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[center [Tinos [size15 When you die you are brought before the Lord of Death and are given two options; [i Spin the wheel of reincarnation and let chance decide your fate] or [i Attend Redemption Academy for two years and pick what you want to reincarnate as]. Most people would think that reincarnation sounds pretty cool, however what most don't realize is that the wheel is rigged to mostly land on puny creature that never live long. [b You] decide to bypass that route and pick the option of attending Redemption Academy, a place filled with monsters and creatures who all want to be reborn. Your memory of your old life is wiped and your dumped in a place that is unfamiliar. [b Welcome to Redemption Academy!.]]]]

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|| User || Student
Otter | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401087 Akila] and [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401088 Marius]
Muta | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=400819 Cirrus] and [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=400730 Shiloh]
FarrenRaynard | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401142 Homura]
hextheblackcat | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401184 Mavis]
Jackie | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401191 Xiang]
cerealKill | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401175 Reena]
ghoul | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401098 Tatsu] and [
[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401098 Masao]]

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[center [size19 [b [u [Poor+Story Skeleton]]]]]

[center [Tinos [size15 [b Username;] Just the link]]][center [Tinos [size15 [b Name;] First and last]]][center [Tinos [size15 [b Age;] Between seventeen and nineteen]]][center [Tinos [size15 [b Gender;] Male or female]]][center [Tinos [size15 [b Race;] Human? Gorgon? Werewolf? Dragon-born? Be creative?!]]][center [Tinos [size15 [b Club;] What club do you participate in after classes?]]][center [Tinos [size15 [b Personality;] Five positive traits and five negative traits.]]][center [Tinos [size15 [b What do you aspire to be reborn as?;] What do you want to be in your next life?]]][center [Tinos [size15 [b Biography;] As you progress in school you will be given small pills that contain parts of your previous life. I don't want a book but I do want like, a paragraph?]]][center [Tinos [size15 [b Other;] Anything else you want people to know about your character]]][center [Tinos [size15 [b Picture;] Just the link]]]

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[center [size19 [b [u [Poor+Story Rules]]]]]

[center [Tinos [size15 [b 1.] This is a literate, mature roleplay. Themes such as sex, drugs and other elements will be present. If you are sensitive to such things then I suggest that you do not join. Though I will say, anything sex related WILL NOT be played out. It can be suggested, however, I do not want anything that will violate the rules of ES.]]][center [Tinos [size15 [b 2.] I expect posts to be at least 2,000 characters. In my opinion that isn't asking for a lot. If you add details, thoughts, and feelings into a post you can easily achieve what I am asking. Give people something to work with.]]][center [Tinos [size15 [b 4.] I expect at least one post a week. I am a college student and I work full-time. I don't have infinite free time, plus its holiday season at the moment. If a post is not made within a week I will pester people, just a warning. If nothing is done by a week and a half and you have not notified me on why you aren't posting, I will remove people.]]][center [Tinos [size15 [b 5.] I want the picture to be Animated. Nothing that's overly used or is gigantic. Be original.]]][center [Tinos [size15 [b 6. In order to join this roleplay, please send me a pm containing the following: Character layout that includes the skeleton in the form of a link to the character profile and entitle the pm your favorite flower]]]

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[center [size14 [Titillium+Web Ren stood in front of the school gate, not really gathering that this was indeed, her new life that had just begun. It all seemed very surreal to her due to the fact that she was just transferred here. There was a bustle activity going on around here. People talking, laughing, joking and some of them were just standing there waiting to see what would happen next, just like her. She looked around and peered at the faces she could see. Some of the people she looked at were ghouls, demons, werewolves, vampires and there were other people she didn't know of. Everyone was here for the same reason, given the same chance to get a better shot at living in the human world after spending two years here at Redemption Academy. She was sure that not all of them would make it. Some would surely perish or at least grow crazy from routine and constant scheduling.

She shifted her weight from one foot to the next, growing anxious at the anticipation. When she least expected it, the front gates flung open and Reena found herself getting shoved and pushed back to the end of the crowd. She growled. She hated being pushed, especially by people she didn't know. There was no point in getting angry though. It was her first day here and she wanted to make a good impression of herself onto others. People surged past her and she ended up at the back of the crowd.. which in her eyes wasn't unreasonable, but it would have been nice if people were more polite. Walking forward, she reached the front doors finally and the doors closed behind her thin frame.

Her eyes followed the crowd and she rushed to catch up with the rest of them before the gymnasium closed. An announcement from one of the headmasters came and they told everyone that there would be a leaf in the pocket of their shirts. Sure enough when Reena reached into the pocket of her shirt, there was a small leaf with a number written on it. The number 4. After peering at the leaf for a moment, it slowly disintegrated in her hand into a pile of small, irregular pieces. None of her fellow classmates seemed to have noticed, but she did start to notice small things about the appearances of everyone around her here. They were all monsters of some kind. Reincarnated to live out their lives as these beings.

She found a small group of students who had the same number as her and followed them to their homeroom. The classroom they would be coming to for the next two years. It was a small room with 20 desks all neatly lined up in vertical columns. Each seat had an apple on the corner of the desk and a notebook and a pen already waiting. The surface of the desks were glossy and the chairs looked less than comfortable. She decided to take a seat towards the back in middle where she wouldn't really be disturbed by the other students. As time passed more students entered the classroom and took a seat. By the time the teacher walked in, almost all the desks were filled.]]]
  [r]en / cerealKill / 68d 18h 41m 47s
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[center [Tinos [size15 It was....she couldn't even explain it. It was definitely not what she expected. Gold covered the walls and floors, it was blinding and hurt to look at. The only thing that wasn't a ridiculous yellow color was the red carpet that seemed to stretch on forever behind her. In front of her was an unnecessarily large throne that sat a woman with blue skin. She had large black horns protruding from each side of her head and wore a long black dress. The woman looked down at the girl who had approached her, an arrogant smile plastered on her face. [b "Since i take pity on your situation, I'll give you two options for rebirth. The first option is to reincarnate right here, right now. The second option is to study hard for two years in afterlife time and -"]]]]

[center [Tinos [size15 [b [#800080 "I'll choose the first one!"]] the girl yelled. The woman looked annoyed, but pointed towards a large line that led to a spinning wheel. It was enormous and had thousands of different listing of things to reincarnate as. The girl watched as someone spun the wheel and a voice rang out. [b "Congratulations! You've been chosen to be the 19,79000th consecutive invertebrate."] Seconds later the person that stood there dissipated in a poof of smoke, a snail in there place. The girl had a look of horror of her face and turned towards the woman with panic in her eyes. [b [#800080 "Wait! Wait! I want the second option please!"]]]]]

[center [Tinos [size15 A sigh slipped past the woman's lips as she rubbed her temples. [b "Fine."] She pointed to a portal that had suddenly opened off to the side of her throne that led to what looked like you typical high school. [b "Redemption Academy is a place where spirits that died unfairly like you can go. If you study hard for two years in afterlife time - taking tests and enjoying school life - then you can be reborn as anything you want! Doesn't that sound amazing!?"] She said, raising her arms in the air with a flair. The girl stood there, blinking and looking around. [b [#800080 "Ehhh....yea I wanna go there...."]] Another sigh escaped the woman. [i "children these days..."] Then with a snap of her fingers the girl was transported out of the golden room.]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rFSxzru.png]]

[center [Tinos [size15 Akila suddenly found herself standing in front of a school gate, surrounding her were dozens of other creatures and things, all with the same confused look that she had on her face. Suddenly a voice boomed out, catching all of their attention. [b "Quiet!"] Standing on the school gate was a large black bird, it's eyes piercing into the crowd. [b "I am Dicarius, the right arm of the Lord of Death, King Yama!"] He said, flexing his wings as if that was supposed to be something cool. [b "As of this moment you memories of your previous lives will be erased. However, not all of them Memories that were precious to you while you were alive or your strong desires will remain."] Someone in the crowd shouted out, asking why their memories had to be erased. The bird glared, looking like he was ready to peck someones eyes out.]]]

[center [Tinos [size15 [b "It's to help you focus on adapting to this school and reincarnating without being attached to your old lives. Your old memories will return gradually depending on your grades and performance at school, so relax. Well, good luck everyone."] The bird then flew off without saying anything else, leaving the group in a confused mess. Suddenly a bright white light enveloped all of them and a voice echoed out. [i "Memories will now be erased."] The light got brighter and brighter until it grew so bright that it was impossible to look at. Then the light exploded, the group all had been changed into black and red uniforms that were decorated in crosses. A large creature that had tentacles as a beard approached them, pointing to the large wooden doors that led into the school. [b "Alright new students, please head to the gym for a brief orientation! No rushing now. Hey you! Stop running!"] with that he began to direct where the students where to go.]]]

[center [Tinos [size15 Minutes later Akila found herself standing in a gym, looking up at the man with the tentacle beard. [b "Nice to see you goblins, mystical creatures, monsters and humans! I'm the dean of this school who will help you with your life at school. Inside of the pocket of your uniform there should be a leaf placed there in advanced by the student council. The number on the leaf will indicate your class number. That's all for this meeting. I hope you will have an enjoyable time at school for the next two years!"] Akile dug into her pocket to find a leave with the number two on it. Once she had gotten a good look at it the leave shriveled up and broke into pieces.]]]

[center [Tinos [size15 The students began to scatter to their assigned classrooms. Akila followed along, slightly confused about how fast paced things were going. [i "Will I be okay here?"] She thought, scratching at some of the feathers covering her left arm. She found her classroom fairly easily, there were already several people there and they were already beginning to make cliques. Quietly the black-haired girl moved to a desk that was at the back of the room, not really wanting to converse with others.]]]
  [Akila] / Otter / 99d 19h 24m 37s

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