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Dorian changed out of his good clothes and into something that was comfortable and that he didn’t mind getting dirty. He took the roses off the coffee table in his living room and goes to the small studio he had. Once there he took out some clay and began to mold it into something beautiful. Dorian was so lost in his work that he didn’t think about anything else. Art was something that relaxed him and allowed him to express himself. The vibration of his cell phone snapped him out of his trance. He wipes his hands and reads the text message he received. With a small chuckle he types out a reply.

[b Ok good. I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything. Since you told me not to worry I won’t hold back next time :p I’m looking forward to the second date. Have a goodnight Apollo :)]

He sent the message and went back to his clay. After about two hours he decided to call it quits and go to bed. ~~~~ Two weeks go by and it was the day of The dinner Apollo’s mother was throwing. The two haven’t been able to go on their second date yet since they both had a bit of a busy schedule. Dorian had quite a bit of performances but now that his days were becoming less busy due to the end of his semester Dorian would have more time to spend with friends. The young male looks at the finished ceramic piece he created. The roses turned out beautiful and he couldn’t wait to put it out in his living room. Dorian had been drawing, painting and sculpting a lot of things that reminded him of Apollo. He even had some paintings and drawings of Apollo lying around. “I should get ready.” He mutters since Apollo was going to pick him up for the dinner.
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Hearing Dorian say he also wasn't ready to end the night made Apollo's heart sing. He was glad that the date had been good for both of them. As he drove he thought about what to bring Dorian for their second date. [i He has a sweet tooth. I bet he'd love a box of chocolates. Or a giant bag of gummy bears. Would that be weird?]

When he pulled up to Dorian's condo he smiled at the other. It was nice to hear that Dorian had fun. He opened his mouth to mirror the statement but was stopped by his surprise from the other's lips on his cheek. [i Oh...that's nice.] His grey eyes blinked a couple of times and a pink color rushed to his cheeks. [#123456 "No. No boundaries crossed here. I had a great time and that kiss was nice. Thank you, Dorian,"] he said happily.

As Apollo drove home he mused to himself about the happenings of the night. [#123456 "Should I have kissed him back? On the cheek? On the lips? Should I kiss him first next time? Is that a rule. Ughhh dating is so hard,"] he groaned as he parked the car outside his own condo. He entered his door and slipped off his shoes before collapsing on the plush sofa that awaited him. Pulling out his phone he opened his text messages and thought about what to say to Dorian.

[b Thank you for caring about my boundaries. I feel very comfortable with you so don't worry about upsetting me :) I'm already looking forward to our second date haha]

Apollo sent the text and rolled onto his side, groaning into a throw pillow. [#123456 "Was that a weird text? I just don't want him to worry."] He stayed on the couch for a few more minutes before getting up to change into his pajamas, figuring that he could game a little before heading to bed.
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Dorian listened to Apollo and nods. “Yeah I’m not sure either. Places are starting to close up anyway. Damn I’m not ready to end it either.” He chuckles and looks at Apollo. “Yeah. I would actually go on a second date sometime. I’ll pick you up next time.” He teased. He didn’t mind being picked up or picking someone up. Dorian wasn’t picky about that kind of stuff.

Once in the car Dorian listened to the music and thought about what they could possible do for the second date. A few different options ran through his head. [i I guess I’ll discuss them later with Apollo.] He thought and pushes his hair back. Soon the car stopped at his condo and he looks at Apollo. “Hey thanks for a really nice date. I had a lot of fun.” Dorian smiles. [i I wonder if it would be a bad idea to kiss him on the lips...I don’t know if this is the right time. Maybe it’s too soon?] He thought. Dorian kisses Apollo on his cheek before getting out of the car. “Hope I didn’t cross any boundaries. I’ll see you later ok?” He said letting Apollo know he was thinking about his boundaries. [i I feel lame...when do I ever hold back?] He thought as he closed Apollo’s door. Dorian makes his way to his front door and sighs softly. He figured he would be more open on the next date.
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Apollo figured that he made the right decision, since both of their hands stayed in place for the entire movie. At first it made it hard to focus on the film, but after awhile it was just as comfortable as the cuddling. When the movie was ended he stood up to stretch and smiled at Dorian. [#123456 "I liked the movie too! I'm glad we saw it together."] He shook his head at the question about gummy bears. His stomach felt like it couldn't hold any more food.

When they got back to his car Apollo was feeling a mixture of happiness and sadness. He was happy that the date went well, but wasn't really ready for the night to be over. [#123456 "I'm not really ready to head back...though I don't know where we'd go from here. This date has been um, really great, so thank you. And I would love to spend more time with you on a second date? If...if you're interested."] Apollo stuttered and tried to keep eye contact with Dorian as he opened the car door for him.
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Dorian was expecting Apollo to freak out so the jump didn’t catch him off guard. He did his best not to smile or laugh since he didn’t want Apollo to think he was making fun of him, that wasn’t the case at all. He just thought Apollo was really cute since he was so shy. [i I shouldn’t mess with him like that. I don’t want to freak him out too much.] He thought and eats a gummy bear.

When their hands touched Dorian could t keep the male from his face. This made him happy since he took it as a sign that Apollo was ok with his hand being there. They stayed in that position for the whole movie. Once the movie ended Dorian sits up straight and stretches his arms out in front of him. He looks at Apollo. “The movie was good huh? I like it.” He smiles and then stands up. He grabs his jacket and the rest of the gummy bears since he wanted to take them home. “Do you want anymore?” He offered since he knew they were just as much Apollo’s.

Once they had everything they walk out of the room. [i I’m a bit sad the day is basically over. It was great though.] He thought as they walk to Apollo’s car. “Are you ready to head back?” He stands in front of Apollo and looks into his eyes.
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Apollo stuck his tongue out at the green gummy bear question, not having time to respond before the movie began.[i The green ones taste so bad. I can't even describe how bad they taste.] He thought as he focused on the large screen in front of him. Usually he hated the whole experience of going to the movies. The loudness, the brightness of the large screen, and the sometimes crowded rows of seats. This experience with Dorian was proving to be different. He felt comfortable and relaxed with the male cuddle up at his side. And the movie was pretty good too. He was definitely engrossed in the action on the screen.

When he felt Dorian's hand rest on his thigh, his whole body jumped as a reaction. He had been so focused on the screen that the very personal touch caught him completely off guard. Apollo looked down at the dark haired male to inspect his facial expression, but Dorian was looking at the screen. [i Maybe he just shifted a little and his hand ended up on my thigh...Should I move it or say something about it? I don't really mind it being there but I don't know what it means. Is it a signal? Am I supposed to do something?Maybe I should stop worrying about signals, ah, but I don't want to ruin the date.] Apollo could feel his heart speeding up as too many thoughts buzzed around inside his head.

Feeling that he was taking too long to correct his initial jumpy reaction, Apollo placed his hand on top of Dorian's. [i I hope that was the right thing to do? Hopefully he didn't even notice that I jumped.]
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Dorian wasn’t as shy as Apollo, he was a bit more out there but he liked that Apollo’s as wanting up to him. [i He smells nice. This is comfortable. I’m liking this date.] He thought and just takes in the moment. When he felt Apollo’s arm around him he couldn’t help but feel his heart race a bit. He didn’t understand why he was so nervous but then again he assumed it was because he really likes Apollo and wanted the date to go smoothly.

When Apollo fed him the gummy bear he chuckles and takes it from Apollo’s hand with his mouth. “How can you not like the green one?” He asked and chuckled quietly. Before they could talk about anything else the movie began to play. Dorian focused on the movie as he cuddled with Apollo and ate the snacks they had.

During the whole movie Dorian would glance at Apollo every now and then, his mind would drift from the movie to Apollo. Dorian wanted to push the boundaries a bit so he rested his hand on Apollo’s thigh casually. He didn’t look at Apollo. He just did it and kept his eyes on the screen. [i This isn’t too risky. I mean it’s not like I’m moving my hand all over his body. He should be ok.] Dorian thought.
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Thinking about what Dorian said about his parents not allowing him to eat many sweets growing up made Apollo think about his own parents. His mother never scolded them about food or really anything. Although, he rarely caused trouble and wouldn't have put up much of a fight if she had banned sweets or junk foods. [i We have pretty different parents. I wonder if I'll ever meet his...] The sound of the armrest between them being lifted snapped him out of his thoughts. Eyes widening, he watched as Dorian moved closer to him before resting his head on his shoulder and cuddling into his side.

[i This this okay? There aren't many people and I have to admit this is nice. Warm. And he smells nice...] Apollo accepted the new joined position in their seats. Even though it made his heart hammer against his chest and his palms sweaty. He had been on maybe three movie dates in his entire life and not knowing what was expected of him made him unreasonably nervous. [i Just be natural. For once in your life, Apollo.] He wrapped his arm around Dorian so that his hand now rested on his waist and used his other hand to hold a green gummy bear in front of Dorian's lips. [#123456 "Please don't bite my head off, mister,"] he whispered in a silly voice.
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Dorian chuckles softly and nods his head. “Yeah I’ve been thinking about it since dinner.” He said honestly. “I’m curious is all. You can’t blame me Apollo.” The young male felt comfortable around his friend to tell him the truth. He didn’t think it was a bad thing that he was thinking about what Apollo’s upper torso looked like. [i Apollo should be flattered that I want to see it.] Dorian thought.

Once they got their snacks Dorian helps carry the popcorn. “I’ll eat all of any color you want me to.” He said since he liked them all. “Growing up my parents didn’t really allow me to eat sweets or certain foods so now that I’m older I like a lot of the things I couldn’t have.” He said as they walked into the theater room. The place was nearly empty, there just a few people seated and that made Dorian happy. He didn’t like a crowded movie theater.

The two sit down and Dorian relaxes in his seat. They didn’t have people sitting on the side of them or in front or behind. [i It almost feelings like it’s just us in the building.] He thought and put some popcorn into his mouth. Dorian placed his now free hand on his lap since Apollo had let his hand go. His dark blue eyes connected with his friend’s for a moment. He smiled at Apollo wondering what he was thinking about. [i It’s pretty quiet in here and we’re so close to each other.] Dorian adjusted himself a bit while lifting up the arm of the seat and moves closer to Apollo. [i Don’t freak out Apollo.] He thought and smirked to himself as he leans on Apollo. His head rested on his shoulder and his body cuddled into his side.
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Hearing Dorian's teasing comment made him crack a smile. [#123456 "Aw, that [i would] be mean. And hey! I never said I wouldn't let you see, just that you couldn't see it right there in the restaurant. Have...have you been thinking about it since dinner?"] Apollo blushed and wiggled his eyebrows playfully. Was he being forward? Was Dorian being forward? [i This is flirting, right? Its pretty fun to flirt with him.] He thought as he handed the employee money for the two tickets. Hand still attached to Dorian's, he led them into the theater and towards the concessions. [#123456 "I don't think I've ever had popcorn and gummy bears together. I probably haven't had any sweet snacks or foods since that cake from the anniversary party so I'm down for gummy bears. As long as you promise to eat all the green ones."] He chuckled and stepped up to the counter to order the snacks.

Minutes later they were in the theater 12, where the romance-action movie was showing. Apollo scanned the available seats and decided on a pair of seats that were directly in the middle both ways. He plopped down and finally let go of Dorian's hand, though was a little sad to do so. There weren't many people seated so far and Apollo could feel nerves settling into his stomach. [i On a date are you supposed to pay attention to the movie or make out during the movie? I don't want to seem like a prude but...ugh, I'm thinking about everything to much.] He turned to look at Dorian with a nervous smile, popping a few gummy bears into his mouth as the lights dimmed.
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Dorian spend most of the car ride trying to picture what Apollo’s body looked like. [i He’s tall so maybe his more lean than muscular? But the way the sweater fits him it seems as if he does have muscle. Six pack?!] He thought just trying to figure it out since Apollo wouldn’t show him. When they arrived at the movie theater Dorian was caught off guard by Apollo grabbing his hand. He snapped out of his thoughts of Apollo’s mystery body and looked down at their hands. A small smile crept on his face as he walked with Apollo. [i This is nice.] He thought.

There were several new movies out, Dorian was taking into consideration what Apollo liked and didn’t like. “I should make you watch a horror since you won’t let me see what your body looks like.” He teased and looked at Apollo. “But I’m not that mean.” He chuckled. “Why don’t we see this one.” It was a action movie with romance. He figured it would satisfy both of their likes. “And yes we must get popcorn and gummy bears.” He said seriously. Dorian has a sweet tooth and he just had to have something to snack on. “I hope you’re ok with that.”
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Apollo chuckled at Dorian's comment about feeding him and shoved another salmon roll into his mouth. [#123456 "Believe it or not, I work out often. I'd say I'm on the way to a god-like bod. I would lift up my sweater and show you, but, uh we're in public. You'll just have to picture it in your mind,"] he teased, flashing a devilish grin at his friend. He surprised himself by how easily the words came to him. Just a week ago he would have felt completely uncomfortable saying something like that to Dorian. [i Hmm, I wonder if he likes well built body types? Although...I can't see anyone ever having a problem with someone having a nice body.]

He put some thought into what movie genre they should settle on, chewing as he argued with himself mentally. [#123456 "I'm fine with anything as long as it isn't horror. If I'm being favorite genre is probably romance,"] he smiled sheepishly. Apollo was a sucker for cliche plots, predictable characters, and happy endings. After eating until he could not fit any more food in his stomach, he leaned back in his chair and stretched. A satisfied smile lined his lips. When the waitress came back with the check he began to reach for his wallet only to discover that Dorian had beat him to it. [#123456 "Tsk, sneaky."]

When they arrived at the movie theater Apollo opened the passenger door for Dorian yet again. This time he took Dorian's hand in his own and intertwined his fingers with it as they walked up to the ticket booth. It felt weird to make them move to hold someone's hand, but he didn't hate it. [#123456 "I'll pay for the movie since you paid for dinner. Pick whichever one. Oh...and I know we just ate but should we get popcorn for the hell of it?"]
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“I’m going to pay too. You don’t have to pay for everything.” Dorian looks at Apollo. He then chuckles at his comment about having people feed him. “Hey it won’t taste as nearly as good if I’m not the one feeding you.” He smirks and eats some of the fish. “You must have the body of a Greek God if you want to be treated like one.” He teased. [i Of course you don’t know what his body looks like. Maybe he has a well built body. Heh I would probably have to feed him again if he does.] He thought.

The two really began to eat once the entrees arrived. “I do want to go to the movies. I’m like most genres. What about you? I’m sure we can find something to suit both of our tastes. I know there a really good action movie out.” He eats some of the calamari. “I’m so happy right now.” He chuckles and keeps eating. Dorian really did enjoy good food.

When they finished eating they had enough to pack up and take with hem. Dorian split what food was left with Apollo. He then takes out his car and hands it to the waitress before Apollo could get his card out. Dorian winks at him since he paid for the entire bill before Apollo could. The dinner was nice and easy but Dorian knew that the movie might be a bit more nerve racking since they would be sitting close together in a dark room.
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Just hearing Dorian list off the appetizers made his stomach rumble. Everything sounded so good. [#123456 "It's a plan. Let's go crazy and order whatever our hearts desire. I'm buying. Hmmm...I think I'll get some miso soup too,"] he said with a smile and closed his menu. When the appetizers actually arrived he could hardly stop himself from digging in, but paused hearing Dorian suggest what to try first. Apollo made a move to grab his chopsticks to pick up a piece of the fish, but Dorian was already holding the piece of fish to his mouth to feed him.

Apollo hesitated, shifting his eyes to look at the tables around them before returning his gaze to Dorian. Now blushing, he opened his mouth slowly and received the fish. His eyes lit up as he chewed. [#123456 "That's really good! Also, maybe even better because you fed it to me. I should have people feed me more often. I am named after a Greek god after all,"] he joked after swallowing the fish.

They went on happily chatting and eating their appetizers. When the sushi boat arrived Apollo placed a hand to his forehead and pretended to faint. [#123456 "Well, ready to watch me stuff my face even more? I wonder how much of this we can really eat."] Apollo readied his chopsticks and went for a salmon roll, popping it in his mouth with a satisfied smile. [#123456 "We were going to head to the movies after dinner, right? What kind of movie were you thinking? I have absolutely no idea what's playing because I almost never watch movies. It's sad, really."]
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“You would think my parents would feel the same way but nope. They don’t. I don’t see what’s so wrong with being a musician. Do they tho k I’m going to turn into some type of wild rebel or something? I don’t know. They’re just too over protective. I’m grown.” Dorian said.

Once they were seated he couldn’t help but want everything he saw on the menu. “How about you get the boat and I’ll get us some other items. Like the bbq albacore, some calamari, and their tempura mushrooms?” He asked wondering what Apollo thought about that. This way they could share all the items and enjoy the different entrees. Dorian didn’t expect Apollo to pay for their meal or anything. He actually wanted to pay for it all but he had a feeling Apollo wouldn’t let him do that. [i If he doesn’t want me to pay for it all I will at least pay half.] He thought and looks at the drinks. “Ooh tea sounds good.” He mutters. He wanted something warm since it was cool out. Fall would be disappearing and Winter will be taking over soon.

As the night went on the two talked and laughed happily. They are their appetizers and waited for their food. “You have try this first.” Dorian said as he breaks his chopsticks. He then holds the piece of fish to Apollo’s mouth. He didn’t think too much about feeding Apollo, he just did it.
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