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The ruined city of Rapture has begun to become the target of thrill seekers and criminals, but one unlucky individual has found themselves in the disorderly city...can they survive, or will they die trying?


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“You must be from the surface...” she said, hoping that she was, since she needed a way out of the hell hole called rapture. “Welcome to Rapture...or what’s left of it...” she said, sighing a bit. “It’s been a living hell since the people went insane and began to use too much ADAM.” She said, and she handed the girl a radio and a pipe. “You’ll need these...”
  Daisy Fitzroy / DoomGuy123 / 106d 8h 13m 13s
[center Emilia stared at the girl, unsure if she should go with her. But she had no idea where she was, and if she was, and if she had to guess, this girl was probably her best bet. Reaching up, she took her hand and allowed her to help her up. [b "T-Thank you...]]
  Emilia / Burning_Heart / 106d 8h 20m 26s
The woman opened up the door of the bathysphere, and held out her hand for the girl to take. “C’mon girl, I ain’t got all day or all night ...we got more of those things coming towards us soon..” she said, but she immediately had to grab her and help her out.
  Daisy Fitzroy / DoomGuy123 / 115d 16h 53m 30s
[center Emilia's hand flew to her mouth as she stared in horror, trying to process what she was seeing. What kind of place had she found herself in? Stumbling back as it came for her, she screamed, falling to the ground. She finally fell silent as the thing fell, unmoving. She panted as she looked up at the stranger, her whole body shaking.]
  Emilia / Burning_Heart / 115d 18h 26m 49s
Soon the bathysphere entered a docking area, where it was pulled up into one of the buildings, but what the girl saw next horrified her, as a human was being killed by a spider splicer, who had just ripped open the person’s stomach. When the splicer saw her in the bathysphere, it leapt onto the bathysphere, messing up the docking station to where t was unable to get out of the building, but then a gunshot went off and the splicer fell to the floor, dead because of Daisy Fitzroy
  Daisy Fitzroy / DoomGuy123 / 116d 21h 47m 26s
[center Emilia placed a hand on her mouth, completely surprised at what she was seeing. She had no idea there was a city that lay beneath the water. Did anyone else know about it? Or was she the only one that knew now? She frowned a little as the shock slowly began to recede. She had no idea what she was getting herself into.]
  Emilia / Burning_Heart / 116d 23h 27m 22s
The city was a sight to behold, sitting on the floor of the ocean amongst the creatures of the deep, but it was in a state of decay, a terrible fate for such a beautiful sight to behold. But all was not well inside the crumbling city, as creatures no longer human roamed causing death and decay where they stood
  Daisy Fitzroy / DoomGuy123 / 120d 8h 39m 43s
[center Emilia cried out in surprise at the sudden movement. Staring out the window, her eyes widened at the sight. If she had paid more attention, would she have noticed how strange this little machine actually was?]
  Emilia / Burning_Heart / 120d 8h 44m 24s
As soon as she pulled the lever, the door slammed shut and locked down tight, then it began to drop into the ocean. Outside the window, she could see fathoms go by, but what she saw next was a sight to behold. Rapture was just ahead.
  Daisy Fitzroy / DoomGuy123 / 126d 5h 59m 51s
[center Staring at the bathysphere, she hesitated before she made her way to it. She didn't see the harm in it if it just led to the ocean. Perhaps a swim was overdue anyway. Feeling a little bit better in her find than she did walking in, she stepped through it.]
  Emilia / Burning_Heart / 126d 10h 25m 18s
As the girl entered the lighthouse, she could see a bathysphere in the center, and it seemed to lead into the ocean, but the place it went would not be so easily expected for a surface dweller, as Rapture was a project hidden from most of the world
  Daisy Fitzroy / DoomGuy123 / 129d 19h 28s
[center Emilia stared up at the lighthouse, frowning a little at it. She hadn't been one to explore locations unknown to her but...curiosity was riding her hard.]

[center Taking a deep breath, she made her way inside, following the steps that led up.]
  Emilia / Burning_Heart / 129d 19h 19m 46s
It had been several weeks since Daisy had met another normal human being, since the entirety of Rapture had been overrun by the splicers and Big Daddies. “Fuckin’ pigs!” She shouted, shooting each splicer she saw in the head, killing them within an instant. Once she ran out of ammunition, she grabbed a metal pipe and proceeded to beat the hell out of them until they didn’t move anymore.
  Daisy Fitzroy / DoomGuy123 / 134d 20h 50m 54s

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