the notification, pulling up their conversation. Try dating in a real life? The idea was laughable. He always managed to come off as extremely awkward, scaring off any potential partner. Apollo chewed on his lip as he thought of how to respond.

[b [u sonofzeus:] lololol wow you sound like my mom

[u sonofzeus:] Sadly, my real life dating skills are just as terrible as my game dating skills. I'm destined to die old and alone with 80 cats ]

As if on cue, a grey fluffy cat jumped onto the bed and found a spot next to Apollo. [i When is the last time I went on a date? It must have been awhile ago since I can't remember...or maybe I've blocked the memory because it ended horribly.] He thought as he stroked the soft ball of fur.

[b [u sonofzeus:] anywaaay I'm going to try to sleep. sweet dreams :)]

Thin fingers searched blindly under the pillows for a pair of headphones. They were always getting buried and tossed around at night. Apollo finally grasped the headphones victoriously and slipped them on over his messy head of hair. He scrolled through a bedtime playlist and settled on a slow indie song that never failed to put him to sleep.

Thoughts of Dorian spun around in his head as his eye lids grew heavy. Was it silly to look forward to talking to someone he had never met? He wasn't sure of the answer, but he enjoyed talking to him. There was no harm in it. Apollo's eyes fluttered closed and he fell asleep with a small smile on his lips.
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As he waited for response Dorian waited for response he looked at a few paintings in his room. “Hmm, I should put different pictures up.” He mutters since he was constantly changing his room around. He glanced over at a large table in his room. On it he had ceramic pieces of characters he had made up. When he finally got a response he smiles a bit. He read each response and ruffles his own hair before responding.

Dorian: sounds delicious. I had pasta for dinner as well lol.

Dorian: Dating Sims? Hehe how fun. Don’t you think you should try dating in real life though? :p I’m just teasing you btw.

With a soft sigh Dorian sets his last top on his bed and stares at his ceiling. He had a few classes tomorrow. He knew he needed to go to bed but he couldn’t but enjoy talking to Apollo. It was just easy to talk to him and Dorian liked that. [i Bed. You have school and work.] He thought since he had a few pieces he needed to work on. Dorian also had a studio down town that his parents had rented for him. There he was able to keep most of his supplies and I fished prices for his customers. [i I’ll go to bed after he responds. I can always talk to him tomorrow.] He thought.
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[press+start+2p [size10

Apollo covered his blushing face in reaction to a response from a character in the game. The chat in his stream erupted into messages like "lol" and "you always get so flustered". [#123456 "Alright...well. I wasn't expecting that character to respond in such a suggestive way. I guess I should do their route after Rika's? It will have to wait until next time though since it's getting pretty late. Good night everyone!"] He waved and smiled before shutting off the camera and ending the stream. Only an hour or so had passed but he felt exhausted from the forced social interactions from earlier. Usually he stayed up much later. Long limbs stretched over his head and he let out a yawn.

Before turning off both computer monitors, his eyes caught the flashing icon of the chat room. A response from Dorian. He smiled to himself, but turned off the computers. He would respond on his cell phone once he was in bed. If he didn't get in bed now he would get distracted by something and end up staying awake into the wee hours of the night.

The young man hummed to himself as he padded down the hallway to the bathroom. It always took him at least five minutes to brush his teeth. He had a whole routine. First he would brush his teeth for a solid two minutes and then he would inspect them. After the inspection he took a couple of minutes to floss. His sister always made fun of him but he had sparkly teeth and never had to go to the dentist, which was the whole point of the routine. He would do anything to avoid the dentist. The thought of forced small talk while someone poked around in his mouth made him cringe.

Finally finishing his routine, Apollo made his way to bed. He flopped down on a mountain of pillows and blankets with a sigh. Once he was comfortable he pulled his phone out of his sweatshirt pocket and opened the chat message from Dorian. He chuckled at his response. Dorian was all about food.

[b [u sonofzeus:] Actually...yeah. The food was delicious lol. I got wild mushroom pasta


[u sonofzeus:] I am a creature of the night :P But uh, I just got done streaming some silly dating sim game. I'm trying to go to bed earlier but it really doesn't matter since I work from home]

One of Apollo's favorite things about working from home is that he didn't have to rush to be anywhere. Usually he had projects with deadlines. It didn't matter when he worked on them as long as they got done by that date. He thought about what he might work on tomorrow as he scrolled through social media posts on his phone.
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The clay molded beautifully in Dorian’s hands. He pressed lightly on the pedal that controlled the speed of the spinning wheel as he moved his hands effortlessly to get the desired shape. His mother and father were visiting him for a few days, they didn’t live too far but they always had to make sure that their only child was ok. Dorian thought that they smother him too much. He was 21 and enjoying his adult life. He had his own apartment, he attended college and he was able to work on his music which was his passion but his parents wanted him to focus on his art. Dorian was a genius when it came to painting, making ceramic pieces and drawing. They wanted him to continue his education with his art but Dorian had always wanted to take his band to the next level. It was just hard to do so since life keeps throwing obstacles his way.

“That piece is lovely Dorian. I can’t wait till it’s finished. It’s gong right into my living room.” His mother said and smiles. “I have a few friends that also want custom pieces made. They’re willing to pay.” “Ah I see. Well sure I don’t mind making them something if they pay me. Clay isn’t cheap.” He teased and gets up to wash his hands. “How is school coming along?” “It’s ok. I’m just waiting for the next semester to start. I really want to take this music course though.” “For what though Dorian? You will have a better future with your art. You’re so talented.” His mother sighs softly and crosses her arms. “I’m talented with music as well.” “Yes yes. I agree you have a great voice and you can play most instruments but it won’t get you as far as your art will. Focus my love.” She smiles and leaves his studio. Dorian sighs and finishes up his ceramic piece.

Once his parents went off to bed in his spare bed room Dorian goes to his own large bed room and sit sdown in front of his laptop that was on his desk. Here he was able to just be himself and vent out his frustrations. Dorian had many friends but none that he felt really close to. There was a guy he spoke to quite often on the computer that he felt like he can express himself to. He just felt comfortable around Apollo even thought it was just over the internet. The two have never met before. Dorian wasn’t even sure how he would act if he ever met Apollo in person. The thought caused his face to fluster a bit. He logs into the chat room that he uses with his friend Apollo and noticed a message. As he reads it he smiles softly.

Dorian: Was the food at least good? Xp it’s pretty late. Why are you stil up?

Apollo knew that Dorian liked to joke around from time to time and he loved to eat. Dorian was always snacking on something. Dorian takes his lap top and climbs into bed. He wanted to talk with Apollo before he drifted to sleep.
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Mortgage rates and the rise of college tuition. Dull conversation. Apollo regretted accompanying his mother to her faculty dinner. Some of the other professors children had come as well, but they were all very involved in the conversations that Apollo found so boring. The white haired male tugged at the tie around his neck. It seemed like time was crawling. The escape from this dinner was nowhere in sight. His mother gave him a look that said ‘engage in conversation’ but he quickly looked away, pretending no to see.

Two hours later and Apollo was finally free. As soon as he walked through his front door the tie was thrown off as well as the stiff button-up shirt. Apollo grabbed a grey sweatshirt off of the couch and slid it on over his head. One bright, large computer screen in the corner of the living room greeted him. A second monitor came to life as he wiggled the mouse. The icon to a chat app flashed in the corner of the screen alerting him of unread messages. He scanned through them, responding to a few. Although there was no message from the person he really wanted to talk to.

[b [u sonofzeus:] I just got back from the worst dinner ever. Did learn about rates for 30-year and 15-year fixed mortgages though. Filing it in my brain as information I’ll never use.]

Apollo clicked enter, sending the message to an internet friend. Well, they weren’t just any internet friend. He had lots of them but he cared about this one the most. If he was being honest with himself he kind of had a crush on him. Although anytime he tried to admit this to himself he just felt silly. Just thinking about revealing his feelings to the other made him feel extremely embarrassed. He shook away the thoughts and turned on the camera that rested next to the computer.

Some people took streaming games very seriously and used it as a main source of income. Apollo did it for fun. The extra money from subscribers each month was nice, but he didn’t rely on it. He just liked to play games and interact with people on the internet. If only someone from the dinner earlier had brought up that as a subject. Then his mom wouldn’t have chewed him out about being anti-social.

Apollo loaded a game and started his stream. [#123456 “Howdy guys. Tonight I’m going to play a dating sim that was recommended to me by olives356. Apparently everyone loves how awkward I am when I play games like this so...let’s begin.”] The white haired boy beamed at the camera, a completely different person than the quiet boy from dinner.
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