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Dorian listener closely to Apollo. It seemed as if he had misunderstood his date and in return Apollo misunderstood him. Everything had been going so well and Dorian thought he was being a good date by being considerate of Apollo’s feelings but it was definitely taken in a way that Dorian didn’t want it to be taken. He knew he needed to stop worrying about Apollo that way. The man would tell him if he was comfortable or not.

When Apollo finished talking Dorian felt a bit bad about what he had done and that he had created a bit of an awkward atmosphere. He smiles a bit and then nods his head when Apollo said he would stay the night. “Ok. Perfect.” He said softly. “I’m sorry again” he added and then he stands up. “I’m thirsty. Do you want anything?” Dorian walks off to his kitchen to just have a break for a moment. He pouts himself a shot and down it easily. He then pouts himself some juice and waits to see if Apollo might want anything to drink.
  Dorian Hirome / Kita-san / 63d 5h 24m 17s
Dorian's reasoning seemed sound enough. It was true that he became nervous when they touched or were near each other. However, Apollo felt that he had made good progress. He kissed Dorian first and during their time kissing he didn't feel any anxiety. Perhaps it was ridiculous of him to think that the other found him unattractive after their small make out session, but it was the first thing that came to mind after the suggestion to cuddle all night. It helped that Dorian explained he was indeed attracted to him and that he was intentionally trying to take things slower than he normally would.

[#123456 "You were trying to make me feel more comfortable? Oh that's...that's actually really sweet. I can see why you would want to be cautious but if I accepted your offer to stay the night I would make it clear if I didn't want to do anything. I don't feel pressured by you, because like you said yourself, we wouldn't be watching a movie if you had other things in mind. I feel pressured by myself mostly, or rather, the expectations of society when it comes to situations like this. Sorry for crying. It was an immediate reaction and I couldn't stop it. I'm not mad at you. It's just much easier for things to progress naturally and I felt like you insisting we didn't have to do anything implied other things. And we were having a good time? So it made me question my own abilities. If I'm making out with someone I don't usually jump to 'let's cuddle', so...maybe that's surprising to hear? And wow, I'm rambling, so I'll shut up now."]

Apollo let out a deep breath and leaned into the couch, glancing at the other male from the corner of his eye. He hoped his word vomit didn't make him seem nervous. Strangely enough, he felt calm. Reassured. [#123456 "Anyways, after saying all of that, I would love to spend the night."]
  横田大地 / mephistopheles / 63d 18h 38m 11s
Dorian already knew that Apollo wouldn’t stay, in his mind he was just wasting time by asking but when Apollo got quiet Dorian could tell something was wrong. The atmosphere instantly change when Dorian noticed the tears that threatened to fall from Apollo’s hazel eyes. [i What the hell did I do?!] He thought confused and quite surprised that Apollo was feeling some type of way about what he said.

The second question wasn’t too from the truth though. He offered to cuddle because he wanted to cuddle and that he didn’t want Apollo to feel pressured like they had to take things further than just kissing. Dorian thought he was being sensitive to Apollo’s feelings but he realized he probably hurt the male’s feelings by giving him the wrong impression.

“No no...that’s not it at all. Apollo I swear I’m really really attracted to you. More so than you know. I offered to cuddle because I didn’t want to pressure you or make you worry that I’m expecting something else. I just...noticed how nervous you get when I touch you or get close to you. I didn’t think that maybe you even wanted to stay the night so by offering to just cuddle I thought it would make it more comfortable for you.” Jace rubs the back of his neck. “I guess I was wrong huh?” He chuckles a bit nervously.

“Please don’t question whether or not I’m attracted to you. I am. Most definitely. One hundred percent. If...if I wasn’t trying to actually keep this dating thing going And to actually build a relationship with you I would of been made a move on you. We wouldn’t be watching movie.” He said honestly. Dorian was sure Apollo knew that he didn’t try to sugar coat anything. Apollo would of definitely been in Dorian’s bed if it was just a one night stand thing but Dorian cares about Apollo. He was different than everyone else.

“I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. Please don’t be upset with me.”
  Dorian Hirome / Kita-san / 93d 22h 13m 12s
It seemed unreal that he was actually here in Dorian's home, making out with him. His internet crush that he never thought he would meet in person. If Dorian was anyone else, Apollo was sure that he wouldn't even think of kissing them so soon after meeting, but this situation was different. Technically they had "known" each other for a good bit of time. And maybe it was because of this that his affinity for the man in front of him had grown exponentially. When Dorian pulled away and complimented his kissing, Apollo was taken aback. He hadn't made out with that many people before, but he had never been given a compliment like that. Was it because he wasn't as nervous with Dorian?

“You should stay the night.”

Both of Apollo's eyebrows raised in surprise. Although, the offer was quickly followed by Dorian reassuring him that they didn't have to do anything. They could just cuddle all night. He had a feeling that Dorian was only trying to make him feel more comfortable with the offer, but he couldn't stop the doubts from flooding his mind. [i Maybe I'm not that great of a kisser...would he lie about that? Why would he ask me to stay the night to just cuddle? I guess I come off as pretty nervous and uptight about this kind of stuff but...]

Realizing that he was taking a long time to respond to the offer, Apollo opened his mouth to speak but couldn't find any words to say. [i Oh god, Apollo don't. Don't do it.] But he could already feel the wetness stinging his eyes and a tear rolling down his cheek. [i Shit.] Well he had to say something now. He couldn't just sit on the couch and cry. [#123456 " you not find me attractive? Or did you only offer to cuddle because you didn't want me to decline the offer?"] Apollo wiped at his eyes, embarrassed by his immediate reaction.
  connected / mephistopheles / 93d 22h 34m 7s
Dorian didn’t care too much about the movie anymore. His mind was focused on his good looking date who was kissing him. Apollo was actually someone special to Dorian so he didn’t want to treat him like he would of treated anyone else he would invite over to his place. As much as he wanted to push things forward he figured it wouldn’t be a good idea. They didn’t even have a name for their relationship yet. It just made Dorian feel as if Apollo wouldn’t be ready for anything besides kissing at the moment.

After a few minutes of making out Dorian pulls away from his date slowly. The two softly caught their breath and Dorian sits back against the couch. “That really nice.” He said and smirks at Apollo. “I didn’t know you could kiss so well.” He chuckles softly and glanced at the tv screen. The movie was already half way from being done. They completely missed the first half and had no idea what was going on in the movie.

“Apollo.” Dorian turned his attention back on his date. “You should stay the night.” Dorian smiles. Of course he wouldn’t be upset if Apollo said no. Dorian wanted to see just how comfortable Apollo was with him. “It doesn’t mean we have to do anything.” Dorian shrugs. “We can just chill and cuddle all night.” The offer was now out there and Dorian had done his best to take this to another level without scaring Apollo off. He knew that Apollo was a bit more cautious when it came to things like this. Dorian in the other hand wasn’t.
  Dorian Hirome / Kita-san / 100d 21h 55m 2s
Lost in the kiss, Apollo was only slightly aware of Dorian's hand on his face and thigh. He was more amazed with himself for initiating this moment because it was so unlike him. Yet, here they were. Making out on the couch with a movie on in the background. Apollo chuckled at Dorian's playfulness and the way he nipped at his bottom lip. For the first time in a while he didn't feel stressed or anxious. He felt calm, albeit a little excited as well.

Apollo did start to wonder how long he should keep the kissing going. [i If we keep kissing, am I expected to take things further? Or should he? But I don't know how I feel about moving things any further. What it be weird to ask?] Ah, so many pesky thoughts were back, though they weren't enough to distract him from the movement of his mouth and the one in front of his.
  connected / mephistopheles / 100d 22h 36m 6s
Dorian noticed his big goofy smile, he made him smile because he knew Apollo had enjoyed the kiss. [i Heh. He really is silly. I love that smile though. He’s so different than what I’m use to but in a good way.] He thought and enjoying the moment that they were having right now. He couldn’t wait to see just how close they might get after this kiss.

When Apollo leaned in for another kiss Dorian was a bit surprised that he was keeping this going. [i Hell I’m more than fine with it.] Dorian felt his body heat up a bit. He was excited to feel Apollo’s soft lips again. As they kissed each other Dorian placed a hand on Apollo’s thigh and another hand on the side of Apollo’s face.

Within seconds the two were actually making out. It wasn’t anything crazy but it was soft yet passionate enough. Dorian smiles between a few kisses and kept teasing Apollo as they kissed. He playfully nipped at his bottom lip. Dorian decided to push it a bit by deepening the kiss. His tongue wrestled with Apollo’s.
  Dorian Hirome / Kita-san / 111d 6h 24m 52s
Apollo didn't have to worry long because Dorian responded that the kiss had been perfect. He felt relieved knowing that he had correctly read the mood and he felt the same way about the kiss. It was more than what he had been hoping for and a confirmation that he really did like Dorian. What lifted his spirits even more was seeing Dorian lean into him to initiate another kiss. It was a gentle kiss that made Apollo want to melt into the couch with a smile on his face.

When they finally parted Apollo was left with a goofy smile and pink cheeks. It wasn't like this was his first time kissing someone, but this kiss felt a bit more significant than any kiss from his past. Hearing Dorian comment that his lips were soft made him laugh. [#123456 "Are they? Yours are pretty soft too."] Not wanting the kisses to end just yet he pressed his lips back onto Dorian's.
  connected / mephistopheles / 111d 9h 34m 7s
Dorian felt how tense Apollo was. He didn’t know if it was because of the movie or because he was cuddling into him. [i I hope I’m not crossing any lines here. ] He thought. When their eyes connect he looked into Apollo’s eyes as Apollo leaned into him. He felt their lips connect and that actually caught him off guard since he was expecting Apollo to make a move on him.

Hearing Apollo speak made Dorian snap out of the thoughts in his head. “That was perfect.” Dorian said softly. He couldn’t help himself at all. Dorian leans into Apollo and kisses him again. All he wanted to do was feel Apollo’s soft lips on his. The kiss was gentle and it sent sparks throughout his body. [i Finally.] He thought since he had wanted to kiss Apollo for sometime just to see if he would feel any type of sparks with him. He definitely felt something Apollo and he was hoping he felt the same.

When they broke from each other Dorian smirks softly. Of course he didn’t want it to stop but he just had to get Apollo’s reaction before he pressed on. “Your lips are so soft.”
  Dorian Hirome / Kita-san / 111d 18h 6m 31s
Apollo didn't want to reveal that he was a chicken when it came to thriller movies as well. Even if nothing scary was happening the suspense always made him want to bury himself to hide from the stress, which wasn't a feeling he enjoyed. But watching something like that with Dorian seemed doable. He nodded his head in agreement at Dorian's comment and scooped up a handful of popcorn for himself.

As the movie played Apollo could feel his shoulders tensing up. There were a lot of things happening and he was trying to piece the story together in his mind. It wasn't until Dorian cuddled into him that he realized how tense he had been. His shoulders and arms relaxed feeling the warm body next to him. It was just like their date at the movies. [i Maybe I should make a move? I mean I might fuck up but it's the though that counts...] They had shared kisses on the forehead and kisses on the cheek. Apollo figured it was time for something more serious even if it seemed scary to him. Slowly, Apollo leaned his head down and placed a gentle kiss on Dorian's lips.

[i Oh wait...should I have asked first? Oh god.] Apollo pulled away from the kiss with wide eyes. [#123456 "I hope that was...okay?"]
  connected / mephistopheles / 112d 6h 16m 30s
“I’m not that much shorter.” Dorian teased and smiled at his friend. He knew he was shorter than Apollo and Apollo had much longer limbs than him. [i Good, the clothes fit.] He thought and smiled a bit to himself when Apollo got closer to him. “Well I was thinking we could watch this movie. It’s not horror but it’s a thriller or suspense type movie.” He said. “it’ll have us trying to figure out what is going on.”

Dorian said back with the bowl of popcorn in his lap. “I’m ready to just chill.” He mutters as he starts the movie. The lights in his apartment were off and the only light in the living room was from the tv. Dorian folds his legs on the couch and eats some popcorn. He made sure to offer Apollo some.

As the movie played Dorian watched it carefully. He was really interested in the movie but then again he wanted to get closer to Apollo. The two stayed quiet as the movie went on Dorian moves a bit closer to Apollo, cuddling into him. He figured Apollo wouldn’t mind. He made sure tot ale things slowly. [i He doesn’t seem to be freaking out...] Dorian offers him the rest of the popcorn since he was finished with it.
  Dorian Hirome / Kita-san / 113d 35m 47s
Apollo breathed a sigh of relief when Dorian appeared with clothes that seemed a bit bigger. He didn't want to call Dorian out for being shorter than him, but he also didn't want to look ridiculous in clothes that were a tad too small. [#123456 "Ah, thank you. I was starting to worry that I would be stuck wearing something a few sizes small,"] he said before taking the clothes into the bathroom to change. The shirt fit fine and the shorts weren't too short so he was happy.

When he padded back out to the living room he found Dorian waiting for him on the couch. [#123456 "Yes! These are definitely good movie watching clothes."] Apollo took a seat on the couch next to Dorian and stretched his long limbs before settling back. Seeing the blanket he moved himself closer to the other, getting underneath as well. [#123456 "Have you decided on a movie?"]
  connected / mephistopheles / 113d 1h 14m 14s
Dorian chuckles softly. “It’s ok. You can have some of my clothes at your place so you can remember me.” He teased. Dorian goes back to his bedroom. Dorian has some baggy clothes that he knew would fit Apollo. Apollo was taller, his limbs were longer so Dorian wanted to make sure he had comfortable clothes. Soon he came out with a comfortable t shirt and shorts his date could wear. “These should fit.” He smiles. “I know our body types aren’t too different so I think these will be ok.” Dorian hands the items to his date.

When Apollo went into the bathroom to change Dorian went into the kitchen and grabbed two glasses. Since he wanted to really enjoy this date without having his senses numbed he didn’t pour alcohol in the glasses. He decided to settle with a healthy fruit juice. Dorian made sure the living room was set for the movie date he was going to have. He sits on the couch and pulls the blanket over his lap. [i I’m already liking this. It would be nice to do this more often.] He thought as he runs a hand through his dark hair.

As soon as he saw Apollo he looks him over. [i Clothes fit nicely.] a small smile forms on his face. “Comfortable?” He asked and moved from the middle of the couch so Apollo could sit down as well.
  Dorian Hirome / Kita-san / 113d 19h 50m 18s
Apollo doubted that his friend would actually make him watch a scary movie, but if he did it wouldn't be so bad if he got to hide his face against Dorian's chest. It had been a good day and for once he was actually okay with prospect of snuggling.

He followed Dorian into his place and mimicked him by removing his shoes at the door. He chuckled at his friend's question about snacks. They had just eaten dinner, but it was always nice to snack while watching a movie. [#123456 "Sure, I could snack."] He watched as Dorian prepared some popcorn in the kitchen before disappearing into another room. Apollo fiddled with his hands as he waited for him to come back, unsure of what to do in such an unfamiliar place.

When Dorian reappeared he was wearing more comfortable clothes and offered the same to Apollo. [#123456 "Actually yeah, a change of clothes would be nice. I'd like to get out of this tight sweater."] The outfit had served him for dinner though it wasn't something he wanted to wear while settling in to watch a movie. [#123456 "Although, if I like your clothes I can't promise that I'll give them back,"] he joked.
  mephistopheles / 113d 20h 49m 43s
Once in the car Dorian relaxes in his seat. “Thanks for having me tag along. It was nice seeing your parents and your sister. I enjoyed also seeing you guys react with one another.” Dorian chuckles softly. “I had fun and food was great.” [i I’m quite satisfied with food. I can always eat good food.] He thought as they headed back to his apartment. Hearing Apollo speak again Dorian looks at him. “Yeah I’m still down to watch a movie with you. It gives us a bit of time to just hang out ya know?” Of course Dorian didn’t have a problem saying if what he really wanted to do was make out the whole time or have sex but that wasn’t his intention.

Dorian didn’t even think Apollo was ready for all of that. Dorian was a bit more risk taking but he didn’t mind how slow and innocent their relationship was going. It was a nice change for Dorian and it made him want to be around Apollo even more but he wouldn’t deny Apollo if he came on to him. [i He does have a nice body.] Dorian picturing Apollo’s bate upper torso which he had seen.

“I’ll protect you if we watch a scary movie. You can hide your face in my chest as much as you want.” Dorian chuckles softly knowing he wouldn’t torture Apollo by picking a horror movie. When they arrived to his place Dorian gets out and let’s Apollo into his place. “Do you want any snacks?” He asked as he removes his jacket and takes off his shoes. Dorian goes into the kitchen and makes some popcorn since he really wanted some. He then goes into his bed room and changes into comfortable shorts and a t shirt.

The dark haired male walks into the living room with a blanket in his hands. “Also I have some clothes you can borrow if you want to get more comfortable. It’s up to you though.” He smiles.
  Dorian Hirome / Kita-san / 114d 18h 24m 28s

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