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[center Not taking any more PMs after today, as I have two people ready to roleplay now.]

[center Along the edge of the Cephi mountains lay a small town known as Faber. During the season of Autumn, when the climate took a gentle turn and the leaves changed color, Alonda Beize decided to visit the town. She had always found it interesting, and beautiful too. She loved to explore the forests with their leaves of orange, which oddly had trace amounts of yellow. It was almost as if mother nature could only let the color orange dominate her bark-covered creations, with their branches and leaves swaying in the breeze. In fact, the entire place always seemed to have a peculiar ambiance to it...but that had always made it that much more interesting to explore to her. During one of these calm and enjoyable strolls, however, the young woman would stumble upon an old Gondola lift that went from the base of one of the hills all the way up to the top of one of the many mountains in the entire range. It had been abandoned quite a long time ago, but yet...it would still have electricity. Scattered notes and letters in the buildings and a suspended cart on the lift...along with some blood...may just be the remains of something the woman had never meant to find. Little would Alonda know the mysteries she would soon uncover from this...on ₮ⱧɆ {₲ Ø ₦ Đ Ø Ⱡ ₳}.]

[center I may touch up this introduction a little bit later, as I haven't figured out how I perfectly want to word this. However, this'll be what I have for now until then. I'm not a veteran roleplayer...but I hope I'm at least decent to you guys.]

[center Anyways, hello! Welcome to my thread. I've been itching for a 1x1 or small group mystery roleplay with maybe a bit of horror sprinkled here and there for a while now, and I finally crafted a story that I think can interest at least someone out there. As a summary, a woman named Alonda Beize stumbles upon an old Gondola lift with many dark secrets from the past. Sounds rather simple, right? Well, that's where you come in. There are many options for who your character can be, it's all up to you. Some suggestions are a friend who helps Alonda investigate the Gondola, or maybe even someone who was involved in the secrets of the past that lay there. However, again...this is your choice. I'd love to see your role ideas!]

[center Anyways, here are the rules I have.
1. 750 characters minimum. I want this to at least be literate enough to where detail can be added to posts and actions can be performed to move the story along. I would prefer for posts to not exceed 1500 characters though, as I would like this to be a casual roleplay for me. If you need to go over the limit though, just let me know how many characters your post is and I'll probably be fine with it after taking a look.
2. If there is any romance, I would like for it to be straight, M x F. I'm not against gay relationships, but it's not my thing...and especially not in roleplaying. Romance is not essential for the story, however. It is optional if you would like it.
3. No killing off or hurting characters without permission of the character's owner, if the situation ever came up. A rather simple request that I'm sure most of you can follow.
4. Anime pictures only.]


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