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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/AQAbhxb.jpg]][center [font "Felix Titling" [i Screams fill the air. The smell of blood fills your nose. The feeling of being watched is getting stronger, as the days pass you by. Three women all in different parts of the country, are going to end up coming to the same place. There is something dark inside of the woods that's calling their names. Something about their mates is chilling. Something about their lives has a special meaning. They don't know what it is, or what's going to happen. This is their journey, and their's alone. The only people that are with them, are their mates. The men they hate, but love all the same. The Midnight Hour is drawing closer and closer, and their time is about to come to an end. What'll happen if that happens? All hell's going to break loose. Just make sure you have everything you need, before that happens. You'll lose your life as well, once the clock strikes Midnight on Halloween Night.]]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [i Three different creatures of the night, trying to live in a world that's not made for them. This is their luck, and sometimes it's not good luck either. Can you hold on for long? Can you learn to be with your mate? Or will you lose everything you've been working for? Only we can decide their fates by joining The Midnight Hour.]]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" Estella had everything going for her. She was being courted by a man in her small village. He was everything she looked for. He was a gentleman, he took her out on walks, and he even asked her father for his blessing in marrying her. They were attached at the hip, and they were falling madly in love. There wasn't anything in this world, that would make Estella not fall in love with this man. She felt like apart of herself was finally waking up, and she felt like she was on top of the world. That was until [b [u Male One]] came into the picture. He was on a so called 'Hunting Trip' with his friends, when he first spotted Estella, and he knew he had to have her.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" As Estella and Nathan were getting closer as the days passed [b [u Male One]] was trying his hardest to get into her life. Little by little he was coming around more and more, Estella's father spent hours on end talking with the male. He knew Nathan treated his daughter like a princess, but [b [u Male One]] would treat her like a queen. Estella didn't want anything to do with it. She wanted Nathan, and she refused to even think about leaving him. That's when everything started going down hill. Her parents started fighting with her, and Nathan started fighting with her as well. He accused her of cheating on him, when in reality she never did.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [b [u Male One]] was standing by watching the whole thing unfolding. His plan was working. Digging his way into her life was working. He just had to make sure Nathan and her family wouldn't be standing in his way. He just had to wait for the perfect moment, and then he would snatch the woman away, and make her what he was. A creature of the night. A vampire. He knew they didn't believe in that kind of thing, but it was true. He's been searching for his queen for hundreds of years. He spotted Estella, and he knew she was the one for him. He had to have her, and he was going to make it so. He didn't care if she would be heart broken, he would have what he wanted most. That was Estella.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" Estella was slowly realizing that ever since [b [u Male One]] came into the picture, everything was turning bad. Her family was turning against her, and Nathan was getting colder and colder as the days passed by. She took the time to write them all letters. She made sure they were sealed, and protected. She gave Nathan his the night he left. He was beyond livid with her, he didn't even want to talk to her. He yanked the letter out of her hands, and stormed out. She had spent hours in her bedroom crying. Her parents were the same way. They wanted nothing to do with her. Meanwhile [b [u Male One]] was getting his way. He stood in the shadows, and he knew that night was the night he would go in for the kill.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" As everyone was getting ready for bed, [b [u Male One]] left the cabin, and he went into the little sleeping town. He slithered though the shadows, and his hunger was getting the best of him. He was finally going to feed, and there wasn't anyone stopping him from doing it. His first stop was Nathan. He left Nathan's family alone. He didn't have an issue with them, he had an issue with Nathan, and how he had made Estella fall in love with him. That night [b [u Male One]] slid into the cabin, and he killed Nathan. The man's blood tasted amazing, and he sure as hell wasn't done yet. He had one more stop to make, and it was at Estella's home. He was almost at his goal. He couldn't stop now.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [b [u Male One]] made his way back to Estella's. He was silent the whole time, he slipped into her parents room, and that's when he did the dirty work. Then he slipped into Estella's room covered in blood. She was about to scream when he stopped her. He told her everything. He was a vampire and she was his queen. She didn't want to believe him, but she had no choice. He told her Nathan was dead, and so were her parents. She didn't have a choice in the matter. What'll happen when Estella runs away? Will [b [u Male One]] make her realize it's meant to be? Or will he always be chasing her down? Only we can decide what their outcome can be.]]


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[font "Century Gothic" The night seemed to drag on, and the woman was getting restless. She hadn't fed in a couple of weeks, and it was about time she did. She sighed lightly as she stood and walked out of her apartment. She had ignored Ash's last text message, and Rose had hung up a couple of hours ago. It was getting pretty late, and she had promised her friend she would try and [i sleep]. She hadn't slept for thousands of years, and she knew she wouldn't ever do it again. She had to pretend to sleep though around humans.]

[font "Century Gothic" She bit the inside of her cheek as she walked down the dark street. Not many people were out, and that didn't bother in the least. As she was walking, her mind turned back to Ash. Maybe if he had done this when they first met, things would have been different. She rolled her eyes lightly, knowing that it wouldn't have been any different. She had been in love with someone else, and if he had wanted her that bad, he would have fought for her like any man would have. Just thinking about her lost love hurt like hell.]

[font "Century Gothic" She had been happily in love, and she had been planning her perfect wedding. That's when Ash popped up into her life. Since then he's been like a thorn in her side. She didn't want to love the man, but deep down she knew she did. She didn't want to admit it, but whenever they fought, and sometimes he would be gentle with her. The way he looked at her, was the way any man would look at the love of his life. She shook her head lightly and shoved her hands into her coat pockets.]

[font "Century Gothic" [#B9899E "You are so stupid Stella.."] she muttered to herself. She didn't realize anyone had heard her. She looked up when she heard a man clear his throat. [b "Is everything okay there beautiful?"] he cooed. Estella cocked her head slightly the side, and she nodded a bit. What was she supposed to say? [b "You look lost, or lonely. Which is it?"] he asked. She didn't want to say anything, and she knew she was too weak to fight him off. She wouldn't have much choice in the matter. Well if it came down to it anyway.]

[font "Century Gothic" [#B9899E "I'm not lonely, I'm just thinking. I'll be fine thank you"]]

[font "Century Gothic" [b "Are you sure about that princess? You look like you could use the company"]]

[font "Century Gothic" [#B9899E "No, I'm fine. I should be getting home anyway. I think a storm is rolling in"]]

[font "Century Gothic" [b "Oh baby, let the storm roll in. That's the best way to make love anyway"] he said moving towards her. The look in his eyes scared her. She wished she had fed earlier in the week, now she was fucked.]

[font "Century Gothic" The male grabbed her around the waist, and drew her against his chest. As his hands started roaming her body, she struggled against him. [#B9899E "Let me go"] she pleaded. [b "Not until I'm done with you"] he said, as he ripped off her shirt. He was working on her pants, when she lifted her knee and kneed him in the groin. The male doubled over in pain, and he gasped for breath. [b "You bitch.."] he hissed. She didn't have much time to react. She grabbed the male around the neck, and bit down into his neck.]

[font "Century Gothic" That was a bad idea. A bad taste landed on her tongue, and she let the male go. [b "You really are stupid.. I'm a fucking hunter, and I knew you were a biter"] he hissed. Estella moved away from the male, and turned on her heel and started running. A hunter? She was so stupid.. She couldn't believe she had fallen for that kind of thing. Thank god she was wearing a tank top under her shirt. Otherwise she would have been exposed in all of her glory. That's when she thought of Ash, he could help.]

[font "Century Gothic" She knew Lucas was around here somewhere, and she just needed to find the apartment. She looked over her shoulder and spotted the hunter on her heels. [#B9899E "Fuck.."] she muttered. That's when she saw the building. She looked over her shoulder again, and watched as the male crumbled to the ground. She broke out into a full run and ran straight to the building. She found the room number, and started banging on the door. [#B9899E "Lucas! Ash! Let me in.. I'm weak and I have a hunter following me"] she called out.]

[font "Century Gothic" Not even a second later, the door was thrown open and she fell onto the floor. [#B9899E "He had something in his blood.. I.."] she trailed off as her eyes closed, and she welcomed the blackness that came with it.]
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The phone vibrated in his hands, it felt like he had been waiting an eternity for Estella to reply but in reality, it had only been moments. His eyes scanned over the words twice over before he let himself smile. She had accepted, although he was having to wait until six which he wasn’t happy about, she had said yes to seeing him, which meant their conversation hadn’t been just a way of getting rid of him. Tapping on the phone, he almost replied that he would go to her place but quickly deleted the words, knowing that it would only anger her to know he had been keeping tabs on her for longer than she realised.

[b [I Meet me at the movie theatre in town? I’ll wait outside for you. Have a nice evening. ] ] Ash pressed send and then handed the phone over to Lucas who was watching him intensely. A year ago and he wouldn’t have bothered asking Estella to let him court her. The vampire had always had a short temper which was only heightened by his feelings towards the brunette. It was so easy to snap at her and take out his frustration by demanding her affection and loyalty. It had only been since Lucas had moved in with him, a temporary arrangement when a jaded ex-lover had set the other males house on fire, that he had learnt to channel his temper into something else.

[b “We’re going to the movies tomorrow.” ] He said, resting his head on the back of the couch. The words were really for him, reassuring himself that she really had given him a chance and it wasn’t all a dream. Lucas suddenly stood from the chair and placed his book on the side table.
[+blue “I suppose we should get you a phone of your own if you’re going to keep this up.” ] The man said, brushing himself down, his clothes now crinkled from being in the same position too long. Ash nodded, understanding that despite his hate for modern-day electronics, he would need to move into the current century at some point if he was going to maintain some contact with Estella in their time apart.

The two men took Ash’s car to the local shopping strip and purchased a phone. Nothing fancy just a simple device that would be enough to call and message without the stress of all the other foreign buttons that littered the screen of his friends' phone. They returned to the house a short time later, stopping only to pick up a few bits of clothing and some alcohol, as the men had drunk Ash’s house dry.

[b “I need to get dinner. Proper dinner and none of this old rabbit stuff.” ] He groaned, sticking his tongue out in disgust. Living in a busy town meant feeding was risky and so Lucas had been bringing home stolen cuts from the butchers for the two to feed off until they took a proper hunting trip. Lucas agreed and after the sunset, they made their way to a small dingy club.

There were too many people for Ash to feel comfortable, always preferring small parties for hunting, but they knew that it was safer to feed from someone who was already too drunk to remember than try to convince someone to willingly give up their blood. Lucas found a young girl, as he always did, and charmed her into leaving the club with him but Ash, not feeling comfortable feeding from the neck of a woman who wasn’t Estella, found a group of college boys and talked one into leaving the club to show the man his vintage car.

It wasn’t the exciting or passionate feeding that he craved, instead it was quick and painless for both the human and the vampire. Ash only took enough to get him through the next few days, not wanting a dead body in the news. Estella would know it was him if there was.

Lucas returned home hours after Ash and filled the night with stories of the young girl who was more than happy to give her blood, and much more, to the charming vampire. Talk turned into stories of Estella and Ash over the years and as the sun rose he could feel his heart constricting in his chest. It seemed that after all these years nothing had faded, his feelings were still as intense and strong as the night he had turned her and he was going to do everything in his power to keep her in his life this time.
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[font "Century Gothic" As the bathwater was rising slowly, she turned up the heat a little bit and the steam rose from the inside of the tub. Her head was spinning, and she felt like she had made a horrible choice in the matter. Was it really worth it? The male had made her life hell since they had met. She heard her phone vibrating and she reached for it. She read the message a small smirk tugging on her lips. Should she accept it? Or should she make him really work for it? Those are some things that kept swimming around in her mind.]

[font "Century Gothic" She bit the inside of her cheek as she typed out a reply. [#B9899E [i I have to work until five tomorrow night. So if you think you can wait till around six, then yes I will be free. I'll just have to come home and change before I meet you. Tell me where, and I'll meet you there.]] she read the message over, and hit send. She had a feeling he knew where she lived, but she didn't want him coming around here. At least not yet. She looked towards the tub, and shut the water off.]

[font "Century Gothic" She undressed and tossed her dirty clothes into the hamper, and then lowered herself into the bathwater. She leaned her head back, and her eyes were closing when she got another text message. She growled lightly as she grabbed her phone. [#B9899E "Is it too hard to relax?"] she muttered to the white walls. She opened the message from Rose. [b [i How did it go?! I saw everything. You kissed his cheek, maybe you really do care about him. Tell me everything! I need ever detail!]] the message read.]

[font "Century Gothic" Stella couldn't help but smile. She adored the woman more than anything, and sometimes she didn't know what she would do without her. She bit her lip as she typed back. [#B9899E [i We talked, that's about it. He's wanting to court me unlike last time. He pretty much forced me into something I didn't want to be apart of. I thought I had lost him for good, but looks like I didn't. He asked me to the movies tomorrow after work, and yes I did agree to going.]] she hit send, and placed her phone on the outer edge of the tub.]

[font "Century Gothic" She let her mind wander to the male. He had seemed to change over the years. She had a feeling Lucas was behind this as well. She knew Lucas for awhile, and at one point she had a little fling with him. It had been a bad idea, because Ash found out, and nearly killed the man for even touching her in the first place. She laughed lightly, the sound bouncing off the walls. There were times where she wanted to kill Ash, but other times she wanted to really feel something towards him.]

[font "Century Gothic" She ignored Rose's next text as she lowered herself under the water. She closed her eyes, and laid there for about five minutes before popping back up. She leaned her head against the palm of her hand, as she looked towards her phone. She still hadn't heard anything from the male, and it made her sad. What was this feeling? Was she really starting to get feeling's for the male? She shook her head and then washed her hair, and body. She then reached over and let the water drain out. She stood and grabbed a towel.]

[font "Century Gothic" She wrapped it around herself, grabbed her phone and read Rose's text finally. She then called the woman, and they spent the next three hour's talking about Ash, and their past together. She didn't let the woman know that she was a monster though. It felt good to finally talk about something, besides work and school. She felt like a high school girl all of a sudden, and it scared the living shit out of her. Maybe her feelings were already starting to change.]
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It was like seeing her for the first time again. The words gave him hope; a promise of something more than they had now. Unlike the first time he saw her, Ash knew Estella now. The temper, the disgust for his actions, her refusal to submit to him. He knew her and would not make the same mistake of forcing her into something she was not ready for. Yes, three months was not a long time but Ash believed the two were fated, the way he felt about her was special and nothing could keep him from trying to win her heart.

Ash did not respond as she spoke. Could he truly leave her for good? Give up everything he had wanted for them, for their future together if it did not work? It was better to not say anything than it was to make a promise he could not keep. Hopefully, it would not come to that, and if there was any higher power looking down on them, Ash hoped that they would open Estella's eyes, and her heart, to him.

It would have been a nice gesture, giving him her phone number, if Ash had actually owned a phone. It appeared that any time the two had spent together over the years really had been so horrendous for Estella that she had pushed it from her mind. Instead of reprimanding her for forgetting his strong distaste technology, because he strongly believed she could not remember, he took the napkin and slipped it into his jacket pocket, smiling at her.

[b “I promise I’ll do my best.” ] He muttered under his breath, more to himself than to her, as she kissed his cheek. A small action that sent waves of heat through his body, even after all these years he was still a love-sick pup around her.

Ash watched her leave, he waited until he could no longer smell her on the air, or feel her presence in his bones, until he stood from the table. The soda hadn’t been touched and despite his hundred year efforts to enjoy human food, it still didn’t appeal to him. The vampire left the diner and got in his car. The whole drive home felt surreal. Had she really agreed to give him a chance? Estella who had hated him with a burning passion for so many years, had agreed to give him a shot at starting again? Ash pulled up into his drive and went inside his house. Lucas was still sprawled out in the living room and didn’t even look up at the other male as he walked into the room.
[b “It worked, Luce. Courting her, you are a genius.” ] Ash strode forward and took the mans face in his hands. [b “She gave me her number and three months, I have so much to plan.” ] Lucas shook his face free and raised an eyebrow at Ash.
[+blue “Slow down pup, tell me everything, from the beginning.” ] And so Ash retold what had conspired between Estella and him. His words came out slightly muddled but for the first time since he had first turned Estella, he felt hope and it was more powerful than any blood or drug.

[b “So you see, I have to call her.. or message her.” ] Ash said once the story had been retold. Lucas pulled out a slim black object and placed it in Ash’s hand. [b “You’re kidding right? Text her right now? It’s only been an hour.” ] Lucas laughed and Ash shrugged, shaking his head, but typed her number into the phone anyway.
[+blue “Make sure you ASK her out, not tell her Asher. Remember, you’re courting.” ]

[center [b [I Thank you for today, it means the world to me that you’re giving us a chance. If you’re free, can I take you out tomorrow? Maybe to a movie?” ] ] ]
Ash hit the send button and threw himself back on the couch, groaning. Courting was hard.
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[font "Century Gothic" Watching the man's demeanor change was like whiplash. Seeing the flirting fade away, into something more serious made her head spin. She sat there listening to him talk. She leaned back and crossed her arms over her chest. [#B9899E "You are right about me wanting to rip your heart out"] she hissed. She had to keep her voice low, because people could still hear them talking. When her friend placed two sodas on their table, she raised a 'brow but thanked her anyway. She lifted the glass off the table, and placed the straw between her lips.]

[font "Century Gothic" She wasn't saying anything at the moment, because she didn't know what to say. Could she spend the next three month's getting to know this monster before her? Could she really forgive him for not courting her in the first place? There was so much running around in her mind, that she couldn't think straight. The taste of the soda made her slightly sick. She needed to go out for a hunt, and soon. She placed the glass back down onto the table, and rested her elbows on the table top. She then placed her chin in her hand, eyeing him.]

[font "Century Gothic" [#B9899E "I can see you struggling with all of this. But fine. You have three months. If I don't change my mind by then, then you will leave for good? You won't find me again? You'll leave me be so I can do as I please? Now that might be the best thing to come out of this. Three months and that's it. You won't get anything more out of me. If this is supposed to work, then I might as well give you my cell phone number."] she said as she found a napkin.]

[font "Century Gothic" She pulled the black sharpie out of her back pocket, and she wrote her number down and slid the napkin towards him. Her eyes were still blazing with anger, but she was keeping her temper in check for the most part. She reached for the glass again, finished the soda in the glass and stood. [#B9899E "Drop me a message, and let me know when you want to get together. Make sure it's a public place as well"] she said as she looked down at him. Her head was still spinning, and she felt something odd within herself.]

[font "Century Gothic" She was fully seeing him, and not as the monster that had ruined her life either. She was seeing a man before. A man begging her for a chance at something more. She let out a small huff, as she walked around the table. She bent at the waist and pressed her lips against his cheek lightly. [#B9899E "You better make these three months count"] she whispered in his ear, before kissing his cheek once more. She stood and walked back towards the counter. She paid for the drinks, and her friend shook her head. [b "It's on the house"] she giggled.]

[font "Century Gothic" [#B9899E "Alright. I'll see you at home"] Estella said lightly. She looked over her shoulder at the male sitting there still. She shook her head, a small smile passing over her lips. She was going to make this hard on him. If he thought he could win her over easily, he had another thing coming at him. She grabbed her money back, and slid it into the back pocket of her jeans. She then slipped out the back of the cafe, and went straight to her car. She slid inside and started it up.]

[font "Century Gothic" She sat there a moment longer, and sighed. She knew she was making a mistake, but apart of her was up for the challenge. [#B9899E "You better make it worth my while Ash"] she muttered. She put the car into gear, and headed back to her apartment. She waited for the male to contact her, and until then she went home, pulled into the parking spot, shut the car off and headed into the building. She unlocked her door, walked inside and bee lined it to the bathroom. She started the bath water, and set her phone onto the counter.]
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Ash wanted to laugh. Instead, he kept his face serious, it would only provoke her further if he were to laugh at her. She was annoyed at him for turning up, hated him for walking back into her life when she believed she was free of him, and yet, here she sat, giving him the one thing he needed. A chance.

It would have been so easy to spend the next thirty minutes telling her how beautiful she was, how she was passionate and hardworking, how she was all the things he loved. Hell, he could spend hours telling her how he felt about her and yet if he had spent the following thirty minutes telling her these things she would walk away at the end of it, wishing never to see him again and that was something that Ash could not let happen. Ash drew in a deep breath and sat up straight, changing his playful flirtatious performance to a more serious demeanour.

What had Lucas said to him? He hadn’t courted her. Hadn’t tried to get to know her. Lucas was no fool and if there was a time that he should take the man’s advice, it was now.
[b “Estella, I am sorry. I know that my words don’t make up for what I did to you but I am truly sorry. I didn’t court you properly and maybe if I had then we wouldn’t be sat here with you wishing to rip my heart out.” ] Ash gave a half-smile and ran a hand through his hair. Grovelling was not in his nature. Every bone in his body wanted to grab her and drag her from the café and lock her up so she could never run away again. He had tried that and it had ended badly for both of them.

[b “I would like it if we could start again. I know that’s not an easy thing to agree too after everything that has happened, but, if we could try to get to know each other properly, even just as friends, it would make the rest of eternity a much more pleasant experience.” ] Ash reached out his hand to take hers but stopped, not wanting to push the boundaries. Of course, he was lying about being friends. He could never be ‘just friends’ with her, the feelings inside him were too strong but if that was what it took to get a foot in the door then he would do it.

Patience was not his forte nor was he soft tempered. He had given her space and it had been difficult. Every day he had hoped and prayed that it would be the day she returned to him and it had never happened. Even with his friends support and distractions, he had not been able to shake the feeling that a huge part of his heart was missing, held captive by the pretty brunette sat across from him.

It was then that a waitress approached them and put down two sodas on the table. Ash flashed her a smile and thanked her before turning back to look at Estella. Thankful for the interruption so that he could consider his next move.
[b “Give me three months and if you still hate me at the end, then I’ll not approach you again.” ] He regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth. Could he really convince her they were meant to be together? Maybe he should have suggested six months? A year? Would she agree to spend three months trying to get to know him? Ash felt the panic rise in his stomach. Had he just made a mistake?
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[font "Century Gothic" Seeing Ash here made the woman's blood boil. She had done everything in her power to put distance between them. She was surprised he had waited this long to even talk to her. About forty years ago he had found her again, and that's when the worst of it hit. He kept bringing up her past, and that Nathan wouldn't have been a good man to her. She had loved Nathan with all of her heart, and she had wanted a simple life. She couldn't even have that, and it tore her heart to pieces every time she thought about it.]

[font "Century Gothic" When he told her to sit, she shook her head, and crossed her arms over her chest. [#B9899E "I don't have the time to sit and talk to you. I have a job to do, and I don't want to talk to you. You are a monster here, and you aren't welcome. Yes I know it's a public place, but you aren't welcome anywhere near me. Natalie will be taking care of your needs"] she snapped. She spun on her heel and walked off. She found the pretty blonde, and walked towards her.]

[font "Century Gothic" [b "Holy shit Stella. It looks like someone pissed in your cereal this morning."]]

[font "Century Gothic" [#B9899E "It's more like an ex showed up. You are taking care of him now. He wants me to sit down and talk to him"]]

[font "Century Gothic" [b "What's wrong with that? He could be trying to patch things up with you. Honey, you go and talk to him."]]

[font "Century Gothic" [#B9899E "That's the thing! I don't want him to patch things up with me. He ruined my life once, and I'm not going to let him do it again"]]

[font "Century Gothic" [b "He might have been an asshole then, but maybe he's changed since then? I can tell he's a kind person and he keeps watching you"] she said nodding her head towards Ash. Estella's eyes wandered back over to the male and she sighed lightly. It was hard living among humans, because she had to pretend she was living. It was harder when she was worked up. Maybe Natalie had a point. She looked at the blonde and rolled her eyes. [#B9899E "Do I need to finish my shift first?"] she asked, hoping the answer would be yes.]

[font "Century Gothic" [b "No, it's pretty slow today. I was thinking about letting you go early anyway. Go and talk to your boo thing, and see what he has to say"] she said with a smile. Estella groaned lightly and walked into the back room. She clocked out, and hung her apron on the hook under her name. She reached up and started playing with the necklace around her neck. She knew this was a bad idea, but what other choice did she have? She didn't, that's the choice she had. She sighed and walked back out onto the floor.]

[font "Century Gothic" She could feel people watching her, and she saw some of the women in the cafe watching Ash closely. It kind of made her jealous. That feeling was so new to her. Why would she be jealous? She shoved those thoughts away as she walked over to his table. She sat down, and crossed her legs under the table. [#B9899E "You have thirty minutes to talk, and then I want you out of my life for good"] she hissed. She meant it too. Maybe she would change her mind, but she was a stubborn woman.]

[font "Century Gothic" [#B9899E "Change my mind about you in thirty minutes, and maybe I'll give you a chance. None of this 'my love' shit either. Because you turned me into a monster, doesn't make me your's. I'm still my own person"] she snapped, leaning back into the chair letting him speak.]
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The first time he saw her, he knew. It was almost painful how instant the feeling was. Unlike human affection that was a seed growing over time with the right nourishment, his was like an explosion, a crack of lightning that turned his peaceful existence upside down. A desperate need, a [I craving] that could not be satisfied by any other. Ash had been hunting with his friends, the group had come to a small town and the few select who could enjoy the daytime were strolling through the market. The sun caught her hair, lighting it like an angelic halo around her lovely heart shaped face. She had looked straight at him, her warm brown eyes connecting with his own stare, a beautiful smile blossomed on her pink lips and caused her eyes to wrinkle with happiness. She looked like an angel and the darkness in him was drawn to her with such an intensity. Every nerve in his body had come to life, his teeth pushed against his gums, stinging with a strange pleasure that only one of the night would know and his body flooded with an alien warmth. Her smile had not been for him but for another. It had not mattered to Ash at that time. She could have smiled at all the people in the world and it would not have mattered. Under his breath, he swore a vow to the vacant gods that she would be his, come hell or high water.

He should not have let her get close to the mortal. It had been his first mistake. The first few years of watching her had been like watching a child grow. When she was in trouble, he would protect her from afar. Ash had watched her dance and laugh, watched the special occasions with her family, he had seen the friends she had made and the men she had turned down. Each accomplishment in her life had caused his chest to swell with pride and over time his love grew with only the single hope that she would one day love him back. As the years went on, his feelings of protection became more and more uncontrollable. When men brushed past her, his blood boiled with rage. Many of those who spoke to her openly met unexplained injuries.

It was not until Nathans feelings and intentions towards Estelle became serious that Ash knew the extent of his desire for her. She was his. His Estelle. His original plan had been to court her properly when he felt she was ready to accept him. He had wanted to give her everything she desired, wanted to treat her like the queen of darkness she would become. Everything he had would have been hers. Everything she could ever ask for, he would provide. The human had seen to the end of that. His pathetic words of affection and poor excuses for attention had wooed her.

Endearment became resent. Ash could not understand how someone so perfect for him would accept the love of another. Yet still, he did not approach her. Something still held him back. He wanted it to be [I her ] choice to leave. He could not have a woman who accepted such a weak man as Nathan and as time passed he hoped and hoped that she would leave him of her own accord.

Like any red-blooded male who wanted to get their own way, Ash went to Estelle’s father first. Talking promises of all that he could provide her with. Estelle’s father, unsurprisingly, had promised her future to the male. Ash had that effect on people, even as a human he had been charming and smooth and as one of the night, he was irresistible.

Her engagement had finally caused the male to break. He watched as the pathetic human offered her his future, as short as it would be. As he stood watching from afar, his coat wrapped around him tightly as if to fight a chill that wasn’t there, he whispered under his breath, in almost a chant [I Say no, my love. Say no. ] Over and over until she threw herself into the humans arms.

Ash snapped. He had never meant to go to her room that night. His emotions had been out of control and when it was clear from her conversation with her father that she was less than pleased about being promised to him, he couldn’t help himself. His voice had been cruel as he hissed his threats. Even as the words left his lips he knew he had made a mistake. Rage got the better of him. It always did.

If she had only answered him honestly. He could hear the disgust in her words as she said she would be his. Estelle had no right to talk to him in such a way. In time she would change her mind. In time, she would understand that he did what he had to do, to Nathan, to her, for their future together. And time would be plenty once she had been turned.

[b [center ~*~ Present Day ~*~ ] ]

[+blue “Give her time” ] Lucas said from the seat across from Ash. They were sat in Ash’s living room, or Lucas was sat at least. Ash was pacing back and forth, a cigarette moving back and forth from his mouth in angry puffs. [b “She’s had time. Hell Lucas! She’s had three lifetimes worth of time.” ] Ash growled as he spoke and ran a hand through his hair, the brown locks curling around his fingers.
[+blue “You killed her Fiancé, her family is dead, she lives on the run, you were always angry around her, you took away any future she had and crushed her spirit.” ] Lucas paused his incessant listing long enough to flip the page of the book that was balanced on his lap. [+blue “You haven’t exactly been the easiest person to live with Ash. You didn’t even try to get to know her properly, you just locked her up and forced her to fit into your life. Women like to be courted.” ]

Lucas had been with Ash back in the day. He had been the one to coach Ash after his own turning and Ash had always tried to keep his patience with the male. He sat down on the sofa opposite his friend, only long enough to stub his cigarette out, then he was back on his feet, this time heading to the door. He grabbed his leather jacket and sunglasses and slipped his silver ring on, the one that stopped him burning from the inside out.
[b “I’m going to see her.” ] He shouted over his shoulder, pausing long enough to check his reflection in the mirror. It never changed. His skin was flawless and was marred only by the stubble that had grown out. His hair curled, though shorter now than it had been last time he had seen Estelle.

Ash adjusted his grey t-shirt and slipped on his shoes before grabbing his keys. His outfit was simple, he had always dressed simple. A man of his looks didn’t need velvets and suedes to ooze style. Lucas was mumbling something from the living room but Ash didn’t wait around to hear what he said. He [I knew ] what he was saying. What a bad idea this was.

Estelle had been alone for long enough! Ash had waited and watched, hoping that one day she would return to him. Sure, he had made a bit of a mess of their relationship. But she, [I she ] had never given him a chance! Okay so maybe he had killed her Nathan and maybe he had turned her into a creature of the night without her permission and then left her to suffer the change on her own because he was angry with her. But… he had apologised for that.

Ash drove to the café, parking his car directly outside, cursing himself for letting the woman he loved work in such a dump. The sign was painted a garish red and white and had chipped away from the rain. The windows needed a good clean and after he entered the small space, he could see the inside also needed a good clean.

He was seated in a booth by a friendly female and as the waitress came over to take his order he took her hand and smiled up at her with that dazzling charm.
[b “Sweetheart, I’m looking for Estelle. Unfortunately I won’t be served by anyone but her.” ] He paused and rubbed his thumb across the womans hand, feeling her pulse quicken. [b “You’re not going to let me starve now, are you sweetheart?” ] Very few people said no to him when he spoke in such a way. The waitress left, a smile still plastered on her face.

Ash could sense her now, she always had that effect on him. Whenever she was near he would lose his breath and be angry and happy, all at the same time. Any logic or rational thought he had would go and he would be left with nothing but desire, want and too many emotions to control. He could hear her footsteps coming towards him, the way she moved as though she was running late even though she had all the time in the world. He did not look up straight away, instead he waited to hear the intake of breath, signalling he had been seen. Her feet had stopped moving and suddenly her voice was in his ear, hissing at him.

Ash looked up and tried to keep the smile from his face. She was angry, lord how he loved it when she was angry. Her eyes would light up like a blazing fire and her cheeks flushed such a pretty pink.
[b “Sit down Estelle.” ] He said and waited for her to sit opposite him. [b “Find you? My love, I’m surprised you think I lost you in the first place.” ] He said and flashed her one of his charming smiles, the kind that made most women weak at the knees.

He leaned forward and rested his chin on his hand, a boyish posture that made him look much, much younger than he was.
[b “I have missed you, love.” ] He said, his voice low.
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[center [b [font "Century Gothic" [u ~*~ The Past ~*~]]]]

[font "Century Gothic" The sunlight hitting the woman's skin felt amazing. A small sigh passed though her lips as she titled her head back, and her eyes slowly drifted closed. Nathan looked over towards her and he cocked his head slightly to the side. [b "Are you alright Estella?"] he asked lightly. The woman slowly opened her chocolate brown eyes and looked towards the male. [#B9899E "I'm perfectly fine. Just enjoying the warm weather"] she said lightly. The male smiled and rubbed the back of his neck. He was getting slightly nervous, and he didn't like the feeling at all.]

[font "Century Gothic" He cleared his throat and looked towards her. [b "Listen, you know you and I have been together for over a year now, and I've been talking to your father and I think this is the perfect time, and the perfect place for this"] he said lightly. Estella's heart was hammering inside of her chest as she sat up and locked her eyes on him. [#B9899E "Nathan? What are you doing?"] she asked lightly. She was slowly losing her voice, as her heart felt like it was about to burst from her chest. The male turned and reached into his pocket.]

[font "Century Gothic" The woman's eyes locked on the box, and she knew what was happening. Her dreams were slowly starting to come true, and she knew what he was about to ask her. [b "Estella, will you share the rest of your life with me?"] he asked her as he opened the box. Her eyes swam with tears and she nodded lightly. [#B9899E "Of course I will"] she breathed out. The male smiled and slid the ring onto her finger, and then brought her hand to his lips. She broke out into a smile as she hugged him.]

[font "Century Gothic" The two were soon on their feet, and heading back to her parents farm house, when she felt someone watching her. She turned her eyes to the man standing in the trees, and she shook her head. The look on his face scared her, and she didn't know why. She wasn't about to ruin this good feeling though. She would worry about that later. She let Nathan take her hand, and lead her across the lawn and into the house. She held her hand out, as she showed off the ring to her mother, and little brother.]

[font "Century Gothic" Her father was standing there with his arms crossed over his chest. He looked worried, and it was starting to worry Stella as well. She excused herself from Nathan's side and walked over to her father. She stood there and then started playing with her fingers. She bit the inside of her cheek as she looked up at him. [#B9899E "Why aren't you happy for me?"] she asked. The older man just shook his head and looked down at his child. [i "I am happy for you, but something's not right"] he spoke softly.]

[font "Century Gothic" Before she had a chance to ask what he meant, he pulled her out the side door and out onto the grass. [#B9899E "Daddy, you are scaring me.."] she breathed out. [i "You should be scared child. Did you see the man at the edge of the woods?"] he hissed. All she could do was nod her head. [i "God no. I hoped he would have forgotten.."] he breathed out. Estella bit her lower lip wondering what her father was talking about. She stood there waiting for him to speak. It didn't take long for him to sigh, and rub his face.]

[font "Century Gothic" [i "I had promised you to Ash Wolf. He's been watching you for a couple of year's now, and he was waiting to speak to you. I didn't think you would get with Nathan, because I know that Ash want's to make you his. I promised him I would work my hardest to make that happen. Seeing you this happy it breaks my heart, because I know it won't last"] he said looking towards her with sadness in his eyes. Estella stood there listening to him speak. Her heart was shattering inside of her chest.]

[font "Century Gothic" [#B9899E "You promised me to someone I don't even know? To someone I don't want to get to know? How could you do this to me?"]]

[font "Century Gothic" [i "I didn't mean too baby. I really didn't. Just know he's going to come to you in a couple of hours, and you will have a choice to make."]]

[font "Century Gothic" [#B9899E "What choice would that be daddy? Or do you not know?"] she hissed. She didn't even wait for him to speak up. She turned on her heel and stormed into the house, slamming the door behind her.]

[font "Century Gothic" The male shook his head and looked towards the trees. Sure enough, Ash was standing there looking slightly pleased with what had happened. The older male opened the door and slipped back inside. He knew something horrible was going to happen, but he kept that to himself. He pretended to be happy for the couple. As the hours slipped away, he didn't want to leave his family, and his daughter alone. There was a monster outside waiting to attack, and he felt it deep in his bones. As the sun started to set, it was time for Nathan to leave.]

[font "Century Gothic" The couple walked out the front door, and he wrapped his arms around Estella's waist, drawing her closer. [b "I honestly can't wait to start planning out wedding, and our future together. I love you Estella Rose, more than you will ever know"] he whispered. The woman looked up at him, and licked her lips lightly. She felt like her heart was breaking. [#B9899E "I love you too Nathan James. More than my own life"] she whispered back. The two shared a kiss, before he headed down the lane to his home.]

[font "Century Gothic" As Estella stood there watching the sunset, she spotted the man from earlier that day. She narrowed her eyes and turned to go inside. She spent the time with her family, and when it was time for bed she excused herself to her room. She could hear her family slowly retire to their own rooms as well, and she sighed lightly. She heard a soft tap on her window, and her heart skipped a beat. [#B9899E "Nathan, what are you doing here? Daddy will have your hide"] she said opened her window. She nearly screamed, but a hand covered her mouth.]

[font "Century Gothic" [b "Shush my darling. You shouldn't scream and alert your family to me being here. If I was you, I would keep my bloody mouth shut. Your father told you who I was, and what I would be coming for. So you now have a choice. Either you become my bride of the darkness, or you watch as I rip your family apart. Then I'll make sure your lover boy down there, is killed slowly"] he hissed. Estella's eyes darted to the window. The man holding her helped her look out.]

[font "Century Gothic" Sure enough, there was Nathan bound and gagged. She felt tears sting her eyes as she was ripped away from the window. [b "When I remove my hand, you have two minutes to think, if you don't reply your brother will be the first to die"] he said with a growl. He removed his hand from her mouth, and she let out a sob. She wanted to move away, but couldn't. She had a choice to make. She stood there and looked towards him. [#B9899E "If I do choose to be your's, you will leave Nathan and my family alone?"] she asked.]

[font "Century Gothic" The man nodded lightly. [b "I'll leave them alone, and I'll make it look like you killed yourself right here and now"] he breathed out. She sighed lightly, and knew her choice was going to make her hate herself. She wanted her family, and Nathan safe. She knew she would hate Ash even more. She took a breath, and locked her eyes on his. [#B9899E "Alright, I'll be your's"] she breathed out. The male smirked and nodded lightly. He then flew out the window, and Estella ran towards it.]

[font "Century Gothic" She watched as Ash killed Nathan. She let out a heart breaking sob, as Ash entered her room. [#B9899E "You monster.."] she breathed out. The male just shook his head, and then started making it look like she killed herself. That's when he turned her into a creature of the night. The feeling of losing everything she loved, still burned inside of her chest as she followed the man out of her home, and away from her life for good...]

[center [b [font "Century Gothic" [u ~*~ Present Day ~*~]]]]

[font "Century Gothic" The memory of the night she was turned reared it's ugly head, and it made the woman shutter lightly. She reached up and ran her finger's though her short hair. She wasn't in the mood to really deal with this right now. She had more important things to think about. Like work. She was going to be late. When she realized that, she flew out of bed and hurried to the bathroom to shower. She didn't have time for a long one, so she had to cut it down to ten minutes tops.]

[font "Century Gothic" When she was done, she wrapped herself into a towel and then hurried into her bedroom. She found some clean panties, and matching bra. She groaned lightly as she realized what color the bra was. It wasn't her normal black, but it was her light pink one. She looked towards her work uniform and growled lightly. [#B9899E "Of course.."] she muttered lightly as she dried herself off and got dressed. She buttoned the button on her black slacks, and then did up her button down shirt. She looked at herself in the mirror and cocked her head slightly to the side.]

[font "Century Gothic" She looked alright, but she had a feeling she would be getting a lot of looks today. She then found her locket and put it around her neck. She had found a witch over a hundred years ago, and had her make it for her. It's so she could be among the humans in the daytime. She then applied a little bit of makeup, and was finally ready to go. She grabbed her flats from the bedroom floor, along with her apartment key. She grabbed her wallet last, and booked it out of her apartment.]

[font "Century Gothic" When she unlocked the Mercedes she loved, she slid behind the wheel and started it up. The sleek black car was backed out of her parking spot and headed into town. She looked at the clock and cussed under her breath. She was going to be at least a minute late. She didn't want that happening, but she didn't have much choice in the matter. That's what she deserved while she was daydreaming. She pulled out onto the busy street when it was clear, and headed towards the cafe she worked for. She turned the air off and rolled the windows down.]

[font "Century Gothic" She was kicking herself for thinking about Ash again. She had managed to escape from the male fifty years ago, and she'd been doing really well on her own. Being a monster wasn't all that bad, but she had to move every couple of years. She never changed, and it killed her. She had watched her little brother grow old and die. She was still pissed off with Ash for killing the man she really loved. She sighed lightly as she pulled into the cafe's parking lot. She shut the car off and climbed out.]

[font "Century Gothic" Shoes in hand, and she hurried into the back of the building. [b "You are late Stella!"] her boss called out. [#B9899E "I know. I'm sorry. I was wrapped up in my thoughts again"] she called back as she clocked in. She dropped her shoes onto the floor and slid her feet into them. She then hurried and found the red headed woman. A small smile passed over her lips as she spotted her. [b "You do look nice though. Just remember to wear a white bra next time"] Scarlett teased. Estella stuck her tongue out.]

[font "Century Gothic" [#B9899E "Oh shut up. This was all I had"] she said as she went out onto the floor. She spotted some customer's waiting for someone to take their orders. She grabbed her apron from behind the counter, and her notepad. She reached for her pen as well, and walked over to their table. [#B9899E "I'm sorry for the wait, what can I get you guys to drink?"] she asked as she tied the apron around her waist. Some of her hair fell into her eyes, and she blew it out of her eyes.]

[font "Century Gothic" When the couple placed their drink order she gave them a couple more minutes alone. She went back to the counter and Amilia stopped her. [i "There's a male in the corner booth, and he won't let anyone else serve him. He wants you"] she said as she carried out a tray to another table. Estella sighed and looked towards the booth. As soon as she did, she froze. It was him. What was he doing here? She shook her head lightly as she moved over to his table. She stopped and looked down at him, her eyes blazing with anger.]

[font "Century Gothic" [#B9899E "How did you find me?"] she hissed. She didn't know if anyone was watching, but she wanted to sink into the floor and vanish. She didn't want to deal with this, and yet here he was. He was still handsome, and she hated him for it. She stood there her pad in hand as she waited for him to speak.]
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