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“At least some made it out...” she said, looking at one of the corpses, but she looked back at Leth. “Let’s hope that the village is still safe as of now, I’d rather not deal with any badniks on the way...” she said, and looked back at the police station, which was now beginning to completely crumble. “Which way do we go?” She asked, hoping the echidna would show her
  Carmelita Fox / DoomGuy123 / 358d 12h 22m 45s
"We're going to get out of this inferno and find somewhere safe to go. Some survivors have made it out safely, I've guided a few people as to which ways were the fastest and I do believe they've made it out. I told anyone I met that there is an abandoned village in Swallow Forest. Y'know, a little ways East of here. That's why I'm escaping through this end, it's the closest to the safe point. There's the highest probability of survival if I maneuver out through this end." She explained.
  Leth the Echidna / AskTheStaff / 358d 12h 25m 10s
She sighed, feeling like she could’ve done something to help. “I was hoping this kind of hung would have never happened...” she said, her voice wavering a bit, because she wasn’t able to do anything to help get anyone to safety. “What are we going to do now?” She asked, trying to hold in her anger and sadness until they were safe.
  Carmelita Fox / DoomGuy123 / 358d 12h 31m 0s
Upon hearing a voice, Leth stopped in her tracks and noticed a police officer approach her, asking about what had happened. The echidna was about to get onto Carmelita for somehow not even noticing what had happened, but then the gray female saw a mark on the fox's head with a bit of blood around it, which made her realize the survivor must have been knocked out early on. "Some giant red thing was flying through the sky and just started destroying everything out of nowhere. People had tried to stop it but they weren't even able to dent it, and now thousands of Mobians have been murdered by that brutal thing." She explained, which made the other female realize just how many corpses there were, and how much blood there was.
  Leth the Echidna / AskTheStaff / 358d 12h 35m 1s
“Hey!” Carmelita shouted, hurrying to the survivor. “What happened here?” She asked, hoping to get some kind of answer, since she hadn’t seen anything until she woke up after the city was destroyed. “How did all this happen?” She asked again, hoping for some answers, her badge hanging from her choker
  Carmelita Fox / DoomGuy123 / 358d 12h 46m 45s
The female continued to look at the station for a few moments, not noticing the other survivor who was nearby. "Now isn't the time to become distracted. I need to get back to finding a way out of here." She told herself, coughing a time or two due to smoke, before putting her yellowish scarf-like fabric over her mouth so she would breathe better. The echidna was just about to start running off, so if the other female didn't do anything, she wouldn't be noticed at all.
  Leth the Echidna / AskTheStaff / 358d 12h 48m 42s
Carmelita slid down a broken section of the second story of he SSPD station, and she managed to stop near the bottom, where her old office was, and from there, she continued down the hall, heading to the front door. Unfortunately, the front entrance was blocked off by flaming debris, so she had to backtrack and find another way out. “Great...” she told herself, and soon found a window that she was able to open. After opening the window and getting outside the crumbling police station, part of the ceiling collapsed right where she had been, making her glad she wasn’t still inside. “Now where do I go...?” She asked herself, bolstering her shock pistol, but when she turned around, she saw an echidna looking at the ruins of the station.
  Carmelita Fox / DoomGuy123 / 358d 12h 52m 32s
The last thing that a certain gray echidna could remember was that everything was blown to smithereens, and what was left was burning to the ground. Some red form in the sky causing all of this destruction...and all of the pain that could be seen on the faces of the countless corpses in the streets. Some were burned, dried blood covering what part of them wasn't already burned down to bare, dark bone. She had decided not to pay attention too much to this, her own survival could be possible if she could find a way out of the inferno and out of the city. Sprinting through street after street, watching where flames were and avoiding them, Leth found herself at one of the mid-area police stations...but it didn't look like there were any survivors there, from what she could tell. The place had taken quite a beating, with the only thing to identify it as the station being the white and blue paint that hadn't fully peeled off yet.
  Leth the Echidna / AskTheStaff / 358d 12h 59m 42s
Carmelita woke up to her head hurting from a chunk of debris hitting her head, but the sight she was met with surprised her, the city was destroyed and burning before her eyes as she got up, and she grabbed her shock pistol from the floor. “What happened...?” She asked herself, slowly looking around at the city. She knew something terrible had happened, but she had to escape from the city as soon as she could.
  Carmelita Fox / DoomGuy123 / 358d 13h 37m 40s

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