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When Selene hugged him he smiles and hugs her back. [i She really is a sweet girl. I’m glad I could make her happy.] He thought and watched her hurry off happily. Dorian decided to go help is hand members with whatever else they had left to do. “Make sure the cords are in properly.” He said and then had everyone to do a sound check on their instruments. Dorian listened carefully and smiles. “Alright it all sounds good to me.”

Soon people began to fill the room. Everyone was nicely dressed and looked quite happy. “This is really cool of her to throw her parents a surprise anniversary party.” He drummer said. “Yeah her parents must be really nice to deserve something like this.” Dorian said knowing he probably wouldn’t throw his parents a party. Not that he didn’t love them but the pushy behavior concerning his career choices have been making him feel a bit distant from them. It was his life right? Didn’t he have a say so on what he wanted to do? It wasn’t like he was failing at life, he had his own place and paid it all himself.

“I’m going to get something to drink.” Dorian said and walks off he stage. He made his way to the large table that had drinks on it. He took one and sips on it realizing it was champagne. [i Fine by me.] He thought and sipped on it. His band mates began to socialize with everyone easily. Dorian made his way back to them and talked with them about life and what not.
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Apollo stared at the cases of alcohol that awaited in the kitchen. He started opening the boxes and loading the bottles onto a cart, making it easier to transport them from the kitchen to the party room. Feeling his phone buzz he paused his work and checked the message from Dorian.

[b [u sonofzeus:] Sorry, I got very distracted with something I've been working on and kind of disconnected from the world lolol

[u sonofzeus:] Thanks though :) Yeah, I guess most of the party will be family but also friends and acquaintances of my parents. Hopefully my mom will get to drunk to try to match make me with her colleagues kids.]

Soon after responding, a knock came from the back door of the kitchen and a group of people wearing matching uniforms walked in carrying trays and pushing carts of food.

With Apollo in the kitchen overseeing the food and drink preparation, Selene was able to focus solely on the decorations. She bustled around the room ensuring that every string of lights was in place and every flower centerpiece was arranged to perfection. A bright smile lit up her face at the arrival of Dorian with his band and the gift. She followed the artist over to a table to check out the finished vase. Her eyes sparkled at what she saw. It was even more perfect than she imagined it would be. [+green "Oh my god! This is beautiful. Seriously, thank you so much Dorian. I can't wait the make my mom cry. Can I hug you? I'm gonna hug you!"]

The bubbly blonde wrapped her arms around Dorian and squeezed. When she pulled out of the hug she surveyed the room, looking for her brother so that he could see the gift before the party started. [+green "Polly? Come see the gift I had commissioned!"] Her voice easily carried itself through the grand room but Apollo did not appear from the kitchen. Selene figured he was dealing with caterers and shrugged. [+green "I think my brother is handling the food. I can introduce you two later, though.]

A ding of her phone alerted her of a message which she checked almost instantly. [+green "Oh that's my fiance! My parents are on their way, they don't know about the party. I'm going to go make sure that the front desk has the guest list. If you need anything feel free to bother my brother in the kitchen, but I should be back soon."] And with that the petite blonde hurried out of the room, typing speedily on her phone.
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The day of the party Dorian made sure to get an early practice rehearsal in. Everything was perfect, he knew their porofamce would please Selene and the guest. Dorian then made his way to his studio to finish up packing the vase. He made sure to place the large vase into a nice secure box that he had approved by Selene. He places a nicely decorated bow on the box and set it aside on his table. “She’s going to love this. I can’t wait to show it to her and see her face light up in pure awe.” He mutters and takes the box to his car.

Once home Dorian started to get ready. He and his band members already discussed what to wear. They didn’t have to wear the same clothes but the colors needed to relate with one another. After a hot shower he dries his dark hair and changes his piercings to black. He styles his hair while wet and then changes into a dark grey button up with black designer slim fit jeans. He puts on a black vest and leaves it open. Satisfied with his look Dorian grabs one of his cologne bottles and sprays some of him.

The blue light from his phone caught his attention. When he saw the picture of Apollo he found himself staring quite a bit. “He looks good...” he mutters and then replies back to his friend.

Dorian: long time no talk. I thought you forgot me. You hurt my feelings *pouts* :p I’m just messing with you. You look nice! Own it! I’m sure you’ll be fine. You’ll be around family right?

Once he sent the message he grabs his wallet and keys before heading to his car. Dorian made sure to get there a bit early with his band members so they could set the stage up the way they wanted. He also wanted Selene to get a preview of the gift. The hotel was easy to find, Dorian parked and walked inside with his band members. They had their instruments and gear, he had the gift in his hands. “This is a nice hotel.” His drummer said as they walked to the rented or room. There he saw Selene, he smiles at her and walks over to a table with her to show her the finished vase. “It turned out quite nice. It was a fun piece to make.” He said and showed her the beautiful piece. As they talked his band members got the stage ready. The party was going to start soon.
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The day of the anniversary party was upon him. Apollo had forced himself to go to bed early the night before, knowing that he wouldn't be able to sleep in because of frantic phone calls from his sister. Even though the party started in the evening he agreed to help set up beforehand, ensuring that everything would run smoothly. His prediction was correct, the first phone call being a complaint about the time the cake would be ready. To make life easier for the both of them he quickly agreed to pick up the cake on his way, to take a bit of responsibility off of his sister's plate.

Now he stood in front of his full-length mirror wondering if his shirt looked better buttoned all the way or left with the top button open. He felt uncomfortable in the attire, used to wearing whatever he wanted for work and never going anywhere that required classy clothes. Sticking his tongue out, he snapped a picture on his phone and sent it to Dorian.

[b [u sonofzeus:] party is today and I'm ready to be the most awkward person there]

Apollo had been slightly absent from the internet for the past week, working hard to get a website together for Selene's wedding. He had finally finished it and received a heartfelt thank you from his sister over the phone. It was one less thing on her long to-do list. Still, he had missed talking to Dorian regularly and was looking forward to chatting again.

With one last look in the mirror, the white haired male straightened his tie and slipped on the hardly worn dress shoes before heading out to get the cake. A thirty minute car ride and he was in the city. He hardly had a reason to go downtown and got lost when looking for the cake shop.

Once the cake was acquired he headed for the venue of the party. A hotel ballroom in some luxury hotel he had never heard of. Leave it to Selene to go above and beyond for an anniversary party. Cake in hand and a smirk on his face he entered the hotel, unsure of what to expect.

Selene was already present, wearing a purple chiffon dress and heels that made her at least four inches taller, standing on what appeared to be the dance floor talking to a man holding a string of lights.They both turned when they heard him enter the room. [b [#123456 "I've got the cake,"]] he said with a smile. His sister rushed over and hugged him as best she could without knocking the cake from his hands.

[+green "Look at you! You dyed your hair white again, it really suits you. As does the outfit. Ugh, I can't believe you live thirty minutes outside of the city and never come to see me."] She continued to speak as she took the cake from his hands and carried it over to a table that featured a large wedding photo of their parents. [+green "We just have some more decorations to put up before the caterers get here. I think the entertainment will be here soon too! And then the guests. I'm hella nervous."] Apollo chuckled as his sister fanned herself, assuring her that he would lend a hand wherever was needed. Hearing that, Selene immediately sent him into the kitchen to get the alcohol ready for the bartender.

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When his band members arrived he happily allowed them into his studio. “Don’t break anything. Don’t even touch.” Dorian said knowing how his friends liked to touch things they should and play around when they really have no room to play. “So picky.” His lead guitarist said and smirks. “So tell us about this new gig you got for us.” “Alright it’s for an anniversary party. Something new to add to our bio right?” “Seems fine enough. I’m sure we all can ageee that we just want to play.” The lead guitarist said. When Dorian told them how much they would be getting paid they were even more happy to play for the anniversary party. “The woman is really nice so I don’t want to disappointment. Tomorrow we will practice. We only need to play about four songs maybe. Not too long of a performance but just enough to get our name out there.”

As they all talked Dorian felt his cell phone vibrate in his pocket. He smiles when he realizes it was front Apollo. The message just made his stomach growl even more. [i Now I want cake. Thanks again Apollo.] He thought and began to reply.

Dorian: I’m going to take you up on that then one day. >< a whole cake?! Oh you ha e to share because you’ll get sick of you eat a whole cake on your own so I’m waiting for half of that cake ;p. The gig is next week Saturday so I will be practice really hard until then. It’s going to be sick!

“Yo Dorian lets go get something to eat.” His drummer said. “This is a very late lunch.” Dorian said and grabs his coat. He made sure to the rub off of the lights before locking up his studio to go celebrate and eat with his band members. Next week Saturday is something that’s Dorian needed to but a fire back into his love for music. Performing in front of people always got him excited.
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After his meal Apollo walked back to his apartment. As soon as he opened the door a call from his sister came through. He hesitated for a second before accepting the call. [+green "The gift for mom and dad is being created and I also booked the entertainment for the party! I got your money but uh, I'm going to ask you for more. I hope that's okay?"] Apollo chuckled, [#123456 [b "Sounds fine to me. I had no clue how much to send, but of course I can send more. I appreciate your planning everything even though I didn't say it earlier."]] The two continued their conversation, talking about how her wedding planning was going and recent events she had planned for work. He could tell that she was stressed by the tone of her voice and was disappointed in himself for not noticing it earlier. Eventually the phone call ended and Apollo settled in at his desk.

Cracking his knuckles, the white haired male got back to work though his phone soon distracted him. He was eager to hear back from Dorian, wondering what he had been up to after class. The message made him smile because of the others request for food and the fact that he booked a gig.

[b [u sonofzeus:] I'd totally bring you food lol. I bought myself a whole cake on the way home and I'm probably gonna eat it all by myself :P
[u son of zeus:] that's such good news!!! I'm excited for you :) When is the gig?]

Returning to his work Apollo was pleased with how much he was starting to accomplish with this current project. It didn't particularly interest him which usually made him drag his feet. Although he now felt a bit more motivated. He wanted to finish up work for the day as quickly as possible so that he could work on the website for his sister's wedding. She had mentioned wanting to make one that had details, pictures, and a spot to rsvp all in one place, but not having the time or skill. So, he secretly started working on a website for her. Hopefully he could finish it up and send her the link as a big "thank you" for letting him slack on caring about the anniversary party.
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Dorian was really happy that he actually got his band a gig. This would allow them to show more people their work. [i She’s awesome. Thank you so much.] He thought and watched her stand to leave. “Thank you so much Selene. Your gift will be ready and my band and I will not let you down.” Dorian said and smiles. When she finally left he happily locks his door and dances around his studio. “I have to tell the guys.” He instantly began to send it a group text message to his band mates. “Hey guys, I just got us a gig. Meet me at my studio in an hour or so. I gotta let you guys I. On it.” He sent and then relaxes in his chair.

The blue light from his cell phone caught his Trenton again. “Apollo.” He said and picks up his cell phone to read he message that was sent to him. Instantly when he saw the picture of food he frowns. “No fair...I love pho. Now I’m hungry. Thanks man.” He mutters and starts on his reply to Apollo.

Dorian: You lucky bastard. I wish I had food right now. It looks so good. You should bring me some food. :p. I just got a gig for my band. I’m really excited to play my music and the lady is paying us very well. :)

Once he sent the message began working on his new project. He found the right clay that he wanted to use and the right colors. “This is going to be one of my best works yet. I can just feel it.” Dorian loved this feeling when it came to his art. If he could feel like this all the time he might consider making art his full time job.
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Selene looked over the sketch, highly impressed by how quickly he worked. She smiled brightly and clapped her hands together. [+green "That looks perfect! I know they'll love it."] It looked like luck had finally smiled upon her. And when Dorian told her that he was in a band she felt so close to crying tears of joy. Everything was coming together and so quickly.

Blue eyes followed him as he made his way across the room and pulled out a guitar. His voice was beautiful and she greatly enjoyed the tempo of the song he played. After his song, she was shown a music video of the whole band. [+green "You're hired! God, you don't know how much this has helped me out. Please send me an invoice of the total cost."] She pulled out her phone and quickly typed a message with nimble fingers. One to her brother about booking the entertainment and another to the dress shop, letting them know she was on her way.

Walking towards the door, the petite woman paused before reaching for the handle. [+green "I really do appreciate all of this. If you ever need help booking a venue for a show or planning an event, I'm your gal. No charge."] She waved a small, manicured hand,[+green "I'll see you Saturday!"] And with that she exited the studio, hurrying off to her dress fitting appointment.
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Dorian listened closely to the blonde woman, she was easy to listen to since she talked so smoothly. [i Yeah She’s stressed but she’s got a great idea for a gift. This is going to be really interesting. I’m a bit excited to start this piece.] He thought. When she finished talking he chuckles softly and smiles at her. “It’s fine. The more information the better.” He said and pushes his dark hair back. Dorian began to draw a quick sketch for the woman. He already had ideas forming in his head, the doors, the shape of the vase and everything.

The dark blue eyes never left the sketch pad until he finished what he was doing. He smiles at the drawing he produced. “What do you think about something like this?” He asked and showed her the picture. He was hoping for her approval on the basic idea. He would t let her down, the vase was going to be epic.

When she mentioned about finding a band and if he knew anyone he smirks. “Well I’m actually in a band.” He looks at her. “I would be glad to play for you if you would hire me.” He stands up. “I’ll show you something really quick.” He goes over to his guitar case and pulls it out. There he began to play and sing one of his original songs. His voice was smooth and beautiful. A bit deeper than when he talks but definitely perfect for the type of song he was singing. When he finished he walks over to his lap top and plays a music video of his whole bad so she could see how they work. Dorian’s band was very talented. [i My band mates will be so happy to have a new gig.] He thought.
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Selene put on her biggest smile as the door opened. It faltered slightly at the slight of the artist. She hadn't expected him to be so young. Well, she wasn't sure of his age but he didn't look older than early twenties. Impressive. [+green "Thank you so much for inviting me. I'm sorry this is so last minute, but I'm desperate at this point."] She wandered around the studio, oohing and ahhing at the pieces. No piece was quite the same yet they were all beautiful. Her mother and father would be head over heels for something like this.

Walking over to the desk, the blonde smoothed out her skirt as she sat down. [+green "Well, my mother is a history professor and my father is an author. Their interests are pretty similar. Both of them are kind of obsessed with Greek mythology, I mean they named me and my brother after gods. So I was thinking of a vase that mirrors the art of classical Greece with my mother and father as the figures represented on it. Uh sorry, that was a lot. I talk a lot."] Something like that would really please her parents, she was sure of it. For some reason she always sought their approval while Apollo just watched from the background.

The vibration of Dorian's cellphone didn't go unnoticed by Selene, though she took note that he didn't reach to pick it up. [+green "You can take that, it's really no problem. I'm always on my phone for work. And I really should be going soon anyways. I have an appointment for a wedding dress fitting and probably a million things to do afterwards."] She stood up from the chair and handed the artist her business card, but she hesitated before leaving. [+green "Maybe this is asking too much. But you're an artist so you might have connections? I need to book a band for just an hour or so of music before the dinner and I fear I may have waited to long. Perhaps you know someone?"]

She knew it was probably a long shot, but at least she had tried.
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When Dorian heard the knock he stood up and walked to the door. He opened the door to see a pretty blonde woman standing in front of him. [i She seems like the overly friendly type. Hmm I see stress written all over her face.] He thought and then he smiles. “Thanks for coming.” He said and opens the door. “Welcome to my studio.” He allowed her to have some time to walk around and look at all the beautiful are pieces laying around. Each piece was unique in its own way. It was clear that Dorian had magic fingers, there was nothing that he couldn’t do.

“So tell me about the gift you had in mind. I remember you saying something about a vase?” He asked. Dorian can ask anything, he was limited to just pots and vases. “Have a seat.” He said and walked over to his desk. There he pulled it a chair for her and then sat down himself. He grabs his sketch pad and pencil to write down her ideas for the gift. He always wanted to make sure his customers got exactly what they wanted.

As she spoke he noticed his cell phone vibrate on the table and then a blue light began to blink from it. [i Must be Apollo, Is wonder what he’s up to.] Dorian desperately wanted to read his message but he knew that would be rude to do in front of a customer.
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A weight felt like it had been lifted from her chest when the artist on the phone said that he could make the piece for her. She agreed immediately to swing by his studio. Finally, she could tick the gift off of her to-do list. Now she just needed to find entertainment and then she could breathe again. Between planning this party, planning her own wedding, and planning events for people as her job she was very worn out.

Selene slid back into her heels and packed some things in her bag before locking up her office. She waved at the secretary on the way out, [+green "If I get any phone calls please tell them to contact my cell."] As she walked through the office building she sent a text to her brother. [b -> Found a good gift for mom and dad. I'm about to meet up with the artist so be prepared to send me money >:}]

It didn't take long for the young woman to reach the downtown studio. Selene hurried out of her car, heels clicking as she fast walked into the building. She made her way up to the third floor and found the correct door. She straightened her skirt with one hand and fluffed her hair with the other, figuring she looked like a mess by this point in the day. Her knuckles rapped on the door quickly, three times.


Apollo had stepped out of his apartment and away from his work to grab a bite to eat. He was seated alone at a small cafe when he got the text from his sister. How much would something from an artist cost? And the entertainment? He wasn't sure, but really didn't want Selene to keep texting him all day so he opened up Paypal and sent her $300. It seemed like it would cover something. Although he wouldn't admit it, he was glad she had taken all of the planning upon herself. If $300 wasn't enough he could always send more.

The white haired male sipped at his bubble tea and twirled a spoon in the bowl of pho that rested in front of him. He snapped a picture of the food and immediately sent it to Dorian.
[press+start+2p [size10
[b [u sonofzeus:] fooood! how has your day been so far?]
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Dorian began to work on a few pieces that he got paid to make. He had to make a medium sized tea pot, a large realistic elephant sculpture and three tile pieces based on the beach. He quickly made the tile pieces, it didn’t take much work since he worked quick naturally. He began to paint his works to finish them off. “These came out nicely. I’m sure she will be happy with this.” He mutters to himself as he sets them to the side. Dorian got up to check his cell phone to see if Apollo had responded to him or not but sadly he didn’t see a message. [i He might be busy.] He thought and goes over to his music player.

The large speakers began to fill the room with some of his favorite rock music. Dorian listened to a variety of tunes. R&B, rock, heavy metal, pop, hip hop, Korean pop music, reggae...he loved it all. The music lifted his mood a bit, he pretends to play the guitar as the song went on. He nods his head to the beat and just moves around the room happily. He found his chair and sat down playing the air drums. “Tea pot.” He mutters as he began to make a beautifully shaped teapot. He had a sketch to follow since he had drawn this image up for his customer.

Deep into his worth nothing was distracting him but when his cell phone rang he stopped the music to answer it. He was hoping it was his mother telling him that she was leaving but sadly it wasn’t. “Hello this is Dorian.” He said and listened to the woman on the other line. [i Another piece. The concept sounds really interesting though and she seems like she really needs this to be done.] The woman continued to talk about how she’s trying to plan everything and how it’s a bit of a struggle. “I see. Well I’m definitely able to make the piece for you. If you want to come by my studio I can draw up a few sketches for you so you can get a better look at what it will turn out like.” Dorian said. When she agreed he gave her his address and said his goodbye. The male began to clean up a bit and made sure his hands were clean an not covered in clay or paint.

The dark haired male ruffles his hair a bit and looks himself over in a mirror. Once satisfied he turns down his music and awaits for the woman to arrive.
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[press+start+2p [size10

A petite woman with short blonde hair paced the confines of her office. There was so much planning left to do and she was unsure if everything would be done in time and of course her brother was being nonchalant. No surprise there. She twirled a lock of hair around her finger. Was it even possible to find entertainment this close to the party? At least she could throw a gift together last minute if she had to. And she'd be damn sure to make Apollo pay for all of it.

Not that she could really blame her brother for having no interest in their parent's anniversary party. He had never been good with social cues and planning events. Understandable yet frustrating.

A knock at the door startled her and she leaned against her desk for support after telling the visitor to come in. Selene smiled at the older woman that stood before her.

"I heard you talking earlier and I think I might have the perfect idea for your parents. There's this artist that I bought a custom vase from. I know your mother's area of study is mythology so maybe you can get a vase designed after a specific time period."

The blonde felt like jumping for joy right there. Instead the young woman kept her composure. [+green "That's such a great idea! God, I'll have to buy you lunch as a thank you if this works out. Can you give me his number?"]

The two chatted for a bit, mostly about office gossip before Selene was alone in her office again. She kicked off her heels and slid into the large chair that waited for her beside her desk. There was no time to waste now that she had a direction to go. She pulled out her phone and dialed the number she had been given. As soon as the person on the other line picked up she launched into her predicament, explaining what she needed and that she would pay well.
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Dorian noticed the message when it came in but since he was in class he couldn’t respond right away. [i Hmm I guess he’s right but my parents are so strict about certain things. I love art. I can definitely do this forever and make money is a plus but why can’t I do my music as well? My parents just don’t understand me I guess.] He thought and began to finish up his painting. The whole situation got on his last nerve so he decided not to talk about it anymore.

When class finishes he cleaned up and grabbed his things. He had two more so he headed to his next class while replying to what Apollo sent him.

Dorian: Yeah you’re right. I’ll figure it out.

Dorian wasn’t sure how far Apollo lived from him. They never really asked personal questions like that. They were just so comfortable with talking about their day to one another. With a soft sigh Dorian decided to just focus on his art for right now to please his parents, that is u til they left his city.

His college classes went by quickly. Time always goes by quickly when you’re having fun. Dorian was very confident in the ceramic piece he was working on. He couldn’t wait to finish it. Since he had some free time now he decided to go to his art studio down town. He didn’t want to risk going home to see that his parents were still in his apartment. He knew his mother would call him to tell him that they were leaving. The art stupid that he had down town was beautiful. The walls were big glass windows and he was on the third floor. He had a beautiful view and quite a lot of space to work on large pieces. This once Dorian’s second home.
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