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We know what we is doing...I hope.

The cast
[ The Witch.]
[ The Sun's child.]
[ The Centurion Ghost.]
[ The Viking Ghost.]
[ The Water's tease.]

[center [b Plot, done by CMDR, edited to be 1v1]]
Hades has Finally snapped. He had lost many a Ghosts to the Witch from New Orleans. He didn't care really about that much, but instead what had caused him to snap was the fact that this Witch has evaded even demi-gods of his own stock, even the demi-gods to the god of death could not it seemed bring down the beast of a man.

Calling upon his best hunters, and aid from the other gods to destroy this witch once and for all it became personal even to the god of death.


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The ball had ended, abruptly at that do to the guests wondering around much more than they should have. Christopher would have opened up his home even more if it wasn’t for the fact they would have discovered the demi-god partly alive in his basement and the dead shopkeeper in the cell next to it, which was if they could see through the hidden doorways and maze at the base of the stairs down. Of course many had heard of the Minotaur maze and many had even solved it, but to do it in person was a different matter entirely.

It was at this point that Christopher had come face to face with those whom he would be considered an enemy to. First was the Demi-gods, Half children to the gods of the ancient worlds and would do everything in their power to kill him if they could, he had killed one from Zues during the ball he had thrown, but it was far from an elegant process. He had gotten his suit dirty and it would not stand in his favor at all with the covens. Then there was those monsters from the underworld...People would call them Reapers, death, keepers of souls, but far from it he had heard them call themselves Ghosts. Minions to Hades god of the underworld to make sure those souls that were overdue for deaths were brought to the underworld, and those who escaped from the underworld were returned.

There was also a third group of people he was fighting also. The witch covens of the world as well were coming after him with assassination attempts and darker magical uses that many would be forbidden to practice otherwise. Even the elder council were pushing for an all out war against the oldest witch and that meant trouble if the witch covens came after him as well. It was this standoff that had forced Christopher to reveal a major part of his magic. He forced a barrier between the Demi-gods, the Ghosts, The Witch hunters, and himself. It was more powerful than expected even by the silver eyed witch himself, the demon had pushed all his will into the barrier and it had caused him to age a bit in looks.

A knock came to his personal study that had broken his concentration from his work. Waving his hand the door opened up with a slam. His new assistant, his previous friend and fellow immortal stepped through. [b “Christopher, Don’t you think it is time to return to the estate in New Orleans?”] sitting down and leaning his elbows onto the desk, his face into his hands his memories were sharp. New Orleans was his home, but at the same time not his home. The grand Mansion just outside of New Orleans was the original Silver’s plantation farm and where he had lived sense coming to the Americas making sure to cover all his bases with death certificates, birth certificates, even deeds, wills, and all legal paperwork the government would need to make sure his identity as an immortal would not be discovered.

That was the weird thing about the covens, they didn’t care if none magical knew if you were a witch and just how powerful you were, they did care if they knew what coven you were from, your age, and what type of magic you knew as your expert. The covens however didn’t enjoy the idea that there was a witch out there that knew all seven types of magic and was a Grandmaster in all of them, that meant it took time, and they could only place him back at least three centuries. [b “Christopher?”] The male’s voice only irked the male more than having his concentrate broken while he was working. [#d73209 “Be quiet james, Your voice is getting on my nerves. The only reason you are around is because I need someone to assist me and that is it. Otherwise I would have let those monsters take you away with them back to wherever they went.”]

Hearing a beep on his phone it had been almost a year sense the last Ball, and he would keep with tradition and throw the largest ball of all in his estate. [#d73209 “Return to the Plantation and get it into order, I shall be there within a few days, I must finish up here in Paris.”] his business while private in his own mind was known to the staff of the house. He was getting the Coven of Paris to understand his power and to go after him was a bad idea and to relay that to the rest of the Witch world.

Holding up his hand with papers in his hand several staff members came through and took the paper and sent them off. It was the invitations to the ball of this year.
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