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Just hearing Dorian list off the appetizers made his stomach rumble. Everything sounded so good. [#123456 "It's a plan. Let's go crazy and order whatever our hearts desire. I'm buying. Hmmm...I think I'll get some miso soup too,"] he said with a smile and closed his menu. When the appetizers actually arrived he could hardly stop himself from digging in, but paused hearing Dorian suggest what to try first. Apollo made a move to grab his chopsticks to pick up a piece of the fish, but Dorian was already holding the piece of fish to his mouth to feed him.

Apollo hesitated, shifting his eyes to look at the tables around them before returning his gaze to Dorian. Now blushing, he opened his mouth slowly and received the fish. His eyes lit up as he chewed. [#123456 "That's really good! Also, maybe even better because you fed it to me. I should have people feed me more often. I am named after a Greek god after all,"] he joked after swallowing the fish.

They went on happily chatting and eating their appetizers. When the sushi boat arrived Apollo placed a hand to his forehead and pretended to faint. [#123456 "Well, ready to watch me stuff my face even more? I wonder how much of this we can really eat."] Apollo readied his chopsticks and went for a salmon roll, popping it in his mouth with a satisfied smile. [#123456 "We were going to head to the movies after dinner, right? What kind of movie were you thinking? I have absolutely no idea what's playing because I almost never watch movies. It's sad, really."]
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“You would think my parents would feel the same way but nope. They don’t. I don’t see what’s so wrong with being a musician. Do they tho k I’m going to turn into some type of wild rebel or something? I don’t know. They’re just too over protective. I’m grown.” Dorian said.

Once they were seated he couldn’t help but want everything he saw on the menu. “How about you get the boat and I’ll get us some other items. Like the bbq albacore, some calamari, and their tempura mushrooms?” He asked wondering what Apollo thought about that. This way they could share all the items and enjoy the different entrees. Dorian didn’t expect Apollo to pay for their meal or anything. He actually wanted to pay for it all but he had a feeling Apollo wouldn’t let him do that. [i If he doesn’t want me to pay for it all I will at least pay half.] He thought and looks at the drinks. “Ooh tea sounds good.” He mutters. He wanted something warm since it was cool out. Fall would be disappearing and Winter will be taking over soon.

As the night went on the two talked and laughed happily. They are their appetizers and waited for their food. “You have try this first.” Dorian said as he breaks his chopsticks. He then holds the piece of fish to Apollo’s mouth. He didn’t think too much about feeding Apollo, he just did it.
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A frown set in on Apollo's face as he listened to Dorian explain the stressful situation with his parents. While his own mother could be particularly annoying about his love-life, neither of his parents had ever pressured him to do any particular job. As long as he was happy and making money, they were happy. [#123456 "I think you're a brilliant artist and musician. You shouldn't have to choose between the two because your own happiness is really the most important thing."]

Apollo shook his head to answer Dorian's question. [#123456 "Nope. Never been here so I'm pretty excited to try it. I kind of want to go all out and get one of those huge sushi boats."] He was taken aback by the comment about being sweet, opening the door out of habit. [#123456 "Ah, oh, it's just uh good manners. But I'm glad you're enjoying the nice treatment,"] he chuckled. His face immediately heated up, feeling the others lips against his cheek. Trying not to draw too much attention to himself he followed behind Dorian into the restaurant.

The hostess led them to a table and placed a menu in front of both of them. Apollo pretended to drool as he flipped through the menu. [#123456 "Wow, yupp. I'm going to order the ridiculous sushi boat. I'm feeling bold and ready."]
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“Yeah I got some work done but I mean it was all very stressful. My parents are harassing me about this art stuff. I got a lot of paid gigs with the band and they just had the idea of me being in a band and pursing my music. Like I love art and all but I think I really want to be a musician or at least do both. They want me to just focus on art and it’s not fair.” Dorian ruffles his hair a bit. “Even though I told them I wouldn’t make the art pieces that people were going to pay me for I did. Now I’m waiting for my apology from them.”

When they arrived his stressful mood disappeared. “Me too. I’m going to eat till I can’t breathe.” He teased. He loved that he could joke around with Apollo like this. They were really good friends so it made it easy for Dorian to be on this date without Apollo. “Have you been to this sushi place before? They have amazing oysters here. Oh and their bbq albacore is great.” When Apollo opened the door for him he smiles wide. “You know you’re really sweet. I could get use to this nice treatment.” He chuckles. “Thank you Apollo.” He kissed his cheek without thinking too much about it and walks into the restaurant.
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Apollo couldn't help but laugh at Dorian's response regarding his sweater, blushing still from being called handsome. He wasn't around people enough to think about his own looks, but he was slowly becoming more aware of them. [i Hearing someone so attractive call me handsome makes me feel...really good.]

“Yeah I won’t be drinking either. I don’t want anything to get in the way of me developing any real feelings about tonight. I want you to enjoy me when I’m sober.”

The sentence took awhile for Apollo to process. He raised both eyebrows, his face turning extremely red. Did he, surely he just had his mind in the gutter. Apollo bit his lip and tried his best to avoid eye contact figuring that Dorian didn't mean anything like that at all. [i Ahhh why did I even think about it like that?] Apollo nodded his head about leaving and followed the other out of the apartment.

Inside the car his blush had finally settled down and he felt more relaxed. [#123456 "I know what you mean. I'm working on a project that requires a lot of focus but I just couldn't. I got some work done. I was just all nerves. Ah, nervous in a good way though,"] he said as he shifted the car into drive. The car ride was short and when they arrived at the restaurant Apollo realized how hungry he actually was. [#123456 "I'm going to shove so much sushi in my mouth. You'll be disgusted,"]he joked, stepping out of the car and heading around to the passenger side to open the door for Dorian.
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Dorian actually loved that Apollo was so shy. It was cute to Dorian and it made him feel more at ease in this situation which would normally be nerve racking. “You deserve flowers too. If we go on another date I’ll pick you up and bring you some.” He pushes his hair back and chuckles when Apollo mentioned his mother bought him the sweater. “Oh you’re funny.” He teased. “I’m going to have to thank her for buying it because you look really handsome in it.” The compliments from Apollo made Dorian feel much better about himself and what he was wearing. He had tried to pick out a good outfit. “I’ll take cute.” He smirks since it was rare he got called cute. He liked it though. Apollo was definitely different than anyone he’s ever dated.

“Yeah I won’t be drinking either. I don’t want anything to get in the way of me developing any real feelings about tonight. I want you to enjoy me when I’m sober.” Dorian paused after speaking since he realized that what he had said could be taken in a wrong way. [i I hope he doesn’t have a curry or mind like me.] He thought and clears his throat. “So um Yeah let’s go.” He grabs his wallet and keys before walking out the door with his friend. Dorian gets into his car and gets comfortable. “How was work today? Mine was busy...I was having such a hard time focusing.”
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Apollo smiled when Dorian answered the door. He had been looking forward to seeing him. He felt even better when the roses in his hand were acknowledged. [i I'm the first to bring him flowers...does that mean I'm a dweeb? Or that romance is dead and everyone else is a jerk?] The hug from Dorian was enough to tint his cheeks red, but he didn't feel as awkward seeing that the shorter male was also blushing. [#123456 "I'm...I'm glad you like them. I almost didn't buy them because it felt too cliche, but uh, it feels nice to know I'm the first to bring you flowers. You deserve lots of flowers...I mean, uh, yeah,"] he stammered as he followed Dorian inside the apartment.

The comment about his appearance seemed to startle him even more and he could feel the heat rising in his cheeks. Apollo usually wore loser shirts not caring much about clothing. This sweater was more form-fitting and showed off the fact that he worked out more than he let on. [#123456 " mom bought me this sweater."] He paused and pinched the bridge of his nose with a thumb and index finger. [#123456 "I'm being the biggest dork. Wow. look really cute,"] he laughed and smiled sheepishly at Dorian. [#123456 "I got your text about sushi and it sounds good to me. I'll drive so you can drink if you want to. No drinking for me after that awful hangover reminding me that every day I inch closer to being an old man,"] he joked.

[i Alright, Apollo. Just stop talking so much and you'll stop saying stupid things. I think that was a smooth recovery...sort of. He does look really cute.] Apollo gave himself a mental pep talk as he looked around the apartment. This was all so new. He was going on a date. With a person he really liked. It was much different than his typical nights spent in front of the computer or a video game system.
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Dorian was laying on the floor in his down town studio. He was covered in pain since he had relieved a bit of stress by throwing paint on the large wall he had covered with a paper back drop. He had been arguing with his parents a lot lately due to him declining a few work orders from them to go perform with his band. It didn’t matter to them that he was getting paid to perform, all they could see that he was choosing his music over his art. Dorian sighs softly and sits up. “I better start cleaning up.” He mutters as he began to clean up his studio. When he finished he took a picture of a few art pieces that he had made, they were part of the work orders he declined but felt guilty by his parents for doing so. “They owe me a damn apology after I show them that I actually did the damn work.” He cursed as he sends off the text messages to his mother and father.

After locking up he heads back to his apartment. He had one thing to be happy about and that was the date he was going to have with Apollo tonight. Dorian took a hot shower and picked out a nice outfit for the evening. As did he did his hair his phone vibrated on the bathroom counter. “Apollo~” he said happily and reads his text. [b How does Japanese food sound? I know this great sushi place. I could go for sushi and ramen. :p can’t wait till you get here.] He sent hoping Apollo would be ok with that idea.

While going into his living room he fixes the collar of the shirt he wore under his sweater. Of course Dorian had his signature edge to his fashionable style. He looked in a mirror and smirked. “Not bad Dorian.” He teased himself and checked his phone for the time. Suddenly there was a knock at the front door which made Dorian smile. He opens with and his blue eyes go right to the flowers. [i He’s such sweet a guy.] He thought and chuckles softly. “You’re the first to bring me roses, well flowers in general.” He takes the roses from Apollo and hugs him gently. “Thank you. I feel a bit flustered to be honest.” Dorian could t help the slight red tiny that coated his cheeks. “Come on in. I’m going to put these up.” He goes into his kitchen and pulls out a base from a low cabinet. Once filling it with water he puts the roses in it.

Dorian sets the vase in his living room, he knew he would be sculpting f them later. After admiring the roses for a few seconds he faces Apollo. “You clean up nicely.” He doesn’t hide the fact that he’s checking him out since he knew it would make Apollo blush.
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When the day arrived for their first date, Apollo was all nerves. He found it hard to do the simplest task for work and he had to constantly delete lines of code that were full of mistakes. Various scenarios of how the night would play out kept running through his head. Mostly he was just afraid that he would mess everything up. Somehow. This was the first time in a long time he was genuinely interested in a person romantically and he wanted everything to be perfect.

Soon it was time to quit work for the day. Apollo pushed the chair away from the computer and padded into his bedroom to change clothes. Should he go casual or dress up a bit? Something inbetween? Searching through the closet his eyes settled on a dark grey, cashmere turtleneck. It was a gift from his mother and he had worn it a handful of times. Feeling that it looked nice, he slipped it over his head and rolled the sleeves up. The sweater looked good with the dark pants he was wearing. [i I look decent? I feel expensive and confident in this sweater. I should wear it more.] He chuckled to himself and slipped his phone out to send a text to Dorian. [b Have you decided where you want to have dinner? I'll be there to pick you up in an hour or so :)]

Apollo left out somewhat earlier, but wanted to have time to pick something up before he got Dorian. There was a small flower shop down the street from his condo. Flowers seemed appropriate for a first date. Although as he stepped into the shop he began to doubt himself. The flower attendant was able to pick up on his indecisiveness and asked if he needed help. [#123456 "Are flowers for a first date too much? Is that old-fashioned? Do people still give flowers?"] The attendant smiled and led him over to a small bouquet of roses. [b "You can't go wrong with roses. I'm sure your date will appreciate the gesture."] Apollo wasn't entirely convinced but he purchased the roses anyway and left the shop with a smile on his face and roses in hand.

Thirty minutes later and he was in front of Dorian's apartment door fidgeting with the bouquet of roses. [i Agh, I hope getting roses wasn't a dumb idea. Dinner and a movie...that feels appropriate for flower giving though.] He took a deep breath and knocked a couple of times, keeping the roses clutched in front of him in his other hand.
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As he waited for a reply to the text he had sent Dorian makes his way to his home studio. He started to pack a few things to work on between breaks when practicing with his band. He figured he could start sketching out some new projects to work on. When he finally got the text he was looking for he smiles and reads it quickly. [b I’m sorry you’re suffering :p try taking a pain killer and hydrate. I always find that getting hydrated for me always makes me feel better.] He sent and leans on the arm of his couch. “Hope he feels better soon.” He mutters and the. Heads towards his bathroom to get ready for the day.

Once he had a shower and got dressed he grabbed his guitar case and the bag he had packed before walking out the door. Dorian didn’t feel like eating but he knew once he got to one of his band member’s hone there would be food there that’s ready to eat. It didn’t take long for him to arrive so he parks his car and happily heads inside. Dorian opens the door and greets the members that were there. “Food.” He said and chuckles before going into the kitchen. “You look a bit off. Had a rough night?” His bass player asked. “No I just got drunk hanging out with Apollo.” He mutters as he stuffs his face with brunch dishes. “So I’m going out on a date with him.” He added. He knew he could talk to his friends about these kind of things.

“Don’t mess it up.” One member said and they all agreed with what he said. “I won’t. I’m a pretty fun date ya know.” Dorian told them. “I mean we soundly really know. Your dates usually turn into a one night stand or something and we never hear about them again. You’re pretty all over the place.” The drummer looks at Dorian and Dorian pouts a bit. “True...but this is different. I wouldn’t treat Apollo like that. Besides it just a date, it’s not like we’re together. It’s just to see if things could possibly be better as more than friends.”

When they finished eating and talking they started to practice.
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Usually Apollo spent cab rides in silence, not wanting to impose on the driver. However, he was so happy and wanted to share his happiness with everyone. He spent the whole cab ride telling the driver about his wonderful night. The driver didn't seem to mind, asking questions and giving dating advice here and there. Apollo waved goodbye when he exited the cab. As he fumbled with the keys to his front door he realized that he had just talked to a stranger on his own accord about personal matters. [i Is it the alcohol or am I just super geeked about my night with Dorian that I want to tell anyone and everyone?] He decided it was a little of both.

The first thing Apollo felt when he opened his eyes in the morning was a harsh pounding in his head. Groaning, the tall male sat up in bed before deciding that any kind of movement made him feel even worse. So he laid in bed staring up at the ceiling, only moving his eyes to the side once to check the time on the wall clock. It was two in the afternoon. Not an unusual time for him to wake.

Without moving from his ceiling staring position he reached onto the nightstand and grabbed his phone. A smile lit up his face when he saw that he had a text from Dorian. [i I feel so excited and a little stupid. Is this what it feels like to really like someone? Strange...] Apollo didn't hesitate to respond. [b Got home safe and sound. Currently trying to decide the best way to nurse my hangover. How are you?] He sent the text and laid the phone on his chest, closing his eyes. This did nothing to help the pounding in his head.
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Dorian listened to Apollo giddy voice and slightly slurred words. He couldn’t help but laugh at what he said since he totally agreed and was thinking the exact same thing. “I understand. Don’t need to explain it.” He smiles wide. When he got the kiss on his forehead Dorian actually blushed. It wasn’t something he was expecting and it was such an innocent kiss. [i Oh you would kiss my forehead Apollo.] He thought and laughed to himself.

It didn’t take alone for Dorian to be alone. He watched the cab drive off with Apollo inside and smiles. “I had fun.” He said softly as his ride pulls up. Dorian gets in and heads home for some much needed sleep.

The following morning Dorian woke up a bit later than normal but he didn’t have much work to do. “Ugh...” he groans since he was still very tired but he knew he had to meet up with the band today. The young male forced himself out of bed and made himself a hot cup of coffee. As he sips it he thinks about what had happened last night. Everything made him smile. “I have a date with Apollo.” He said wanting to tell his parents but then again they would just nag him to focus on school and his art. “I should probably see how’s hes doing.” He mutters to himself as he starts typing out a text message. [b Hey Apollo, how are you? Got home safely?] He sent the text.
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The hours seemed to fly by after they went back inside the bar. A few more drinks and Apollo was plenty drunk and very happy. He couldn't remember the last time he had smiled and laughed so much. As they made their way outside the bar he felt comfortable leaning against Dorian and having Dorian do the same. [i This nice. I don't even feel awkward or anxious right now.] He nodded, hearing the others words over his own thoughts. [#123456 "Definitely. I mean I rarely do things outside of my home so chances are I'm free whenever,"] he joked, though it was mostly true.

As they waited for a ride Apollo was wondering what he should say or do to end the night on a great note. Forming sentences was an even harder task with his drunk, sluggish brain. [#123456 "I would invite you...back to my place but that seems...movies and tv lead me to believe that has certain implications. And we're pretty drunk so uh, maybe another time?"] He ran his fingers through his hair and gave a toothy grin down at the other. Seeing the cab pull up Apollo leaned down and placed a kiss on top of Dorian's head. [#123456 "I'll see you later."]

Apollo felt giddy as he climbed into the cab, giving a rather excited wave from the window before the cab drove off. He relaxed in the back seat and pulled out his phone to send a text to his sister to tell her about his current mood. Hopefully she could decipher his fumbled up words.
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Apollo didn’t freak out from the kiss like Dorian thought he would. This caused Dorian to smile since he felt more comfortable with what he did. “Yeah let’s play some more games. I need to kick your ass a little bit more so that you know never to challenge me again.” He teased.

After a few more hours Dorian was drunk and in a good mood. The two laughed and leaned on each other as they made their way out of the gaming club. Their ride was on their way so Dorian waited patiently. “Thanks for coming out tonight with me. I had so much! We should definitely do something else soon. Maybe see a movie or something.” Dorian puts his coat on since it was a bit chilly outside. [i I can’t believe he actually likes me. I think I knew for sure I liked him when we first met in person. It’s so much different than talking over a computer.] He thought and looked at Apollo. Dorian was trying his best not to be too flirty or close to Apollo, he knew when he got drunk like this he was too out there and daring at times. “You can take the first ride that comes.” They we’re going their separate ways now. [i Invite him back to your place. that’s not a good idea.] He was meantally talking to himself.
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[#123456 "His books are good if you're into horror or crime novels. I'm sure he'll be very happy to talk about his books with someone new,"] Apollo chuckled. He nodded in agreement at getting another round of drinks. What little buzz he had was almost gone after sitting and drinking water for a bit. Although he felt happy that he hadn't needed to rely on alcohol too much to have a good time with Dorian. It was nice.

Before Apollo reached for his drink the soft feeling of the other's hand was back again. He watched, face turning pink, as Dorian leaned down and kissed the back of his hand. [i His lips are really soft too...] At a loss for words, Apollo's mouth hung open for a second. [#123456 "That...uh, that was really nice. Yeah, let's enjoy the rest of the night. It's been great so far. Should we play some more games?"] Despite the redness in his cheeks Apollo wore a bright, wide smile.
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