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Dorian was actually looking forward to the dinner. He was expecting to see some beautiful decorations inside Apollo’s parents home. “Maybe I’ll get inspired to make some new art pieces by what I see inside your family home.” Dorian said. He was always looking for some new forms of inspiration. [i Being with Apollo is already making me feel inspired to be honest. I feel like going home and painting or playing with colored glass.] He thought and looks down at his hand that had previously touched Apollo’s.

“I’ll keep that in mind. I might just ask your father about his writing for my own curiosity.” He said and chuckles softly. “Let’s order another of drinks. We should celebrate that we’re going on a date.” He teased. It was just an excuse to get another drink really. Dorian had ordered them another round and once the waitress leaves he looks at Apollo. “Lets let loose and enjoy the rest of the night.” He said and takes ahold of Apollo’s hand. He then gently kisses his hand and smiles.
  Dorian Hirome / Kita-san / 281d 18h 39m 45s
That was a good question. Usually Apollo spent most of his time at the dinner party zoning out. When he wasn't zoning out the only person he went out of his way to talk to was Selene. [#123456 "Yeah, everyone just talks and sips wine and other drinks while dad finishes dinner. There's some dancing but I never do that, well, I mean I never bring anyone would be weird to dance by myself."] Apollo cleared his throat and stopped himself from going off on a tangent. [#123456 "I'm sure my mom will want to give you a grand tour of the house. They're always renovating. Sometimes I like to hide out in dad's office which is basically just a library until my mom drags me out. I'm sure she'll want to show you embarrassing childhood pictures though so I'll have to be vigilant,"] he joked.

Noticing the removal of the hand from his, he frowned slightly. Surprising even himself. Somehow the hand had been a comfort, even though he usually refrained from physical contact. Apollo was convinced the dinner really wouldn't be too bad with Dorian accompanying him. [#123456 "Oh and if you don't know what to say at the dinner table you can just ask my dad about the book he's writing. That'll get him talking."] That was usually how he survived the events. He would just his mom, dad, or Selene something that would distract them. They would keep talking and then it looked like he was actually engaged in conversation, while he only had to contribute a few words.
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When Apollo said his hand was softly Dorian just smiled. He always felt so at ease with Apollo and his friend always made him smile or laugh. “Really? I thought they might feel rough with all the art work that I do but thanks for letting me know they’re not rough.” Dorian didn’t mind having soft hands, he liked to take care of his body and that includes the texture of his skin.

Their conversation had turned out better than Dorian thought it would. “It will be fun. I promise.” He was going to make sure that they had a good time. “So what does your mom do at these dinner parties? Do we just stand around talking for a bit until the food is done? Will there be music and dancing?” Dorian was curious about it all. [i I wonder if Apollo would dance with me if there is dancing...hmm he might be too shy. Heh I’m going to have to break him out of his shell.] He thought and removes his hand from Apollo’s. He didn’t want to make things too awkward between them.
  Dorian Hirome / Kita-san / 283d 7h 4m 39s
Apollo was glad to hear that he wasn't being weird. All of thoughts that had weighed on his mind since their first time meeting in person seemed to lift, releasing some tension from his body. His cheeks turned a deeper shade of red when Dorian listed some good qualities about him. He was smart, yes. And he was nice, perhaps sometimes too nice. Handsome? That wasn't a word he usually used to describe himself. Even though he disagreed with that one he kept his mouth shut, eyes locking onto the hand placed on top of his before looking back just in time to see Dorian wink. This only made him blush more. He couldn't see his own face, but he was sure that if any more blood rushed to his cheeks it would burst out of his face.

[#123456 "Th-thank you for those compliments. I'm glad I'm not completely hopeless when it comes to socializing,"] he joked, smiling at the other. [#123456 "I'm glad that we met in person. Also, your hand is very soft. It's nice."] There went his mouth again. Revealing thoughts he had intention of vocalizing. This time he didn't feel too embarrassed about his words. Dorian really did have soft hands. [#123456 "I never thought I'd say this, but I'm really looking forward to that dinner party."] He laughed and used his free hand to ruffle his hair in a bashful way.
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The response that Dorian got initially from Apollo was definitely a bit disappointing. He was a bit embarrassed himself since he had just told the guy he had a crush on him and all he got was a bit so thrilled response. [i Did I push it?] He thought and sits back in his chair wondering what else he should say but Apollo began to speak again. The male’s attitude made Dorian smile. [i He’s adorable when he’s nervous like this. Heh. I wonder if it would be rude to laugh?] He couldn’t help but smile even more as Apollo kept talking.

After a few minutes Dorian looks into his friend’s eyes. “I’m glad you asked me to be your date. You weren’t being weird Apollo. I feel the same.” He chuckles softly and sighs. “You should give yourself a bit more credit. You’re smart, handsome, genuinely nice, you make me laugh and you know how to have a good time. You’re not as bad at socializing with me as you think you are. I like you. I really do.” He reaches across the table and places his hand on top of Apollo’s hand. “I’ll make sure you have a blast at the dinner party.” He winks playfully at his friend.
  Dorian Hirome / Kita-san / 290d 16h 33m 55s
Apollo's eyes widened when Dorian agreed to be his date. [i He...he actually said yes. I mean I wasn't sure what he would say but I was expecting a rejection. Surely he knows many people that would make a good date...] Despite his doubtful thoughts, he managed to smile back at his friend. His ears couldn't believe everything they were hearing. Dorian had been thinking about asking him on a date? While all of this wasn't helping his nerves, he could feel his confidence building.

“I mean I hope I’m not too blunt Apollo but I do have a crush on you.”

Everything, including time itself, seemed to stop. Apollo's face had just returned to its normal color, but the blood started rushing back to his cheeks immediately. There were lots of things he could say. What was the best way to respond. [i long as I don't say something idiotic. I just have to open my mouth and say that I have a crush on him too. Easy peasy.] His mouth opened a few times, each time shutting as he waited for the right words to come to him.

A few minutes passed before he actually formulated how to respond. [#123456 "That's...that's really good to hear."] A dumb response. He wanted to smack himself in the face, but decided against it. Instead he let his head drop onto the table and groaned loudly.

[#123456 "That's really good to hear? God. What a stupid thing to say. I'm sorry that's...that's not what I wanted to say at all. Earlier when we were at the restaurant and you asked me about having a crush, I got all flustered because...because, uh,I have a crush on you. But I'm absolute shit when it comes to this stuff. And I've dated before but only because I felt like I couldn't reject the person who liked me? So I-I've never...asked someone out before. I've never been the one to say 'I have a crush on you'. So I was really nervous because I really like you. But I thought that maybe you didn't feel the same way and I was just being weird."]

Apollo took a deep breath before lifting his head from the table so he could look up at Dorian. [#123456 "I think...I think I might actually have a good time at the dinner party if you're there with me,"] he said with a goofy smile.
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Dorian figures he could find something nice to wear in his closet. He had a variety of clothing items that would be suitable for the dinner party. “I think I just might have something. I won’t go out and buy anything. I’m actually excited to go. Tell your mother I will be there.” He said. As they talked about the date part Dorian felt a bit nervous when Apollo said he could bring a date. [i Not really what I wanted to hear] He thought but that nervous feeling went away when Apollo asked if he would be his date. Dorian smiles and watched his shy friend trip over his own words. “Yeah I would love to be your date.” He said seriously.

Being Apollo’s date to the dinner party excited Dorian. “I’m glad you asked me. I was thinking about asking you on a date but you beat me to it.” He chuckles. “I mean I hope I’m not too blunt Apollo but I do have a crush on you.” He smirks. [i I hope our relationship doesn’t get too complicated. even if it doesn’t go any further than this date I still would love to be his friend.] Dorian sits back in his chair. “No pressure? It’ll fun to see what happens.”
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Apollo seemed to relax upon hearing that he was one of Dorian's favorite people. It made him feel less weird about the similar words that had spilled from his mouth. His eyebrows raised, slightly surprised that his friend responded positively to attending his mother's dinner party. [i Maybe he doesn't realize how boring it will be? Or maybe I just think her dinner parties are boring because it's forced social interaction...] He hesitated before responding, unsure of how to navigate the date question. [#123456 "Oh, you don't have to wear anything fancy. I usually do black pants and a sweater. Sometimes a button up. But really, don't feel obligated to buy something."]

The date question was still on the table. Apollo chewed on his bottom lip and searched the sky for answers, finding none. His eyes lowered and landed back on Dorian. [i Should I tell him to bring a date? Would I be jealous if he brought a date?] His fingers rubbed at the ends of his dyed hair as he thought of how to respond.

[#123456 "I...I'm not bringing a date. And you don't have to bring one, but if you, uh, wanted to you could be my date. I mean it doesn't have to be a date. Unless you want it to? I guess I'm trying to ask you to be my date but I'm being very back and forth about it. Sorry. Would you like to go with a possible date?"] By the end of his statement his cheeks were bright red and he could hardly make eye contact with Dorian. Although, his thoughts being voiced took a big weight off of his shoulders. He hadn't flat out said that he liked the other, but he hoped it at least hinted at it. Even if he had blundered his words.
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Dorian chuckles a bit when he noticed Apollo getting a bit nervous. “I will take it as a compliment.” He said and sips on his drink. “You’re one of my favorite people as well.” The atmosphere was really relaxing outside and Dorian couldn’t help but feel a bit excited because he was alone with Apollo. When Apollo mentioned his mother he smiles. “I’m happy that she likes her gift. I enjoyed making it and it turned out great.” He said. “I would love to go to the next dinner party. Do I need to bring a date?” Dorian wasn’t sure what to expect with the dinner party, all he knew was that Apollo never really enjoyed them since he was a social person. “I know I have to dress up which means I need to go buy something nice to wear.”

Once he finished his drink he looks up at the sky and then at Apollo. “So should I bring a date?” [i I wonder what he might say. I should ask him to be my date.] He thought with a smile. “Are you bringing a date?”
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Apollo was relieved that Dorian was willing to take a break and he was a little surprised with himself for asking for a break. Usually he just tried to brush things off until everything really became too much. He followed behind Dorian silently, still avoiding eye contact with everyone else in the bar. Once outside his tense shoulders loosened. It was much quieter in the outdoor seating area. Exactly what he needed at the moment.

Hearing Dorian say he was glad for their friendship lifted his spirits a bit, the corners of his mouth turning upwards. [i I feel like if I was smoother I would use that comment to voice how I'd like to be more than friends. But I know I would mess up and say something dumb...] he thought, eyes lighting up as he watched the glass of water being set in front of him. He had already calmed down from being outside, but sipping the water helped even more.

[#123456 "Yeah, much better. Sorry about that,"] Apollo said, flashing the other a genuine smile. [#123456 "I'm glad we're friends too. You're kind of one of my favorite people. And...uh, I mean, I guess that's a compliment...because I don't have many favorite people?"] Feeling his cheeks get hot he tried to change the topic to stop himself from saying other embarrassing things regarding how he felt about his friend. [#123456 "My mom sent me a picture of the vase you made. It's the new focal point of the foyer. And then she told me 'invite that nice musician boy to my next dinner party'."]
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Dorian wasn’t expecting Apollo to go through with the dare so when he started to walk towards the game he was a bit surprised. “Alright.” He said and chuckles softly with a smile. Dorian knee this was going to be fun to watch so he stayed close by and waited for his friend to return to him. As the game went on Dorian counted to himself, waiting for the big scare. [i I’m sorry my friend.] He thought with a smirk.

Suddenly he heard Apollo scream. He felt his cheeks get a bit hot since he thought his friend was adorable. “Cute.” He mutters with waited for Apollo to come out. The look on his friend’s face made Dorian feel a bit bad. He knew that Apollo did not enjoy that. “Alright you made it through the dare. Nicely done.” When Apollo asked to take a break Dorian nods. “Let’s go outside.” He leads his friend to the outside sitting area to the gaming bar. Once seated Dorian asked the waitress to bring Apollo some water and him a beer. “I’m enjoying my time. I’m glad we’re friends Apollo.” When the water arrived Dorian waited to speak until after Apollo had a few sips. “Feeling any better?”
  Dorian Hirome / Kita-san / 314d 21h 15m 34s
Hearing the proposed dare, Apollo looked over at the game Dorian was referring to. He liked most games, but if there was one genre he hated it was horror. There were too many jump scares and it was always very overwhelming. The sounds, the monsters. He wasn't looking forward to it. Apollo could feel the knots forming in his stomach as he tried to keep his face neutral. [#123456 "Ah...go in by myself? okay. I don't know if I can do a girly scream but you'll probably hear my real one,"] he said with a wavering smile.

Apollo walked over to the game and slid inside, happy that there were at least curtains to shield him from everyone until he came out. His hands shook as he slid the quarters in and reluctantly grabbed the gun. As the game started he could feel his anxiety building up, thinking that every sound that came from the loud speaker was a monster. There were quite a few zombies to shoot at first but as he progressed the zombies started to get weirder and weirder until he came across one horrific looking blob of flesh and other gorey stuff. A terrified scream came from his mouth and his hands released from the gun and immediately shielded his ears from the awful sounds the boomed from the speaker.

Letting go of the gun and doing nothing to fight the creature sealed his game character's death and he was actually glad about it. He wanted to jump out of the booth and be done with the game. Although he waited to exit the curtains until his breathing had returned to normal and his hands stopped shaking.

Face a deep red, he made his way back over to Dorian, avoiding eye contact with everyone near the game booth. His senses felt heightened and every sound felt like it was assaulting his ear drums. Was the place this loud when they walked in? Apollo twisted a stray piece of hair around his finger before speaking. [#123456 "I'm not trying to chicken out of more dares or ruin our fun but...can we take a small break? Just sit down for a couple of minutes? Everything feels a little loud and overwhelming after that."]
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When the game ended Dorian was all smiles. He knew he was going to win but now he was able to give Apollo his dare which made him smile even wider. He faced his friend and pants softly as he tries to catch his breath. “That was really fun. Making you do a dare will make this victory even sweeter.” Dorian said and chuckles softly. “Hmm. Just what should I have you do?” He taps his chin playfully and looks around the room. “I dare you to go into that scary shoot game by yourself and scream really loud st a scary part.” He smirks. The game had two curtains on each side so no one can really see the person inside and to keep it dark and scary inside. The sweats vibrate and move a bit while the person inside has to shoot at whatever monsters they choose. There were also big speakers inside so the screams and random noises from the monsters were loud.

“When you come out everyone will see that it was you that screamed.” He said and chuckles at the thought. He knew Apollo would be embarrassed. “It has to be one of those terrified girly screams. If you can’t do it you can always take a shot.” He teased.
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The music started and immediately sucked Apollo into the game. A small part of him still felt self-conscious about people watching but it was hardly enough to effect his dancing. [i I'm happy with the song choice. This is actually pretty fun.]

Hearing Dorian's comment he turned his head quickly to stick his tongue out at him, missing a couple of arrows in the process.[#123456 "Shit,"] he cursed under his breath and tried to refocus on the game. The arrows started to come in faster and it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep up. And the shot from earlier plus the rum and coke weren't doing his feet any favors. Apollo could tell that he was going to lose but a smile still lit up his face.

When the song ended, Apollo pouted as the screen showed their scores. The loss wasn't super embarrassing, however he had no clue what kind of dare Dorian would give him. [#123456 "That was really fun. But I guess now I must face my dare,"] he sighed, stepping down from the dance pad.
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“I don’t think it will be as embarrassing though. It’s a game so people obviously know why you’re dancing. What happened with me didn’t seem so casual. People probably thought I was some drunk guy who just got up on the bar to dance.” Dorian said and chuckles softly. “So you can do this game.” Dorian looked over the list of songs until he found one that he figured Apollo would like. “Either way it does I’m going to win.” He gently judges his friend before getting into position on his side.

When the song started Dorian instantly got focused. There was no going easy. He wanted to make sure he beats Apollo badly. He moved his feet on the proper arrows but as he got into the dog he began to smile and have a bit more fun. “I see you’re keeping up.” He teased with a soft chuckle. [i This day has been so perfect so far. Dinner and fun night with a hot guy who’s also my best friend. Perfect.] He thought and pushes his hair back as the arrows began to show up in the screen much faster. [i I can’t lose focus or I will lose. This is getting a bit difficult.]
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