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The shark approached the half buried chest, then he began to pull on the handle on the chest. “This is...harder than I thought!” He grunted out loud, and finally got the chest freed from the sand it was caught in. “This one is a large chest...” he told himself, and looked around, knowing he couldn’t carey it out by himself. [i This is too heavy for just me to carry...] he thought, and examined the ornately carved chest
  Makho the shark / DoomGuy123 / 354d 9h 35m 55s
Jenny sighed and then jumped into the water, naturally being able to breathe and swim as she descended until she noticed a sunken ship...which happened to be the one the shark was inside of. "Huh...they weren't lying after all. Maybe I could actually end up hauling a good amount of cash today if there's anything valuable inside." She said to no one, as she began to swim towards the ship.
  Jenny the Jellyfish / AskTheStaff / 354d 11h 46m 4s
The shark looked at the wreckage, and decided to investigate the scene, swinging in and out of the broken sections, and finding many skeletal remnants of the former crew and the captain, who used to be a hedgehog of some sort. [i I’d hate to have been the captain or the crew...] he thought, and he went to the outer parts of the ship, then into the hill, where he spotted a half buried chest
  Makho the shark / DoomGuy123 / 354d 11h 50m 7s
A small ship floated along the waters near Makho that he did not notice. Aboard was a blue jellyfish with pirate markings on the top of her head, and fitting clothing that actually suited her nicely. A sword was in her right hand, and she looked around. "I do believe this is where the wreckage should be, based on the information I had been given a few hours ago." The female told herself, looking down into the water to see if she would spot anything before deciding when to dive in.
  Jenny the Jellyfish / AskTheStaff / 354d 11h 53m 28s
It was a bright, sunny day on Mobius. Makho looked around at the shimmering ocean, then dived into the water, looking at all the fish that were swimming in the water around him, each one a different color and size. [i I love watching the fish swim...] the shark thought, but as he dived further down, he saw the wreckage of an old pirate ship. [i I don’t remember seeing that...] he told himself
  Makho the shark / DoomGuy123 / 354d 12h 53m 34s

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