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[center [size12 I'm not gonna decorate this because I really incredibly cannot be bothered. I'll make it simple because I don't like search threads anymore than anybody else on this site.

I'm looking for a couple of my very bare-bones roleplay idea's to expand and come to life. What better way to do that than with another like-minded person that enjoys to challenge their imagination?

I'm not going to list off some genres and tell you to DM me so we can bounce back [i "Do you have any ideas?" "hm.. I might have a few, how about you?" "HMM, I'll have to check - did your ideas get organized yet?"]

... Kill me.

Instead, I'm going to drop these roleplay idea's, and have you pick one. Not only should you pick one though - you should add to it. Give me a taste of your character, what their situation is about, Or any idea's that would progress the plot.

There are certain plots that have a name - which is a character I've already committed to the role - Others have Muse A and Muse B, where any gender, character, or whatever can be put into either of the Muses roles.

I'm open to just about anything, same sex or opposite, romance or not. Let's fucking do this.]]

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[size12 DM me with the title of the plot you want and well thought out idea's you want to contribute.

Couple of lil rules:

LITERATE and WELL FORMED paragraphs are a must. I'm talking devastating character counts in the introduction post, the other posts are situational I get that. But if you can't write flowing, poetic sentences then this just isn't for you. Not hard feelings. 2000 characters will be a minimum.

POST WEEKLY. If your ass is inactive, infrequent, and you've been the leading cause of death in a thread - BEGONE.

BE REAL WITH ME - If you're bored by the Roleplay, if something is moving too slow. Hey, time skips are a thing? Just message me and tell me what you're feeling, I'm tough as bones bitch we'll cut the scene and move into something more interesting.

ANIMATED/SEMI-REALISTIC IMAGES - I have nothing against real pictures, just for these plots specifically I want to use my own art in my posts to portray emotion, expression, and shit like that.


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